Biggest 3-Day Slump In Stocks In 10 Weeks As S&P Hugs Pre-QE Levels

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The S&P 500 futures (ES) dropped from the opening whistle, bounced a little, then fell all the way down to pre-FOMC levels and then wriggled sideways auctioning in a narrow range for the rest of the day after Europe closed. The Dow and S&P are now red for the month with their biggest 3-Day drop in almost three months as the 50DMA comes back into view. Oil prices surged early on but as the selling came in stocks so oil fell back under $92 dragging the Energy sector lower (as CVX's chicken-and-egg with oil and its outlook continues). All S&P sectors were red on the day but financials outperformed (-0.06%) along with Utilities. Stocks ended just off their lows (as CNBC is so happy to tell us) but Treasury yields closed at their lows - tumbling over 7bps from the 10Y auction. The USD (and gold and silver) were dead today amid all the chaos - with a slight gain in silver and the USD limped lower from a better start. Gold remains -1% on the week. The Russell and Nasdaq are now the worst performers post-QE (-4.4%) while Dow Transports are -4% (and Dow/S&P down around 2%). VIX trod water with a small compression into the close - ending around 16.3%. IG credit outperformed as HY tracked stocks lower.


Notably - ES never made it back to VWAP from early on...


which leaves S&P futures well below the uptrend...


with the Dow at its 50DMA and its biggest drop in over two months...


leaving the Nasdaq and Russell high-beta beauties underperforming notably...


as IG credit outperformed with HY tracking stocks lower...


Across risk assets, we see the ETFs all tracking nicely together (left chart) but in the broader risk classes, the strength in Treasuries and weakness in Oil along with credit weakness saw CONTEXT (our risk-proxy) notably underperforming this afternoon - as stocks clung to Draghi's cliff...

AAPL ended up 0.8% on the day - hugging its VWAP all afternoon, which also tracked yesterday's VWAP perfectly.


Meanwhile with just a few seconds to go in the day - with VIX futures seemingly artificailly low (given stocks at their lows) - a huge buy order comes in and lifts the bid 20-25c - totally normal...


Charts: Bloomberg and Capital Context

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This is outrageous.  Selling stocks is domestic terrorism.

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Maybe, but this is REAL domestic terrorism, from our government no less:

TSA forced woman to strip in public on final vacation before dying

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Bounce tomorrow morning?

redpill's picture

In Detroit they eat the dead cats before they have time to.

flacon's picture

What do they do with cats in Neuuu Youurk?

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Only a lackey of the status quo would utter such nonsensse. Selling stocks is intelligent!

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Laugh at the buy and hold stock crowd?  We fucking warned them many times.

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...but...this time it's different!

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Don't be the first one to twitch.

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Then, if you still Have $$, buy more. And maybe some gold, ammo and non-perishable food, too. And a water purifier.

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I guess tanking the market now is as good as any other election.  Worked out well for Obama and Goldman Sachs, so the same should hold true for Mitt W. Obama...and Goldman Sachs, of course.

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Anyone know why the Dow got so slammed today? Comparing to the others, it really got hammered.


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To make the plebes Bernanke themselves before the election.

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 The bigger the ponzi , the harder it falls.

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Rest assured that whoever can answer your question is not to be found piddling around here.  They are busy counting their profits.  Kinda like the folks who really make money in real estate don't do seminars on how to buy rent houses with no money down.

I was in the property management business back in the 1980s and lots of doctors, lawyers, and accountants brought their newly purchases slum property to me to manage.  Uh.... no.   I told them then:  There is no such thing as no money down.  With negative amortization you just pay out the down payment over time.  I would not manage their crap and have them blame me for having to pay into that rental account month after month.  Made them live with their own bad decisions.  The management fees were never big enough to listen to them whine month after month...

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1% is hammered?  Just wait, son :)

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I'm talking in relative terms. NASDAQ off about 0.5%, S&P off about 0.8% and Russell off about 0.19%, so yes, in relative terms the Dow was hit harder.


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The DOW is only 30 stocks, and you're comparing to indexes made up of hundreds or thousands.  Greater diversification is frequently linked to less volatility, at least until the shit hits the fan, then it's the opposite.

But the easiest way to answer your question is to look at the 30 components and note the biggest % changes. 

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You called this action last week. Ripcord!

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Yes, it was stapled to the chicken.

JPM Hater001's picture

BTW I think I pounded Rockyraccoon into the pavement here...

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Because 'they' changed it's name this morning in Down. Didn't you notice?

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Alcoa and Chevron got hammered on lower forecasts.

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There the best of the best. Slam them first...then see if its true. Certainly appeared that way as high yield got smacked. Fun is when the blue chips sell off and high yield rallies...

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AMZN also starting to see some reality set in after Cramer screamed "BUY, BUY, BUY" at 260 just 48 hours ago. Not to menition Jamie is setting up a "Fiscal Cliff War Room". Fun times!

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What the fuck is a "fiscal cliff war room?"  I couldn't find it on

HaroldWang's picture

I think Jamie invented the term today at his press conference. JPM is preparing for terrible times if Cliff is ignored.

Cursive's picture


Hell yeah, he invented it.  This is the moronic shit that bank CEO's get rewarded for.  Making up complete bullshit.

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BREAKING NEWS: Banks launch "War On Reality" to be officially dubbed "WOR!"


Dimon said the bank has put together a "war room" to prepare for the so-called fiscal cliff.

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Government is going broke and the leeches are hunkering down or getting out of Dodge.

All the while they're jabbering about "SOCIALISM" has bankrupted the country.

16 Trillion in welfare cheques and SNAP cards according to these overpaid leverage bimbos.

Isn't it quaint?

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They did a pretty good job of trying to lure us into stocks this time, but it didn't work.

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What are you a bass?  I bought some more puts but I think thats more of a lure avoidance mechanism...

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wonder what Brian Sack's doing these days.

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In his recent Jackson Hole conference speech, Bernanke said that because there is limited historical experience with quantitative easing, central banks, including the Fed, “have been in the process of learning by doing.”


I guess Benny just learned about the trading rule of 'buy the rumor, sell the fact'.

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I am going to try that one with me wife, "because there is limited historical experience with cheating, husbands like myself, have been in the process of learning by doing.”

That ought to work out fine.

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Got a 'cold fish' like me, eh?

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The market is nervous and it shows no strength to keep going. The beginning of the season of earnings announcements is not very favorable. Indeed, the Nasdaq and Russell are the most affected. Yesterday, the Nasdaq broke the SMA 50 days and continued falling today. The DJ-30 and SP-500 are very close to important support levels. If the break, we see a market with a clear downward trend. Otherwise, the market will return to the way up. In both cases, there will be great opportunities to win big money. Wait and then act quickly.

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You left out the 3rd alternative:  Get the popcorn ready and watch the show.   There are some of us here who don't dabble in the "markets".   And for good damn reasons.

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Time to jawbone a QE 4 program. I vote for putting beanie babies on the balance sheet this time. I paid $3000 for rare collecter beanie baby at the peak of the bubble and it's only worth 50 cents now. I'm holding out for B. Bernake to start a purchase plan. My orginal goal was to sell the beanie baby for $5000. It's still possible with a QE 4. Let's hope so.

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LOL.  First time watching CNBS in years and they didn't disappoint.  Michelle Silicone Cabrera said if the SPX drops from here, it could be 2008/9 all over again.  Ron Insana called this a "correction".  We're 3% of the highs and the bulltards are shitting their pants.

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Silicon ???

My Professional opinion is that they are Naturale..

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Let me know if you guys need a third opinion...I have a free hand.

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If her breasts are real, that may be the only thing real about her.  That smirk, that incessently smug look trying to break the camera.  Admittedly, I watched only a handful of times in the last 4 years, but I've never noticed any movement, which implies that her breasts are stuffed with silcone.