Turns Out Dumping 1,300 Tons Of Swiss Gold Isn't A Resume Builder After All

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Spot the one difference.

1. Yesterday (as presented in "Resume Of The Day: Meet The Man Who Sold 1,300 Tons Of Swiss Gold")

2. And today (via an unexpectedly updated LinkedIn profile):

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Ha ha.  Punked by ZH.

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The entire global banking and political system reads ZH on the sly:

word cloud for it includes:




"redneck bait"

"doomer Durden"

"they insulted me/my employer"

"'House of Lies' of Finance"

keep it up. 


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I'm hanging with Charlie Sheen........screw you guys.


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Michael Paprotta is a fucking tool.

Stackers's picture

I bet he has ice cold balls.


We cook your meals

We haul your trash

We connect your calls

We drive your ambulances

We guard you while you sleep


Do not phuck with the ZH

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Why was it cool to advertise the sale of 1,300 tons of gold up till now?  It's been in a bull run for 10 years.  Why change it now?  Is this guy a total flake or what?  One comment on a "fringe" blog and he has to react?  Wimpy, man!


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Why was it cool to advertise the sale of 1,300 tons of gold up till now?


I can answer that one.  Because, for guys like Michael, it is all about scale, size.  Scale is power.  Scale is ego.  Scale is influence.  Scale gets you on CNBC, regardless of what you have to say or if you ever made a dime for anyone.  The profitability or soundness of the trade never crossed Michael’s mind – he simple wanted everyone to know that he has scale and, therefore, deserves your attention.  It could have been 1,300 tons of chicken feathers, it doesn't matter.  Michael (and banksters, hedgies... like him) simply want you to know that they, unlike all the little people, have touched 1,300 tons of SOMETHING.  For the Michaels, JP Morgans, Goldmans... they don’t put stuff like profitability on resumes – it’s all about titles and dropping scale.  They simply want to touch and be in charge of scale.

It's like when Johnny Carson asked Richard Pryor, "What do you thing about China?"  Richard's reply was, "I think it's a good idea to be friends with a billion of ANYTHING!"  Michael's just cozying-up to scale.

Of course, now that he sees you're not impressed with his scale, he changes his profile.

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The entire global banking and political system reads ZH on the sly

yes. MDB = bernanke. Robotrader = krugman

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Are you attempting to insult the four of them or only two?

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ZH is listed as a news source in windows 8 built-in news app. 




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And he cannot spell department.

centerline's picture

I missed that!  He must have been in the hurry... lol.

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His previous disclosure probably breached a confidentiality agreement. He might not be hitting the slopes as much now since he will soon be liable to the SNB for telling secrets that should not have been told.

SilverIsKing's picture

You think he made that change because he breached a confidentiality agreement? Not because he was made to look like a fool by ZH?


Non Passaran's picture

It's the both, he breached the agreement which stipulated he had to keep it secret that he's a fool.

JohnKozac's picture

"Secrets" are a thing of the past...so Old Hat.

swissaustrian's picture

The sales were publicly announced before they were conducted, so I don't think he breached any agreements.

Bay of Pigs's picture

You might want to turn your bsdetechor back on.

Urban Redneck's picture

Depends on the language you are communicating in.  English isn't even an official language of Switzerland, but unfortunately it's the one he uses throughout the rest of profile.

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I can't spell either when I am totally pissed off, embarrassed and flustered cause I was punked by a blog. LOL. 

Madeira's picture

Ha ha ... Maybe we will get a third LinkedIn Profile update ;)

bank guy in Brussels's picture

From le français: « département »

For us here in Europe using 3 or 4 languages, we see such mistakes are common and understandable ...

Especially when a little emotional about something like your Linked-In profile being global headlines on the world's most popular financial 'blog'

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You don't even need the accent in German (or Dutch), but if I run into him downtown at least I can now properly laugh at him since I know what he looks like...

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If you look at his picture it was clearly the altitude.

BattlegroundEurope2011's picture

Does he feel like a douche?


saturn's picture

If that means he's bathing in cold sweat, then yes.

MillionDollarBoner_'s picture

Hmmmm...he looks like a douche in that picture.

Anyone know if he walks like a douche?

Peter Pan's picture

Is he related to Gordon Brown or is it the case that every country produces fools ?

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I find it rather telling that these individuals visit, and change behaviour on basis of, what is (at least, that's what they tell us) supposed to be an out-there conspiracy site.

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And, fights go on for as long as they have to.

GetZeeGold's picture



Rules.....in a knife fight?

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clearly you're not a golfer...

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Any Big Lebowski reference is worth +1.

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It's been pretty clear ZH has been "on the radar" for a while. Speaking of out-there conspiracy sites, a couple days ago someone on reddit's supposedly out-there r/conspiracy subreddit noticed an error on a map on the CIA website that had been there for ages, and made a post about it -- the error got corrected in under two hours. They're pretty clearly watching closely.

In this case on ZH and that case: actions speak louder than words, and the actions are a tacit admission of influence.

csmith's picture

They're pretty clearly watching closely.


Correction: Carnivore is watching closely...surprised it took 2 hours!

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I am surprised and amused that someone of such “sophistication” would even have a profile on LinkedIn. Isn’t that just another FaceBook – ridiculous. 

Stackers's picture

LinkedIn is not facebook. It actually is quite useful for finding cross business connections and not about letting everyone know your dog just took a dump and what color it was.

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He must be on ZH today downvoting on alot of these posts.

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What a maroon... What a ta ra ra GOON de ay...

francis_sawyer's picture

True dat...

It's a LOCK that 99.99% of that went to the Red Shield & other well connected Heebie Jeebies [& that Mssr. was handsomely compensated for his cooperation]... The other .01% went to ZH'ers [for awhile], but now comfortably rests, in frigid & silent solitude, at the bottom of various bodies of water...

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Setup, assist, and follow through ... +3 francis

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pwned by zero hedge!