Trading Halted (Again) On All NYSE Liffe Commodities

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For the second time this week, NYSE Liffe has halted all London Commodities, Paris Commodities, and London Universal Stock Futures trading - due to a 'technical issue'. Simply remarkable...


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NYSE Liffe needs some Life support Bitchezz!!!

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Technically, they're fucked.

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They need the off-line time to orient all those newly employed (8% electability) exchange employees.

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Had to halt it.......all the traders got real jobs.


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I wonder if it has anything to do with what is going on in gold.

Sylvia Plath's picture

It's so no one else but people with Direct Access can trade.

The games so rigged now, they can control access..... 


HFT Bitchz!

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Trading will resume 10 minutes before closing and all day orders are cancelled.

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Prepping for the big one...


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It's tough running a crimminal syndicate, give them a break

HD's picture

Agreed. Propping the global markets with fake money and false promises on razor thin volume has got to be stressful. Lets hope the central planners take a little R&R - you know,  so they'll be well rested before they have to start running from the blood thirsty mobs with torches and pitchforks.

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They can't believe that their traditional NFP precious metals raid failed.

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How many people trie dto buy the dip?!  Shut it all down!

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yes, It's amazing to watch it live on! fastest button pushing in the world!

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The COMEX is getting quite a history here between Corzine and allowing the continual flash crashes of gold and silver. 

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warm up was yesterday after close from 5.21 till 6.01...

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The algos failed in the test environment, so they need to reprogram them ahead of the pre-determined trigger flash-crash words that are coming out this afternoon.  (It's in the manual.)

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I just flipped over to CNBC from Bloomberg to see what those idiots were saying, was only to stay tuned for 28 seconds before Cramer did his dick face and everyone else laughed, had to tune away.

fonzannoon's picture

we must have watched the same 28 seconds. Cramer reminds me that as a goldman alum....wall street desperately wants Obama back in there.

t0mmyBerg's picture

+1+  I sometimes watch the roundtable prior to 8AM central.  Once 8am rolls around and they get cramer on there I just turn the channel for the rest of the day.  they must have some research that says he is good for ratings somehow.  i dont see it.

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Technical issue=  keep gold under 1800 and silver under 35

Lohn Jocke's picture

**Replacement Ref throws flag** "Technical foul,"

LawsofPhysics's picture

**Replacement Refs replaced by Refs trained by the Federal Reserve Bank**  "the call on the field has been overturned"

All Rise's picture

Turn those machines back on!

Meesohaawnee's picture

bonuses hookers and blow for all involved.

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speaking of which, how much coke can that asshat cramer stuff up his stupid disfigured face every morning before he comes out and screams buy stawks?

So thats it now....114k a month and we the unemployment rate drops .3% until we are all gainfully employed?

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Here NYSE.  I can help out here, and I dont charge a million dolloar fee for it.  My considerable years of strategic placements, and invaluable experience in the fields of finance leave me unequally placed to offer a finding that is deep sighted and full of rational exuberance.  The situation you find yourself in here is a mixture of stratagies as such.

Its fucking fraud you filthy criminals, top to bottom cuntish fraud.

Selling your filthy soul for a fist full of dollars.  May you all burn in damnation you scheming bastard shysters

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How else they going to get those guys to trade STOCKS other than shutting down commodity trading?


Think it trade of COMMODITIES might actually allow for real PRICE discovery...we can't be having that can we?

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I would BTFD if it lasted longer than 6 minutes dammit.

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Hey f$$$heads thanks for manipulating my physical silver prices to keep them lower, i think i'll go buy some more

death_to_fed_tyranny's picture

All I want for Christas is an EMP!


Yes an EMP!

All I want for Christmas is a E M P!

Then I can have a Merry Christmas!

Come On SUN!

Explode when facing the Earth. X Class these Bitchez!

Carrington Like!

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Wait what?  Producers of real commodities getting tired of accepting paper promises?  - "Shocker"

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OT: DID ZH change font size or is it just me fucking up some setting?

I am getting really small fonts reading ZH.

fuu's picture

Seems normal on my end.

LULZBank's picture

Hahahahaha... You sure?

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or CTRL 'Forward Roll' your mouse wheel while the pointer is anywhere over the web page in question. 

LULZBank's picture

Got it, sorted now.

Thank you guys!

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Not sure if the tech people for NYSE LIFFE are the same as those for NYSE/AMEX but it isnt that remarkable to me.  I have long complained that something as simple as their billing system is so fing antiquated it is a farce.  try paying your monthly fee for NYSE data for instance.  They helpfully provide the wire instructions and swift code and an address for checks if you are so lowly as to use that.  Any way to pay online?  To quote the luminous Nancy Pelosi "Are you serious?".  And if you go in arrears you will literally be talking to a guy named Johnson Floriani or something like that.  I have actually talked to him on the phone.  Very New York.  Give me the West Coast any day.  Minus Nancy Pelosi preferably.

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Be glad they keep doing this. It means more cheap gas, food, and precious metals. Enjoy these interventions while they still work.

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funniest one is GSS.....this is a two buck gold stock....but someone must have one helluva short because they have roadblocked this baby for three days now at the 1.99 level........i wonder whose ass is on the line here...

when the covering in these little gold and silver stocks starts its going to be running like scalded cats.....

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That is why I trade CFD's. Gold, Silver, and Forex. They are never halted!