A Dash Of Hair Transplant And Just Add Laughter

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We always said that the presidential race in a country in which 40% of spending on wars, entitlements, interest on said debt, etc. is funded by debt (purchased mostly by foreigners and monetized by the Fed), is moot, and is merely one big tragicomedy designed to evoke nothing but laughter (especially since it is the creditors who call the shots). Today, we see that at least Joe Biden got the memo.

And for some more laughs, this.

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Fuck Ryan looks like Julian Assange after a 3 month crack binge.

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Pot ... meet kettle.

Both of you are cooked (or is that crooked).

Ah, what's a letter between friends?

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Who the fuck is Shelby White?  Some lefty cunt?

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"Some lefty cunt?"


Yeah, they do the best Photoshops...and video:

Bush - state of the union speech - YouTube - http://youtu.be/QYCYkB_zuJI

The real speech of George W Bush - YouTube - http://youtu.be/RYvfxvDwJxA


Where are the Obama versions? I mean, *quality* ones like these?
Righties are slipping.


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Fuck off, dipshit.

Go dream about getting another four years of blow jobs by two unemployable lawyers.

Makes no difference in my life whatever happens.

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Sounds like it does make a difference.


I demand maximum entertainment from my propaganda!
It's an American right...or something.

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Meanwhile, the Nobel committee is hard at work granting peace prizes to.... The EU:



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A real shocker considering they gave it to The Teleprompter in Chief before he even had a chance to get settled into the Black House(Because there is nothing pure about what transpires at that house).

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"Today war between Germany and France is unthinkable."  Oh fuck the Krauts must be getting ready to kill some frogs.

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(sound of Leopard III's idling in forest)

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Damage control !  Shelby picks out Biden's more charming laugh moments .... repeats them in a loop .... with no context .... then all his stupid, rude moments  are on the cutting room floor .... this is putting lipstick on a pig !     The leftist cunt is publicly admitting they have a problem .... the spin is on !    At least Biden had a bit of charm .... the negro in chief had none to repeat in a video loop .... Obama just had this hurt, mean, dangerous nigger look .... like OJ had before he cut those lover's white throats and nicked their neckbones !     The other two were used to provide cover for Biden and give him some company .... I couldn't run the clips .... I just know liberal spin !

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Biden is a lazy cunt who never worked a day in his life.  Oh fuck that’s all politicians, except the douche bag Grayson who cleaned toilets at HAVARD, Yid heaven. 

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On the other hand...nice dental work.

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it will end badly with either party

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Hey dipshit did you know that only about 50% of eligible voters vote.  How do you think we got here. 

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What makes you so certain that if the voting numbers were larger we would be in any different position than we are now?


Doesn't really matter if its 10 people or 10 million people voting to regulate how you live. The results are still the same.

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let me guess: some form of social organization?


did I get it right?  did I?

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Just once, i'd like to see the two guys that are on the ballot get less votes than someone that is not. Not even because i'd particularly like the 3rd guy, but because it would send a message that we dont have to vote for the 2 that are spoon fed to us every 4 years. I'm done with that game myself.

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and yet dennis kucinich ('08) and ron paul ('08 and '12) both ran for president.  had they gotten the most votes in the primaries they probably would have been nominees for president (and assassination).  of course given the near infinite cognitive dissonance produced by examining the obama campaign and subsequent administration, who knows what they would have done in office.

but the point is, there are choices but the vast majority of voters don't seem interested.  perhaps interesting times will make a difference. 

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certainly the 50% that down voted me are mindless patriots that just don't get it. how can anyone vote for these mentally ill people? how can anyone vote to be fucked over? how can anyone vote? land of the sheeple, home of the muppets -- you are voting to be droned without a trial -- you are voting to ensure that you will be guilty before proven innocent -- war on drugs, war on terror, war on tax cheats, war on thought crimes, internet, selling, buying, breathing, WAR ON YOU, EACH AND EVERYONE ONE OF YOU and that is what your vote is for and only an insane person would vote for that.

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I for one, will definitely be voting this year. Come hell or high water.

The only question is who do I vote for?

Flying Spaghetti Monster or J.R. Bob Dobbs?

It's a tough choice.

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gary johnson or jil stein are way better than obama or romney.

however if restricting oneself to the later two, i would think one has to go with romney as we know what obama would do as president. however romney's seemingly even more servile stance (if prone is a stance) toward the likud does give one pause.

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Woah - if those were really our choices - that would be easy - vote for slack!

It's like Hope and Change but without the pretentiousness of being "progressive"

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Can I write myself in? I'm all for a four-year golf vacation!


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Good choice of word there, 'insane', when you put to mind the famous definition of that word by Albert Einstein.

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One day, grasshopper, you may understand that the world is not black and white.  It is at least an infinite variety of gray, and occasionally color pops up in individual lives (e.g., a wedding day, the birth of a child, a baptism).  To vote is not to be one of the "sheeple" or "muppets."  To vote is to at least attempt to express ones views and interests in a nation (1) the vote is still relatively violence-free, and (2) may actually mean something, at least at the local level.  Even at the Presidential level, the choice is a real one, if only in terms of degrees.  Does anyone doubt that an Obama Presidency would lead to one of two outcomes?  Assuming a Republican-controlled House, at least, an Obama Presidency would mean either stalemate or a collapse by the Republican resistance and the implementation of still further Statism.  A Romney Presidency may not be all that you want, but is almost certain to be less aggressive in expanding government in our lives (even if the drones will still be deployed, even if debt will still rise, even if we risk still further wars).  We will pay less in federal taxes under Romney, we may be able to rid Obamacare from our lives, govt regulations will be reduced, or slowed, and, with any luck, the criminals running State, Justice, and DOD will be removed and replaced with honest, decent people (something I believe we really have not had for decades).  Grasshopper, no one with an ounce of brains who votes is voting for what you seem to think he is voting for.  Accept that someone is going to run this country.  Of the two possibilities at the top, it is clear that Romney, while far from ideal, is the lesser of two evils.  I would say that not voting, or voting for Obama, is the insane thing, unless, of course, sanity means support to accelerate the collapse and chaos. 

jeff montanye's picture

you are one hell of an optimist, particularly " the criminals running State, Justice, and DOD will be removed and replaced with honest, decent people."  

romney's record against corruption in massachusetts does offer the tiniest sliver of hope for the possible prosecution of the banksters (like nixon to china).

clearly obama is a failure. 

V in PA's picture

Exactly. Damn near everyone in here is thinking on the National level. Just like the Federal monster wants you to. Change happens at the local level, and quite frankly actually impacts your daily life. Bush, Obama = no real difference in my life. The local zoning board approving the building of a Target down the street, or the school board raising property taxes affects me directly.


VOTE for local at least.

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The "insane" part is thinking it could possibly make any difference at all whether it's Romney or Obama in the WH come next January.

If someone who wasn't a member of Dems or Repubs was electable, it'd make sense to vote for him/her.

goldfish1's picture

One word, my friend and that's Diebold.


Diebold votes for us.

Kiwi Pete's picture

If you can't stand wither of the main parties why don't you vote for one of the others? It's not just a 2 horse race. Here for example is a link to the Green Party candidate Jill Stein (http://www.gp.org/2012/) who seems a very reasonable alternitive. Here's the ending paragraphs from the link:



The Presidential Campaign is once again upon us. Every four years we're told don't waste your vote on a minor party candidate, you'll only be throwing your vote away.

The population of the United States is now over 300,000,000. Our country has 5 major TV broadcast networks, and hundreds more on cable or satellite; dozens of brands of toothpaste to choose from; countless phone companies, land-line, cable or VOIP to signup with. We can walk into any food store and choose from white bread, wheat bread, rye bread, onion bread, canadian white bread, jewish rye bread, pumpernickel, potato and jalapeño pepper bread, but we're expected to be content with only two political parties representing our interests?

Why must we continue to accept that only candidates such as Obama, Romney, Gingrich, Santorum and Paul have earned the right to run for President? Limiting the number of choices only limits our Democracy. If we're only supposed to vote for and support winners, than why in God's name is anyone still supporting the Chicago Cubs? Why are we willing to accept multiple choices in every aspect of our lives, but not in politics?

We cannot expect the government in Washington to consider the interests of ordinary citizens more important than corporate lobbyists if all we do is come to out to vote every four years. We must be willing to work for change at the local and state levels as well.

When you mark your ballot come November, are you going to vote for a candidate that readily admits he doesn't care for the poor; are you going to vote for a candidate that asked for, and received permission to order the assassination of American citizens? How can you?

This year, more than any ever, it's time to break the two-party / no choice option and Vote Green Party. Vote for the only political party that represents the best of what America once stood for. 



Check out the policies of the Green Party and I think you'll find yourself agreeing with a lot of them. (Disclaimer: I am a member of the Green Party of NZ)




Monedas's picture

Just because you have the right to vote .... doesn't mean your vote contributes to a positive outcome .... many would contribute by not voting and sharing their vote with all who do !   You can decide not not vote .... BUT YOU CANNOT NULLIFY THE POLITICAL POWER OF YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE .... hence the famous Monedian quip:  "You can't not vote !"

goldfish1's picture


Diebold nullifies it for us.

Lebensphilosoph's picture

It's never that simple. While I'd like to vote UKIP here, and although I can't stand the Tories, I'll vote for the latter just to keep the Marxists of New Labour and the Liberal Democrats out of power, because they are that much worse.

Kiwi Pete's picture

Yes but it is simpler in the US as it doesn't matter which of the main parties get in, the policies remain the same. I mean Bush may as well have won a third term for all that changed after the last election.

bigkahuna's picture

Technically, this is Bush/Cheney's third term. No matter who wins this election, it will be technically (O), or by proxy (R), Bush/Cheney's fourth term.

Conchy Joe's picture

You think Bush could have pulled of 6-10 trillion in 4 years? NO WAY

It took a "savior of the people" and a supermajority to pull off the greatest theft in all of history

Conchy Joe's picture

Awwww - I forget how obvious truths pain the idealist sheep.

If it makes you feel better - your team won the thieving competition hands down.

blunderdog's picture

Nah, you're just an idiot.  Obama didn't do much to increase spending: this is all demographics.

awakening's picture

I'm not a fan of one world policies tyvm.

For those who missed it:

'For comprehensive Earth action, an all-of-the-Earth representative democracy is required. That is, a global parliament.'


northerngirl's picture

However, not to vote is to vote.

Honey Badger's picture

A true patriot would vote by writing in Ron Paul.  Almost the same as not voting in consequence, but miles apart in integrity.

Whoa Dammit's picture

Biden looked like he was doing an infomercial for dentures.

Audacity17's picture

Coccaine is a helluva drug...

Ignatius's picture

Yeah, if ya want a limp dick and a nosebleed.  Pryor had it right "Man I was doing coke with some dude and we had the same conversation for a week:  'Got any more?' "  It is good 'stripper bait', true.

I tried watching some of the action and when I tuned in the subject was Foreign Policy.  I was really beginning to enjoy watching Ryan stepping from one shit bucket to the next, but then Heir Moderator drags the conversation to "How has God informed your life?" which seemed ridiculous as I didn't get that any concept as big as God had ever informed anything in either of their lives.  They'll say He does, but I just doubt it.

potlatch's picture

"as I didn't get that any concept as big as God had ever informed anything in either of their lives.  They'll say He does, but I just doubt it."


hah, nicely said.  Agree!  And spoken like a true Ignatian lol.

ATM's picture

Superfreak! Superfreak! He's super freaky!