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Goldman Issues Strong Sell On Obama As Firm Refuses To Vote With Its Wallet

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Confirming a move that will surprise exactly no one, the firm which is best known in the world for two things: i) arbitraging the gullibility of its clients, and ii) flipflopping faster than anyone when the narrative demands it, the WSJ reports that Goldman Sachs has mutated from Obama's biggest financial backer 4 years ago on Wall Street, to one of the most stingiest firms. "Employees at Goldman donated more than $1 million to Mr. Obama when he first ran for president. This election, they have given the president's campaign $136,000—less than Mr. Obama has collected from employees of the State Department. The employees have contributed nothing to the leading Democratic super PAC supporting his re-election. By contrast, Goldman employees have given Mr. Romney's campaign $900,000, plus another $900,000 to the super PAC founded to help him." In other words Goldman has just voted with their wallets, and the bottom line is "Strong Sell" with price target One Term.

From the WSJ:

When Barack Obama ran for president in 2008, no major U.S. corporation did more to finance his campaign than Goldman Sachs Group Inc.


This election, none has done more to help defeat him.


Prompted by what they call regulatory attacks on their business and personal attacks on their character, executives and employees of Goldman Sachs have largely abandoned Mr. Obama and are now the top sources of money to presidential candidate Mitt Romney and the Republican Party.


Underscoring the magnitude of the reversal, Goldman has been the No. 1 source of campaign cash to Democrats among companies during the 23 years the Center for Responsive Politics has been collecting such data.


In interviews with more than a dozen past and current Goldman executives, many said they felt betrayed by Democratic lawmakers and the White House, for years considered friendly allies. Several Goldman executives said they didn't want to speak out publicly against the president, and that their donations speak for themselves.


Jim Donovan, a banker formerly in charge of Goldman's relations with Bain & Co., the private-equity firm run by Mr. Romney, helped draw his colleagues' attention to the GOP candidate. "As a longtime friend to Mitt and Ann, I can attest that his conviction and strength on fixing the U.S. economy is compelling as are his values," said Mr. Donovan, who handles Mr. Romney's personal investments. "That is why there has been such a strong outpouring of support for Mitt from all sectors."


What is ironic is that even people as supposedly as sophisticated as Goldman employees are totally confused:

Resentments against the White House began, said senior Goldman executives, because the firm thought it would be consulted when the Obama administration began crafting regulations in response to the financial crisis. They weren't. Instead, they were surprised by a measure dubbed the Volcker rule, which would damage one of Goldman's lucrative businesses.


Goldman executives, especially those who had raised millions of dollars for Mr. Obama's election, said they were offended by the president's populist rhetoric, including his famous quip about "fat cat bankers."

The reason for the confusion is that Goldmanites of all should know that what Obama has spoken and what he has done, are two totally different things. And when it comes to what he has done, Wall Street could not be happier. As a reminder, in 2009 Wall Street bonuses were one of the biggest on record. In other words, Obama merely perpetuated the pro-Wall Street policies adopted by his predecessor.

The other reason for the confusion is that if Goldman wants to lobby for someone, it would be for the Bernanke opponent at the Fed, because the only person whose opinion matters vis-a-vis Goldman year end bonuses now is not on Pennsylvania Avenue but in the Marriner Eccles building, and the longer he implements central planning, the lower the faith and confidence in the markets, the less the participation and muppet trading, the lower bonuses for all those at 200 West. It really is as simple as that.

Ironically, the confusion is not only at Goldman. It is everywhere on Wall Street, which for once has reprised the role of the muppet in confusing just who really calls the shots.


Since the Center for Responsive Politics began tracking campaign donations by company employees in 1989, people at Goldman have given more than $22.4 million to the Democratic Party and its candidates. That is the most among employees of all companies and on par with the largest labor unions. Goldman is between the AFL-CIO, $18.5 million, and the United Auto Workers, $27.5 million—totals that include donations from both employees and the unions. The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees is the largest contributor to Democrats at $45 million.

In March, the company's CEO, Lloyd C. Blankfein, sent a companywide email to Goldman employees encouraging them to donate to the Goldman PAC, which doesn't give to presidential candidates. Mr. Blankfein has identified himself as a Democrat but hasn't donated much to the party since a $35,000 contribution in 2007.

Goldman president Gary D. Cohn gave $75,000 to Democrats in 2008. In this election season, he has given $35,000—75% to Republicans. Newly named Chief Financial Officer Harvey Schwartz has spent more than 90% of his donations this season on Republicans after a lifetime of Democratic giving.

And so on. For a great visualization of where the money is from from and to, click below:

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Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:07 | 2870332 fonzannoon
fonzannoon's picture

Goldman just upgraded Eli Lilly to "neutral" from "sell" so these guys know what they are doing....

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:10 | 2870342 GetZeeGold
GetZeeGold's picture



I'm holding out for the Muppett report.....that's never wrong.


Tue, 10/09/2012 - 10:57 | 2871076 kaiserhoff
kaiserhoff's picture

"most stingiest?"  WTF?  Ilene needs a proof-reader, and a leash.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 13:17 | 2871619 caconhma
caconhma's picture

Zionists who own and run FED, WallStreet, major banks, etc., want Obama out. Romney is their man for today.

But Obama is the President right now and they must be very careful not to provoke Obama, his justice department, and his foot-solders.

The best they can do is to manipulate the market down and blame it on Obama.


Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:13 | 2870352 Middle_Finger_Market
Middle_Finger_Market's picture

GS = FULL OF SHIT. Almost as bad as the BLS and FED. The muppets turn to GS like their saviour...I mean these guys are insolvent. Lloyd GS is insolvent and a failed institute. FAILED INSTITUTE.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:25 | 2870377 Dr. Engali
Dr. Engali's picture

Yes they know exactly what they are doing. When they upgrade it to buy you know they have accumulated enough to dump on the muppets.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:08 | 2870339 youngman
youngman's picture

Obama will make it up with billions of under the table donations from know the ones that have no records and do not have to be reported...its so simple its stupid...

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:17 | 2870373 duo
duo's picture

His biggest donor so far is the University of California.  WTF?  And they have the nerve to call up alumni (UCLA '83) and ask for money?

Talk about funneling taxpayer money to his re-election.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 10:27 | 2870624 AynRandFan
AynRandFan's picture

Obama's biggest contributor by far is SEIU, the public sector employee union.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:08 | 2870340 a growing concern
a growing concern's picture

That's all you need to know about who's going to win the election.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:29 | 2870378 HelluvaEngineer
HelluvaEngineer's picture

Things are looking really weird.  It appears that the fix is in, with a miraculous Romney win, with war and financial collapse to follow.  Absolutely none of this is priced in - perhaps unloading positions is slower than expected or even impossible.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 11:05 | 2871100 j0nx
j0nx's picture

Bibi all but holding hands with Romney after Obama refused to meet with him should have told you all you needed to know about who will win this race. I'm already putting my family security plans in order since I live in a 75% low income section 8 black neighborhood now after half the homes went into foreclosure in 2007-2010 and were bought for 1/3 their value and then rented to these lowbrow cretins. I am taking election day and the day after off to be there in case I need to load up the Jeep with the wife and kid and my gear and get the fuck outa Dodge quick if the natives here get restless after their saviour loses the election. I suggest others in the same situation take their own precautions if history is any guide.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 18:00 | 2872699 Ident 7777 economy
Ident 7777 economy's picture






"...  Romney win, with war and financial collapse to follow.  ..."



Engineering FAIL; On the contrary, salvation (figuratively) is just around the corner ...


Tue, 10/09/2012 - 10:02 | 2870526 MassDecep
MassDecep's picture

Why was Obama lackluster at the Debate?


1. He was told by his handlers he wouldn't be re-elected? 

2. He was told he would be re-elected, so the debate didn't matter.  

Who controls and counts the votes? They are in fact electrons in cyberspace controlled by the owners. I would be very leery of any moneys flowing to anyone at this point. It is literally fractions of pennies to them



Tue, 10/09/2012 - 10:21 | 2870604 GeezerGeek
GeezerGeek's picture

You omitted the favorite of conspiracy theory terrorists these days: Either martial law before the election or between the election and the inaguration.

We don't need no stinking election! (It's not like anything really changes, does it?)

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 12:47 | 2871517 dirtbagger
dirtbagger's picture

This seems a bit short sighted on Goldman's behalf.  They received an excellent ROI on their 2008 Obama campaign contributions.  Hard to see that the Mitt can be any more generous to Wall Street.   The R's have the reputation of being the lackeys of corporations and will probably be forced to actually have a prosecution or two from the DOJ.   The D,s got a free pass on their lack of scrutiny of the FIRE sector. 

Wed, 10/10/2012 - 02:20 | 2873783 Radical Marijuana
Radical Marijuana's picture

Oh, Oh!!! Yeah, since we live in a fake democratic republic, that is actually a fascist plutocracy, the banksters are the main string pullers! The biggest banksters are SWITCHING to support Romney! That makes it possible to believe Romney will win the election. That means that things will continue to get WAY WORSE. Obama 2, would have been Emperor Obama, which would have been VERY BAD! However, Romney One is sure to be WORSE! Thus, the only consistent thing will become that each new President manages to break records, and be even worse than the previous one was! After all, the ONLY way the next President could keep the established pyramid systems going would be to double down on the total USA debts AGAIN!

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:09 | 2870341 Dr. Richard Head
Dr. Richard Head's picture

Why would the theft titans not want Obama back in office?  Obama was very friendly with these firms along with Benny giving as much to keep these ponzi institutions sucking the blood out of each and every one of us.  Romney wmust have promised the first born of every American or something.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:12 | 2870350 otto skorzeny
otto skorzeny's picture

hos are a fickle bunch- another pimp has promised them a bigger cut

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 11:17 | 2870467 Woodyg
Woodyg's picture

On the flip side of that anyone think Obummer will fire those 25+ ex- Goldman Sachs employees who went to work for the Obama white house economic team?

Probably not - because the one thing the Oilybomber cares about more than even the white house is his $250,000 paycheck for a shitty 1/2 hour speech.

Clinton has made well over $100 million off those tough days at the office.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 10:59 | 2871079 RiverRoad
RiverRoad's picture

Odd that I didn't hear George Soros clapping after the debate....

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:11 | 2870344 otto skorzeny
otto skorzeny's picture

I sense a disturbance in the force.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:20 | 2870380 a growing concern
a growing concern's picture if millions in campaign donations to Obama were suddenly withheld and given to his opponent.  I fear something terrible has happened.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:11 | 2870345 eigenvalue
eigenvalue's picture

Is it possible that Obummer got defeated in the coming election? Romney doesn't seem to be a credible challenger. 

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:17 | 2870371 a growing concern
a growing concern's picture

If the bastards in charge at all these "banks" and "gambling institutions" decree it, so shall it be done.  And this would indicate they've decreed it.


Cue more desperate political gimmicks by Obama in 3...2...1...

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:23 | 2870392 HelluvaEngineer
HelluvaEngineer's picture

The tip off was the media simultaneously piling on Obama after the debate.  They never think for themselves so they were obviously told what to say by those who have already rigged the election.  Reminds me of the blog post from Ann Barnhardt.



Tue, 10/09/2012 - 10:04 | 2870510 francis_sawyer
francis_sawyer's picture

No ~ the 'tip off(s)' have been happening for months now... First ~ with Romney (allegedly) attending Bilderberg, the HUGE financial support for the Romney campaign from Sheldon Adelson, & Romney's visit to Israel to kiss Netanyahu's ass...

But don't listen to me ~ I'm just full of a bunch of Heebie Jeebie crap 24/7 (& none of it could possibly have any inter connectiveness ~ in fact, these are probably all high likelood event combinations, like, you know, the ridiculously skewed representation in banking & broadcasting industries)... Happens all the time...

FWIW ~ I still don't think it [elections] is a done deal... I believe there is infighting going on... & doesn't Soros basically own DIEBOLD?...

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 10:00 | 2870511 GetZeeGold
GetZeeGold's picture



Reminds me of the blog post from Ann Barnhardt.


I don't screw with Ann Barnhardt......that pink AR15 shoots real bullets.


Tue, 10/09/2012 - 10:29 | 2870635 GeezerGeek
GeezerGeek's picture

The MSM had to retain some degree of credibility, so they had no choice but to decry Obama's performance. The truth is, he never has been particularly good when not scripted and reading from a teleprompter. His is really a rather mundane degree of intelligence, far inferior to some of the intellect displayed on ZH. (And, to be fair, far superior to some of the intellect displayed on ZH.)

Lefties like Chris Matthews, Bill Maher and David Letterman did not change their ideologies, but they had to acknowledge the situation lest no one ever listen to them again.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 11:04 | 2871082 francis_sawyer
francis_sawyer's picture

If you play on that level, you're TOLD what to do & say (by who has placed you there)... There's no other viable explanation for some of the stupid things these people say & do (nobody could possibly be that stupid)... Option #2 is to "grow a pair" (which will get you a bullet in your head)... That's the beginning & end of it...

Wed, 10/10/2012 - 02:30 | 2873797 Radical Marijuana
Radical Marijuana's picture

Tragically, you are right ... the shadow government assassinates politicians who will not cooperate, when necessary.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:50 | 2870482 Woodyg
Woodyg's picture

You're confusing America for a democracy - that said why put Romney in ere when Obama is willing to do anythng the banksters want -

According to Richard Wolff Obama himself personally killed and defanged the volker rule - he did have summers on his side of course......

Plus Obama silences the left into accepting things that if a repub did it the dembots would be up in arms.

I'm willing to bettered a heck of bidding war by the Romney and Obama teams promising the sky to the bankster fucks.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 10:40 | 2870679 GeezerGeek
GeezerGeek's picture

I believe we need to consider the possibility that 'the banksters' are not the only power players in the world, and perhaps they are worried that Obama may be turning elsewhere for support. Could Obama be looking to the Chinese for surreptitious support? That appears to be a major source of illegitimate campaing funding, according to some reports. What about the House of Saud? They've been implicated in funding his earlier years. All sorts of possibilities exist, and Obama may not be responding to the puppet strings the way 'the banksters' want.

I'm with you on the concept of Obama being able to push things the left would otherwise hate. That's why we have the phrase Only Nixon Could Go to China. Some people laud such actions, proclaiming the benefits of compromise and 'working together' with one's ideological enemies. Unlike those, I reject the soundness of compromising on core beliefs.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 12:23 | 2871433 Manthong
Manthong's picture

They will get who they want.

I think the fix is in for a new clean, well-spoken white guy who will push through a can kicker that will require the same insane borrowing and spending the old clean, well-spoken black guy did but could not get away with doing again.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 17:53 | 2872713 Ident 7777 economy
Ident 7777 economy's picture






"Is it possible that Obummer got defeated in the coming election? Romney doesn't seem to be a credible challenger. "


Impudently stupid post AND poster.



Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:12 | 2870348 Vergeltung
Vergeltung's picture

ah, some good news this morning.  :-)


Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:15 | 2870360 caimen garou
caimen garou's picture

do not pay attention to the fool behind the curtian ie goldman switch a roo sachs!

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:20 | 2870379 Robslob
Robslob's picture


1) Goldman lower class smegma aren't donating but what about Lloyd and his gang of elites?

2) Too bad my taxes aren't enough to get my CONgressman to vote the way I want!


Pathetic state of affairs right here in the whorehouse called American Politics.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:22 | 2870387 Lost Wages
Lost Wages's picture

If I were running to be re-elected and the banks stopped donating to me, I'd start throwing their CEOs in jail tomorrow. You're not gonna be my friend anymore? Then maybe I'll finally ask ol' Eric Holder to take you down. We have the evidence after all, just not the will to prosecute.

At least, that is what someone with balls would do. Obama's obviously a eunuch for rich white men's pleasure.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:26 | 2870394 Dr. Engali
Dr. Engali's picture

Goldman knows that regardless of who gets elected the next president is going to be a money printer too. They have no choice,so even if Mittens did fire Ben (which I doubt he will) the next central banker won't be much different, maybe a smoother liar with no quivering lip.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:27 | 2870407 Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden's picture

If Mitt wins, next Fed head will be Bill Dudley, formerly of Goldman Sachs.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:36 | 2870431 a growing concern
a growing concern's picture

Pardon my ignorance, but what would be Dudley's game plan?  Where does he stand on the debase the dollar to infinity scale?

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:43 | 2870461 malikai
malikai's picture

I wouldn't doubt it for one second. But why would he fire benocide?

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:48 | 2870472 HelluvaEngineer
HelluvaEngineer's picture

To give the illusion that policy is changing.  It will probably be a terrific buying opportunity for gold, silver.

Alternately, another collapse may be planned for early next year.  Bernanke would be a terrific person to take the blame.  Replace him, then do more of the same.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:52 | 2870492 malikai
malikai's picture

It makes sense, and sounds like the more likely thing to happen.

I'm just stuck on the notion that mittens will drop all his promises like they always do.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 10:55 | 2871028 francis_sawyer
francis_sawyer's picture

Not the most important one... To hasten the start of WW3... Let's see ~ WW3 starts in conjunction with civil war & race riots in the US... How lovely... (at that point, it would make who the next Fed chair a relatively moot topic by comparison)...

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:50 | 2870487 Dr. Engali
Dr. Engali's picture

I should have seen that one coming....a man who likes the printing press even more than Ben.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:56 | 2870501 mvsjcl
mvsjcl's picture

Darn! I had him slated for Treasury. Fortunately, I used a pencil, so easy enough to switch with another useless banker.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 10:32 | 2870647 toomanyfakecons...
toomanyfakeconservatives's picture

Does he have a police blotter?

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 11:13 | 2871150 falak pema
falak pema's picture

Dudley Moore is a much better choice. He even has the decency to be dead and buried; like the economy. 

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 11:40 | 2871255 DUNTHAT
DUNTHAT's picture


Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:33 | 2870410 fonzannoon
fonzannoon's picture

Exactly doc. I do hope Romney wiins and there is a knee jerk drop in metals and a pop in the dollar so I can have one more opportunity...

Edit - Tyler I could get interested in this Dudley guy. The fact that he is dead may actually help the situation.

Bill Dudley, who had a Hall of Fame career as one of college and professional football’s most dynamic running backs in the 1940s and early 1950s despite a small frame and a lack of speed, died Thursday. Quarterback Sammy Baugh, an N.F.L. contemporary, said Dudley’s running success puzzled him. “We always wondered how he gained as much yardage as he did,” Baugh once said. “But he had that instinct. He would do things that always amazed me, how he could get out of trouble.”

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 10:44 | 2870809 GeezerGeek
GeezerGeek's picture

I'll concur on having dead people in office, whether it be in Congress (bring back Sonny Bono) or the presidency (I like Ike) or a cabinet officer. After all, if dead people can vote, don't they deserve to have representation in the halls of power? Think of it as a form of affirmative action.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:45 | 2870465 RSloane
RSloane's picture

Romney would fire Bernanke if he thought Bernanke was "seen" as too in bed with CEO's.  If Romney wins, Bernanke would be like a vase that was passed down from generation to generation. He would be inherited from Bush - Obama - Romney. At the very least, Bernanke would serve as a chief economic advisor which is what he was for Bush until he got appointed as chief fed printer. Even if Romney decided the Bernanke brand was too worn out to be useful, Bernanke will still be around. The only difficulty Romney will have is finding a smoother liar than Bernanke.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:53 | 2870497 Dr. Engali
Dr. Engali's picture

You're right. My thoughts were that it wouldn't be remembered in two years that Mitt said he would fire Ben, or that they would come up with some excuse. I failed to think about Bill Dudley who likes the printing press even more than Ben.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 10:11 | 2870571 RSloane
RSloane's picture

Its hard to believe, yes? Someone who would be even more enthusiastic about perserving the wealth of WS at the expense of Main Street. I guess the goal is the total destruction of the underpinnings of our financial architecture and just let the house of cards remain standing. Its being done all over the world, not just in the US; I guess the US is not the special snowflake so many people believe it is.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 10:17 | 2870589 Dr. Engali
Dr. Engali's picture

It's certainly doen't seem like that same country I grew up in that's for sure. The greed is sickening.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 10:51 | 2870999 GeezerGeek
GeezerGeek's picture

Greed and other forms of moral degeneracy have always been present. Back in the 1950s these traits were mostly hidden from view. Now everything is out in full view, and no one seems upset or embarrassed. The result is that America now seems to revel (wallow?) in degenerate behavior. We need someone like Daniel Patrick Moynihan to remind us just how dangerous this situation is.

This may change after the reset. Virtue may become a necessity.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:27 | 2870403 BurningFuld
BurningFuld's picture

They are just showing the Democrats who is really in charge. Nothing to do with who they think will win or lose.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:49 | 2870480 ziggy59
ziggy59's picture

So it is written... So it shall be done!

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:38 | 2870445 marathonman
marathonman's picture

Those miserable bastards tanked the economy right before the election in 2008 sweeping in Obama and Democrat super majorities.  The Democrats did their jobs and passed legislation that will finally wipe out the middle class, swell the ranks of the under class ensuring inflation is baked into the cake to pay for it all.  The Dodd-Frank legislation is 2000 pages of moral hazard and bullshit that gives unaccountable self-funding power to the 'Consumer Protection' office inside the Fed.  Now they are done with those Democrats and want the muppets to think they really don't like the current idiots running the asylum.  They bought and paid for them and got everything they freaking wanted.  Bailouts, protection, free money, and more power.  Those SOB's need to hang.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 10:30 | 2870634 toomanyfakecons...
toomanyfakeconservatives's picture

Hang? As in executions? Well line up the prison buses and roll the cameras. There can be more prime-time trials than the world has ever seen. Besdies Goldman's criminal role and Greece and the '08 elections, if the stock market wasn't where it's been lately, would Obama even be in the race?


The world has 'had it up to here' with rampaging political-financial criminals based in the U.S., the funny money Federal Reserve Note, and the constant stream of effluent from Washington. Justice needs to be done, the alternatives are not pretty...

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 09:39 | 2870446 ziggy59
ziggy59's picture

1 million bux for controlling the US and EU for 4 years? Seems like a fantastic ROI, no?

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 11:09 | 2871126 Cpl Hicks
Cpl Hicks's picture

Dr Evil would agree with you.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 10:09 | 2870562 my puppy for prez
my puppy for prez's picture

There is no confusion here....this election is obviously all about who can be the best little goy-Zionist butt kisser.  Romney definitely has excelled at that!  

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 10:11 | 2870569 toomanyfakecons...
toomanyfakeconservatives's picture

The Obamney fix is in... this makes me want to go watch the ending scene of 'Boiler Room' when the prison buses and paddy wagons roll up to the fictional 'JTMarlin' headquarters to execute the MASS ARRESTS of all the financial criminals.


Maybe someday soon the law will be enforced like this, with lines of prison buses in Washington, Chicago, and New York. Debt slavery has had it's run in the U.S. and the alternatives like war and bread lines are not very appealing. With the illegitimate Federal Reserve Note circling the drain as the world's soon to be former reserve currency, it's high time to enforce the law, bring back the Constitution, nullify everything, arrest everyone, and issue new equity-based Treasury Notes.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 10:15 | 2870584 ThisIsBob
ThisIsBob's picture

Campaign ads referring to Wall Street as the "enemy" are probably not going to help reise dough there.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 10:20 | 2870600 AynRandFan
AynRandFan's picture

Nice to see the limosene liberal contingent get an education on what happens to them in a socialist state.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 11:02 | 2871095 WillyGroper
WillyGroper's picture

F*&$ me

watch this.

That rodent has really reigned in the den of thieves. 

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 14:58 | 2871102 Cpl Hicks
Cpl Hicks's picture

What still puzzles me is why Wall Street & Co went so hard for Barry in '08. Did they think a mulatto son of a Marxist was going to help them further line their pockets? Or was it simply that their wives were looking for better upper-East-Side dinner invitations? WTF.

I'm no fan of the Squid but you gotta like a strong sell on Obama.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 17:59 | 2872725 Ident 7777 economy
Ident 7777 economy's picture


Cpl Hicks:


"What still puzzles me is why Wall Street & Co went so hard for Barry in '08. Did they think a mulatto son of a Marxist was going to help them further line their pockets? Or was it simply that their wives were looking for better upper-East-Side dinner invitations? WTF.

I'm no fan of the Squid but you gotta like a strong sell on Obama."



Coulda been a couple of things ... they might have wanted to be on-record for securing the first (half) black and of course _no_ love for McCain or Palin ... 


He did promise 'hope and change', and his Marxist Frank Marshall Davis past was DEEPLY buried in the MSM press channels ...





Tue, 10/09/2012 - 11:07 | 2871116 Darth Mul
Darth Mul's picture

Meh - it's not really about domestic policies - it's about who will send American kids to bleed and die for Eretz Israel the fastest.


This is the ZOG's country.  You're just slave laboring in it.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 11:14 | 2871152 Olympia
Olympia's picture

Loan sharks knew that if they took the dollars printing machines under their control they could suffocate the world ...they could initially suffocate USA and after taking the USA from the Americans, they could move and suffocate the whole world and take the countries from their people.

FED printed cheap money and loansharking multiplied this money in an unnatural way within the American economy boarders and they discarded them abroad so that they did not threaten USA. USA became the first state in the world with artificial “breathing”...

It cannot be possible but just in the USA for only the last year, more than one million houses were seized. It cannot be impossible but the New World has returned to tents and shelters ..has returned to the ages of Columbus. It cannot be possible that we allow to a few loan sharks looting the toils and the assets of people...


Global Debt Crisis


Tue, 10/09/2012 - 11:23 | 2871186 dark pools of soros
dark pools of soros's picture



high frequency flip flopping

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 11:39 | 2871250 Olympia
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How is it possible that the European Union allows the weak states to enter the international money market and borrow the money they need without help – based on their own potentials? How is it possible that the “chain” of interests of euro can let its weak “links” exposed to outside pressuresHow is it possible for a “herd” with common interests to let each “ship” defend itself against the wolves, without help, and its general security threatened? How is it possible for Greece, which represents a minor 3% of the Eurozone’s economy, to be allowed to threaten the other 97% of that economy, due to the latter’s weakness?

The European Union should be the one borrowing from the national banking system – thus dealing with profiteers itself based on its overall potential – not its weak “links” alone. The latter should be under the EU’s protection and constant monitoring. They should borrow from it at a subsequent time and if they became victims of profiteering, the problem should be kept in the bosom of the euro. Domestic profiteering should bring profits to Europe’s influentials, therefore bring profits in the euro area, and not threaten it.

From the Wall Street Crash of 1929 to the Global Financial Crisis of 2007


Authored by Panagiotis Traianou

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 12:03 | 2871364 q99x2
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If Holder is the problem for arresting Blankfein then go around Holder and arrest Blankfein. But get him into jail.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 12:29 | 2871390 mayraluz
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Maybe goldman nows something about this?


Link isn't working?  Go  to the website and read. Corruption: exposing barack obama's illegal foreign campaign money loophole.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 12:48 | 2871521 Grand Supercycle
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Here comes the overdue Wile E. Coyote sell off.
At last.

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 12:50 | 2871528 loveyajimbo
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the huge reduction in campaign donations to Soetero explains much about the 9th inning attacks against the usual suspects in the crooked banker cabal... funny how there were basically NONE in the previous 3 3/4 years... and this craven, foreign failure is still almost tied?

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 13:43 | 2871714 TNTARG
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Some Democracy, isn't it?

Would the elections be supervised by 12000 journalist and hundreds of "observers" as in Venezuela last sunday?

Wold Jimmy Carter be there too?

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