After Starting Riots In Greece, Merkel Booed In Germany Next

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What does an iron chancellor have to do to be loved these days? After scrambling 7,000 members of the Greek police force out of an early prepaid retirement for her brief, still inexplicable 6 hour visit to Athens last Tuesday, which caused the now usual Syntagma square rioting, Merkel next took the stage in a rainy Stuttgart, in a show of support for the local mayor candidate Sebastian Turner, which promptly devolved into 14 minutes of continuous booing.

Watch below.


More pictures from the same rally, where people apparently were not too keen on WWIII:

Don't worry though - as was reported yesterday, despite violent protests everywhere that the heads of the European oligarchy go, the Nobel peach prize committee saw it fit to reward the continent, where the democratic process has been usurped in every country and replaced with banker imposed technocratic puppets, with this year's peace price. The reasoning, according to Thorbjørn Jagland, head of the Nobel committee, is that Europe shrugged off the euro's woes and said the EU had been a force for peace both after the second world war, binding Germany and France together, and following the bloody slaughter of the 1990s in the Balkans. Too bad Yugoslavia is neither part of the EU nor, of the Eurozone, but details. He added: "The main message is that we need to keep in mind what we have achieved on this continent, and not let the continent go into disintegration again." The collapse of the EU could lead to a resurgence of the "extremism and nationalism" that had led to so many "awful wars", he warned bluntly." Maybe he is referring to the surge of nationalism now seen in Greece, where the neo-nazi Golden Dawn is now the third most popular political power and rapidly rising, soon to be followed by like nationalistic "successes" in other countries, where secession referenda are next on the agenda.

The truth is that a vast majority of Europe's people now want the grand experiment, which merely enriches a small subset of participants while impoverishing everyone else, over and done with: it is this endless pursuit of power and money at all costs that starts wars - not whether Germany and France share a fake currency, that is the cause of the endless bloodshed in Europe. The only reason why wars not only in Europe, but in the world, were avoided for the past several decades, is due to the incursion of gloalbization which merely allowed the encumberance of every global assets with layers upon layers of additional debt, creating money in the process and keeping the oligarchy happy. But it is this oligarchic 'subset' that calls the shots, and the same subset is now realizing the ability to create debt out of thin air in Europe has now ended. And it will gladly take Europe to the edge of war if it means, well, "avoiding war", at least in the Nobel committee's naive version of the world, in the future.

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Eireann go Brach's picture

Hitlar is alive and well!

101 years and counting's picture

when ben is done committing genocide by starving 20% of the world's population, hitler will be remembered as a puppy dog in comparison.

Zero Govt's picture

give that man a Nobel for building autobhans

and give the EU a Nobel for backing losers (suicide socialists) 

it's important we "hold the EU together" no matter what it costs, it's the socialist way, being stupid to the bitter end

Fuck All Politicians

kaiserhoff's picture

Damn Germans.  Don't print their protest banners in English like those pleasant butt fuckers in Greece.

NoTTD's picture

"Hitlar"?  Is that the Norwegian version? ("Look! Hitlars is going ski yumping!")

Jake88's picture

is that the Irish spelling of Hitler

RSloane's picture

Man, talk about bad hair week. I'm glad the Nobel Prize committee gave her some cover for abetting the failed experiment.  

ebworthen's picture

Bullish for Deutschmarks!

Dre4dwolf's picture

She went to Greece on the anniversary of the day that Germany went in and stole all of greeces gold from the treasury, gold that was never paid back.


Germany paid war reparations to every country they invaded except greece, the nerve of this dike to show up on greek soil on the day the germans came in and pillaged greeces treasury in WW2.

Schools were shut down just so that they could provide escort to this german ugly thing with two legs.

Clashfan's picture

Ah, that comment gets an up arrow from me, Dread. This is for you.

Keep rockin'.

123dobryden's picture

must laugh, that was a very clever move to take that gold, from the country that periodicaly went bancrupt and cheated on her creditors several times, all the time some power  wad supporting them financialy because of their so called strategic  position, greek people are gypsies of europe, only know how to cry and complain and shift the guilt somewhere far away from them....been there several times, just ask any albanian in greece and he will tell you thay are cowards, maybe its because after that many  waves of emigration, whats left is of the lowest genetic quality, i duno, but for sure i know what young greeks are doing over winter, they masturbate all the time and are waiting for the first turnus of fatdrunkugly english whores to come....

Ar-Pharazôn's picture

popular propaganda.


they paid a lot for what they did in WWII.


forced labour and nice things like that.

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

Are the Germans waking up ?

Their wealth floods into the streets of London and what do they get ?

A Austerity queen.

Also The 6 1 thrashing of Ireland last night did not help much , maybe they really feel sorry for us now.

The Irish playstation generation that kicked around that round thingy did not know what to do with it.

The Irish twentysomethings of today are clearly better at playing with their fingers.

Time for Titus's picture

Seems like the Nobel Prize has become less of an award anymore and more of a preemptive move to get certain desired results. 

First, Obama, who had no chance to do anything yet, got the Nobel. (Please, Obama, Please be the dove you promised to be!) Now it's the EU. (Please don't erupt into 25 pieces as it looks like you might do!).


LawsofPhysics's picture

Big difference between the "Nobel Peace Price" and Nobel prizes awarded to those who spent their lives changing the dogma in scientific, engineering, or other areas of expertise.

Pretty clear that the peace prize has indeed become a political tool for the banksters (like so many other things).  Sad days indeed.

Christophe2's picture

Ya right.  Einstein is a good example of bogus, Zionist politics at work in the field of science.


Einstein stole all his ideas (eg: E=MC2 was published months before by another researcher, the same being true for the main parts of the bogus theory of relativity).  The electric universe makes sense, matches observational data and doesn't require 80% 'dark matter' (invisible, *undetectable* fudge that was invented to make Einstein's BS work), but debunking holy Einstein is not allowed, due to his importance to Zionist/Jewish propaganda.



LawsofPhysics's picture

Grow up, get out of the basement christopher and go experience the real world before it is too late.  

Don't like the reality you see? here's a novel concept for you; get off your ass and actually go do something about it.

It takes a shitload of capital and resources to advance any technology and the devil is in the details.  These details don't "magically" come to you dipshit, you need to actually go out into the world and be taught or shown how things work.  Grow the fuck up and try that for a change instead of spouting ignorant slogan-like propaganda bullshit, you just look stupid.  There are politics in every field, yes, but shit that doesn't work, doesn't work either way. Stupid fucking sheep.

Christophe2's picture

Nice job discussing straw-man arguments and calling me names.  I see NOTHING in what you said that brought facts to counter anything that I said. "Einstein Was Wrong - Falsifying Observational Evidence Presented 1 of 4" "Quasars: Why Einstein Was Wrong 1 of 6"

... (and many more you will find if you search for "Einstein Fraud")


I know full well how much work is involved in creating things (I am a computer programmer, software architect and CTO), and IMO one of the major problems of today is that everything is politicized and instrumentalized by large corporations and shadow government, hence I speak out against it, amongst other actions.  Your arguments are pure nonsense.

SWIFT 760's picture

LoP your comment is copy and paste, your repsonse could fit any topic. But then again zionist bootlicking doesnt take originality. Talk about sheep, how ironic. 

RSloane's picture

Yep you just showed us by your post that you live in a world of lies, PR, manipulation and BS. Thanks!

NoTTD's picture

It's amazing to me that you would bother critcizing the Jews when you have Germans right in front of you.

Jake88's picture

Thanks for the chuckles. You know the CIA can identify you. They scan this blog and they will bring you in for a mind control tune up.

SWIFT 760's picture

I keep telling people einstein got all the marketing. einsteinism is a scam for sure. 

Ar-Pharazôn's picture

the whole city of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are really happy to see the BS you wrote

azzhatter's picture

Nobel Peace Prize should go to Zerohedge for spreading the word

patb's picture

some peace prize winners are amazing types.

Some amazing types never get the peace prize.

Some undeserving types get the prize.


warchopper's picture

What are they chanting?


Zero Govt's picture

"No More German Money Until the Fat Lady Sings" ryhmes with Wise Up You Stupid Bitch ....not very well to be frank, probably lost in translation

NoTTD's picture

"No more German money unless we get to invade Poland!"

Cast Iron Skillet's picture

they were chanting "Baustopp jetzt!" (= "Stop Construction Now!") ... the video was from a group protesting against the mammoth pork-barrel train station project known as Stuttgart 21.

Ghordius's picture

+1 coupled with a request for a referendum and a new law on referenda.

Ghordius's picture

AND it's quite a bogus. Angie was talking and for 95% of the public she was audible, while all this noise was produced in the fringe by a smaller group and it's overloud. Shake the dog.

schadenfreude's picture

100% correct. It's a fake.


There is simply no alternative for Germans to vote against ESM and what it stands for. Germany is as bi-polar as US. Vote for the lesser of the evils becomes dull, when bi-polarity with equal minds on facts that matter comes to shove. Don't expect anything "unexpected" coming from Germany.

kaiserhoff's picture

Das ist nicht der sheeple;)

mayavision2012's picture

Must admit, it took real daring on her part to confront a mass of angry people with pointed umbrellas.

LULZBank's picture

Bitch is tough, she did'nt give in or up.

Funny... its the German populace saying "NEIN" to the mistress of Hotel Nein. LOL

zilverreiger's picture

Can anybody confirm the audio track is real?

LULZBank's picture

As real as the time when Putin got booed at the end of that boxing match,

chiswickcat's picture

As real as the time Romania's Ceausescu heard the final voices...

alien-IQ's picture

I think the signs on display more than validate the authenticity of the booing.

zilverreiger's picture

ok confirmed it's real due to multiple youtube sources

And stuttgart's past

caused the heaviest protests since DDR times

timbo_em's picture

It's real. Local media reported about that incident although they did not give the reason for that not so friendly welcome. Stuttgart is a very wealthy region and has always been a stronghold of euro sceptisism.

resurger's picture

Pawneeeeeeeed Bitch!

holdbuysell's picture

Coming to a country near's only a matter of time.

Good interview of Art Cashin at KWN on this topic of unrest, Weimar Germany, and others:


resurger's picture

There are 17 dislikes on the youtube Video.

Krugman is one for sure

TWSceptic's picture

I don't think the booing was louder than her speech, it's just closer to the cam mic.

Zero Govt's picture

you can tell when politicians are doing well, the Govt finances are a wreck, the economy is wrecked, bubbles have blown, unemployment cues are growing, there's rioting on the street, the country is on its knees but not a single banker has gone to jail, their bankrupt institutions are protected in cotton wool and bankers earnings/bonuses are still sky high

don't mind the carnage, job done