On China's Transition

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While we already know that 59-year-old (current Vice-President) Xi Jinping will become China's next President a mere two days after the US votes; the political and economic challenges he will face makes the appointment in the midst of structural upheaval a considerable 'unknown' for the many Western investors trying to decipher the CCP/PBoC's next steps (fiscally or monetarily). Stratfor's Colin Chapman and Rodger Baker succinctly discuss what we know about Xi Jinping and what the implications are for faster reform as the nation faces the end of the current economic model. Everything you wanted to (and need to) know about China's transition but were too tired to read.


and Via Barclays: The Politburo Standing Committee candidates:

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I'm just glad the Snorg Tee's cameltoe girl is back!

Who cares about China anyway?

<sarc off>

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... better analysis - PETER SCHIFF on China vs US economies:



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double tap. curse you slow server day

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No Sarc frankly I'm sick of China and their poisonous products not to mention the UNFAIR trade agreements and our hypocritical leaders who supposedly stand for human rights but conveniently over look the fact that they have State Sponsored Capitalism and NO HUMAN RIGHTS.


China v. the US: 'Free Trade Is Only for Friends'


This Is "Free Trade"


Pig feces are used to feed the fish you eat that are imported from China, and this is approved and allowed for US human consumption.

At Chen Qiang’s tilapia farm in Yangjiang city in China’s Guangdong province, which borders Hong KongChen feeds fish partly with feces from hundreds of pigs and geese. That practice is dangerous for American consumers, says Michael Doyle, director of the University of Georgia’s Center for Food Safety.

“The manure the Chinese use to feed fish is frequently contaminated with microbes like salmonella,” says Doyle, who has studied foodborne diseases in China.

On a sweltering, overcast day in August, the smell of excrement is overpowering. After seeing dead fish on the surface, Chen, 45, wades barefoot into his murky pond to open a pipe that adds fresh water from a nearby canal. Exporters buy his fish to sell to U.S. companies.

Isn't that nice?

This is what "globalism" has brought us.  And why do they use pig shit for fish food? 

Because it's cheaper, just like it's cheaper to force college students to work as interns under penalty of being kicked out of school, and it's cheaper to poison the people with toxic manufacturing waste rather than recycle or otherwise properly neutralize and dispose of the effluent that goes into all those nice products you want for 50 cents less.

We're no longer just countenancing slavery and environmental destruction in the name of "globalism" and "free trade", violating every bit of any alleged "non-aggression principle" and literally supporting child labor, poisoning of people and enslavement, now we're eating pig shit that some fish has processed -- sold to us without our knowledge.

And people still wonder why I refuse to sign on to the so-called "free trade" bandwagon?



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Human rights?

US prison population: 2.4 million

US total population: 300 million


China prison population: 1.5 million

China total population: 1,400 million


In fact, 2.4 million behind bars is the world record.

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Human Rights?

 “U.S. Human Rights Record in 2009 ”, Voltaire Network, 22 March 2010, www.voltairenet.org/article164561.html


Its a VERY long list, and of course incomplete but you might get the idea...




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So... move towards sustainable internal development.

Maintain a hand on outside of the world and protect supply lines.

Internal social dissent, internal elites power struggle.


Prison rules: Need to make someone outside of China their bitch to show their military and FP is effective.


(Basically do what the US, UK, etc all world empires have done in the past to "attract" resources and attract human + physical capital)

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Don’t worry, Xi Jinping has become another Biden Gaffe


Hate to beat a dead horse, just look at the peeps in the background. Make your connections.

When China Met Africa: Lusaka Airport


VPs gather biz leaders, urge cooperation


Psst, do you remember that new cash infusion into someone’s campaign fund? Cough, sneezes, cough.... pardon me.

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In one way the Communists have been more honest with the leadership being a 'Standing Committee of the Politburo' - Nine individuals in recent past years, so Chinese simply call them 'The Nine'

An up-front oligarchy, instead of having a show 'President' who is just a servant-boy of 'The Families' ...

That is the reason Obama looks so tired now, he's tired of playing da game as fake 'President' ... Romney is excited because he hasn't yet felt what a prison and trap it is

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Rules for Radicals

bank guy in Brussels, did your bank stress test fail, discovered IMF cannot leverage your interest payment loan or did your retirement age reach 85? Which is it?



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Asked if he would like to sit in the White House again, ex-president Bill Clinton said no because: "When you get into office, you find that most of the decisions have been taken for you."

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Transition, my ass. The Chinese are what they have always been, and always will be.

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Yup murdering Commies

In a new 85-page report, Standing Their Ground, Amnesty International highlights how forced evictions - a longstanding cause of discontent within China - have increased significantly in the past two years in order to clear the way for developments.

Local governments have borrowed huge sums from state banks to finance stimulus projects and now rely on land sales to cover the payments. 

This has resulted in deaths, beatings, harassment and imprisonment of residents who have been forced from their homes across the country in both rural and urban areas. 

Some were in such despair they set themselves on fire in drastic protests of last resort.  

However, China’s ruling Communist Party continues to promote local officials who deliver economic growth, regardless as to how it is achieved. Land re-development, at whatever cost – whether for new roads, factories or residential complexes – is seen as the most direct path to visible results.   

Of 40 forced evictions that Amnesty International examined in detail as part of the research, nine culminated in the deaths of people protesting or resisting eviction.

In one case a 70-year-old woman, Wang Cuiyan, was buried alive by an excavator on 3 March 2010 when a crew of about 30 to 40 workers came to demolish her house in Wuhan city, Hubei Province.  

Local officials continue to sanction or turn a blind eye to the harassment of residents by developers using ruthless tactics to force people out of their homes and sell their rights to land-use.

Proper consultation or notice as required under international law as well as adequate alternative housing are seldom given and any compensation falls far short of the true market value. 

Residents come under concerted campaigns including the cutting off of essential services like water and heating. Civil servants who oppose land deals often face reprisals. 

Local governments and property developers frequently hire thugs wielding steel rods and knives to rough up residents. Housing rights activists, lawyers and academics in China confirmed Amnesty International’s finding that the police hardly ever investigate such crimes.

One violent example occurred on 18 April 2011 when a few hundred men entered Lichang village in Jiangsu Province and attacked farmers to force them off their land. About 20 women from the village were dragged away and beaten. 

On 15 June 2011, police in Wenchang city, Sichuan province even took custody of a 20-month old baby and refused to return him until his mother signed an eviction order. 

People who stage resistance to forced evictions often end up in jail or in Re-education Through Labour (RTL) Centres.   

more http://www.amnesty.org/en/news/china-rise-forced-evictions-fuelling-discontent-2012-10-11

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What you fail to understand is that, like any other nation, If your own countrymen are to suffer it is better they suffer from within than from some foreigners e.g. Iraq, Afghanistan as recent examples.  The CPC does not really need to try too hard to stir up nationalism of China. 

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Xi is a hawk. So prepare yourselves.

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Really? Xi looks like a big printer to me. He's got this liberal Chinese Kruschev feel about him.

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They pay people for analysis like that?

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Long term.

We, in the west think in terms of the kids leaving home and where the money is coming from for their higher education.

The Chinese think in terms of generations, of where and how to provide education for their grandchildren and their childrens, children.

Look for slow, deliberate decisions from the Chinese leadership on decisions of import. They will not jump without thoughly discussing the issue at hand.

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 Time to start a new "Bobble Head" collection!

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2 new leaders with in days???   Kind of like Hitler and Roosevelt???


Oh no I di-int!

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Bummer. Dude just said China made a fool of itself because of the islands and that it doesn't have the military might to back up its talk.

Not good. The one thing worse than a dictator making the decisions of a country is a group of 1000 or more making the decision.

We have a one party system in the US but at least it is run by foreigners.

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Now if the Chinese were really smart they would have asked Ron Paul to take on the leadership. That would have been a real wake up call for Americans.

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It will be on Xi's watch that China declares it has 10,000 tonne of Gold.

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In fact, not only China is actively buying gold on international markets, but they also are among the biggest producers.

I bet that a substantial quote of China production directly goes to the state's vaults.

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Nearly impossible to know how much gold China possesses. Sun Tzu's Art of War. 

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Stratfor tends to look down their nose in their approach to world affairs.

We need to see more commentary about change in the interrelationship between the world's largest debtor AND the world's largest creditor.

It raises some very hot potatoes.