Forget 666; 808 Is The Number Of This Market's Beast

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Presented with little comment, except to say - it seems, as Boaz at EminiAddict points out, that the S&P 500 likes to travel around 808 points from swing low to swing high. Extending the analog suggests a drop to 565 on the S&P 500 by mid-2014.



and using EminiAddict's channel projection... suggests a 565 swing low to come...


(h/t @eminiaddict)

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666 or 6666...OR .000000666


In one generation we put 16X more debt upon our children than all previous generations combined. We refused to do this in the Great Depression and why we had food lines back then but 50 million people on food stamps today. We are collectively milking off our kids to maintain the current failed industrial model that was once based on capital and production...but now merely debt.
Our debt based system is bankrupt but we deem it too big to we collectively screw our kids and the next generation so we adults can maintain our perception of wealth/control. Yes the 1% benefit disproportionately from this immoral fraud...but we all do to one degree or another as it has become our system....a system I call Financial Pedophilia as 50% of the kids in America and Europe can't find jobs and most adults don't give a damn.....even though it is their money we are borrowing and the money they are going to have to pay back...since we don't have the means anymore.
$16 trillion we borrowed is WE THE PEOPLE's money....and the $16 Trillion is WE THE PEOPLE's is the money in our savings accounts, it is the money in our retirement accounts.....our money market funds......the cash in our corporations......yet few of us want to take responsibility for the debt that we all benefit from...
And now the over $1 trillion we are borrowing year after year is the cash flow to our nation.....the cash flow to our stocks.....the cash flow to our bonds......multiplying from the welfare the the the retailer..........back to the is what drives tax receipts....and payments to the elderly.....and payments to our health care system.....and our increasingly large military......
We have become addicted to debt and we are now milking our kids to remain in an Udder World....a world where we milk each other since few of us produce what we consume anymore......but few really care or understand since this is a systemic issue in a world of individual thinkers. All we care about is ourselves even though our system has failed. Shame on us....ALL OF US!!!

We can change the Udder World and advance from needing to milk off each other for production to increasingly milk off technology...otherwise, we should be preparing to fight each other for control in the world we bankrupted.

Right now, IBM Watson and HFT algos can out trade, out think, and out analyze every financial professional on earth.....eMail has already made the post office unsustainable and obsolete as we head into the

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...So, what's your point?

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The Golden Rule....

We now owe all of our wealth to the system that bailed us out with the next generation's money.  A system that we depend on for our survival....and without it we would all be broke.

The system is now broke.....and our wealth is SYSTEMIC debt, and derivatives of debt, that is now bankrupt and can't be repaid without fraudulently borrowing against the next generation or manipulating other fraud.

It's time to forgive all debt and start over since debt....and the proceeds that spawn from it is fraudulently based and thus illusory in nature....

only then can we avoid the inevitable fight of all of us trying to control each other in a bankrupt world.

And factoring a population of 7 billion...I am unaware of any gun or magazine large enough that is capable of effectively dealing with this situation.

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There is functionally no more retail in the market to flush out as in prior patterns so the idea is that a collapse is going to be egineered to pass the dough from the prefessional investors including hedge funds to the banks.  I would be surprised if the powers that be are so out of it that they bielieve they can pull that off without serious social reprecutions.  I am sure the Fed is well aware fo the danger and my guess would be trying to prevent or mitigate the impending pattern.       

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Fiscal cliff. Weak earnings season...QE3 hangover. Give me a good reason not to expect 666?

Marc Faber says the market is setting up for a serious setback...

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So I guess this now means that that little '' dweeb is really gonna rake in the semolians... 

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Naw, he had to "come out of retirement" years ago.

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"It's time to forgive all debt and start over since debt...."

And this will be done, how?  And without violence?  The 'reset', whatever form it takes, needs to end with a system of non-debt based money - or we'll end up in the same hole with the same 'powers that be' plaguing all of the rest of us. (or something like this.)

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The solution is to advance the system to SUSTAINABLE technological production. 

We need money to control people and people's production.  It's not money we want, but the production it controls.  Technology doesn't require payment to produce...neither do our pets.... simply a little food or electricty. doesn't give a damn if ten people learn or ten million's free for all.  Same with eMail......  Further, as we move the game of life from a board game to a video game....we can consume essentially unlimited amounts of goods and services without consuming resources or creating waste.  Digital goods and services take on the economic qualities of air....with unlimited supply and essentially no, or very limited human input, AND it can be free for all.

Of course, somethings can't be digitized...but can be produced technologically such as food, clothing, and shelther.  I have identified some of the early technology on

And being one of the most competitive persons I know....we humans must compete, we like to compete.....and we will still compete.  But we can and will do it in a new pyramid where we can move more up the ladder and do it in a way that doesn't require screwing others.

The evolution of man has simply been advancing from one pyramid scheme to another.....advancing from the Industrial Age to the Knowledge Age will simply be our biggest advancement yet.   But like all changes in history, whether monarchy to democracy, agriculture to industrial,  or slavery to freedom.....the change is met with resistance by those that didn't want to relinquish control in a failed/obsolete system.

This one is no different as evidenced by all the fraud around us....

The first step to avoiding violence is understanding and acceptance.....and until we accept we are ALL participants in this pedophile SYSTEM, then you are right, violence is the likely outcome.  But if we do understand and accept, it is amazing what people will do when given hope and opportunity for a better system.  Heck, some will drink poison if they think it will cure cancer....we call it chemotherapy.  Is it really any different than calling counterfeiting Quantatative Easing? 

We are strange animals indeed when you give us hope.....and sometimes, that hope actually comes true.  We all milk off this system...we better start caring soon or there may be no system to milk off.

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To bad it will not happen in our lifetimes. The few that played the game and made sure they won by collecting the most seashells (dollars) will not accept a rest because that means they will become equalto us and that is not acceptable to them.

Snoopy the Economist's picture

...will not accept a reset because...

fixed typo

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Perhaps.   And then Malala Yousufzai brings us all back down to earth.

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Simple just reset the debt to what ist worth....  ZERO all of it.  Then lets restart.

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I guess that was the whole premise of fight club right? There was a line in there from Brad Pitt but I forget what he said.

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Don't worry so much.  Money and debt are really just social conventions, not immutable laws of the universe.  As society and teh world changes, so will debt and money.


Get off the computer and take a walk.  Drink a beer with a buddy and talk about something besides the economy.  It will all work out whether you worry about it or not.

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I hear you spinone. It's good advice and I try to remember the 2nd part of what you said. As for the first part, sorry man, I am a worrier. Especially on that topic. For me there is a lot more to it than just general interest.

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Here's my point....Until Benny and the Feds (and all the other printers in the world) stop printing, It's all Bullshit!!!!

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HFT algos cannot out trade my gold tungsten bars...

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SP will fall below 800 well before 2014.

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ZH just let the cat out of the bag.  The Algos will now be re programed to not let this happen.  All hail Ben Shalom

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Less scary than 666

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History may rhyme but pattern seeking mammals always seem to find a way to make it repeat... on paper.

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808? Must be some kind of Hawaiian revenge plot. Hit 'em where it hurts braddah.

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I was thinking the same.....perhaps they want independence & return to a sovereign country like before annexation by the US gubmin.


Aloha & Mahalo!


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Darn,i was hoping for another number today,something close to 69?

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And you're looking here?!

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Ben pump not over till 2015.....

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Good point. The Dow looks like it's being propper up, but momentum has run dry it seems, so we may (should) see a sell-off after elections. I don't see the DOW going higher than 14000, though. 

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TSX has a similar pattern, too. It might have a minor run in the next three weeks, but once it breaks below 12,000, make sure your money is out of the market. Gold and silver look like they're going to take a hit, too, which will serve as a great buying opportunity. The next twelve months will not be fun for most. 

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I wouldn't bet on it, gold should go up in the next months, inflation should benefit the TSX.

Hanuman Capital's picture

I agree from a fundamental perspective but from a technical perspective I do see a short term dip in gold (but within the current trading band). My intermediate and long term indicators show a bottom in momentum, which supports your assertion. 


Hanuman Capital's picture

Gold is now down to 1700 support and the TSX got slammed as expected. 

Hanuman Capital's picture

And thankfully I did bet on it. I trust my ability to read a market. 

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I think everything is going to be more extreme this time. A higher high and a lower low (ie epic crash). History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme..

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the guy comes on tv and says he's going to pump in $80b a month in the market....565 swing low...really???!! and WHY???!!!

fonzannoon's picture

i agree with you, 80 bil a month should push it higher. japan says differently though.

razorthin's picture

So you think you know how Ben and his boys are betting personally? ;)

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Fonz you know my thoughts. There is no way 85 billion a month takes the market higher. At best it maintains this level for a while but it will head lower. And you're right Japan is our model. My target for the collapse has always been S&P 400, because that's where we were when the great leveraging up began. But at the very least 666 needs to be tested , it was set at the low but never retested.

fonzannoon's picture

two things doc. first, in principle i agre with u. 85 bil does not take it higher. i think we may be done. in theory i say it should, just because...85 Billion...holy crap that is a staggering number. The thing about S&P 600 or 400...if we get there it's not like the debt is gone right? we still have the debt and are piss broke to boot. Until you clear the debt and entitlements and send a lot of people to jail we are stuck imo.. 

Doc if it is Japan for us then the bond market stays in tact and the currency stays strong though right? Or do we get the Japanese Stock market with a side of greece bond market?

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Difference between the yen and dollar is people buy the stuff they really need in dollars, so dollar printing turns into commodity inflation world wide, the US exports it's inflation. Yen printing doesn't.

Japan gets deflation, the US gets stagflation.

fonzannoon's picture

Good point about the dollar, but that will be changing over time, no? Especially when we punt everything in a few months.

css1971's picture

It always takes longer than you think.

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Japan is a misleading example. Japan had the luck to be the first one in crisis when the rest of the world was booming.


Now, nobody is booming. Everybody is shitting.

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The robots have to take profits from pension funds and day traders at some point.

Sometimes it's a day or two correction, other times it's a months long downdraft as they sell into weakness and those muppets who see the dip as "a buy" take the losing position.

The robots are always in front, just remember that.