German Self-Immolates In Front Of Reichstag

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When the topic of public suicides in Europe comes to mind, the natural instinct in the past several years has been to immediately think Greece, which has not only seen its suicide rate explode due to the never-ending economic depression, but witnessed a variety of activists take their lives in hopes, so far unmet, of enacting some form of political and social upheaval. Which is why it comes as a major surprise that the latest public self-immolation just took place not in Syntagma Square but in front of the German Reichstag.

From DPA via the Berliner Kurier:

Hundreds of tourists and Berliners on Saturday became eyewitnesses to a spectacular suicide in front of the Reichstag building.


A 32-year-old Berliner stabbed himself in the chest according to police at noon at the main entrance of the Reichstag. He then doused himself with a flammable liquid and set fire to himself. Passersby alerted the police and rescue workers. They tried in vain to resuscitate the man. He succumbed to his injuries on site yet.

Naturally the last thing Germany needs is a political suicide at a time when Angela Merkel is being booed not only in Athens but in Stuttgart, which is why the immedaite explanation was one of "personal reasons."

A political motive of his act precluded the police. In the 32-year-old a suicide note was found. The reason for the suicide lies in the personal area, it said.


Shortly before the time of the crime around 500 supporters of wind energy lobby between the Chancellery and the Reichstag building had been demonstrating.

A suicide in front of the political symbol of the nation, one which involves self-immolation, for personal reasons? Interesting. Hopefully other Germans don't get any ideas and start expressing their terminal heartbreak by burning down not only themselves in the immediate vicinity of the Reichstag but the proximal building too: because the last thing the Reichstag needs is to burn down. Again. For personal reasons or otherwise.

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Babylon 5 - Are you willing...

1m “But you’re not just a dreamer, you’re a soldier. How far are you prepared to go ? How much are you prepared to risk ? How many people are you prepared to sacrifice for victory ? Are you willing to die friendless and alone, deserted by everyone ? Because that’s what may be required of you in the war that is to come ?”

1m50s “Enough. Your quarrel is with me. You sent to investigate me. Let him go. If you want to take someone then take me.”

2m25s “You would trade your life for his ? I thought you had a destiny ? Is that destiny not worth one life ?”

“If I fall, another will take my place, and another, and another.”

“But your great cause ?”

“This is my cause. Life. One life or a billion, it’s all the same.”

“Then you make the sacrifice willingly ?”


“No fame, no armies or banners or cities to celebrate your name ? You will die alone and unremarked and forgotten.”

“This body is only a shell. You cannot touch me. You cannot harm me. I’m not afraid.”

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My sympathies go out to this young man and his family.

However, should the next potential person who plans on doing something similar could I please urge you not to do such an act.  While undoubtably brave, the best the thing you could do in a situation like this is try and take some of the PTB with you.  If you are intent on taking your life, at least take some of the bastards responsible for this mess with you.

The expenential force this would create is un-calcuable, you could infact raise the populations awareness to your self-less act and fire the collective immagination of a whole continent.

Please dont die in vain, you didnt cause this.

Once more, my heart is with this young man and his family.  A waste of life for the wastes of life and skin who implement conditions what cause young men to take such drastic actions as this.  Rest in peace mate.

Edit: exponential^^^


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"If you are intent on taking your life, at least take some of the bastards responsible for this mess with you."

I couldn't agree more.

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I have spoke with a few mates and associates about this.  If we go down on a bomb of unpayable debt, some of the bastards who caused this go before we do.

Life is like a carousel, because what goes around, comes around.  Not everyone you meet is mystefied by the banksters bollocks.  I wish I could create money out of thin air, and stop young men like this lad in Germany from taking such terrible actions.

These fuckers who cause this are tumours on mankind.  They need eradicated just as you would a lump on your arm.

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I disagree. First, "some of TPTB" needs to be defined. When suggesting suicide/murder, you might want to be a bit more specific. 


Incidentally, you just advocated all actions you claim to despise when carried out by the "PTB". Arbitrary justice and use of deadly violence.


No, friend. As saddening as any suicide is, let alone one as horrific as this, please make it a single.

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This is why people need to understand that humans come in two (or three) forms.  I call them "predators", "parasites" and "producers".  Humans have a long history of accepting the act of killing predators when they enter human settlements or interfere with humans and their productive activities (crops, animals, etc).  And [virtually] nobody has every advocated arresting and giving trials to predators when they wander into your property or home, much less start destroying your crops, animals or family.  And this has included human predators.

Well, the fact is, by their nature and actions, predators deserve no arrest and trial.  Once you know an animal is a predator (has or is acting like a predator), you are fully justified in capturing and/or killing the predator --- at your discretion.  No arrest, no reading their rights, no trial, just cages or bullets between their eyes.

What people need to understand is this.  Human predators are the most dangerous predators by far.  They have, in fact, taken control of every large fictitious entity on earth, every fictitious "government", every fictitious "central bank", every fictitious "large [connected] corporation", every influential "organization".  They are more dangerous than all the other predators on this planet by a factor of at least one trillion.

Good people (producers, not predators and destroyers) have ethics.  But predators have no ethics, they only have a modus-operandi, which is "get away with whatever you think you can".  This is why humans used to understand why predators don't deserve or warrant ethical constructs like "arrest", "trial", "punishment".  They are outside ethics --- by their own choice (and certainly so in the case of human predators), and thus the many admittedly important notions of ethics are entirely irrelevant and in fact greatly counterproductive.

To be sure, it is crucially important to make certain you correctly identify beings as predators before you take actions.  That's why you don't shoot at vague shadows you see on your property at night.  But once you know an animal is a pretator, you owe them no restraint.  They are what they are and you are free to treat them accordingly.  Far more people understood this and took these actions hundreds of years ago.  But now almost all humans are terminally brainwashed and have no freaking idea what's being done to them.

To be sure, you need to be smart.  To be sure, you need to make appropriate estimates as to what other predators might do if you deal with one of them.  To be sure, predators do tend to work in packs.  So be very, very careful.  But as far as ethics goes, once you are sure you are dealing with a predator, you are ethically unconstrained.

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One less pension fund the broke European Union has to fulfill. Redistribute those new monies to pay off old nagging obligations. LOL



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Surely he's not German and he's a tourist or an immigrant... Germans don't have emotions to do something like this.

/I kid.

He did it because he wanted to start a revolt in Germany. His suicide note might be made up by the cops so it doesn't do that.

If the assassination of the federal bankster of Tunisia had started a revolt, this guy would have tried to do the same to the German federal bankster....

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I wonder how many children Eg; the next generation saw that?  I really wonder how their guardians/parents, will explain it to them.

  I guess we will find out when they come of age, and start paying off the debts of previous generations.

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Competition is battle within a foodchain of the same species. It's a rather stupid thing. Like hft's eating poor poor traders.

Wakanda's picture

When was the last time fire and Reichstag appeared in the same headline?


Old Europe Avant-Garde's picture

The problem is that there is headline at all. In German media the event didn't happen.

Azannoth's picture

It was merely a footnote on most news sites and conveniently will comments turned off

and today you can hardly find it anywhere anymore

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Yet another reason all predators and all mainstream media must end, one way or another.  The best way is probably to evade and abandom them, don't feed them, and let them starve to death.  Unfortunately, that requires understanding and cooperation from the vast majority of productive folks on earth... so this "best way" is very unlikely to happen.

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Whatever the reasons RIP Anon

new guy's picture

"Austerity doesn't work!!"

What are you suggesting?

Are you saying that people should pay even MORE taxes.

Are you suggesting that private sector workers should continue to put their children to bed hungry so that public sector workers can continue to eat beef for dinner!

Explain to me why I should be forced to pay for you to have things I can't have. Explain how forcing people like you to stop stealing from people like me will be harmful to anyone but you?

honestann's picture

Like so many terms, the term "austerity" has been thoroughly perverted by mainstream media and various apologists for the predators.

If "austerity" means "massively cutting back government expenses", then "austerity" is pure, unadulterated GOOD.

If "austerity" means "flooding elitist predator pockets with unearned wealth by empoverishing tens or hundreds of millions of honest folks who work and produce goods", then "austerity" is pure, unadulterated EVIL.

I have lived a frugal live... on purpose.  You could legitimately claim that I have intentionally imposed "austerity" upon myself.  And I have.  But I expect the benefits... the luxury to move when and where I want to move, the luxury to do the [non-paying] work I want to do, the luxury to achieve my own goals, the luxury to become largely self-sufficient.

To "not waste" by not living a life chasing after every popular fad is one form of "austerity", the kind of austerity that I am very, very, extremely glad I lived.  By saving and not accumulating debt, I am vastly more "free" than 99% of the people on this planet.  That is good.  Sensible austerity is good.  Expecting ZERO benefits (or jobs) from government is good... and smart.

But increasingly empoverishing people who work and produce... that is nasty, unethical, revolting and destructive in the extreme.

Old Europe Avant-Garde's picture

I salute the guy for this. Unfortunately my fellow country man will never know about this. It wasn't in Tagesschau (_the_ 8pm news show) and it is also not on any of the major news sites in the Internet. It just didn't happen. But don't worry, we have plenty of reporting on how great it is that the EU won the nobel peace price. sick.

jonjon831983's picture

Gee.. Maybe it was anti-wind, not EU...

hadriansnightmare's picture

If this is war it's going to be a strange one if the soldiers on one side just all commit suicide.

andrewp111's picture

Suicide Bombers already do this in the Middle East. They strap on bombs and blow themselves up in the midst of the enemy. It is a very effective way of waging war since each soldier can kill a hundred, and his side never has to worry about veteran care or pensions. This guy who simply burned up at the Reichstag was nothing more than a misfire.

hadriansnightmare's picture

If this is war it's going to be a strange one if the soldiers on one side just all commit suicide.

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He probably did not need the flammable liquid given his outfit was made out of Euros.

q99x2's picture

Patience is a virtue. He didn't have to jump the shark like that. He should have waited until next year when we all go together.

Griffin's picture

A economic meltdown would be rather nasty in short term, but in the long term it might actually be a improvement.

The world is not going to end, its just going to change, like it has been doing for a very long time.


honestann's picture

He and a great many others probably would have waited... IF... they knew the end/resolution was only one year away.  The problem is, the example of Japan (and many others) shows that pain and agony can be extended and worsened for much, much, much longer than we tend to imagine before the end/resolution occurs.

grunk's picture

"Better to burn out than to fade away."

(Don't want to piss off the copyright lawyers.)

I'm guessing more will read about his death than will read about mine so my respects for him.

CitizenPete's picture


Fire and Ice

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice. 

Robert Frost


Banksters's picture



Note to future suicidees, take some banker filth, next time.

robertocarlos's picture

It would be better to put them in jail for life. 

toomanyfakeconservatives's picture

When a man burned himself to death on the steps of the local courthouse in NH, USA to avoid debtors prison (contempt for child support), it didn't even make the national news. When this happens in Germany or Tunisia, it's an international sensation.

Olympia's picture


...the barbarians, who forced beautiful Europe to get down Zeus’“back” and made her a prostitute ...the unworthy Europeans, who in 1945 “took Europe down” from “Mount Olympus” and in 2012 relinquished “enslaved” Europe to the Phoenician loan sharks.

Germans are proved to be the easy solution to breach Europe’s door. Whoever wishes to “set foot” on Europe and demolish it, the only thing he has to do is to “fool” the Germans. For a second time in less than fifty years, Europe’s idiots become the victims of foreigners and they serve their interests at the expense of Europe...



The German traitors of Europe along with the Phoenicians from Asia may have forced Europe to get down from the "back” of the Greek “bull”, but it remains to be seen how they shall pull it through with the “bull”.



SWIFT 760's picture

What a terrible way to expire. Interesting to know what's written in suicide note. 

Pike Bishop's picture

Suicide is the most horrific of statements. It is of people to whom death is a welcome relief from the pain of living. In Greece it has been an abundance of men who ask a final forgiveness of their family because they could not provide for them. It is bitterly a permanent solution to what should be a temporary problem.

We have been fed swimming pools and absent tax collectors. Nations have overall outcomes. Yet, nations are made of men of different beliefs. There are many whose greatest honor is to work hard and provide. Take that from them and they are without reason for being.

Across millennia the act of self-immolation by fire has been an act of demonstration.

Within its archetypal metaphor is the implicit for whom it is intended, from the compelling "ignis surgit"....

...... Fire rises.

honestann's picture

There is no way this poor fellow would do WHAT he did WHERE he did "because of personal reasons".  It was a protest against the predator-class or some portion of the predator-class, and the predators-DBA-government are hiding the truth.

Germans:  Leave the eurozone and leave the euro.  Now.  Otherwise you will leave them after a great deal more pain for everyone.  Stop being hard-working, pro-authoritarian sheeple!  Be honest, honorable, hard-working individuals.