On Nationalism And Extremism In A Nobel-Peace-Prize-Winning Europe

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The need to convince any and all that will listen (and one's own self) that the Euro project must be preserved at all costs has never been so obviously politicized as the Nobel crony committee 'blessing' the European Union for bringing peace to a continent at war. While a laudable thing of itself, as JPMorgan's Michael Cembalest notes, by 1954, Germany had already become a stable, liberal, democratic society in one of the most amazing transformations in history given what preceded it ten years earlier.

Europe’s Nobel Peace Prize comes at a challenging time for the region


One can argue whether the Marshall Plan, in avoiding the reparations policies following WWI, paved the way for this or not. In any case, it seems indisputable that conditions for a lasting peace in Europe were already in place by 1954, a point of view explained by Stanford’s James Sheehan in “Where have all the soldiers gone: The Transformation of Modern Europe”. The notion that the Euro is needed to cement these gains appears to be more about the ambition of specific political movements in Europe/Brussels than anything else. [The irony of the Nobel Peace Prize for Europe is that as shown below, it comes at a time of rising social stress, extremist politics, and a deterioration of trust in the very union that is supposed to be providing the social cement.]


Nevertheless, Europe soldiers on with its project, out of the belief that a single-currency monetary union must exist in order to reap the benefits of a common European consciousness. The irony of the Nobel Peace Prize for Europe is that as shown below, it comes at a time of rising social stress. There are of course those who believe that the Euro itself has contributed to these developments: it distorted the regional current accounts and encouraged consumption not funded by national income in the South, exaggerated the severity of the recession, and then prevented currency adjustments which mitigated Southern European recessions in the past.

Source: JPMorgan, full Cembalest report pdf


A further question is whether now that the Norwegian Peace Prize committee has given its full endorsement to the EU project, does that mean that Norway itself will joyously partake in the "unionized" festivities as well? or will it remain on the outside, looking in, and providing the occasional hypocritical statement about how great things in the EU really are, even as it itself knows much better.

Perhaps Nigel Farage sums it up best...

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European citizenism, bitchez!

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Is there a graph for "Revolution in the US"?

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The Nobel peace prize committee has made itself a laughing stock twice now. Nice work on giving Obama the prize shortly before he invaded Libya as a courtesy to the bankers and immediately established a puppet central bank.

Next year I imagine the prize will go to China.

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European citizenism, bitchez!

'Americanism'. Or US citizenism. Time to render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

'Americans' residing in Europe are following the 'american' playbook.

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'Americans' residing in Europe are following the 'american' playbook.

Americans and Europeans residing in Europe have to watch their step when walking along the roadsides, because AnAnonymousitizens in the process of blobbing up have immigrated to Europe and are following the Chinese citizenism Mow See Dung playbook of small redness.

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Doesn't the NPP winner get a million dollars?... Maybe it was just the committee's way of doing what it can toss the EU a bailout...

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Another European Miracle of Self Contained Structured Financing transferring money from one pocket to another.

It's become a formalized self congratulatory self aggrandizement for of and by the Official Politically Correct Leftist Statist Elite

Now watch them Eurotrash argue about who gets to go pick the fucking thing up.

Booyah Motherfuckers
Socialism Forward.


I am disgusted

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Maybe next year the nobel committee will award the peace prize to themselves, for having fostered so much peace over the decades.

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I mean WTF IS NEXT?!?!  The Federal Reserve wins the Nobel Prize for Economics?

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Tim Geithner to receive Congressional Medal of Honor for integrity in public service.

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Dick Cheney to receive the PETA Friend For Life Award

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George Bush to graduate from MENSA

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Rummy Rumsfeld to receive the Found 2.3 Trillion Dollar Unreturned Award

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I vote for Eric Holder...he's certainly delivered peace of mind for the banksters!

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You put to much credit in MENSA and other organizations. For $50, I'll tell you that you are as smart as you think you are.

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They're competing with Japan for a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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Ron Paul should have got this, IMO.  The only Congressman who didn't/doesn't want to blow the shit out of the middle east and the only one to recognize that Congress has never given the declaration or authority to do so.  Because there is no rule of law anymore,where power is increasingly being concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, the Nobel Prize for Peace is more like the dumb kid in class who gets the ribbon, even though everybody knows it is a token gesture - but that really nobody understands.  The awarding of the prize to the EU all but cements the resolution, IMO that the prize really doesn't mean shit anymore, and this probably shouldn't come as a surprize, as I think there is the possibility that perhaps it never did.  peace ZH ers  RP 2012.

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United States of Europe, bitchez.

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rubbish propaganda, bitchez

Nigel Farage: "...arguably, projects that take nation states, force them together under a new identity, a new flag and a new anthem, if they do it without the consent of the people, far from creating peace, this can actually create war, as Yugoslavia has showed us. So..."

so last time I was in London I missed all the european union flags and Britons forced to sing "Ode to Joy"?

May I remember Mr. Fellow of the City of London the Right Honorable Member of the European Parliament Nigel Farage, leader of the UKIP that he is given a voice and space for a party in the freely elected European Parliament that his country, the UK, does not give him or his party because his nation has no multi-party elections? Which is incidentally the reason why there are nationalist and "extremist" parties at all in non-British Europe's Parliaments? That's his Nation's Government that does not allow an UK referendum since the 70's on staying or leaving the European Union?

And who the fuck wants to abolish individual nations? Gollum? Is this the way that is being voted in the Council, of which he is just a glorified secretary without a vote? Hardly. Did "we" go further and adopt an EU constitution? No. The French and the Dutch said no. The last treaty strenghtened the Council, remember? That's the confederate way of having "one nation, one vote" (balanced three ways) through their governments. And what the governments vote on in the Council has to be approved or rejected by that very democratically elected European Parliament of which you are a member of. Your contempt versus democratic institutions is just boundless.

All beating around the bush. Both the article and MEP Farage talk about the 27-nations treaty-based trade & legal confederation called EU (that just got that idiotic award from Norway) but their target is a near completely different alliance of nations: the ECB and it's 17-members forming the eurozone - a glorified currency grid or alliance of mostly state-owned National Banks - to which the UK does not belong and vetoed any "mingling" of facilities.

Nigel, you are a shill barking up the wrong tree and you know it. A cheap shill in the pockets of the hyperhypotecating City of London banksters.

btw, your freely elected collegues in the European Parliament did not fine you for calling Gollum (aka Van Rompoy, former PM of Belgium) names, they fined you for contempt of the sovereign nation of Belgium. Calling it a "non-nation", the ultimate disrespect typical of a British Imperialist mindset that is common in that fringe that are your voters. I would have respect for you if your attempts in getting the UK out of the EU were serious, but they simply aren't... Your master's enemy is not the EU, it's the EUR. Your masters tremble at the thought of an EU restricting their practices in the City. They wake up in the night screaming: "Tobin Tax!" and "rehypotecation limitations!". Pathetic. Go an cry on Ms. Blythe's shoulder, Nigel.

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The reasons that Europe has enjoyed a couple of generations of peace are NATO and the Pax Americana. BTW, Europe also had a similar period without any continent-wide wars from 1815-1914 without an EU.



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courtesy, Wikipedia

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As he said, no continent wide wars...

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Damn it has been a long time since we had a good scrap! It is defintely time we had another. The European Banker War could be the next where the people rise up against that bankers and their puppets in Government and introduce them to stakes, gibbets, guillotines and other toys of like nature.

Why I am not a European: http://freeireland.wordpress.com/2012/06/21/why-i-am-not-a-european/"

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From the linked article:
Fortunately for us, military buildups are very expensive, and Europe cannot afford them.
This pumpkin knows s..t.
What about the versailles treaty? Every american know that, it was when Germany was being crushed under the heavy debt of war reparations that they managed to build their war machine.

Has this American forgotten that? It would be so Un-American (because, we 'Americans' even capitalize Un-American because we Americans do respect human beings even though Un-American is the biggest sin one man could ever commit to the face of humanity.)
Americans know how to overcome their environment. That is why we are so special. We dont need an environment to support us. And we do not steal it to support our way of life. This is why we are such a peaceful lot.
This European debt should be revocated as once as war will emerge from the anger, the resent and despair.
If only it had been done before WW2, imagine how many lifes would have been saved.

Imagine what would have happened if Germany had been freed of their debt instead of being burdened. Paradise on Earth, six decades lost...

This American has it so wrong. How he did not learn from history is a mystery.

Signed: an American, a proud one.

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I've got a head like a ping pong ball.

Signed: AnAnonymous

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Once a thief, always a thief...

Once the return point is reached, 'americans' end their masquerade.

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Once the return point, generally a dead end or cul-de-sac, is reached, AnAnonymistic Chinese citizenism citizens start crapping on the other side of the road. Until that point, though, they strive for asymmetry.

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The notion that the Euro is needed to cement these gains appears to be more about the ambition of specific political movements in Europe/Brussels than anything else.

At least part of Belgium wants to rid itself of the bankster occupation. Its like trying to get rid of roof rats. Sometimes you just have to move out.

race into a referendum on Flander’s independence for Belgium

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sure, because Flander's first act would be to leave the EU or the EZ? Hardly...

have you had a look at the secessionists in Belgium?

One of their tenets is: "Nodig in Vlaanderen, nuttig in Europa.", i.e. "Necessary in Flanders, useful in Europe". They want a "Flemish republic, a member state of a democratic European confederation." Their party's words, not mine.


What they want is their own nation with a seat in the Council of the EU and mayby their own National Bank participating to the ECB. That simple.


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I took case with the Nobel prize here for the medical students queries on where medical students should server their residency...there's no magic algorithm but they can get information from this and it's no better than a flow sheet that you get from a dating site.  It's good stuff and few use it to figure out where they will do their residency and it's a bunch of queries and SQL statements are written by the groves.  It's not a bad thing but there were a lot more items worthy of a Nobel prize in my opinion. 

We are an Algo Duped society today and there's about 4 videos at the link that will help explain some of this. Last week it was Congress, this week it's the Nobel Prize and again I don't mean any disrespect, but there were so many other items other than this project I felt were so deserving. 


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So are you rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize based on how many potential wars you can cause without actually being taking the blame?

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@Dareconomics...you hit it. The European vengance of WW1 reparations sowed the seeds of WW2. Some observers in that time saw the problem with onerous reparations. And NATO is why the other WW2 combatant didn't annex Europe as it did other neighboring countries that weren't protected by the NATO umbrella.

Now the implementation of EU rules punishes southern members who respond with civil unrest, and the EU gets a prize for this? Would Catalonia agree? Athens? Bart De Wever?

The Nobel Peace Prize has been a disgrace for at least 25 years, when they gave it to Arias as a 'weapon against Reagan'. It descended into farce with last year's award, and now language is strained to find the words to mock it.

The smug, arrogant, condescending attitude wafting from the Nobel Peace Prize Committee is not some 3-sigma expression, but reflects general European attitude towards the United States and Americans. Better wise up, America, your European cousins are doomed.

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Distribution of wealth towards poor regions within EU, combined with stress on the "wealthy" regions long for calls of independance of the "wealthy regions". When federal governments fail....

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You can’t doubt the good intentions of the Nobel prizes, but they have, with their most recent Euro award, crossed the line and have made themselves and the award look almost PR kitsch. More discretion needed, as they run the risk of actually making the awards a genuine laughing stock, nothing more than window dressing to intractable problems.

Notably they gave the peace prize to John Hume and David Trimble in Northern Ireland, when peace was still far away from being achieved, and David Trimble was a rabble rousing maniac more deserving an award from the KKK. They gave one to Obama when he had done next to nothing. Awarding Lloyd Shapley and Alvin roth keeps them on them squarely on the fence of the hard/soft money debate and there have been scores of other fuk ups,; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nobel_Prize_controversies.  Im left wondering, are they becoming more absurd or are the situations becoming more absurd? Either way, i think they have crosses a fine line with the euro award.

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Ummmm.... this charade would not even be possible for Europe without the trillions in FED bailout money they got.

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Germany was never a "stable, liberal democracy" and anyone who thinks so, knows NOTHING about Germany.

sessinpo's picture

I didn't give you a down arrow but stable and liberal are contradictory.

davidsmith's picture

ZH keeps getting more and more marginalized, eccentric and boring.  Wait til Mitt doubles the defense budget.  Hopefully that will bury ZH.  Sooooo trivial they are.

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How is it that so many humans lack even a basic understanding of their own nature?

Red Irish Mist's picture

That is one of the most perceptive statements I have seen for a long time. :)

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Methinks the Nobel Peace Commission just finished trashing it's brand. This on top of making Hopey Clown Obummer a medalist pretty well does it. It's cartoons from here on.

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Petey the Dog chased a cat off the porch yesterday just slow enough to let the cat escape. (the last time he cornered one he got his ass kicked. He's a wee dog.)

I'm submitting his name for next years Nobel Prize for progressive race relations.

Vote Petey.

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Next Year, a posthumous award for Hitler & Moussilini for avoiding war for ALMOST 10 years.


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Is not the award done after the invention or accomplishment. They seem to be missing the results.

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Me myself I would like to nominate the remote controlled attack drones for the Nobel Peace Prize. These drones have worked tirelessly to destory the enemies who hate us for our freedoms. Countless strikes day and night have mercileslsy weeded out the evil dooers, killed the first responders, and killed many nearby gawkers who may have had an evil dooer thought come to mind sometime in the future.

Sleep tight little drones, even if you are working 24/7.

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Sometimes the need to be contrarian makes zerohedge say stupid things. The nobel prize was awarded to the European Union as the institution that was founded in 1957 (in another form, of course), and that at least helped make sure the continent would remain peaceful. The peace nobel prize has nothing to do with the euro, which is only a part of the european construct. It's easy to trash the EU from a country that hasn't had a war on its territory for a long, long time. I can tell you, while many europeans have complaints about some aspects of the EU, few people would like to go back to 70 years ago.

Red Irish Mist's picture

<blockquote>I can tell you, while many europeans have complaints about some aspects of the EU, few people would like to go back to 70 years ago.</blockquote>


ORLY. That was just about when I was born and it was much better back then than the crap we have to put up with now so speak for yourself because you probably are not old enough to remember 70 years ago. We may not have had 'modern comforts' such as we have now and all the trashy iPad, iPods and crappy TV but people spoke to each other and crime was much lower. We could leave the house open and no one would break in. We knew all our neighbours. Just exactly how do you think our lives have been improved with massive environmental radiation (microwave etc), purified leeched foods with no goodness in them, meat with no fat (which never didi anyone any harm in those days), regulations and restrictions designed to do nothing other control etc etc - I could go on for ever. You want that? Well you can keep it matey because it stinks!