Saturday Humor: This Week's Top Headlines

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In lieu of a missing Friday humor piece, here is the Saturday edition, which is merely a non-fiction based compilation of this week's Top 10 Bloomberg headlines as they crossed the tape. The conclusion here is that The Onion has now permanently missed its IPO window, as reality is now in no need of embellishment.

h/t John Lohman

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As long as she's somebody's grand-daughter, bunga bunga on, Dudes.

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Thank you Tyler, for not forgetting the humor post of the week!

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John Williams: The Real Facts Behind Today’s Fictitious Drop in Unemployment


In this segment, Jim starts it off speaking with John Williams of Shadow Government Statistics on the unemployment numbers released Friday. John explains why the numbers are highly questionable.

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from an earlier thred:

So let’s say I got a part time job and can’t make ends meet.

So I go out and find another part time job to fill the void.

Does that now count as two people employed?

The statistics are as fake as my avatar!

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The unemployment number is as always. Just take the official figure and multiply by 3.

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You can't make this shit up.

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The unemployment rate is 7.8%,

    and I'm Mary, Queen of Scots.

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"The unemployment rate is 7.8%,"



Fake statistics are only one way to keep the sheeple from knowing reality. You think the numbers are fake well your right, they are. If TPTB could make a gallon smaller we wouldn't see the gas price go up. The one thing that concerns me the most is fake gold. The fucking banks will go to no end to rip off the wealth of this once great nation. The fact that the gold bars in Fort Knox are 22k gold, or 91.67% gold pisses the shit out of me because it now weighs the same as tungston even a displacment test that checks volume will look good. 

Do you think thats air your breathing?

Do you think the gold in Fort Knox is 22k by chance?

The fucking bankers have the US gold!




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If I remember correctly the bars were melted from the original gold coins confiscated in 1933 which were 22Kt for durability reasons.


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if you melt. why not remove the slag and have 24k?

the LGD bars are 24k the swiss bars are 24k China's bars are 24k......................

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Actually, US gold coins were 90% gold and not 22k, which was the standard for British gold coins.

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I should have added, just to avoid confusion, that current US gold (bullion) coins ARE minted in 22 karat gold, not the old pre-1934 90% gold alloy.

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how fast they forget!

when the tungston story first broke 2009's picture




Announcer's Voice     ...and that concludes the week's episode of 'How to Recognize Different Parts of the Body', adapted for radio by Ann Haydon-Jones and her husband, Pip. And now we present the first episode of a new radio drama series, 'The Death of Mary, Queen of Scots.' Part One: The Beginning.

Man's Voice     You are Mary, Queen of Scots?

Woman's voice     I am! (Screams follow)

Radio Announcer     Episode two of 'The Death of Mary, Queen of Scots', can be heard on Radio 4 almost immediately.

Man's Voice     I think she's dead.

Woman's voice     No I'm not! (Screams resume)

Announcer's Voice     That was episode two of 'The Death of Mary, Queen of Scots', adapted for radio by Bernard Hollowood and Brian London. And now, Radio Four will explode.

First Pepperpot     We'll have to watch the telly then.

Second Pepperpot     Yes.

First Pepperpot     What's that on the television then?

Second Pepperpot     Looks like a penguin.

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 BLS simply redefined an unemployed sheeple as only 3/5 of anunemployed person

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i can't WAIT to see what they've got in store for us Fri Nov 2  !!!       7.6  ??    LMFAO .    long popcorn !

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Are you trying to have me believe that:

"Tom Cruise, a beard-wearing nudist, over a nice meal at a French restaurant bites dog, smothers cat's pee over Mubarak's Granddaughter's Hot Breasts???"

I call bullshit on this... Perhaps Silvio Berlusconi would do this to Rubi, but certainly not Tom to Mub's G-Daughter

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lmao good ol bernank...

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"Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad."  Not sure which dead Roman said it, but it seems apt.


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Roman emperors were gods so the context was different.  A more modern version might be "Those whom TPTB would destroy, they first make mad.", and they seem damn effective at it.

It would be foolish to blame what is coming on gods.  In the end we own our fates as individuals and as a society.


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"Quem Deus perdere vult, dementat prius" is an ancient proverb erroneously attributed to Euripides, a Greek playwright.

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"Those whom the Gods wish to destroy make him drive a Prius?"

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Suddenly, a domestic housecat with a hedge fund seems like an idea that was ahead of its time. Go me!

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It's always hard to argue with a good pussy.

OK, I'll go back to my wine, now.

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Kind of a one sided conversation, too ?

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I would love it if the sculpted chunks of human feces story and the Bernanke eating at a French restaurant story were the same story.

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Bureau of Labor Stochastics