Ron Paul On The "One-Party System"

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Ron 'I'm playing the long-game' Paul will not go quietly into the night - and rightly so, it would seem, given his truthiness. In a recent brief interview on CNBC's Futures Now, he managed to diss Romney, smash the 'belief' in a 'two-party' system, and undermine any hope for economic change from the farce of an election. Summed up simply: "There is essentially no difference between one administration and another, no matter what the platform."

Starting by agreeing with Jim Rogers recent views that we discussed here, he refises to endorse Romney and then it gets interesting...

"They haven't the vaguest idea what Austrian free-market hard-money economics is"

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That's correct Ron...It's all Bullshit!

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Let's see...

Do both Republicans AND Democrats:


1)  Bail out banksters from their reckless behavior with taxpayer monies perpetually (while having aides and family take employment positions amongst the bankster ranks)?  Check

2)  Bail out Wall Street "firms" (those 'manufacturers' of wealth shifting & wealth destroying investment vehicles) from their reckless behavior with taxpayer monies perpetually (while having aides and family take employment positions amongst the Wall Street Parasite ranks)?  Check

3)  Support a trillion+ USD annual military budget complex whereby 90% of that which is procured is not needed & a waste of tax monies in order to enrich defense contractors?  Check

4)  Support a radically activitist foreign policy agenda that has extremely adverse long term financial, political and social consequences for Americans, current and future generations?  Check

5)  Support and vote for "laws" that attempt to gut fundamental, basic RIGHTS/LIBERTIES of the American Citizenry?  Check

6)  Have as their true constituents those who funnel cash into their coffers so as to allow them to increase their odds of winning elections/re-elections?   Check.

7)  Operate by stoking popular division by "talking up" social wedge issues (e.g. pledge of allegiance in school, gay marriage, manger scenes in public places, etc.) while actively working against the best interests of the American Citizenry on matters of real & lasting significance?  Check.

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Fringe Blogger Bearing had enough today, and so takes on a Hard Lefty!  The original article from CounterPunch lit me up and burned my butt...  What about North Korea, Ron Jacobs?  (Yes, I suggested that he re-educate himself here at

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ron paul's last day:

  • team up with taliban and blow the shit out of congress to gut corruption in politics
  • press that button to launch nukes on Israel AND Iran AND Saudi kingdom for peace in the middle east
  • turn off QE and see russian and chinese oligarchs cry
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What kind of a fucking idiot are you anyway?

You really have no clue at all.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

+ 1  Ron Paul, to my knowledge, for decades has stood for non-intervention, the opposite of what Aldous posits.  I have to presume he has not studied Ron Paul or his positions at all.

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Unbelievable Ron Paul myopia on display here.

Read this, follow the money, make some connects, look at Rand Paul....



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ORI, do you automatically believe everything you read?

I can spot a dishonest, disingenuous, malicious, untruthful hit piece a mile away, and THIS one I could smell from the opposite side of the earth.

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What *specifically* is not truth in it?


Save Ron Paul by destroying it's lies. Or not?


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Ron Paul stands for the Jesuit run John Birch Society.

His father stood for Freemasonry.

His wife and both daughters stand for the Order of the Eastern Star.

His son Rand Paul is willing to forfeit his political ideology for a mere chance at being Romney's lackey.

Anybody who thinks he isn't controlled opposition should pass me some of whatever they are drinking.

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Yes you are totally correct.


We got people thinking that DK article is bullshit. A hit piece. Lies.

This is their chance to prove it. Tear the article apart.
This is what real research is all about.

Can't just dismiss it.



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Yep, that would be right up there with asking you, "So, how long have you been beating your wife?" and letting you get away with saying nothing.

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No shit.  Ron Paul, the one guy who has made more lonely votes in Congress than anyone else to try to stop the tide of totalitarianism, and it's still not good enough for the fuckin tinfoils.

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excellent reply.  also, re: the two are one party system: the illusion of "objectivity" in modern journalism, particularly in the u.s., often means that what both parties agree on, war on drugs, on terror, scary iran, wonderful likud zionists... makes those who disagree fringe or unserious, not "objective".

for an illuminating take with the v.p. debates as background:

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Clearly Mitt is doing this wrong.


What you do is tie a silver dollar to some fishing line.....cast it out.....and reel it back in slowly.


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They're partisans who don't like anyone stealing the limelight from their douchebag-du-jour.

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someone will write what you want to've reached conclusions and seek supporting proganda

my advice----think each premise through individually, sleep on it, look at the opposing viewpoints and understand them  (doesn't mean you need to agree) and try to form your own opinion.  its not easy   good luck!!

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Thanks for the excellent advice Derek. Much appreciated. I do that, everytime.

I've been deeply suspicious of RP and have thus followed his stroy (and research on what I believe to be his story) for a while now. I've said much th esame thing everytime, for over 2 years now.

The linked article has indubitable connections. Public knowledge. The Daily Bell (the other libertarian hang out) too, similarly. And their rah-rah-ing of RP. Much like here at ZH. DB has an even greater bias, and then you see the inter-connects.

People are free to believe what they want. If someone shows me something RP has done (beside the laughable job of educating people? Very weak for 35 years in the lime-light I must say, rag doll weak, spine-less weak or perhaps red-herring weak).

Someone pasted the list of bills he has tried to get passed in the past.

Talk about a Don Quixotesqe list, but a cunning one. Easy to table a bill you know will not pass, no? 

Fractally speaking, a hard money advocate should have been all about actions (material) not words.

Not to mention his well paid family heavy staff and of course Aiyeeeee it's Randy the King of the switch as his prodigal son?

And most shocking of all for me, is how personally people take this. Williign to wish death upon someone because he/she dis-agrees with your choice of Hero?

That is what gets me. And makes me goad. All idolatory manias have ended badly. History is testament to that.


is that so hard to see? RP fanbois have been shafted. By him, the system, everything, but very much by him. 

And yet, this.

All good. and good luck all around.


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You are making shit up again to fit your narrative.


"Very weak for 35 years in the lime-light I must say, rag doll weak, spine-less weak or perhaps red-herring weak"

Please point out when in the 35 years Ron was in the lime-light, then please contrast that to the time spent educating the masses done by those that were in the lime-light during that period.


Andanotherfuckingthing "Fractally speaking, a hard money advocate should have been all about actions (material) not words."

Submitting bills to be voted on is action. So is educating people while in the lime-light...

You are a master of Sapir-Whorfism.

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Exactly. Masons are everywhere - no news there. Olympia Snow was a Rainbow Girl.

If you aren't part of something, you arent part of anything

Cathartes Aura's picture

Olympia Snow's rainbows are weather modified, together with her partner-in-crime, Kay Bailey Hutchison, with the blessing of David Rockefeller, all names familiar to anyone tracking "weather modification" bills this past decade. . .

U.S. Senate Bill 517 and U.S. House Bill 2995, a bill that would allow experimental weather modification by artificial methods and implement a national weather modification policy, does not include agriculture or public oversight, is on the “fast track” to be passed early in 2006.

This experimental weather modification bill will impact residents across the United States, not just in California. Many current and ongoing weather modification programs (47 listed by NOAA in 2005), including the one in Wyoming that is designed to increase the snowpack, may be diverting rainwater away from Oklahoma and Texas, two states that are currently fighting fires caused by a lack of rainfall. We have no idea what the unintended consequences of the Wyoming action or other experimental weather modification programs might be now or in the future.

In addition to the experimental weather modification programs listed by NOAA, there are both private and ongoing government sponsored atmospheric testing and heating programs underway in Alaska and across the United States. Alaska Senator Stevens recently received $50 million in funding for Alaska’s atmospheric heating program.

All of these unregulated, private, government, and public weather modification programs, may also have unintended synergistic effects. Senate Bill 517 does not address these issues but intends to implement more experimental weather modification programs without a national debate or public oversight.

Trimethyl Aluminum (TMA) and barium are just two of the toxic chemicals used in recent atmospheric heating and testing programs according to NASA. The Alaska H.A.A.R.P. atmospheric heating program may have the capability of changing the Jet Stream which could also change our weather.

post from January 2006, we're living "the future" now, Texas & Oklahoma are experiencing "exceptional"  droughts,  stories from Aug. 2012,


Thursday's U.S. Drought Monitor reports shows 38.86 percent of the state is experiencing exceptional drought, compared to 16.03 percent the previous week. In all, 100 percent of Oklahoma falls in the severe to exceptional drought categories.

Last year panhandle ranchers Phillip and Doris Smith suffered through the worst one-year drought in Texas history. A year later, they tell Malcolm Jones, it’s only gotten worse.

thank goodness that bill never passed, hmm. . .

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Ron Paul lost me when he denounced the 911 Truth movement. Guess that means some folks will call me a tinfoiler or whatever. Sorry. If you can't see that was an inside job or won't admit it, it's hard to get me to vote for you or care much. And though he's not a Freemason, lots of family members are.

On other matters perhaps more important than eating up RP's posturing, there's this:

and this:

The evil just keeps coming.

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No, Ron Paul is a 33rd-degree Masonic reptilian alien who farms humans for food underneath the Denver International Airport, and who sends mind-control beams, using the water-powered Annunaki device that he discovered in the ruins of Atlantis, to his many followers via their secret Ayn Rand decoder rings.

This is your chance to prove it. Tear my assertions apart.
This is what real research is all about.

Can't just dismiss it.

john39's picture

boy he sure stuck it to the FED, didn't he... oh wait....

SilverFish's picture


Lets rag on one of the few guys that at least tried to get something done with no support from the left or right.  At least the guys that got us trillions in debt were successful with their legislation, so we should hold those douche-bags in high regard for being able to "get things done" no matter how detrimental. Right?



john39's picture

The point is that Paul was controlled opposition all along.

jeff montanye's picture

if he was such controlled opposition why was and is his point of view basically absent from the main stream media?  one never sees any questioning of the likud party's position, the war on drugs, on "terrorism", the creeping, now jogging police state, the immorality and impracticality of the bankster bailouts....  

what would make it uncontrolled opposition?

i have no idea about the money and personalities the article linked above cites.  to me it comes down to the wisdom or not of the policy recommendations.  on the topics above, and others, ron paul, gary johnson and definitely not obama or romney seem right.

oh, and an interesting point about ayn rand:

nmewn's picture

Don't present Joshua Holland (of all people) as a source for anything.

jeff montanye's picture

oh come on.  the material isn't controversial as to its truth.  the guy below makes the appropriate points in opposition and in many ways i agree with him.  it's just kind of interesting to see the ambiguities in ayn rand, one whose take on the world (and, apparently, cigarettes) brooked very little.

nmewn's picture

I was picking up on the intertwining themes presented.

The larger point of the "controlled opposition" of individualist thought going on all around us, can you spot it here?

It there in most articles presented through the lens of the MSM, however sleight or veiled. Joshua, from his perspective, is just more blatant about it. For that he gets a single point for honesty ;-)

But it is as if, the idea of individual self sufficiency (and thereby less of a burden on the state and your neighbors) must be attacked from wherever it springs. Therefore, Rand must be shown as a hypocrite. To do so defeats the ideal proposed, or so the "progressive" thinking goes.

But to me it says more about the motives of those doing the attacking, than of the ideal itself that is being attacked.

jwoop66's picture

She probably knew cigarettes were bad for her, but still smoked them.   What's your point?  She was forced to pay in to the social security and medicare system- she might as well take a payout; even if she spoke of their disasterous consequences.   The problem is that they exist at all, not that those forced to pay for them use them eventually.  In fact the problem is if you are forced to pay for them, you absolutely will use them.

jwoop66's picture

oh, and fuck ron paul.  I voted for him in the primaries, but I think he is just another tool in someones box. 

SilverFish's picture

Ah, i get it!


FED guy #1 - "Man, this is awesome! We have ZERO opposition in the media, or any political figure that can get the word out about us! LOL"

FED guy #2 - "Hey!! Why dont we CREATE opposition to ourselves.... and control it!!"

FED guy #1 - "Uhhh, why would we want to do that?"

FED guy #2 - "I dunno, boredom?"





A Nanny Moose's picture

Controlled opposition to what? Either O'bamneybot, or Rombama winning?

Oh regional Indian's picture

Oh boy, you really need to get up to speed on 2 things that run our world...

a) Divide and Conquer

b) Hegalian Dialectic

Slowly, it will become clear. What is controlled, what is opposition, what are Rockher Fellas, what are dark agendas, what is geo-politics, who formed the ACLU? Who funded the Negro Rights movement.

Start yesterday or reality will hit you like a ton of bricks. I'm not being facetious at all. The stressors to the global fabric are clever fucks. And they've been at it for a long time.


Bay of Pigs's picture

30+ years of "controlled opposition"?

LOL. What kind of stupid asshole are you?

Oh regional Indian's picture

You really need to lengthen your time-horizons to start thinking like the PTB, BOP. 

30+ years is a drop in the time-bucket.

poof, it's gone and millions were fooled/duped/done!


Bay of Pigs's picture

Maybe, but some people need some perpective on his voting record.

Hatchet jobs dont cut it... 

Oh regional Indian's picture

Fair enough. But his voting record is like people writing in their names on the POTUS ballot.

He knows it will be a gesture, is all. A gesture that will win him the undying support of his followers.

Like Kucinich on the dem side. 

Red Herrings, both, I feel.


fuu's picture

Wait a minute. If someone tries to change something and fails they are a red herring?

RSloane's picture

You really need to stop using the phrase "you really need" as an opener.

Uncle Remus's picture

And here all along I thought I was having a problem with my alien implant...

KK Tipton's picture

"You just know that all the Paulbots and anarcho capitalists will shrug all this off as conspiracy theory crackpotery. I’ll bet a pot of gold on it."



TWSceptic's picture

You just know that all the Paulbots and anarcho capitalists will shrug all this off as conspiracy theory crackpotery.


"If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck." That article is laughable btw. 9/10 leftist author.

OneTinSoldier66's picture

"You just know that all the Paulbots and anarcho capitalists will shrug all this off as conspiracy theory crackpotery. I’ll bet a pot of gold on it."


And not one of those conspiracy theories has ever turned out to be anything other than just a theory, right? Especially the one that was going around for a while where Central Banks were going to globally co-ordinate the printing of money out of thin air(Global QE)!


That was just one of the many conspiracy theories that never came to pass that I am capable of discussing.



GFKjunior's picture

No we are just going meta-meta-meta on you.


If all opposition is bought then surely the "daily knell" is run by an anonymous blogger getting a paycheck from the illumanti...


Or you might be a paid troll..


Or I could be a paid troll... 

jwoop66's picture

ron paul is almost as dreamy and jesus-like as obama.    Even more dreamier and jesusier.  All politicians are the same except for ronpaul. He would have single handedly saved the republic.  He can't motivate much congressional support, but if he was president, HE would stop the rise in the oceans, cool off the planet and get repubs and dems to no longer be the same.  


Talk about fuckin sheeple...

Jack Napier's picture


Ron Paul has stated he is not a Freemason, and I take him at his word though maybe I shouldn't. I'm not interested in your trollery. I have done my research. Here is a link if you would like to do some as well.

KK Tipton's picture

Secret oaths are bad. The people who swear to them are worse.


His dad swore them. He allowed his wife and daughters to swear them?
But yet RP didn't swear any secret oaths?

Ultra fishy if you ask me.


Who thinks none of this matters?

"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which alienates the possessor from the community" - Carl Jung

Word. You'll never get a truly good society this way.

UGrev's picture

my father is a lot of things that I am not. What one's father has done matters only to a certain point. Look at Rand Paul. He's not exactly on the same level as Ron. You have a lot of evidence to find and present.. In other words.. "PICS or STFU".