The Collapse Continues: Greek Unemployment Rises For 35th Consecutive Month, Passes 25%

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When we reported on the 34th consecutive month of Greek unemployment increases, following the June number hitting a record high 24.4%, the only good news was that the May number had been revised higher from 23.1% to 23.5%, making the monthly jump seem just under 1%. Well, that revision was re-revised, with Greek Statistic Service ELSTAT reporting that the original 24.4% number has now been revised to 24.8%, meaning in June unemployment rose officially by 1.3%. That's in one month! ELSTAT also reported the July number, and at 25.1% (pre-revision higher next month), it just hit a new all time high, increasing for the 35th month in a row. More than one quarter of those eligible for work in Greece (not many), are working. THis means labor related taxes are now being levied on a record low percentage of the population. Indicatively, Greek unemployment at the end of 2011 was "only" 21.2%. It also means that in order to restore even a tiny iota of confidence, the Greek labor department needs to hire a BLS consultant or two, or least license an old version of the ARIMA goalseek software, to find a seasonally adjusted decimal comma in there somewhere, and report that the jobless rate is really only 2.5%, which would be on par in credibility with everything else out of Europe these days. Finally, our question is at what point does anyone finally admit the Greek situation is not only a depression but outright economic death and the merciful thing to do at this point is to just pull the plug?

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Don't trust ever a Greek statistic!

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Please sir.....may I have more?


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Everything is fine. They are just trying to make it sound worse to get free bailout money. Lazy Greeks.

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Lazy hell.....those guys are genius. They protested Angela......took her money.....and sent her home.


Come back anytime.


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Could make some pretty good rock soup with all that stuff.


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If Greece gets a cold hard winter, people WILL start dying. A lot will go hungry this Christmas. I expect the holidays and new year to be the breaking point. Any dramatic changes will certainly happen before next Easter. I expect a lot of fat-assed Greek politicians to be shitting themselves real soon.

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Thank god the Troika is there to help perpetuate the misery.

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A 25% unemployment rate and a 25% implosion in their economy, and yet the news media still doesn't use the term "depression". They still think they can fool us by using the word "recession", as if this is all some sort of temporary problem.

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Did Tom Keene and Sara Eisen almost just reveal some insider info about SoftBank Nextel and Goldman  - we shall see if the video clip of that discussion just before 8am EDT shows up or is mysteriously deleted.

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Softbank is playing.  Tom f'cke up.   

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ya Ms. Sara all dolled up in evening wear (8:00 pm Tokyo time) was earlier in the day interviewing none other than Gary Cohn - Tom keene Fcked up big time - that video slip errr I mean  clip will never see the light of day. 



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The Greeks are a conquered people.  Their ancestors are rolling in their graves with disappointment.   What happened to "This is SPARTA"???   Weren't 300 men supposed to hold off an entire army?   In this case we have a few thousand bankers using zero force and conquering a nation of millions.   How the times have changed.   Sad...

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Today's equivalent is 300 men and women enslaving an entire continent.

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Humanity as a whole is experiencing a reversal of its IQ. Once upon a time men could be bought with gold and silver. Today the idiots allow themselves to be bought for fiat which crumbles in value before their eyes.

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Partially correct. The other part is that back then, people knew when to crack heads and smash faces.

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300 Banksters in nice suits with suitcases are today's hoplites.

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The Spartans ostracized and killed their weak who couldn't produce, the didn't give them 13 months pay and an early retirement to promote consumption.

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Today's lack of resistance is entirely because male populations have been emasculated.   Women around the world have used policy, education and media to create generations of pussy-men.  And from a social cohesion standpoint, that may have seemed like a good idea.  But when your entire nation is turned into a service nation, enslaved by extrenal forces -- it sure would be nice to have a few men who weren't worried about sporting gay haircuts, wearing loafers and smelling nice.  This is what happens in female dominated societies (as *all* of Europe is):  They fall prey to external forces very quickly, and very easily.  (And we wonder why we can't seem to win in the Middle East...  A modern day contest between "Sparta" and "Persia" would be over in an hour.)

Right about now, as Greek women find themselves among the world's "new poor" they are wondering where the men went that will stand up and kick some ass on their nation's behalf.   Answer:  There aren't any left.   They're too busy apologizing,  begging and being sissies.   Feminists have convinced everyone that masculinity doesn't have much of a "purpose".  Well.. right about now that purpose seems pretty clear.   "Oops."

There's no fight left in Greece.  Time to roll in the oppression and convert the wimps to full-time slaves.  It's over.  Bend over Greeks.  Your overlords need servicing.  And Greek women will make a wonderful new generation of hookers in the London classifieds.    Game. Set. Match.

The "real" Tyler Durden would have shown you all a thing or two in Fight Club.   But now it's too late.  This was a contest, and the Greeks just got their asses handed to them.  There wasn't even any fighting save for a few small groups who were quickly "pacified".

Spain OTOH is showing a little more oomph.  There may still be hope for them ...


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Yes those Spanish socialists are really kicking ass and taking names. Spain has been a slave plantation for its entire recorded history.

The men with any balls realized that the financial scam is the only game in town. They may not be out chopping wood and skinning game or whatever you consider archetypically masculine activities, but they have plenty of money, property, and power. Why risk your neck fighting to take it back when you can get a degree in finance and join the Ponzi?

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> "Greek women will make a wonderful new generation of hookers in the London classified."

err, sorry to butt in but greek women are not that atractive...

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And jumping from literature to music....   How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat.?

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Don't trust a Greek statistic? I wholeheartedly agree but just remember the German people once did something worse by trusting a man called Hitler.

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And all we hear is "We need moar Europe". Oh the delusion...

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And all we hear is "We need moar Europe". Oh the delusion...

They mean that. Ponzi needs to grow. They wish they could make Mars, part of EU.

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When Quebec secedes from Canada they will add it to the EU.

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I like it when things go up... Green shoots Bitchezz!!!

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Haven't heard that term for awhile. Someone needs to follow up with that motherfucker and ask him how those "green shoots" are doing.

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now SPY 1500 and 100 crude is a lock

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I am pretty sure you will definitely get 1 out of 2

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WTI does not close above $93 until after election.  

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Oh shit......and just why do you say that?


Say it dammit! Where's Joe Keren when you need him?


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"... oh shit (mumbled in background, as unmoderated screaming takes place on his show)..." (Joe Kernen, at his best).

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yeah our time horizon's are a little different.

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Probably, I take WTI 15 minutes at a time. 

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if fundamentals were in play it shouldnt be closing above 73 let alone 93

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$86 (and declining) is probably fair value.  But everybody is using WTI/Brent as a tail risk hedge for Iran/Israel/Syria, etc. and maybe a few for inflation.    

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Correct.  Moreover, there is still plenty of worldwide demand, even if it is for increasingly more molotov cocktails.

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bullish, la belle christine has already anticipated more "temps pour nos amis de la grèce" and surely more bucks

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How can the unemployment rate be only 25% when tens of thousands of employees both government and private have not been paid for months in some instances. They are the living dead that dutifully turn up to work each and every day in the hope of being paid as there is no alternative employment elsewhere.

How can unemployment be only 25% when you still have such a sizeable public service that provides precious little to the economy?

And all this despite workers' wages and benefits having been slashed to pieces.

Moronic Europe has demanded wages to be slashed without realising that the level of remuneration underwrites property values and ability to service debt. The result? Banks are crumbling with bad debts.

There is gridlock in Greece as even the government has not paid its suppliers and contractors all for the sake of showing Europe that it is reigning in its spending. Complete and utter BS.

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Please allow me to interject one slight modification.  People are not being paid in euros.

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If they are not being paid in Euros, then what are they paid with? Ouzo? Sex? Opium?

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"More than one quarter of those eligible for work in Greece (not many), are working."

Shouldn't that be "NOT working"?

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They show up and punch timecard, you can't ask more from a spaniard.

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you mean "pull the plug on the 4th Reich." obviously not on Greece as "they are fighting the good fight" here. We want them to win...yes? yes?....No, no you say? Oh...sounds like more Goldman Stink is in da house again. What's next? Mario Draghi is looking out for the interests of Italy? That guys defending the move of all of Italy's gold into Germany! It's the OTHER Mario (Monti) who's talking with the "de Americans" who gets it. We shall see "which Americans show up" of course. Currently "the silence is deafening." And to think the Italians blame the Germans! hahahahaha! oh, the lies! oh, the lies! of course i'm not sure how good this is for creating investment banking clientele. You could argue "quite good for the fixed income division." anywho...just another day in a techno paradise. move along, move along.

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There is a link on the cnbc site that says something about silver going to $50. Everytime I click on it I get an article about how high speed trading is good. Funny shit.

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Germans plunge Europe into a new Medieval Era.

Are they ready to take that risk ?

It was Germany that took huge loans from the American FED. It was Germany that put the markets up to buying ownership shares of the European Central Bank, which has burdened the States with sins. It was this State that lured the rest of the Europeans into a dissolute life so that it can pass the burden of its debts, hence its own sin to them. The current epidemic of debt crisis has begun from Germany, it is just that it kept its disease a secret and at the expense of everybody else, and now that it is in a better shape, it has gone hunting in order to take advantage of the disease it itself had created. The first State to have sickened has gone hunting for the one who was most weak in dealing with the disease, and that was Greece. If Germany had not been over-indebted, the European states would have never been vulnerable to the markets’ attacks.  If Germany had not been over-indebted the European states would have never been forced to mortgage their existence so that Germany’s bosses can get their money.


The Eastern gates of Europe at risk: How Northern Europe shoots itself in the leg

Authored by Panagiotis Traianou

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It was Germany this. It was Germany that. How about you (Panagiotis Traianou) come over and buy some ocean front property in Arizona. Afterwards, you can all me a German that deceived you and forced you to buy that property just like the Europeans were forced to do whatever . Or even better yet, you can take the opposite spectrum and and call me a zionist Jew that had it out for you.


Give me a break dude. If you go to the average German or Jew on the street, they have no idea what is going on just like the average American has no clue. Follow the path of money and power and it all goes back to the central bankers and central planners. And that is the problem and your post exhibits it it profoundly. The average person has no clue and buys into whatever propaganda that suits their situation. And if it doesn't work out, then blame the Germans, blame the Jews. But never blame the source of where the loans originate and the source of the currency problem - the central banks and central planners.


Money has no racial bias. It doesn't care if you are Jewish, German, American or whatever. You play with the fiat devil, you pay.

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This is just another example how, as Popo pointed out, Greek culture has been feminized. Blaming others for the results of your own short-sighted decisions is a classic feminine dodge.

larz's picture

remember your history... the greeks invented sex


.....and the romans brought women into it

firstdivision's picture

...and Iceland continues to be the example that needs to be followed.


In other news, collusion has been quite lucrative for some people