South Africa Shows Europe How Anti-Austerity Protests Are Done

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While we have grown 'used' to hearing of protests in several European peripheral nations, South Africa has turned the anti-austerity protest amplifier to 11 in recent days. From the Lonmin massacre and subsequent wage increase to the truck-drivers' strike and Amplats firing of 12,000 workers , Reuters is reporting that South Africa's local government worker's union has now said it will join a nationwide strike amid the labor unrest in the mining sector. Demanding 'market-related salaries' this strike would bring the South African economy to its knees - at a time of rising deficit concerns. Critically, this has dramatic repercussions. Since firing people is no longer an option as "Those who are dismissed will make sure that there will be no operations operating and that will cause a massacre just like at Marikana," some companies will be forced out of business (reducing supply) or suffer significant margin compression on cost increases leaving commodity producers struggling - which will inevitably mean prices for end-users will rise (slowing end-user demand or crushing their margins). It seems the South African labor unions found the M.A.D. card.


Via Reuters South Africa,

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africa's local government workers' union said on Monday it would launch a strike over pay in the next few days, the first sign of a wave of labour unrest in Africa's biggest economy spreading from the mines into the public sector.


Since August, close to 100,000 workers, including 75,000 in the mining sector, have downed tools in often illegal and violent protests that look likely to hit growth this year and undermine the government's efforts to cut its budget deficit.


Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan has promised to reduce the deficit from the 4.6 percent of GDP forecast for this financial year. Any public sector wage increase would make that more difficult.


"The union is mobilising towards a national protest, which would begin as soon as this week," South African Municipal Workers Union (SAMWU) spokesman Tahir Sema said.


A majority of SAMWU's 190,000 members are expected to join the strike for "market-related salaries" which may last for one day or drag on indefinitely, Sema said.




Moody's cut South Africa's government bond rating last month, citing the government's difficulty in keeping up with economic challenges and widening strikes.




Wildcat strikes have already shut down large parts of the mining industry in the world's top platinum producer and a major supplier of gold, pushing prices of precious metals higher.


Xstrata is the latest victim, with workers at its Eland platinum mine walking out on Friday.


The mine is expected to produce 176,000 ounces of platinum this year, compared with forecast production nationwide of 4.9 million ounces of the precious metal used in jewellery and vehicle catalytic converters.


Anglo American Platinum (Amplats) fired 12,000 wildcat strikers on Friday, a high-stakes attempt by the world's top producer to squash illegal stoppages that have hit output at seven of its mines.


The dismissed workers were defiant and threatened a repeat of the showdown with security forces at rival Lonmin's Marikana mine that led to the police killing of 34 miners on August 16, the bloodiest such incident since the end of apartheid in 1994.


"Those who are dismissed will make sure that there will be no operations operating and that will cause a massacre just like at Marikana," said one worker representative, who asked not to be named.




A strike by more than 20,000 truck drivers entered its third week on Monday, hitting logistics companies and leading to filling stations running out of some grades of fuel. Wage talks with employers were expected to resume on Tuesday.


The main transport union, SATAWU, said it was gearing up for a one-day rail and port worker strike on October 15, which could hit exports of coal and other minerals.

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Duke of Con Dao's picture

I think Obama was also commenting on Europe as a whole... 

YouTube - Obama on Romney in 7 Seconds

markmotive's picture

Holy shit. Imagine being on the wrong side of that crowd.

You sure they're not rioting about the 5 week hiatus for GLEE?


Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Strike bitches! Stick it to them!

krispkritter's picture

Lonmin Boss: Oh you said 'Fire them', I thought you said 'Fire ON them'. My bad...

AMPLATS Boss: Oh you said 'Fire ON them', I thought you said 'Fire them'. My bad...

Talk about a clusterfuck...

mvsjcl's picture

I find it somewhat odd (not) that globalist mouthpiece Reuters characterized the strike as:


" often illegal and violent protests..."

" squash illegal stoppages..."


Don't think they're trying to manage perceptions, do you?


Al Gorerhythm's picture

Strikes are the start. Revolt; demand honest money as pay, not some counterfeiters debt note. Demand gold and silver coins, the ones that keep value.

Lebensphilosoph's picture

The start to what, American? Strikes are something of a cultural pastime in South Africa.

Al Gorerhythm's picture

We have little time to start anything before it comes crashing down on us. As witnessed in Africa, all that the proles have are immediate needs issues dominating their minds. They have no idea of honest money or the moral and social issues behind utilizing it.

Ron Paul, as the self proclaimed spokesman of the new libertarian movement, had an opportunity to use his influence to educate the world, not just America about it. His presidential nomination push gave Liberty its best chance. His influence was international, with Ron Paul supporters showing up at Romney speaches in Europe. He wrote books about Liberty and Revolution and was on the world stage promoting the cause. On the occasion when Liberty needed him most, he abandoned the movement as if it was a waste of time to persue. The pursuit of liberty by free men isn't one where you abandon your principles because of politics or because you think that you can't succeed. WTF RP?

As for your perspective, strikes may be a cultural pastime in Africa over the mundane issues such as food on the table, but that may be because they don't have a unified philosophy that can break their "wage slave" paradigm. We've all been squashed for so long that it takes a mighty effort to extract yourself from the statist's controlling grasp, so they're not isolated in their situation. Strikes may be a start but an only option if you haven't an issue with debt based money and bloated government.

There is only one outcome for the debt mountain and dishonest settleless money as issued by banks and sanctioned by governments and that is a collapse of trust and belief in the statist's program that directs us. It is either chaotic collapse by the gravitational pull of the resolution's event horizon or have control of it. 

Revolt. There are many ways.

Lebensphilosoph's picture

You don't understand anything about the Bantu mindset either.

Al Gorerhythm's picture

So they get a pay rise. Then what?

You offer nothing and as a retort; you don't understand anything about the Libertarian mindset at all, so it's not worth the time persuing debate with you. Try baiting someone else.

Neethgie's picture

i can't stand little demogauges like you who are unable of viewing events without applying there own view on the situation.

Just because you want a libertarian revolution (slightly collectivist right?) doesn't mean those in south africa do, you have completely ignored it and tryed to put what view as wrong with the world as what they view as being wrong with the world...

Al Gorerhythm's picture

Well excuuuuuusssseee meeeee!!!!!!

Collectivist my ass. Since when is the persuit of Liberty, life and happiness collectivist? Individual collectivism? (Oxy)moronic.

If you don't like my views (I'm not sure how demagogguery comes into it) then I encourage you to fuck off. I may be passionate obout liberty but I fail to see how the persuit of personal freedom is linked to political despotism. I would have thought that the war fought for individual liberty 100s of years ago was a battle for freedom against tyranny, not the battle for some ism for the people adopt.

"Get the fuck out of my affairs and leave me alone" is my ism and all that I ask of government. I can participate in the development of my community and country without the overbearence and fealty to some fascist, thug-run government.

For the sake of my kids, I have a duty to call to arms all like minded people, to rise up against tyranical government and that is what we have all round the world. Name me one country that doesn't dominate the life and liberty of the individual. Name me one that doesn't use force against its peoples to quell open and peaceful dissent. You call that living? Well good for you but I don't accept it.

It took a revolution in the first iteration of a Libertarian government. The revisit doesn't need bloodshed. It just needs education of the topic as constituted, which is simple enough. The methods of revolt are many and effective. Be debt free. Buy gold and silver. Support your Libertarian principles loudly and publicly. Support Libertarian representatives. Reject the Red team/ Blue team dichotomy. Always call bullshit on party political hacks. I do this already and haven't raised a fist against anyone. I ask all to consider my point of view without cajoling; folks can make their own minds up, but I refuse to be cowed into silence by some internet thug who wishes to demonise me by disingenuously labeling (falsely) me a political bully.

For those out there who have the same mindset, I once again call for you to consider the same action. Revolt. Revolt, or if you like what you're getting from your government, then in the persuit of your serf-like security which you exchange for your liberty, then just as a matter of fairness, go for you life with that, but in so doing, don't tread on me.

sebmurray's picture

Totally agree. People here definitely prefer Toyi-Toyi'ing, destroying public property and general violence and anarchy to a hard day's work. This may be a particularly hardcore strike season, but it's not like this shit doesn't happen every year...

Totentänzerlied's picture

Stick to what you know, nothing (it would seem)

Sudden Debt's picture

$ 200K jobs for everybody!!!! YES IT CAN!

Urban Redneck's picture

They heard the Obamaphones and now they want some for themselves.

floridasandy's picture

yeah, stick it to them and when the jobs are gone wait for the government to help you-just like they did with katrina. 

or maybe the government will give everyone high-paying jobs-that would be great, wouldn't it? 

Daily Bail's picture

Twitter Goes Crazy Racist After Black Actress Endorses Romney

Pretty shocking story, honestly.  The beautiful and bountiful Stacey Dash. Pictures included for your viewing pleasure.

Conrad Murray's picture

Not really shocking. Anyone who has resisted the white guilt shoved down his or her throat by the radical Marxist media knows the true score.

Harbanger's picture

You reminded me that these protests in South Africa are coming from public sector employees.  The Auesterity measures imposed by Bankers affects their Govt's ability to pay their wages.  No one thinks to stop borrowing from Bankers in the first place. 

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

"I'm gonna get medieval on your ass." - Marcellus Wallace - Pulp Fiction


That's gonna leave a mark

DeadFred's picture

Your story is all wrong. The US troops are there to resupply someone's choom stash.

Middle_Finger_Market's picture

El Chapo....ohhhhhh run bitchez! 

Urban Redneck's picture

We need Congress Critter Edutainment- complete with "Is that a classified document under your dress, or are you the latest online distraction over at the SEC?"

It might even create one actual job (even if only at MSNBS)

Clashfan's picture

VD, that reminds me, a lot, of some of the stuff Skolnick was writing long before a lot of other folks were--about the Bushes, etc.

Skolnick is a bit bombastic for me, and I have trouble believing him. Still....

lakecity55's picture

That's not suprising, since O'Muslim gave their guns to the Cartel in exchange for cheap blow in Chicago.

They just want their roscoes back.

Gully Foyle's picture

The full quote is closer to the situation.

"What now? Lemme tell you what now. I'm gonna call up a couple a hard, pipe-hittin' niggers and go to work on the holmes here with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch. You hear me talkin' Hillbilly boy? I ain't through with you by a damn site. I'm gonna get medieval on your ass."

rocker's picture

This will be fun for sure. Romney wants immediate war with Russia China and Iran. Don't forget Palestine too.

All on a charge charge card again.  Sound familiar.  It will be a simple plan for us.  

Buy Oil and Gold.  All you can.  Stick head between legs and hope we are all here in the morning to cash in.

Ricih we will be.  Eh. 

Urban Redneck's picture

Krugman must have endorsed the wrong clown at the freakshow.  He's been very clear about the need to break windows and put them on the nation's charge card.

walcott's picture

Travolta will get midevil on your ass with pleasure.

Hulk's picture

That movie is disturbing...

Gully Foyle's picture


It's the hiding the watch up the ass thing right?

brettd's picture

Now, your father carried this watch.....

A Nanny Moose's picture

It's just entertainment....fantasy. Poliiticians are disturbing.

Drachma's picture

"It's just entertainment."

Just entertainment eh? Maybe for the disciplined mind, not the weak-minded. For most of the populous, when they enter-the-tin of holy-wood tinsel town, their gaurd is down and ready for subtle programming. The subconscious mind is a powerful thing, wouldn't you agree?

Perpetual Burn's picture

Someone has to set an example lol.


Ahmeexnal's picture

Exactly what happened. The white slave masters set the example. Once they where thrown out, the ones who took their place became the new slave masters.  Mandela and the ANC jumped from being slaves/political prisoners, into oligarchic slave masters and opressors.  The more things change, the more they remain the same.

Pseudo Anonym's picture

dont be judgemental:

the ones who took their place became the new slave masters.

if you could and were given the chance, you would do and be the same, wouldnt you?  really?  being powerful and control a swath of slaves wouldnt tickle your fancy?  there's nothing wrong with having a slave or two.  is it wrong? why? why would it be wrong to control millions of serfs.  are you a manager?  dont you control your employees?  wouldnt you want your employees slave for you so you could be rich and richer and richerer?

N. B. Forrest's picture

Didn't I read about this in a book in high school  It had something to do with pigs and farm animals. 


"No question now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which."  -George Orwell


Sub in Afrikaans for man and ANC for pig. 

hedgeless_horseman's picture



Didn't I read about this in a book in high school...

George O. is smiling.

israhole's picture

Indeed it's about the same, except the electical grid is much less reliable under the new management.

Gully Foyle's picture


I try to explain that idea to people who demand revolution.

They can't grasp that the new guy will be just as bad as the old guy. Maybe even worse.

They don't realize they will be the first victims of the new regime.

W74's picture

Same thing in Zaire/The DRC.  A group arises from the East around Kivu provence, gathers strength, moves west, sacks capital....becomes just as corrupt and incompetant as the previous regime.  It's happened three times since the end of colonialism.  The latest war (deemed the World War of Africa for it's 5 million deaths) Kabila simply managed to retain power.  Now unrest is starting up again, this time in Katanga province in the southeast, and militia groups (like Kony) move through the area just as freely as troops from Uganda, Rwanda, and Angola do.  The Congo (Kinsasha side of the river) is not a state.

Gully Foyle's picture


I thought the whole Kony thing was a CIA scam and the guy caught beating off in public, which South Park imortalized, was just the doped up front man.


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Rusty Shorts's picture

King Leopold II of Belgium...and his ghost, why the Congo "is what it is"

Oh regional Indian's picture

Good to see you again Rusty. Long time.

How are thiings in Boomtown Afrique?