DSK's "Eyes Wide Shut" Lifestyle Exposed

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Submitted by Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

It has been my contention for a very long time now, that the reason most people in positions of power do absolutely nothing for the good of their respective societies even in the face of total systemic collapse is not simply greed, corruption and stupidity.  They are totally compromised.

As we see in this amazing article from the NY Times, former IMF head, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, lived a decadent lifestyle straight out of Stanley Kubrick’s final film Eyes Wide Shut (which was clearly a warning about the perversion rampant within the elite class).  I am not judging his lifestyle so much as saying that when the most powerful leaders in the financial world are behaving like this they are incapable of ever doing the right thing because they are compromised and can be blackmailed into anything.  I will allow these quotes from the article speak for themselves.

That defense and the investigation, which is facing a critical judicial hearing in late November, have offered a keyhole view into a clandestine practice in certain powerful circles of French society: secret soirees with lawyers, judges, police officials, journalists and musicians that start with a fine meal and end with naked guests and public sex with multiple partners.  (Sounds like a description of the Bilderberg group!)


The exclusive orgies called “parties fines” — lavish Champagne affairs costing around $13,000 each — were organized as a roving international circuit from Paris to Washington by businessmen seeking to ingratiate themselves with Mr. Strauss-Kahn. Some of that money, according to a lawyer for the main host, ultimately paid for prostitutes because of a shortage of women at the mixed soirees orchestrated largely for the benefit of Mr. Strauss-Kahn, who sometimes sought sex with three or four women.


At L’Aventure, Mr. Strauss-Kahn and a few friends gathered in a private basement club, carpeted in purple and black tiger stripes, with a female Belgian escort and Mr. Alderweireld’s companion, Béatrice Legrain, who recalled that lunch in an interview.


The investigation into the prostitution ring in Lille ultimately swept up 10 suspects, including Mr. Strauss-Kahn. They knew each other largely through their membership as French Freemasons, according to Karl Vandamme, a defense lawyer who represents Fabrice Paszkowski, the owner of a medical supply company who played a crucial role in organizing the sex parties.

Ladies and gentlemen, you have been introduced to the leaders of the free world... and we are supposed to believe the IMF is going to save us?

Full article here.

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lolmao500's picture

Well most of them are into sick sick, really sick stuff. Barney Franks being a pedophile for example. But a bunch of them are just closet gays but it would destroy them if it leaked...

Some are just corrupted throught money.

Obama whole past as portrayed by the MSM is a lie.

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Roman times revisited. History is repeating.

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"Naw, naw naw.  Women don't like the direct approach.  Women like stories and frilly things."  -- Dana Carvey

hedgeless_horseman's picture



I almost ran for the board of a local public radio station.  The advert said they were seeking all sorts of folks, including, "sexual minorities."  In this town, as a monogamous heterosexual, I am most certainly a sexual minority.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Is it merely coincidence that power-hungry, incomprehensively greedy, highly corrupted individuals are so into Roman Times-esque sexual practices, ritualistic ceremonies that border if not cross into Pagan territory & other bizarreness?

I used to be perplexed by it all, but it's almost comedic now since I realize these individuals are like the Emperor  with no clothes, and ultimately will see themselves and their families implode due to supreme arrogance and cognitive dissonance.

Giant owl statues in the Redwoods.

Ritualistic noose & dagger ceremonies.

Running around naked in the forrest singing songs to Moloch, and facking each other up the ass. Fapping to the techno beat.


It's like an extremely retarded fraternity, but with its members having a helluva lot more money and VIP speed dials...and tons more STDs.

john39's picture

luciferians.  they have been in control for far too long.

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The bad news for society is that it takes a psychopath and/or narcissist to get to those levels of power in the system today. The other bad news is that the society is cultivating more and more psychopaths and narcissists with each successive slouch towards Gomorrah.

New World Chaos's picture

Bad news:  People in at the highest levels of power have to be vetted.  You can't really trust someone until you have video of him raping little boys in a Satanic ritual. 

Bad news:  The legal system isn't just a cash cow for sociopaths.   They don't destroy the honest solely for fun.  The system is also a selective breeding program.  Sociopaths are so much easier to control because they have no principles but gain.

More sociopaths --> more trauma, more corruption accepted, more police actions accepted, more minions, more profit, more divisions, more glory for Lucifer.

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Those of you with a strong stomach (seriously, this shit will make you cry and rage) may wish to read the unredacted statements from witness X1 from the dutroux case.


What happened to her, and the other witnesses is without doubt the worst fucking thing i have ever read. A number of Belgian and European elites are directly named. A number of her statements are corroborated by other witnesses.

The investigation was consistently sidelined, and investigators making progress fired and replaced.

Canada, Portugal, Channel islands, Sandusky, Franklin and many others follow similar patterns.

Both the lust for power and sexual perversities seem to go hand in hand.


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DSK is just a small glimpse into the reality of the EU-banking cabal.

Goldman sends a message to Spain:


Oh regional Indian's picture

It just goes on and one.

Check out these 25 labour party stalwarts in the UK.


Or the on-going Jimmy Saville Story there. Raping mentally ill children. *head shake*

For those un-aware of this (as I was till very recently), Apocalypse does not mean the end of anything.

The root of Apocalypse is Calypso, the nymph that "hid".

Apocalypse means Revelation.

Apocalypse NOW!


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Rumor is he was setup because he wasn't depraved enough for average banksters.

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Ttally compromised Dutch political and judicial system: www.arrestdemmink.com


Reptil's picture

Ex-Minister Opstelten, who refused to investigate, will probably be appointed as Secretary of Justice when Demmink is allowed to retire.

I've not researched it in detail, but from what I can see from my POV, the handling of this stinks, since investigations were not completed, but cut off, according to officials working on that specific case. Just like handling the Dutroux case stank (who obviously was a supplier for a larger network of child sex slaves (to be molested and tortured to death no less)) has not been fully laid bare (pun not intended). Interestingly it's Verhofstadt, the now turned absolutely EU evangelist, that headed the investigation into the broader connections of the case. And didn't find anything.

Another angle is of course, that each and everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I am NOT saying I think Secretary of Justice Joris Demmink, the highest civil servant in any criminal investigation, is guilty of raping children, I simply do not have this evidence. Note please that I'm very cautious about this sort of thing, since I think shouting unbased accusations isn't going to help anyone, that wants the State of Law to be returned. But there's NO investigation, so there's no case, no habeas corpus despite a large number of ppl. claiming to have evidence to the contrary. Let's have the ORIGINAL investigation (from the early nineties) looked at by an independent commission and continued? WITHOUT oversight of the ppl. that are actually investigated?

Now with Ex-Minister Opstelten's latest bout, he proposed the POLICE should be allowed to ransack computers (hack, place malware, even delete files remotely), he's actually removing "habeas corpus", in the case of child pornography (or any other "crime"), meaning he's using the schandal in which he is directly involved, to make a perfect 180 degr. flip, and remove the State of Law's built in clauses to guarantee civil liberty. Incidentally he wants this also to be possible abroad; that the dutch police can hack into computers place malware and destroy files in other countries. It's unclear to me how he sees the role of the Justice Dept. the Courts etc. It's also unclear how this would work out in an international sense (hacking an email server in Norway etc.). This has not been sent to parliament, I'd regard it as (what we call) "test-balloon".

orginal text: http://www.telegraaf.nl/binnenland/13079777/___Politie_moet_mogen_hacken...

Now this also has one side to it that is of importance to you guys: It also means they're proposing it should be legal to hack into, and destroy data on computer servers of any corporation or private person anywhere. This means, in theory instead of a covert one, there's the possibillity of an all out CYBERWAR. Something a part of the hacker community is already in, from the moment that PayPal cut the payment routes to Wikileaks (which could be a CIA-op or not, it's of no importance regarding that aspect of it) What they regarded as "A breach of net-neutrality".

EDIT: It seems parliament now has agreed to whatever plans Opstelten exactly proposed. (it certainly moves at a fast pace this attack on the State of Law)

PDF file with the letter: http://www.rijksoverheid.nl/bestanden/documenten-en-publicaties/kamerstu...

Brace yourselves.

Clashfan's picture

Jersey Island is a good one to look into, too.

These folks are totally evil and completely above the law.

samcontrol's picture

of course he was set up, no rumor.

Why is nobody mentioning the guard tapes....
Why are you not mentioning how ugly the bitch is...
Face rape ,, really?

He likes whores, and orgies...so?

Sex has NOTHING to do with anything. It,s just a reflex really.

Misleading article,,K
not proven guilty of anything. exept for having a lot of pussy in his life.
I. met him on a plane, he did try to pick up the air maid , she said i.m married and that was that.

New World Chaos's picture

Worse than horror movies, and the entire system is complicit.  Cops, judges, media, everything.  It's like the whole world is run by a depraved cult.  Oh, wait...

This is now in my save disk in case they pull the plug.  Google Johnny Gosch to read about an American counterpart. 

For worried parents:  Snatch and grab is rare.  Kidnappers grab to order when someone powerful has a specific fantasy, but this may be changing.  Britain is the NWO's guinea pig and there the pedophile rings operate out of Child Protective Services.  The Illuminati also abuse their own children extensively.  Some of them even managed to speak out:  http://svalispeaks.wordpress.com/ 

They have developed ritual child abuse into a sophisticated form of mind control programming, which explains their impressive ability to keep secrets, their obsession with bloodlines, and the fact that even powerful muggles can't join.  The Dutroux article talks about this too.

Clashfan's picture

Svali is not trustworthy--or is she? She is anonymous, remember. There may be other folks whom you might supply instead.

I agree w/much you post here, but let's consider a few points. First, many kids who are victimized by SRA are victimized by people they know, in their neighborhoods and churches, daycares, etc. So yes, snatch and grab (permanently ala Gosch) is rare. More common is snatch, grab, and return--like the stories we see of kids who disappear for a day or two and are returned. More common, for sacrifices, are kids BORN SECRETLY with no birth records, born FOR SACRIFICE>

Yes, SRA mind control is used for prostitutes, for couriers, and for SPIES. It is used to help keep secrets. All presidents have controllers, for example.


While Gosch's story is somewhat unique, it's very important.

I enjoy your posts. I hope you continue to open folks' eyes on this site. There are lots of smart folks here.

Yes, it is standard practice for the illuminati parents to either allow others to program (ritually abuse) their kids or to do it themselves.

"They have to bring America to its knees," and bring a new currency, says Cisco Wheeler. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JV5HGnMc7TM&feature=relmfu

Clashfan's picture

Listen to her rant on Jewish mysticism and Kaballism (where the word cabal comes from): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvCErBs73wo&feature=relmfu

New World Chaos's picture

Is Svali is a hoax?

Cisco Wheeler is a good source:


How about this one?  Her first post (bottom of page) lays out the ritual abuse. 


Says she has to remain anonymous.  A few of her other posts are a bit out there.  I guess all we can really do is try to see if each source fits in the puzzle.  Like none of our politicians standing against the cabal, and no 9/11 leaks.  Death threats aren't enough.  I bet they never could have pulled off a leakproof 9/11 without programmable separate personalities and the ever-present threats of horrible abuse. 

Clashfan's picture

True. Springmeier bothers me for a few reasons, but I think he's largely right. Of course, I have read him claim that Lucifer appears at Rothschild parties, dressed elegantly but with cloven feet, gambling for sex victims. Now I don't know if I believe that one. Fritz has been on infowars. He looks a bit crazy to me. He's also been in jail for bank robbery, claims he was set up, of course.

The work he's done on the illuminati families is a fascinating read.

He claims to have helped Cisco. I believe that. He claims that the Luciferian system, more than anything else, is what is in charge, and I definitely believe that.

Cathy O'brien has a lot to say, but her "partner" in writing has a lot of credibility problems, too. Whenever we get into this area, we have problems to deal with with the sources. John DeCamp and Ted Gunderson have their own credibility problems, too, but I see a lot of good work between the two of them.

Of all of the so-called illuminati defectors, Wheeler seems the most genuine to me. Check out her interview (just type in the Cisco Wheeler interview) in which she claims to have been abused by Mengele as a child.

Most folks who miss the truth about SRA are really missing the bigger picture of what's happening.

New World Chaos's picture

Thanks for the names.  That anecdote about Old Nick showing up in the flesh for orgies is interesting.  Sounds like a perfectly intimidating party trick for the Rothschilds to pull- I wonder where the cloven feet came from but surely this is a minor hoax for them.

Totally agree that luciferianism has been running the show for thousands of years.  All the world's a stage.  Would even go beyond that and say that lucifer is a real (but non-physical) entity with a part of him in each of us.  He's the Prince of this world.

P.S.  Saw your contact request but I don't think this part of the website is functional yet.  I use [valis rising (all one word) att gmaail dot com] for ZH contacts.  I will check it over the next few days but in general I don't check it very often- sometimes no login for months.

Clashfan's picture

Your second link looks like a good site btw. Thanks. Saved that one to my list.

emersonreturn's picture


crouton...thank you for exposing the depravity greed engenders.


JOYFUL's picture

The case of Belgium[Dutroux] is instructive for what it reveals of the casaul nexus of degeneracy and decay, at the societal level...

while presented as the peccadillos of an individual, or groups of individuals at the top of the food chain, this data in fact reveals the full flowering of "capitalism" - a construct which, though acted out from and upon the European stage, is an invention of the talmudic moneychangers who have duped successive generations of gullible goys into believing that 'production' and idle capital share some instrinsic connection*...

vast pools of accrued capital have always been the result of criminally exploitative activity...slaving, drugs, war and weapons in the modern day - and these illicit profits put to work as the devils tools! ...

The "Belgium Congo" was the epicentre of this economic necromancy - along with Dutch Java, the true 'heart of darkness'of the souless calvinist kind - where torture, mutilation, pillage and rapine served as the means by which 'markets' were created and supplied in the 'home countries' of the west.

In the end, those who profit by means of such sin earn the wages of sin...complete disaffectation from the norms of human happiness and behaviour, incapacity to enjoy the simple pleasures of being alive, they and their offspring accursed before the rest of mankind...

Greed, avarice and contempt for others are by no means the exclusive preserve of the Europoid race - in truth, for the most part Europeans have been inveigled into their participation in the above mentioned crimes against humanity...by the Sephardic and Khazarian cabbalistic class** Unfortunately, however, it is the peoples of the west who have been set up to bear the guilt for the crimes committed in their name. Watch as the trickle of terror becomes torrent, as the fruits of modern day 'darkness of the Merikan heart' - Guantanamo, Abu Gharib, and a hundred other atrocities come home to roost on the doorstep of "democracy"...and the jungle drums of retribution throb thru the darkness of the night.

*the alternatives to capitalism are not socialism\communism - DSK and his 'socialist' scum ilk are only the fruit of talmudic dialecticism...the true alternative and antidote to capitalism is entrepeneurial production performed by freemen unshackled from the chains of the moneychangers.

**PROTOCOL No.6: “At the same time we must intensively patronize trade and industry, but first and foremost, speculation..to provide a counterpoise to industry… What we want is that industry should drain off from the land both labor and capital and by means of speculation transfer into our hands all the money of the world… To complete the ruin of industry..we shall bring to the assistance of speculation the luxury which we have developed… that greedy demand for luxury which is swallowing up everything…”

Reptil's picture


I have seen a LOT of evidence that Belgian Congo was run like a private playground for the Begian King Leopold living out depraved fantasies, and plundering the very rich resources. (INCLUDING URANIUM WHICH PUT BELGIUM FIRMLY ON THE MAP AS INTERNATIONAL POWER IN THE GENOCIDAL GAME OF M.A.D. after WW2)

I have not seen ANY evidence that East-Indies Java had ANYthing like that going on. Nada zip zilch It's simply ridiculous to call this. o__0

Post evidence or retract!

JOYFUL's picture

///I have not seen ANY evidence that East-Indies Java had ANYthing like that going on. Nada zip zilch It's simply ridiculous to call this. o__0

Post evidence or retract!///

While I would like to accord the substance of your 'request' the dignity of a measured response, you have managed to couch it in such a remarkably open display of belligerent and whiny truculence as to make that task difficult...

why don't you try to do some reading and research on your own time...I'll help out by makely a couple of recommendations for you. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/colonial-atrocities-explode-myth... - http://www.dutchnews.nl/news/archives/2012/07/photographs_are_evidence_o...

The record of the Dutch in repressing Indonesian aspirations for independence post world war 2(going even to the extent of using Jap forces to do their dirtywork for them!)is a bloody one, second in no way to the crimes of the French in Algeria or the Belgians in Congo. If you read the articles at all carefully you will find that irrefutable....and perhaps even a glimmer of painful self-knowledge to boot!

I can only conclude that you must be a wooden-head[aka Dutchman] yourself, as that rare combination of pious hypocrisy and blindness to one's own weaknesses which is their hallmark is stamped all over your own embarrassing disclosure of ignorance to historical fact. It would indeed be fair to conclude that you even lack the awareness of the root identity of both these groups of brutal colonialist bully nations....the Flemish being one and the same no matter which side of an artificial political border they may live on.

As you have done nothing but make an utter fool of yourself here, may I conclude by suggesting that you learn some degree of mastery over your crudely chauvanistic tendencies, and avoid further antagonistic display of ignorance that evidences you to be a complete poltroon.

Clashfan's picture

John 39 and NWO Chaos are right to note the Luciferian, ritualistic nature of this "compromise" situation. It's basically a deal: The politicians get to have their orgies, rape little kids, and live above the law as long as they continue to support the Luciferian system which is firmly in charge. It has always been this way. That's the way the world is run. Once you figure it out, everything else makes complete sense.

Worst thing you've ever read? Really?

Try the major SRA cases--Finders, McMartin, Little Rascals, Presidio Daycare, Franklin Coverup, Gosch/Gannon, etc. Jersey Island. I could go on.

Quan's piece is one of the best online pieces on the subject. He's a lay person in the field, basically, an inspired engineer, but his logic and research are noteworthy: https://sites.google.com/site/mcrais/consldra

New World Chaos's picture

The Luciferians go back at least as far as Rome, probably as far as Babylon. 

At DSK's level of power there will be human sacrifices too.  Kubrick tried to warn us about the occultists but they killed him and "disappeared" parts of Eyes Wide Shut.

Quick clue that consensus mainstream reality is a giant Kabuki theatre run by Lucifer:  Go to http://www.gop.org and look at the little elephant logo in the upper left corner.  The stars are upside down, representing Satan.  They have been that way since the middle of the Bush administration.  Surely this isn't a prank by a disgruntled webmaster.  Somebody would have noticed by now and they would have fixed the logo so as not to spook a few non-flourinated fundamentalists.  Yet the logo remains.  It must be that way because important people want it that way.  The most likely explanation is that the GOP is in fact infested by Satanists who believe they can gain power over an ignorant public by openly hoodwinking them.   

Show this to fundamentalist relatives and demand a logical explanation.  Their responses may shock you.

john39's picture

note the use of the eagle or bird of prey, back all the into egypt.

crouton's picture

The satanism is a red herring.

These people simply like to destroy innocence, debase and control.

Satanism or any other justification are simply cover and excuse.

Fucking kids, dogs, raping, killing, is simply what sociopaths do. If it wasn't for satan/lucifer, they would do it in the name of Lego or Twinkies.

Clashfan's picture

Crouton, stick to what you know. SRA survivors consider the satanism much more than a red herring.

Victims, often children, are programmed with advanced knowledge, by experts, and verbally repudiating Christian faith is something they are forced to do. It's well beyond sociopathy.

Again, stick to what you know.

crouton's picture

Don't tell me what i know, motherfucker.

All that ritual is about causing the child to become dissociated, leading to dissociated identity disorder, i.e the 'alts' mentioned in the link above.

A child with DID won't even remember the abuse, because an 'alt' took it. Eventually the situations set up during the 'SRA' become triggers to easily dissociate the victim at will. Things like spinning the child, or even snapping fingers, or saying certain phrases become common triggers.

Once you've cared for and counselled someone who has been through this, you may be worthy to suck the peanuts out of my shit.

till then, fuck off and do some research.

I know it's easier to think, OMG teh satanists, than actually accept there are people who walk among us capable of such abuse, but this is fightclub. harden up and stop blaming a ghost for what is REAL

MachoMan's picture

This.  Vastly more simple explanation than luciferian influence.  One controls the other, not vice versa.  Kudos.

Clashfan's picture

I have cared for such folks, worked with them, and am one myself, Crouton. I know quite a bit about it.

I've done quite a bit of research on it, too.

The points you make about how it works are quite accurate.

But the Luciferianism is no cover. It is very real. It requires blood sacrifice.

Further, and I don't understand why so many people miss this, is that the argument that Luciferianism is real and important to the elite is not nearly the same thing as arguing that Lucifer himself is real. You can believe that Christianity is a real religion, right? You drive by churches all the time. Just because Christianity is a real religion that is important to many people is not an argument that Christ is real, was real, or is God.

The same applies to Luciferianism. One need not believe that Lucifer is real in order to believe that others believe it or that the belief system is very important to others.

I think you misunderstand my points, but no matter. Blessings.

I am glad to know that you are working to help survivors.

Many survivors find that inviting Jesus into our hearts is very helpful, btw.

I go well beyond web searches with my research on this topic. Two good books I can recommend are Out of Darkness, by Sakheim & Devine; and Breaking the circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse, by Ryder.

Good luck with the folks you are helping. But if you think that Luciferianism is a mere cover for the perps, you are mistaken. It is very important to them. And they are very concerned with banishing Christianity from their victims.

Clashfan's picture

NWC, it goes back further by far.

Ancient Egypt, Canaan, etc. It's as old as human history. Some would argue that it dates to Eve and Cain.

Ever hear of the Tribe of Dan?

New World Chaos's picture

Interesting, thanks.  I vaguely remembered something about the Antichrist being from Dan but this is new.  The weirdest thing is their long timescale perceptions management campain in which they slowly change the locations of holy sites to be in their land, get other people to take the fall for them, etc.  This kind of thing actually works.  Look how the Khazars (lucifer's chosen people, but not the tribe of Dan) essentially stole the Sephardic Jews' land and identity.  Most of the Sephardic Jews converted to Islam back in the day and became... the Palestinians!  No wonder the Khazars demonize and slaughter them- they were originally God's chosen people!

A lack of writings make it hard to track occult beliefs past Babylon/Sumer and Egypt but I wouldn't be surprised if the luciferian ritual abuse tradition is older.  Cultures all over the world talk about a lost golden age in which humans were good, spiritually awake, healthy, telepathically connected with each other and with nature, and aware of their Oneness.  Why so many similar stories if they don't have a grain of truth?  David Icke says the golden age was real and is now returning.  He blames the Fall on the Reptilians.  I'm skeptcal about this but do admit he is good at tracking down and connecting various ancient beliefs to argue that they were inspired by the same story.  How old would the story have to be for Zulus and Hopi to have similarities?  Have to go back to the Ice Age.  Tales of mainstream-accepted Ice Age events are still recognizable, BTW.

I would love to know the true story of the Fall.  It's like we're all alters, split off from the Universe and each other by some luciferian trauma, trapped in his neverending egoic state of emergency.

Clashfan's picture

Yes, agreed, largely. I don't blame it all on Khazarians, though--that's a bit short-sighted. Many others would have to conspire with them. They look a bit more like scapegoats to me.

My whole point, though, is that the Luciferian religion controls the world and pre-dates Babylon.

Icke? I don't trust his reptilian argument, either, but I do teach literature, and there is much about this in the ancient writings.

Ancient Aliens? Maybe. Biblical truth? Perhaps? Gilgamesh? Sure, maybe.

I stick with the Christian interpretation, largely, but I am open-minded. Obviously, whatever it is, there's something there, or they wouldn't do what they do at the Bohemian Grove. The one thing that connects all of the secret societies, from Freemasonry to Rosicrucianism, from Skull and Bones to Blavatsky and her ilk, is Luciferianism, often Luciferianism infiltrating other religions in parasitic, destructive fashion.

Most researchers I've read trace it back to the Egyptian Book of the Dead, at least.

My grandfather's Shriner certificate, for example, is loaded with Arabic and Muslim symbols and statements. One is even from the Koran.

Clashfan's picture

As for this "lost golden age," I'm not sure. Whatever. Interesting.

Have you ever heard the myth/tale that the moon is a space station set up largely to interfere with our natural abilities, monitor us, etc? There is an account that there was human life before the moon and that it was very much like this "golden age" that you describe.

Others of course tell tales about Atlantis, but again, whatever. Golden is in the eye of the beholden.

New World Chaos's picture

Yeah, I heard about that.  Think David Icke went off the deep end with that one.  I'll consider the possibility of alien bases but other than that, my view of the moon is disturbingly mainstream:  We actually went there, and found that it is over 4 billion years old, made of rock, and it formed after an off-center collision with a Mars-sized planet named Theia that used to share our orbit.  Earth and Theia could have had life (microbes only) but it would have been completely wiped out due to everything being molten for thousands of years.  I support this theory because the moon rocks were widely distributed and it would have been damn near impossible to fake them and get them to tell a consistent story.

Know less about Atlantis but think it was most likely Santorini, with a late bronze age/early Renaissance city inhabited by Cretans.  Egyptians were still impressed by their technology (i.e. flush toilets, hot and cold running water) and so the legend grew.

Clashfan's picture

I don't think Icke is solely responsible for the "hollow moon" theory, and I'm not sure that I buy it at all, for the record. I'm just not a big ET research guy.

Are you familiar w/the 2009 effort to shoot a missile at the moon, though?

If you web search "hollow moon" + missile, or "hollow moon" + "rang like a bell," you will see many of these positions. Here is but one (again, not MY position, just the position):


Clashfan's picture

Here's another read on this somewhat bizarre idea, supposedly from a Soviet journal?:


New World Chaos's picture

Ham radio intercepted Apollo transmission:  These ‘Babies’ are huge, Sir! Enormous! OH MY GOD! You wouldn't believe it! I'm telling you there are other spacecraft out there, lined up on the far side of the crater edge! They're on the Moon watching us!

They have been watching us for a while.  The moon is perfect for this.  Underground bases, even the alleged crystal cities make some kind of sense.  Looks like South Park solved the Fermi paradox:  This whole planet is a giant reality show!  Or perhaps they don't want to be infected by Lucifer?


Here are some photos of weird stuff on the moon.  Source tends to hyperventilate but I don't have time to find a better source:


As for the article about the moon(s) as hollow spacecraft, the two main mysteries they discuss have been solved. 

The light colored areas of our moon are made of a low density rock that forms as scum on the top of lava lakes.  It's there because the entire moon was molten after the giant impact that formed it.  The dark areas are made of denser basalt that often appears when lava fills in giant craters after the impact opened cracks to deeper reservoirs of magma.  This flooding (plus slow deformation of the rock) explains why the largest craters aren't bowl-shaped.  Hydrostatic pressure causes them to bottom out at uniform distances from the center of the moon.  The ubiquitous low density rock means that the lava has a good chance of behaving like water in ice fishing holes- it reaches equilibrium at a level below the main surface.

The moons of Mars seem to be self-gravitating rubble piles that coalesced out of a ring system thrown up by a giant impact on Mars.  The innermost moon (Phobos) orbits very close to Mars and is actually spiraling inward at 66 feet/century, which will result in its destruction in 7 million years- an eyeblink in astronomical time.  The Russians thought this infall was due to atmospheric drag, and if so, Phobos would indeed have to be hollow to spiral in so quickly.  They didn't consider that when a moon orbits so close to its planet AND orbits faster than the planet rotates, its gravity raises a small bulge in the planet's rock which lags the moon's motion and therefore pulls the moon inward. 

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Has anyone seen the movie Hostel? What's to say such things don't happen.....We live in strange times...where the line between fiction and reality no longer exists..