New Sheen In Gulf Of Mexico Linked To Macondo Spill By Coastguard

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Just when we all thought the Macondo disaster could be put behind us and TV ads proclaim the Gulf's recovery, a sheen of oil has reappeared and the coastguard confirms it is directly linked to the Macondo well. According to WDSU, the sheen is a light oil and would be difficult to clean up. "The exact source of the sheen is uncertain at this time but could be residual oil associated with wreckage and/or debris left on the seabed from the Deepwater Horizon incident in 2010," the agency said in a release Wednesday night.

Via WDSU: Oil Sheen Near Deepwater Horizon Site From Macondo Well

NEW ORLEANS — A sheen of oil spotted near the site of the Deepwater Horizon rig that exploded and sank more than two years ago has been directly linked to the Macondo well.


The U.S. Coast Guard said tests have confirmed the connection.


"The exact source of the sheen is uncertain at this time but could be residual oil associated with wreckage and/or debris left on the seabed from the Deepwater Horizon incident in 2010," the agency said in a release Wednesday night.


The sheen is a light oil that would be difficult to clean up.


The Coast Guard found out about the oil sheen on Sept. 16 after someone spotted it on a satellite image from the multinational oil and gas company BP.


A Coast Guard response team went to the location to collect samples, and sent them to the Coast Guard Marine Safety Lab in Connecticut for testing


The service's Marine Safety Unit Morgan City is heading up the investigation of the spill. No one has reported any adverse effects on the environment or marine life, officials said.

Well, we already know that the plunge in initial claims will be one of the VP debate topics tonight. Does this mean the Macondo spill will be the other?

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Pump it out, and plug any leaks with EPA thugs.

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As posted on ZeroHedge, blog by "George Washington"' we knew this a week ago. Puts ZH and GW at least a week ahead of the curve, main stream media and the Coast Guard.

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if the coast guard would only use the best natural product for treating oil spills: instead of Corexite, oh wait oti is not owned by BP hence it will never happen.

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Flying Purple people eaters?

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I came for a gratuitous shout of an ex-Sheen gf or wife. 

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I thought Charlie Sheen was under house arrest?

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The sheen was discovered a week ago and reported by local outlets and alt-news sites, but this is the first confirmation of a firm connection to Macondo. 

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AAPL    - .50%

WTI     + 1.5%

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BP is a such generous organization they thought Southern residents should receive their core product for absolutely free!

This act of kindness should not be forgotten!

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BP has been and is currently trying to buy a lot of PR with the settlement funds.  Money is a great distractor of wrongdoing.  *sigh*

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According to Morningstar, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P. sold 4,680,822 shares in the first quarter ending 3/31/10 . The oil spill started on April 20, 2010 .®ion=USA&culture=en-US

According to following link Tony Hayward cashed in about a third of his holding in the company and paid off his mortgage one month before the Deepwater Horizon rig blew up causing an environmental disaster:

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Apparently, it was known the operator that rented the rig from BP was not top notch in terms of security.

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i thought Charly Sheen was under house arrest.

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New Sheen?????


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The Gulf of Mexico doesn't say that anymore.

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My favourite (although possibly apocryphal) Charlie Sheen story, is when he was asked by a judge in one of his trials why a guy like him needed to hire prostitutes.


Charlie looks at the judge incredulously and says, "I don't pay to fuck them, I pay them to leave"

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Hope drugde pays you guys for linking, no wonder the site has been super slow this morning

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Your oil addiction is destroying the planet...

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Your food addiction annoys me !   Mouth breathers consume more than their share of oxygen !

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Planet will do fine. Hopefully, condescending people like you won't.

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Venezuelan crude only produces 10% gasoline .... oil tankers can't pass through the Panama canal .... I guess we're stuck with that shit !

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You mean 200 million gallons of oil didn't just disapear?

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Arrest Queeny and her degenerate inbred offspring.

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I think George Washington discovered the sheen a while ago.

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we need our SUV's more than the ocean who cares

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I believe this is light, sweet crude. It will evaporate if left alone.

Forget how much oil naturally seeps into the world's ocean, but I do know man made spill's are a pimple on an elephant's ass.

There are studies that suggest these spills actually help local flora and fauna. The bacteria that eat the oil are part of the food chain.

The only reason this was spotted is that we are highly sensitized due to the accident two years ago. I think the bigger disgrace is all the garbage floating out there in the Pacific.


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Great point.  Besides, the Gulf Stream conveyor currents need a little lube job from time to time.

Seriously, I think an unspoken significance of this spill is that Obama owns it.

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Farting in the bath tub leaves a sheen .... this is a non event .... another excuse not to drill and nor sign Keystone .... EPABS ... election posturing and pimping !

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   man made spill's are a pimple on an elephant's ass

That must be why the Gulf Coast has always been covered with oil and why there's never been much of a fishing industry there.

Or...maybe you're just comforting yourself with irrational denial.

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Ever notice when you run over a dog with an SUV .... they stay run over ?   Hello from Hamburger Highway !

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I'm processing claims for the BP Economic and Damages Settlement.  BP is raining money down on Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and parts of Florida and Texas.  Meanwhile, one of the greatest ecological disasters continues.  Having read this from GW last week, I mentioned the continuing leaks to the CPA of a client in Baton Rouge.  He wasn't interested in discussing it.

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Damn, this is Zero Hedge and nobody has THE catch phrase??!!


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I thought the Coast Guard was going to confirm tiger blood.

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quite surprising that it was not the lead comment...

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I was going to, but couldn't reply at the time.

In other news, is ZH under attack?

Oh, and in interest of precision, the phrase is #winning.

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T. D., I love the Sheen shown!


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That's why they need to do all this drilling in the Arctic. Any spills or leaks up there won't be noticed and then people won't have to feel any guilt when they drive 4 blocks to the Tasty Freeze for another 64 ounce Big Gulp.

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"I'm gonna swim down there and stick my dick in that hole"  -  Charlie Sheen

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"exact source ... is uncertain" ... "could be" ...

The above translates to "has been directly linked" and "... linked to"

Does anyone other then me see some media spin at work?

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I'm sure this has nothing to do with the underwater lake of oil Matt Simmons let us all know about.

Too bad he had that accident in his hot tub by totally natural causes.