AAPL Goes Baumgartner At 100DMA

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Presented with little comment but comparing the free-fall in AAPL's share price to this amazing chest-cam video from Felix Baumgartner's jump yesterday must be how all those hedge fund feel this morning... AAPL is trading below its 100DMA.

AAPL 100DMA $623.87


and this...


and the full thing - if u do not choke just a little bit at this, you are made of stone...

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What do you say when you jump?

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Comparative analogy:


Felix...had parachute

AAPL...not so much

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Floating down

through the clouds

memories come rushing up to meet me now.

But in the space between the heavens 

and the corner of some foreign field,


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That other hedge fund hotel, PCLN, is also feeling gravity. 

Down 7.5% over 30 days. 

Didn't Shattner also do a freefall from orbit in the new movie?

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I stand by ready to buy AAPL with both hands at $30.

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After they called the EU currency the "euro" or the canadian dollar the "maple leaf", I am ready to call the US dollar the "Felix".

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I'm surprised they could fit his giant balls in that little capsule.

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The sax solo on this song made the entire album.

Totentänzerlied's picture

That and the sax coda of "Two Suns" made the entire album.

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That is my favorite Floyd album.  

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No parachute, no net, no insurance.... One BIG worm in the AAPL... this will be what takes them and telecoms down... (of course the public purse could be the insurance that NO insurer will provide againt this)


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Damn you HFTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!

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"Our Father, who art in Heaven..."

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When is their earnings? Have the retained the Citi actuaries yet?

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Red Bull Red Bull Red Bull!


Invest in Red Bull.......... NOT.

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To represent the spirit of the recession I propose a Blue Bear brand of drink. Has a sour taste, flat right out of the bottle and drains energy as you consume it.

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That's gonna leave a mark.

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I think that's gonna leave a stain. ;-)


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It's what happens when the market shits the bed.

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You didn't jump out of that capsule at the edge of space.......somebody else did.

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Needs to be posted. Vanhalen's Jump

...when Van Halen was superior with the amazing rock style of David Lee Roth.  Versus the other people that caused the greatness of their guitars of Awesome party music to silence and suck ass. 

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That one where you throw birds at a house and try to knock it down?

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That sumbitch got's some ball's..

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The beatings and pay cuts will continue,

Until such time as moral improves.

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I'm sure it will land as gently as he did too.

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Gotta love the choice of words on this site!

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so are the shorts piling on yet?

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No problemo. I'm out the door this morning to buy an iPhone 5. The shorts are the parachute and will save the day.

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Get the white. The black is a scratch magnet. All in all, It is a work of art.

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I'm surprised he didn't land in Arnie's backyard. From way up there it would have been easy to get blown every direction. How did he manage to stay on course? Immense speed has got something to do with it, I'm sure.

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Winds-aloft analysis is a basic skill every beginning skydiver learns as part of "spotting" (determining the proper exit point to enable one to land on target).  This would have been a more complicated analysis due to the height and the lack of aircraft maneuverability, but not tremendously so.  The reason the two previous attempts were scrubbed was due to the winds not offering a workable safety margin (either for the flight or the landing).  The winds finally aligned for him yesterday.  He's been working meticulously toward this for 7 years; everything was planned to the last detail.

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I would say something about workers at Foxconn trying to make the same leap but that would be bad taste.

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He didn't do that.

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Some crack monkey on a porch did his part too -- pay up!

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Post S Jobs ho hum product line..

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I wish they would split the stock 10 to 1 simply for the fact that ZH is so fascinated with it's 10% ago $700 stock price.  A 11 to 12% pull back from all time highs is not a big deal, any investor/trader/monkey knows this.  I think $70 to $62 would be a better paradigm fit for TD so he could focus on more important things.  Remember what happened after it pulled back from 633 to 530 way back in April to Mid Ma?.  Why don't you do a post on that so you don't seem so biased against.  Or post the SNL skit from Sat.  Pretty funny.

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Revese split you mean? How would that change the cap? Isn't that was is most commented on, not so much the actual stock price? And where was this rule that a 10% pullback is "no big deal"? not saying it is either way, jsut wondering if i missed that memo.

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70.5 to 62, you still lost 12% of your dough... no matter where you bought it

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Austrians understand gravity cannot be defied.

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Only 40% to go where RM started shorting.