From Presidential Election To Popular Insurrection In One Easy Step: Art Cashin Explains

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While last night's VeeP debate was all feces and frolics, UBS' Art Cashin and his 'Friends of Fermentation' recently drifted onto the topic of the Presidential Election - and the conversation was not what he calls "reassuring" as they move from margins of victory to result-challenges and banana-republic like street demonstrations and riots.


Via Art Cashin, UBS: Could This Be A "Dangerous" Election?

The Friends of Fermentation drifted onto the Presidential Election at a recent non-plenary session. The conversation was not what you might call "reassuring".


The strong consensus was that whoever wins the election, it would be best if they won by a significant margin. The feeling was that the nation is so tightly and tensely divided that a close election could well inspire challenges to its validity.


Those challenges might take the form of an almost endless series of court cases like Florida in 2000. That could delay swearing in the President or some Senators or Congressmen.


But, the challenges might not stop there. The FoF discussion worried that the challenges might spill out into the streets, perhaps starting as demonstrations and quickly devolving into riot-like occasions.


Could we be seeing the end of the American tradition of the orderly transfer of power? Could we be slipping into banana republic mode?


The heart of this discussion is the acrimonious tone that has evolved and grown in our political exchanges. All the "us and them" and class warfare posturing sets a dangerous backdrop to a close election.


Even the polls, which have been basically frozen for months, suggest a cement-like partisanship in the land.


What would happen if this election wound up back in the Supreme Court?


I'll try to get the FoF to talk about something less partisan….maybe the World Series.

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Colombian Gringo's picture

Republicans and Democrats, choosing between them is like choosing Pepsi or Coke, essentially the same thing.  Both parties are converging grindstones operated by the globalists, crushing our future hopes and freedoms, while banksters drink our financial blood.

pods's picture

Yeah, but it's got electrolytes!


Mad Max's picture

Brawndo - the Thirst Mutilator!

NotApplicable's picture

Wow, Cashin has certainly strayed from his area of credibility with this prediction. Or are him and his friends spinning the next meme?

The idea that the (thankfully) apathetic electorate is going to turn into Bush vs. Gore 2.0 couldn't be further from the mark, IMO. I've never seen so little interest in the selection by the general public in all of my life. In fact, I see yards FULL of signs for every party candidate EXCEPT for the presidential race.

Methinks Cashin is either clueless or creating a narrative. Time will tell which.

Zadok's picture

Communicating with the 'arrangers', you know, the ones who arrange for the expected outcome.

NotApplicable's picture

I just find it very interesting that this "expected outcome" emerged from the media when it's nowhere near the outcome I expect based on personal observations.

Add to that the fact that I see NO visible supporters of either candidate locally... well, the idea just gets weird, fast.

Somebody is obviously promoting this meme.

Directed History, FTW?

Precious's picture

Ever since Carter, the DNC machine has been in love with lawyer candidates.  It's a fact.

It also explains why USA is so deep in shit, and can't manufacture a light bulb anymore.

The citizendum is trained by the union Educrats to bend over and grab the ankles when lawyers approach.

NotApplicable's picture

I just walked around downtown near the county courthouse/city hall. Of the roughly 100 vehicles I looked at, I saw ONE Romney sticker, and NO Obama stickers.

Did I mention I was in the political part of town?

graneros's picture

People don't want their property vandalized so no stickers and few yard signs.  I've noticed a few residences are pulling their yard signs in at sundown. We have simply become an uncivilized nation.  Thank you public education and leftie media.

Bad Attitude's picture

Concern over vandalism is the reason I don't have a candidate bumpersticker on my vehicle. One side of the poltical spectrum, while espousing freedom of speech for everyone, in practice only embraces freedom of speech when it agrees with their ideology.


akak's picture

And the other side of the (so-called) "spectrum" fully supports free speech --- as long as said speech is not "in support of terrorism" or "unpatriotic", with the definition of what constitutes "support of terrorism" growing daily, and the definition of "unpatriotic" being "anything which is in opposition to the corrupt and failing military-industrial-financial status-quo".

Helix6's picture

Quelle surprise!  Would you want your car sporting advertising for either of these tools?

Ident 7777 economy's picture





For poor choice of wording ..

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

You have a good point, but what I'm thinking he's thinking here is probably accurate, the way this is playing out, Romney will likely win the popular vote, and Obama will likely win the electoral vote.  I'm guessing you're probably north of the Mason-Dixon, because south of it, there is a significant minority of white people that may view this as a trigger for secession.  I wish I was joking.  

RafterManFMJ's picture

You know, I've read that the majority of people in China's 'parliment' or whatever you call it are engineers by trade.  In America, the profession most serving in Congress list, is 'lawyer.'

In China, no hand out for you! Work, or farm. In America, 53% are receiving some benefit that is either stolen from another, borrowed from China, or printed.

But hey, look over there!! We've got a shiny flattop chock full of sleek planes!! Well, gotta go, I've got to strap on my TSA shock bracelet and take a refreshing radiation shower...

Zadok's picture

Of course it is directed N/A. I thought I was being overt, but I guess I was too general in my phrasing, sorry. I'll try to do better next time.

Nothing is happenstance, everything is directed! Without a doubt. Here's to wishing you the best, we are all going to need some help soon.

drink or die's picture

I think there is a lot of apathy towards Romney (I've seen a total of about 2 Romney signs/bumper stickers), so if he loses it won't be a big deal.  If Obama loses by a tiny margin, I could see possible problems happening due to the race-baiting media.  Remember all the race-based beatings after the Trayvon Martin thing?

Ident 7777 economy's picture



... reading too much damn MSM press ...

Real Estate Geek's picture

+1 for the Idiocracy reference!

graneros's picture

What a prophetic movie.  When I have to go to town and engage with others I am constantly reminded of Idiocracy.

pupton's picture

But, but...all my friends tell me a vote for lemonade is a vote for Pepsi...

ParkAveFlasher's picture

That lemonade is not licensed.

pupton's picture

I hear the licences cost about $500Million, and are awarded exclusively by Coke and Pepsi.

JohnG's picture

You didn't make that lemonade.

SubjectivObject's picture

Let alone a permit to sell it.

James-Morrison's picture

I think you meant Kool-Aid.

Lemonade has too much nutritional value to be included with Coke and Pepsi.


Coast Watcher's picture

At the risk of repeating myself: The American two-party system gives us one more choice than North Korea, with about as much difference. But I repeat myself ...

Ident 7777 economy's picture



Politically illiterate.


To the twentieth power.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Guns and ammo!  Gold and silver!  Plan B!

I hope it will not get to that.  Maybe we'll be OK.  Maybe not.


Smart people may want to think harder about Plan B...

gaoptimize's picture

Plan B?  Pffft.  Any form of birth control will be hard to find and I'll be finally able to have the big family I've always wanted.  I'm going tribal.

U4 eee aaa's picture

Just carry your cell phone in your underwear.

Go Tribe's picture

All that ammo and nowhere to go.

Keyser's picture

Fuck guns and ammo. I'm a lover, not a figther, so it's off the southeast asia for me. tata!!!


drink or die's picture

Long popcorn and buckshot.

zapdude's picture

...and perhaps a few slugs and some rum in the event the zombie apocolypse shows up on your doorstep.

not fat not stupid's picture

The idiots who want a race war arent smart enough to understand they'll lose it.

pupton's picture

The people who want a race war have no plans to do the actual fighting themselves.  They just need to divide and (re)conquer the general populace. 

NotApplicable's picture

Which part of "Let's you and him fight!" don't you understand?

They don't lose wars, but rather, use them to obtain more power (they win) in order to pretend to combat them.

Divide, Conquer, Rinse, Repeat. Ad Infinitum.

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

The race war will be fought with food, and the races are rich vs. poor. The only color that matters is green...

akak's picture

Brown is the color of roadside Chinese Shitizenism, so ....

Umh's picture

That's face paint stupid!

LongSoupLine's picture

perhaps starting as demonstrations and quickly devolving into riot-like occasions.


"One can only hope..." - Jefferson, from his grave

q99x2's picture

The feeling was that the nation is so tightly and tensely divided that a close election could well inspire challenges to its validity.

What nation. The nation only exists if there is a constitution that defines what it is. Bush and Obama got rid of the constitution. There is no nation now. Nothing is divided. It is a state of chaos ready to explode.

Bananamerican's picture

what nation?

we are a motley collection of disparate, (diverse™) dispersed, ethnic/racial enclaves, just trying to make or "get" a buck.

There is no center to this country anymore.

When was the last time you hung out with your Hmong, Cambodian, Nigerian, Mexican, Chinese, Guatemalan, Phillipino, neighbors and talked about the National dilemna?

We are not divided so much as diluted