Israeli Air Force Releases Video Of Explosive Drone Interception

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You read about it earlier here. Now see how it happened in real time. The identity of the "transgressor(s)" has still not been released.

The original video from the IAF without narration can be found here.

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That's because it was the USA under obummer

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I call bull-shit. Every day air-forces come up with grainy vids like this in live-fire practice.

Sabre rattling by a mad-house is all.

Drone my ass. I don't believe anything god's rejects say or do.


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Obama sent the drone in to confirm suspicions that the Israelis were going to go back on their agreement and are prepping for a strike before the election. I don't necessarily believe this, but why not?

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Reports of US intel and Jewish leaders admitting Israel is doomed in a decade or so

« Reported to me, Henry Kissinger has stated — and I quote the statement word for word: "In 10 years, there will be no more Israel."

I repeat: "In 10 years, there will be no more Israel." ...

Sixteen US intelligence agencies with a combined budget over USD70 billion have issued an 82-page analysis titled 'Preparing for a Post-Israel Middle East.' ...

Interestingly, neither Henry Kissinger nor the authors of the US Intelligence Report give any sign that they are going to mourn the demise of Israel. This is remarkable, given that Kissinger is Jewish ... »

Cindy Adams in the New York Post, 17 Sep 2012

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Damn, the Israeli's shot down the extraterrestrials Krugman promised would invade Earth to provide green shoots for Jimmy Carters, ahem....Obama's, economic malaise.

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Slightly OT but anybody see Batman lately?

One minute he's tweeting about the world's best bagels and then nothing...

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Damn it Jews!

Didn't you know?

That was Jesus in a spaceship!

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About three decades ago, I used to run by basicly the same air frame w/ launcher.  

The launcher was backed up into a berm so that the rail was horizontal.  They had the net set up five meters from the end of the rail for a sure catch.

Kind a looked like a big 'Road Runner' cartoon, come to life.

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Here is the recon video clip recovered:


Iranian Drone Technology:

  • AR Parrot 2.0
  • GoPro HD
  • Lithium Polymer Battery
  • iPad control app
  • Made in China




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Hey, those fuckers shot down my model airplane!  Who do I send the bill to? 

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what if it was a "drone kite" from Afghanistan?

Yeah I agree with the space aliens theory. Those guys are always meddling in earthling's affairs.

galis's picture

it will make you happy in 10 years ah?

I am an Israeli,  and I can tell you first , to go fuck yourself,

second, no one will ever make us go away again.

including you and european pussies as such.











Deathrips's picture

I sincerely mean this.

Maybe you can convey the message to your govt? Quit picking barfights and running out the back door and letting us clean up your propagandast induced wars.

thank you for the relay.


I will make sure i let my government know the same.

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All the "decent Israeli's" - about half of the "8 million" official demography - already live in Amerikwa. And shame is an emotion that is unknown to Jews. Guilt, yes.  

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Absolute class. +10

He says "go away again".  There was never a previous iteration (to the present advent) if you want to be technical about it...

But of course it has to go away.  It is unsustainable.  How long can you live on the backs of another people?  Not forever, that's for sure.  And then there's that ticking time bomb.... the self-induced expiration clause: that Messiah dude has to come and soon, and then there's the little matter of a Temple that must be raised again, or the whole thing goes belly-up, right?

Good luck.

galis's picture

perhaps i should thank you ...for all the money you sent us..

we live on the back of no one.  can you imagine the americans cutting off their aid?

they will never do that , although many here want nothing from them.

please sent me the amounts we recieved....less then 1 % of the budget.

btw , 6.7% unemployment news ha?

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In each and every generation they rise up against us to destroy us. 


john39's picture

says the self deluded israeli as he destroys another palestian farm to clear the way for more illegal settlements.

Gashole's picture

No. This is what Jews recite around the world at Passover during the seder meal.

It is only in the last two generations that we have the ability to defend ourselves against greater numbers.

Burns your ass doesn't it?

john39's picture

the fact that you brainwash yourselves is not news to me. and by the way, swinging a dead chicken over your head wont shield you from bad karma any longer.

Things that go bump's picture

Excuse me, but has it ever occured to you guys that calling yourselves God's Chosen People might have something to do with that? 

Gashole's picture

Is there a religous group that doesn't think of themselves as special? It is Jewish success particularly in the face of adversity and that incites hatred.  Nobody would give a F**k what Jews think if we were as succesful as Branch Davidians or Bedouins.

illyia's picture

That actually made me laugh!

But, just saying that it might be nice if being "Gods Chosen People" was not the most important thing, eh?

Maybe a redo? An extra paragraph? I mean we are all grateful for the mono-thingy. But, geez, there are humans in China...


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Wait! I thought the Mormons had the rights to the !st 144,000! Oh, maybe its like water rights. Oldest come 1st.... ( Bugs Bunny voice) " What a bunch of maroons..."

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Is The State of Israel a prerequisite for your existence? Why do you feel compelled to identify with a human contruct (The State) which does not give two shits about you? Why are white lines on map so important to you? They aren't made of cocaine.

You are an individual.

Cathartes Aura's picture

you are an individual once you are prepared to claim and defend that status.


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only thing is.... the state is not supposed to exist until the return of messiah . the  only other thing is - He has. interesting conundrum we're stuck in.

putaipan's picture

jesus inna space ship...tee-hee. no, that one they'll let land.

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You can tell anyone to do anything. Sorry dude, we're not believing it anymore. The whole world is oriented against you now; we get the scam. This is the internet age, not the TV/Print age. The jig is up.

john39's picture

the propaganda version of the past, even if true, cannot justify the state ofIsrael treating the indigenous palestinians as animals.  if not worse.   Israel wants peace? the answer is not force and aggression, or exploitation.   israel's racist and violent behavior will surely come back to bite you someday.

Keyser's picture

Spoken like a true zionist. Let's see, 8 million Israelis against how many hundreds of millions of islamists? The little Israel experiment will soon be over and you can either flee, much like you have made the Palestinians do -or- you can stand your ground and die in the islamic onslaught. Your choice. 

Gashole's picture

 Wishing won't make it so.

THX 1178's picture

Nobody's wishing. The US Military knows who did what. We know you wage war by deception. We obviously know about the USS liberty incident and the King David hotel and the Lavon affair. And dare I say 9/11 too. We Know. We will crush those responsible.

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Both nations are complicit piles of shit. You both, in your present format, need a complete enema. Good men betrayed by criminally minded despots whom their men had been hoodwinked into serving. Sheep to the slaughter, it's aways been so. Revolt.

Magnum's picture

Christopher Bollyn solved 9/11, look into his research.  Under every stone is an israeli operation.  Israel did 9/11 the cat is out of the bag, it's only a matter of time before the truth is understood by the masses.  I don't know why NY firefighters, indeed firefighters across the nation and across the world, are such complete pansies that they do not stand up for the hundreds of dead brothers who are screaming for justice from their graves.  Let everyone know mossad did 9/11, it's not even necessary to follow the money trail and make a guess.  Look at Bollyn's work.

john39's picture

How about the U.S. military?  if anyone should be pissed at Isreal, it is soldiers forced to fight in these bullshit wars incited by Isreal.  Things like the Liberty attack only illustrate the much larger issue.  it has to stop.

Magnum's picture

I'm not sure why, but the US military is an attack dog for israel and does not represent Americans.  The institution has proven itself as such, for why don't they demand a public discussion about 9/11 and the inconsistencies in the official story which are so obvious.  I wouldn't expect the US military to do anything other than take orders from leaders who apparently act on behalf of israel & corporations who gain money from the spending frenzy searching for false bogeymen.  

I should think that firefighters (especially), as well as professional airline pilots and architects could collectively create an awareness of how deeply we've been deceived, by SPEAKING OUT.  So far we have only architects screaming at the top of their lungs about WTC7 (the smoking gun).  

I can hardly believe this nation that talks such a big game finds itself in the position of becoming a global laughingstock as more and more people around the world look into 9/11 and come to the obvious conclusion it wasn't done by guys with boxcutters.

juangrande's picture

I shouted out who did nine one one, when after all it was you and Me! Apologies to the Glimmer Twins....

HamFistedIdiot's picture

Every US military officer that was in a position to prevent 9/11 was promoted rather than demoted. Israel was responsible for that, too? It was a joint operation carried out by several intelligence agencies (MI6, CIA, ISI, Mossad, etc.), private contractors/ex-military, private corporations, and key operatives inside the system. 

Jackagain's picture

You mean like they did in 1948 or do you mean like they did in 1967?

galis's picture

those hundreds million arabs whom unlike many of you here , i live among , some are close friends of mine , will deal in the next 100 years to come back to pre arab spring 2011.

they can hardley feed their people , they train in killing their own in sirya libya and more...

250-300 million of them dont have running water , full electricity and over 50% all analfabethic ,probably our fault as well...

you should come over and see for yourself's picture

Then by all means, steal their land. You deserve it.

Bringin It's picture

Residual effects of colonialism, including occupations and bizzarely drawn borders.

If you have a beef with the message and want to talk tough and torment the mesenger, you need to go find your fellow tribal ... Kissenger.

ClassicalLib17's picture

@ Galis,  You're a fucking idiot.  Hate the fucking jews all you want, but the muslims will have their way with your splendid white liberal ass.  Homo!

Maghreb's picture

I'm not stuffing any Infidel white Liberal ass. Unless they pay Dhimmi Tax for it.

galis's picture

let me give you my side of the deal.

we realy do no hate them. we want more then anyone them to have their own country.

i assume you know israel supply the palestinians with water , electricity , we collect them taxes

basically we sponser them in full .we realy had enough with that.

they only need to accept us as astate.

they are unable to recognize the state of israel.

bottom line.

what are we suppose to do?

they got gaza strip with no israeli in it so anything changed?

historically speaking, have you ever met a nation with no history?

they are the only one claiming their history as a nation begun in the 20th century