German Self-Immolates In Front Of Reichstag

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When the topic of public suicides in Europe comes to mind, the natural instinct in the past several years has been to immediately think Greece, which has not only seen its suicide rate explode due to the never-ending economic depression, but witnessed a variety of activists take their lives in hopes, so far unmet, of enacting some form of political and social upheaval. Which is why it comes as a major surprise that the latest public self-immolation just took place not in Syntagma Square but in front of the German Reichstag.

From DPA via the Berliner Kurier:

Hundreds of tourists and Berliners on Saturday became eyewitnesses to a spectacular suicide in front of the Reichstag building.


A 32-year-old Berliner stabbed himself in the chest according to police at noon at the main entrance of the Reichstag. He then doused himself with a flammable liquid and set fire to himself. Passersby alerted the police and rescue workers. They tried in vain to resuscitate the man. He succumbed to his injuries on site yet.

Naturally the last thing Germany needs is a political suicide at a time when Angela Merkel is being booed not only in Athens but in Stuttgart, which is why the immedaite explanation was one of "personal reasons."

A political motive of his act precluded the police. In the 32-year-old a suicide note was found. The reason for the suicide lies in the personal area, it said.


Shortly before the time of the crime around 500 supporters of wind energy lobby between the Chancellery and the Reichstag building had been demonstrating.

A suicide in front of the political symbol of the nation, one which involves self-immolation, for personal reasons? Interesting. Hopefully other Germans don't get any ideas and start expressing their terminal heartbreak by burning down not only themselves in the immediate vicinity of the Reichstag but the proximal building too: because the last thing the Reichstag needs is to burn down. Again. For personal reasons or otherwise.

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Captain Kink's picture

What does that mean?  Serously.  I don't get who it is you mean that needs to be "got".  Killed?  Who?  Dimon?  Blankfein?  The mortgage officer?  The Tellers? Everyone in between?  Grow the F up and/or get some therapy.  

LULZBank's picture

Nopes, sorry cant happen in Europe esp in advanced western Europe.

Must be some immigrant or something.

Pairadimes's picture

Did that Nobel Peace Prize come with a fire extinguisher?

andrewp111's picture

Fire Extinguishers are useless in a burning building with no exits. If the fire does not kill you, the gases will.

AnAnonymous's picture

As 'americans' say, a personal tragedy. Usual wording to depict this move when it happens in 'american' nations.

Put the same move in some arabic countries, Tibet, and suddenly, it all becomes a political statement.

Welcome to the 'american' world.

bank guy in Brussels's picture

What these poor people killing themselves do not realise, is that the suicides that become 'big' in the media, are that way because they were media-managed into being that way.

The Tunisian suicide became big with the CIA, the Muslim Brotherhood and other large temporarily allied forces making a gigantic campaign via Facebook and Twitter, because it suited them.

Meanwhile, the guy who set himself on fire and died in front of a US courthouse a few months back, or Joe Stack, who flew his small plane into a US government office building, 11-September-style, or these recent suicides in Europe or elsewhere in the world ... their stories are getting marginalised and buried along with the victim's own funeral

Lacking a pre-packaged 'social media' or similar campaign, people die with few remembering them for very long

Four decades ago, the radical black American singer-poet Gil Scott-Heron told us that when the real Revolution comes,

« The Revolution Will Not Be Televised »


Schmuck Raker's picture

AnA, I sometimes find your Chinajisms a little confucing....

Do you mean to say, "Americans, welcome to the real world."?


squexx's picture

If only we could train members of the Satanic Tribe to do that! :)

alstry's picture

When money is simply debt and debt is now a world where few of us produce what we consume and we are all dependent on others' production for our can become very interesting when the world is bankrupt........

when life is essentially nothing more than each of us trying to milk each other in a bankrupt system, you know it's a

giggler123's picture

People with Latent inhibition go first, such is life.

LULZBank's picture


A political motive of his act precluded the police. In the 32-year-old a suicide note was found. The reason for the suicide lies in the personal area, it said.

I like people who leave suicide notes behind to explain their actions. Europeans do it for "personal reasons," Arabs do it "taking full responsibility and doing it for the religion," Chinese do it for "freedom from the opressive govt" etc..

Life is so simple when you are MSM.

SafelyGraze's picture

the pre-crime police will have to take out any prospective suicidists within sight of any government building.

for your own security, please continue right-thinking, friend.

css1971's picture

Almost like people are just things to be used for political ends.

walcott's picture

any live video feed, or a dead video feed on this?

valkir's picture

Reichstag is not only German national simbol.Fake burning it,Hitler came to power,acusing for that bulgarian George Dimitrov.Tyler/aka Dani Ivandjiiski/az sam gord che sam balgarin.

Cursive's picture

Sad.  May he rest in peace.  We're pretty early in this new millenium TPTB financial repression, just think what it will be like in another 3 to 5 years.

Dr Paul Krugman's picture

Plain and simple:

Austerity doesn't work.

Dr. Engali's picture

No, the transferring of wealth from one country to another is what doesn't work. When a strong economy like Germany takes on the liabilities of the weaker economies, everybody gets a little poorer each day.

LetThemEatRand's picture

People keep saying this, yet the wealthy keep getting wealthier.  A cynic would think it was intentional and has nothing to do with "transerring of wealth from one country to another."  More like transfering of wealth from several countries to a few individuals.

zhandax's picture

Plain and simple: Paul Krugman doesn't work.  In either usage of the word.

Captain Kink's picture

Peterfy's commercial brings this home beautifully.    I will open an account with IB as a result.  Borrow a cool Mill at 1.3% with 200k in your account. Lever up for the big show, boys!

LongSoupLine's picture

what fucking austerity are you speaking of?  They talk about it, yet don't implement it.

bank guy in Brussels's picture

It's the more important kind of 'austerity' - i.e., savage cuts to small pensions or minimal social benefits needed for poor and working class people to meet their daily needs, with the money transferred to banksters

It's not the 'technical' Tyler Durden austerity - i.e., smaller government or overall debt loads, given that overall debt is increased to pay the banksters, as well as transferring incomes from the poor to the rich

Am actually surprised ZeroHedge is insisting on the 'specialist' definition of austerity as overall de-leveraging, instead of the popular, human use of the word 'austerity' to denote what is spilling blood in the streets - It's a bit deceptive - We should defer to language that common people are using to describe what is murdering them

Totentänzerlied's picture

Show me this savage austerity in the welfare capital of the world, Europe. I'm waiting. The sooner the real austerity begins, the sooner the plebs get real angry and the socialist people's revolution of Europe as prophesied by Marx can begin, only a century late. And the sooner that happens, the sooner Euro-peons get to see firsthand just precisely and exactly how and why they were and are wrong - and have been for the past ~2000 years. If you're a fan of the genocidal French Revolution, you're gonna love this.

resurger's picture

"Austerity doesn't work"

Albert Einstein is second to you! Thanks for telling us what we know douche!

Dr. Engali's picture

Even the real Paul Krugman , as off base as he is on economic matters,is smart enough to know that Germany isn't implementing any austerity measures. So move along troll.

Dr Paul Krugman's picture

Yes, the Bank Heads (Jens Weidmann/Axel Weber) are always telling the State to use easy monetary policy instead of maintaining tight controls.

-With Sarcasm

Are you on any circuit?  Do you debate European economists?  No, you don't.  I do.  I am in the middle of the fight to rectify the economies of the world and scoundrels like you try and make up stories that bankers and economists who want to strangle what hope we have left are not doing so.  Germany has left Europe for dead.  Why do you think Greeks met Merkle with riots? 

Please, excuse me and get out of my way.

Dr. Engali's picture

You're almost as funny as MillionDollarBonus, If I didn't know better I'd swear you were one in the same. Nice attempt at sidestepping the charge.
Here is a defenition for you:


An official action taken by a government in order to reduce the amount of money that it spends or the amount that people spend.

Again I say... Where is the German government implementing austerity? I'll answer that for you.. They aren't. The real Paul Krugman would know that.

The Shootist's picture

I'm gonna go drop a Krug off in the pot.

Zero Govt's picture

Dr Krugman  -  economists and bankers are to saving the economy what Hitler was to childcare in Poland and Russia

Bernanke, King and Draghi claim they want a "return to normalacy" but how can you throwing money at losers, and rotten ones at that. 

It's good money after bad, their 'cures' are worse than the disease. If you're in a (debt) hole stop digging should shut the fuk up and retire before you get a pithfork up your worthless meddling arse

DaveyJones's picture

"Germany has left Europe for dead" 

Yes, it's all Germany's fault. How exactly does that work?

Captain Kink's picture

Germany should exit the EU .  (Read "The Tragedy of the Euro")


GERexit.  They will not go Joint-and-Several with the likes of the club med. Discrete amounts have been doable and done to create greater separation in the end game.  There will be no fighting war in Europe.  It is purely economic.  We should take note.

Jam Akin's picture

C'mon y'all, most of us don't have to deal with all of the confusing complex arcane academic minutia that Dr K here does. All of we lesser mortals cannot conceive of the magnotude of the burden such a load (of shit) imposes.

It's the responsible people of Germany who don't want to be raped to support their shiftless southern neighbors that are demanding what you're calling "austerity" you stupid asshole.

BTW still love the 'do Davey

OldPhart's picture

On the off-chance that you are the real Dr 'Economic Death' Krugman, there are people around you that know where you live, what you do, where you go, when you get home, how you spend your free time.

When the shit drops, I'm looking for each of them; then for you.

honestann's picture

You don't debate, you lie.

It is you who should get out of our way, authoritarian scum.

jackinrichmond's picture

maybe that's true, but you can't print your way to prosperity either.

has there ever been an example in history where a government was able to fix a solvency issue with liquidity ?

venturen's picture

So you print more? Can you point out the successes in history where they printed there way out?

NoTTD's picture

If there is one thing history has shown us it is that once Germans begin burning things it is hard to make them stop.

shovelhead's picture

Must have been one sauerkraut...

Azannoth's picture

Such a terrible waste ;( if you are going to sacrifice your life make it count, like Anders Breivik did(yes I know he killed mostly bystanders) but his act will not be forgotten or easily dismissed as being for "personal reasons"

Self immolation might be effective in a dictatorship where 90% of people are just waiting to start a Revolution but is ineffective in a "democracy" where 90% of the people think/or want to think that they are anything more than cattle to the rulers.

AUD's picture

Anders Breivik didn't sacrifice his life. The dumb bastard blew away a bunch of Norwegian teenagers, few of whom were even immigrants. The police certainly should have gunned him down though.

zilverreiger's picture

These german newsitems tonight are lightly suggestive

Desperates burn themselves all the time, and stuttgart was in part about building project riots from 2010

Theres a slight awakening to EU matters too though in germany, since the past months, since the stalling economy.

honestann's picture

This is interesting, and certainly supports our impressions that mainstream medias are utterly captured by the predators-that-be in every country.

What I mean is this.  Normal Germans are prevented from knowing what's going on in Germany.  Normal Americans are prevented from knowing what's going on in America.  And so forth.  Thus every normal human being is prevented from knowing what's going on where they live.  I expect Americans are more clueless than people in most parts of the world in this respect, partly because historically they had a mostly self-sufficient economy.

People certainly need to awake, though I still suspect they won't.  I also suspect it is already too late for them to do anything about it in most ways.

g3h's picture

Like the Tunisia who started the Arab Spring?

Interesting to watch.  Even Fun you recall Bernanke started all the Arab Spring himself.

Azannoth's picture

Don't get your hopes up even if it does make some people stop and think nothing violent will happen in Germany, people here are way too "up tight" to revolt against much of anything

when the government says "jump" they just ask "how high?" this will get scrubbed off off news-feeds by tomorrow morning anyway

littleguy's picture

3 Words : Nobel Peace Prize

Jam Akin's picture

When will the US experience its next Reichstag fire?

mvsjcl's picture

After we've run out of "Pearl Harbors."