S&P Will Downgrade France And Italy Next, CDS Implies

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With government bond markets increasingly manipulated directly via central-bank intervention - and becoming increasingly illiquid - the odd situation we find ourselves in once again is that CDS markets perhaps provide a 'cleaner' picture of where credit risk is actually being traded between market participants (hedgers or speculators). To wit, Bloomberg's ever-insightful Michael McDonough has noticed a significant divergence between market-implied perceptions of risk (CDS) and ratings-agencies perceptions among several nations. Most notably France and Italy (with Belgium close behind) appear considerably 'over-rated'. Italy's implied rating is equivalent to BB+ at S&P - well below its average rating of BBB+ and France's implied rating of A is around four notches below its composite rating. Spain also appears set for more pain as its market price implies a sub-investment grade rating is imminent.



On the bright side - maybe Vietnam is due for an upgrade?


Source: Bloomberg Briefs

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In other words, "Markets to ignore France, Italy downgrades next".

I really wish that'd be an Onion article only, and not an indicator of what a completely manipulated laughing stock the "free" markets have become.

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Whew....for a second there I they we're going to upgrade them. That would have totally had me screwed up.

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So what's your opinion of the Maastricht Gold Thieving Treaty Getzee? Looks like the greatest gold heist in history. Good thing Spain was smart and kept his Portuguese mistress....

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Watching that scumbag shill Simon Hobbs go after Sean Egan on CNBS now. Sean is holding his own like a BOSS!!!

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I thought the first one to downgrade Spain, Italy, (and Uncle Sugar) would be Sean Egan, the only man with a backbone in the whole credit-rating industry.
Oh yeah....FUCK YOU, S.E.C.!!!

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Not to mention that similar charges could likely (certainly?) be levied against the other 8 credit-rating agencies: when one agency tries to present realistic ratings for nations with double sovereign debt to GDP ratios, look  at how quickly the SEC tries to shut him up.  

Move along now, folks, nothing to see here...

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Spain and Italy are a distraction. France is the real prize.

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Look's like Argentina is on the verge of blowing up again. One would think they might get sick of it after a while.

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Hey , what do you know about Argentina ? Really ?

It will not "blow up" , at least for now . She will lie for a couple more years and lose the next elections.
Now if she does anything to change the constitution and go for re re election a la Chavez , then she will blow up....

to be continued.

Seriously Doc, next time you mention Argentina, ask me.

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When are we up for another US downgrade? Oh wait... I forgot they got paid off...

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Venezuela looks right on the money.

Buy Buy Buy!!!

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CDS too funny! You can swap the crap around all you want but it does not change the original underlying credit risk. It is merely a way for the Banks to charge it's customers fees and thereby ROB THE BANK IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. Just felt like sharing.

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OT: Anyone else having ZH connectivity issues this morning?

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Yes.....the boys from Chicago send their regards. Pick up the phone and dial the NSA. Those cats don't screw around.

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Yes. The connection sucks and I can't get on from time to time. It must be a BLS attack.

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I would reply but I'm having connectivity issues.

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Oh, yeah. Obama campaign going "full retard" this AM.

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France is in very bad shape but continues to be a safe haven in the EZ. I guess there aren't enough assets in Germany for all those SNB euro purchases.


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It appears that the Hedge is having server issues. I haven't seen Tyler tweet anything for a while.

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Same thing seems to be happing with Jack Welsh's Twitter acount.

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They're coming... Run for the hills Bitchezz!!!

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Funny. He's wrong about the numbers btw. All Government work is considered full time employment would be my guess via a via the household survey. Hey Dem's...if that's a new Administration coming...Regime Change as it were...then they get to use the fuzzy numbers too. "And all that other illegal stuff you're doing. On you this time."

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Yes having trouble. My smart phone works fine though. offshore servers.

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Sac spilled some waffle syrup on the server.

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My I phone's getting phucked with now too. Google's cloud storage can't come soon enough for Android for me and their device plays. Buying one next month actually. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER APPLE.

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Ditto with connection problems...

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Aren't rating agencies and banksters one and the same?  Why believe anything they rate, up or down?

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I have the same problems opening zh.

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and strange,i can access zh easily using my phone,than my desktop.did i get some virus from 3 leter agency?

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yes connectivity issues here. not just you all

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ruh rho raggie. problems with crapple? is it not making 72k a minute or whatever that was

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Some connectivity issues yes, I am from the USA as well.

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Why France? CDS F are at 102


List of CDS / Countries:



evolutionx's picture
Country Credit Default Swap 1 day 5 days Germany 50.93 +0.35 -1.58 USA 41.3 -0.51 -2.82 Japan 83.65 +0.55 -0.26 Denmark 47.51 -0.14 -2.66 UK 48.51 +0.1 -1.66 France 102.34 +0.3 -6.91 Belgium 110.71 -0.16 -9.65 Italy 319.68 -1.22 -10.32 Spain 365.01 +5 -6.33 Dubai 279.73 -3.34 -10.28
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How is it possible that the European Union allows the weak states to enter the international money market and borrow the money they need without help – based on their own potentials? How is it possible that the “chain” of interests of euro can let its weak “links” exposed to outside pressuresHow is it possible for a “herd” with common interests to let each “ship” defend itself against the wolves, without help, and its general security threatened? How is it possible for Greece, which represents a minor 3% of the Eurozone’s economy, to be allowed to threaten the other 97% of that economy, due to the latter’s weakness?

The European Union should be the one borrowing from the national banking system – thus dealing with profiteers itself based on its overall potential – not its weak “links” alone. The latter should be under the EU’s protection and constant monitoring. They should borrow from it at a subsequent time and if they became victims of profiteering, the problem should be kept in the bosom of the euro. Domestic profiteering should bring profits to Europe’s influentials, therefore bring profits in the euro area, and not threaten it.

From the Wall Street Crash of 1929 to the Global Financial Crisis of 2007




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This is an excellent comment/query actually. One without an easy answer either. My argument is based on an "historical paradigm"...questions relative to "trust" and money. Would you trust an Italian Bank? How about a Greek one? How about a Swiss (yeeessssss....very much, yes?) the ECB simply has no answer for this....other than "Frankfort" of course...which has been disastrous for Greece of course...but will probably be far worse for Italy and France. Spain is interesting because of Portugal. Very clever these Spaniards...they don't just sign on to "yet another European project." The last one they tried to convince was named Franco...and he "no thanks." Might have been a mistake tho...the USA said "yes" and got "Operation Overlord."