Gold And Silver Lose Bernanke Bump

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WTI crude started moving first but soon afte the US day session opened we saw EUR weakness, US strength and precious metals started to fade rapidly. Gold and Silver have now retraced the post-FOMC Bernanke-Bump, but remain above the Draghi-Day levels...



Chart: Bloomberg

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Sew it into your clothing.....amaze your friends.


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It only took 2 cartel interventions on the same day to do it too.

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Trader Dan saw this coming. Those pesky interventionists, they're all going to hell.

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I'm waiting for diverg to blow out. Until then I'm assuming it's going anywhere.

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Gold got hammered down $2 before the Asian market opened yesterday @5:15 pm to 6:00 pm

How does that happen?



Fucking banks!

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Boris is cannot pay high price for Gold... or Silver... but in Minsk is AK-47 ammo cheap for rubles. But is go up yesterday. Who is happen this!? FIJCKING Politburo!

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'BTFD, so Boris is wait.

In Soviet Russia, gold buy YOU. Then send you to Siberia to find more.

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sewing it into your clothing worked out quite well for the Romanov women.

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Both gold and silver were floating to high above their 50 and 200 dma. The paper price is down. Who cares. BTFD. None of this means anything to those who understand the BASEL III agreements. Keep stacking people. YOU WILL BE REWARDED. Dig into Basel III if you need to strenghen conviction.

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Is it stil over my $8.67 buck average price?  Yup, 300% higher.  


...couldn't give a shit as long as they own a printing machine.  This is where the power of cost averaging over time counts.

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One word "GOLD AND SILVER MANIPULATION" Oh wait thats 3 words thanks.

Joe Biden

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Don't tell Turd & the Turdites...

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Too late,

We already know.........

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TF's recent calls are being monkeyhammered. He said 1770 would hold this time.


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Are there any other sites you want to try and ring TF out to dry on. It's one call dude among many right ones.

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Good boy! Now, sit! Good boy! Here's a treat.

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Everyone knows TA doesn't matter with the stupendous amount of market maniupulation. It's just zeros and ones on a screen. Just stack physical and run 'em dry.

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Yep, now on a steady diet of $200. worth of "junk" pre-64 silver coins every Saturday.  Sometimes I get a few more quarters, sometimes I get a few less.  Once a month ammo and storage food buy of about $200.  Best IRA I can imagine (I already have most of the other preps I need).

"If you can't stand in front of it and defend it with an AR-15, you don't own it."  Ann Barnhardt 2012

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What? I did no such thing. I read his blog and saw his call. 


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Cult mentality, your comment was completely valid.

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So you're in no way intimating that Turd is , well, full of shit? 

You're just stating a wrong call, on more than one website?

Fair enough, I hear your call.

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Is this you Klinky? liberal infiltrator go back to darkpurple haze and toke his waterpipe

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No, never had a beef with Turd, just with Mod Jane before she was canned.

aka Gil's picture

She was canned? Seriously?

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Bay, if I misread your comment, apologies on my part. I dip in to TF every now and then, and think he speaks sense. He may not get the call right everytime, but I'm no disciple (of anyone), and I believe Mod Jane was/is the website moderator/developer that got arsy because she couldn't hack people suggesting she was charging over the odds for her work? Fuck knows who Klinky is?

I think we're on the same side!?!?

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BoP, you're a stand-up matter what Stephanie says about you.

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Who makes a call like, "$1770 will hold this time" after a $220 run in 8 weeks?


I liked Turd when he was posting here. When he decided to be a big guru I stopped paying attention.

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Flogging chinese made generators makes him a guru? way.

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"It slices a tomato so thin it only has one side!"

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Yes, Katie Rose is now so upside down from following TF's "advice" that she had to butcher her whole herd of goats.

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Praise Jesus, god has a plan for Turd this is just a test

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Have you ever herd 3 goats ???

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No, but I think I'm going to go back and junk myself, just to be sure.

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Yeah this is awesome. I was not sure I would get another opportunity after the announced QE.

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Let's see, according to Wikipedia, Bernanke took office on Feb 1, 2006.

Eyeballing the Kitco historical charts for that date:

  • Gold:$567.00
  • Silver: $9.77

What was this article about, again?

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Funny, my  "ounces" are still the same.  The world is about to re-learn the difference between all things paper and all things physical again.


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Just to make sure, I weighed all my ounces, they haven't gone down at all.

@ $1720, the big boys will come in and buy. China loves an opportunity to

trade their U.S. fiat crap dollars for real money, especially when it goes on sale.

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Kinda like when the Bank of England sold much of their gold reserves around 1999-2001?  Average price around $300./oz.

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The world is a slow learner - I mean the primates

"Global Finance Chiefs at odds" - WSJ

Funny, I thought they were at wits end

anywhere but jail

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I'm going to buy some today, myself.

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I've hurried on to bullets.  You are behind the curve get going.

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stategic shift

slv>lead and compliment device...

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STFS!!!! BTFD!!!!

on the nanosecond level if you can

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Gold might break $1200 and silver $15.

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Yeah......on Mars.


.....and someday fairy pixie dust will be free.



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an ounce of Silver back down to $15 aye????

and which would still have more purchasing power....

a green piece of toilet paper  with Geroge Washington, Lincoln, or whoever the fuck is on the $10 debt coupon Fed Note or a 1964 Kennedy half dollar piece???????

wake up and go to sleep man......