Netanyahu Shoots Down Hezbollah Drones Over Israel

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It would seem things are going from worse to worserer as while US citizens prepare to see 30,000 drones over their own 'domestic' heads, Israel's Benjamin Natanyahu accuses Lebanon's Hezbollah of launching a previously unidentified drone (which has been shot down) over Israel last week. As the Globe and Mail reports (via AFP) -

"We are acting with determination to protect our borders," his office quoted him as saying during a visit to the frontier with Egypt.


"As we prevented last weekend an attempt by Hezbollah. We shall continue to act aggressively against all threats," Mr. Netanyahu said.

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achmachat's picture

I would like to know how the identification process worked....

drink or die's picture

Throwing a dart at a list of enemies.

lakecity55's picture

...and why are USA Citizen Soldiers setting up a base in Jordan?

(probable the 2nd one, the first was secret).

redpill's picture

Next thing you know Hezbollah will send Netanyahu a white-powder-filled envelope (coincidentally on CIA stationary).


Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

They do already, it's called an eightball. SNOOOOOORT

redpill's picture

Columbian hookers and blow, government work is the LIFE!


Middle_Finger_Market's picture

Mexican silver, spanish prostitutes, columbian coke, Iraqi opium...we ballin baby.

TruthInSunshine's picture




  • Radio controlled airplane off Amazon. $570.


  • Modifications to aforementioned RC airplane, including larger fuel tank and nose mounted Go!Cam. $450.


  • AIM-9X Sidewinder air-to-air missile fired to destroy modified RC airplane. $470,000 USD.


  • Military-Financial Complex Profiteering/Racketeering Genius?  Priceless.



There are some things money can't buy. Politicians & Regulatory Agencies aren't two of those things.


Urban Redneck's picture

Who (other than the US taxpayer) could possibly be dumb enough to pay almost 1/2 million for a sidewinder?

catacl1sm's picture

"We're too close. Switching to guns." -Maverick

Bunga Bunga's picture

That way Hezbollah will bankrupt Israel.

caconhma's picture

Since Hezbollah  satellite-controlled drones are flying over Israel, both America and Israel are cooked.

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And why is the US sending a shitload of troops for an ``exercise`` starting on October 14, just before the new moon (October 15) while that sack of shit Rothkopf at the Foreign Policy website pushing for a ``few hours maximum`` strike on Iran's nuclear facilities that would help Obama win the election??

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Christian zionist nutcase gold-dealer Steve Quayle is completely insane but I keep tabs on his Q-Alerts for entertainment purposes only:

"Last night I had 3 different men give me their feed back on Escalating Tensions in the Middle East and in CONUS--The Question I asked both was based on their knowledge and friends in the know--What is your personal take on Timing and Both stated that it can go hot on a minutes notice."

ArrestBobRubin's picture

Yup, that's Quayle for ya to a "T" This latest foolishness from the same dimwit who said the Russian Spetznaz would be going house to house for firearms seizures this Summer and who 2 years ago swore that the entire population of the Gulf Coast would have to move 500 miles North following the BP well blowout.

Is Steve Quayle really this stupid or does he just think we are?

Randall Cabot's picture

A month or so after 911 he on with Art Bell claiming that somebody-I forget who, had hidden nukes in 34 US cities just waiting for the order to set them off-I actually set my alarm to wake up in the middle of the night to listen to this lunatic.

Dr. Sandi's picture

Those nukes belong to Goldman Sachs. If the bailouts don't continue, that's their 'nuclear option.'

lolmao500's picture

Well B-1s would be perfect to carpet bomb important targets in Syria.

Sock Puppet's picture

Thanks for the link.  A lot of good stuff there.

kridkrid's picture

Went for a run last night... not a cloud in the sky... it was dark.  Every month, around the new moon, I wonder if this is the month.  This could really be the month.  Not to say that the last 10+ years of perpetual war won't be viewed as a part of WWIII, but something bigger is still to come.

kridkrid's picture

You could always sort of tell that the Flock of Seaguls was some sort of MK-Ultra CIA mind control thing.  It's so clear now, the conditioning for war with Iran.  I even had the hair cut.

Jack Burton's picture

Israel might have done better to deploy an S-400 mobile system up there. Rumor is S-400 outperforms Patriot. Patriot was the hero weapon of the first gulf war shooting down many scud missiles. Only way after the war was it shown Patriot hit zero scuds. But they nailed a couple British fighter jets, knocked them clean out of the sky. So this system is not useless.

SafelyGraze's picture

when they aren't stalking you or shooting you, they like to play ball

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Wanted to chime in over the weekend by got busy. I saw my first drone fly over on Sun. I live near the northern border. I heard a hawk screech. Looked up and 100yds away and the same distance in the sky was a silent very large predator. It's done. We are in Orwellian times. Don't think for a second that what you post on zh is not being watched either.

TruthInSunshine's picture

They say you never forget the first time.

Sock Puppet's picture

It's for your protection.  State of the art defense of the US and you are complaining?

mvsjcl's picture

What!? Someone down-arrowed you?! Must be a virgin.

Jack Burton's picture

Yep, NSA's massive new data centers are to track every key stoke any American makes on any computer anywhere anytime. But this is necessary for our freedom. WHat are you a terrorist? We honor our protectors at NSA they are heros and we welcome their files on every ZH post we make. This one ought to get me on a list for the first opening in a USA run secret foreign torture prison. We have them, so our government employees there need customers. You and me, fill up the torture prisons, it is all about American freedom and honor. We are freedom warriors, must defend American freedom. NSA, CIA are our friends. Thank one of these heros next time you meet one, no?

constantine's picture

You're really giving the NSA far too much credit.


vast-dom's picture

hezbollah has drones? r u fucking kidding? that was some rocks shot down or a flying shoe. the drone wasn't hezbollah, at least not hezbollah the way it's being spun.

blunderdog's picture

Don't be silly.  A smart high-school kid can build a drone these days.  A "drone" is just an RC plane with camera and/or weapons.  This isn't out of the reach of ANYONE in the industrialized world.

redpill's picture

I'm sure the missile they used to shoot it down cost 1000x more than the thing itself.

fuu's picture

You can build a nice quad copter with a camera for under $300. A Patriot missile costs at least $1,000,000.

That makes the ratio about 3333:1.

redpill's picture

They shot it down with an F16, probably used a sidewinder missile, I think they run around $100k each.

fuu's picture

Ah that wasn't in this or the linked article, cheers.

Element's picture

Not sure if the IAF even use Sidewinders any more, they have been using sucessive generations of their home-grown Python missiles for short and medium range air to air engagements since at least 1982.  As I understand it the most recent version of the USAF Sidewinder incorporated staring-array technology from the Python 5, a development of the Python 4 sensor, which was a development of the earlier US Stinger MANPAD staring-array IR homing sensor.

(Hellfires retail for ~$420k)

NotApplicable's picture

"Asymmetric warfare, FTMFW!" - sayeth the arms dealers.


kridkrid's picture

It's funny, the cognitive dissonance that mouth breathing neocons seem not to recognize when they brag about how Reagan bankrupted the Soviets through military spending while preaching the need for the war on terror.  tasty.

JustObserving's picture

USA will pay for that missile.  No skin off Netanyahu's ..,er, .. back.

SemperFord's picture

Close, you and I and hard working Americans will pay for that missile.

jeff montanye's picture

right now nobody pays; the fed creates money to buy the bonds to fund the deficit.  down the road though....

drink or die's picture

Seriously, a cheap setup like this can be had for a few hundred dollars:

vast-dom's picture

this is what i fly, with a massive dildo strapped on to it -- it still doesn't quite look like the one shot down, sans dildo of course:



vast-dom's picture

you down Park Ave? I flew mine along Madison Ave. Can't believe these haven't been outlawed by some NDAA Patriot act bullshit.