Obama-Romney II - The 'Tumble In The Town Hall' Debate - Live Webcast

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This is the real thing. Forget the Thrilla-in-Manilla or the Rumble-in-the-Jungle, tonight's no-holds-barred, no-truth-spoken 'Tumble-in-the-Town-Hall' debate promises much (but will likely deliver little). Fighting out of the blue corner is a toned middleweight - the comeback-kid Barack 'the basher' Obama. His opponent, fresh from victory in their previous epic battle, fighting from the red corner, the deceivingly slippery Mitt 'the mauler' Romney. Intrade has the 'basher' at 60.5% odds of winning it all on November 6th - at its lows of the day after suffering some heavy action in the early afternoon - while RealClearPolitics has the pair evenly matched.


Via Intrade:


Via RealClearPolitics:


The Live Webcast:

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JohnG's picture

Bought 2 liters of Wild Turkey for this one.

I'm not watching though, just drinking shots randomly.

EvlTheCat's picture

I bought some Irish Whisky, for marinade, to smoke some fish tomorrow, however, I believe I am going to have to make a run tomorrow after the aspirin and 4 Bloody Marry to get some more for the fish.

The Gooch's picture

Are you snorting the aspirin?

If not, it = BLS.

EvlTheCat's picture

I will have to see if I can walk tomorrow.  If not, then yes, I will be snorting what ever is within reach.

erg's picture

I stick it right in my eye.

SMG's picture

So after 20 mins of this, i have one thing to say...

Take me now, Lord!

flacon's picture

Romney says no capital gains tax. Does that go for selling gold and silver?

The Gooch's picture

The key is NOT to sell.

LEVERAGE, my friend.

And that right soon.

MillionDollarBogus_'s picture

Romney just said (twice in a row); "Trickle down economics doesn't work"...

Last Tuesday Ryan said that under Reagan it did work...


MillionDollarBogus_'s picture

Why can't Romney explain how his proposed tax cuts will balance the budget..??

Why don't they just say "I'll cut your taxes if you vote for me"...???

markmotive's picture

30,000 unmanned, automated killing drones would disagree.

Has Obama ever watched The Terminator?

Just one way humanity is destroyed:


economics9698's picture

Tigers 2 Yankees 0.

Enough said.

DaveyJones's picture

you mean rich old men who buy, sell, and trade young men for sport. Wow, that is a lot like the debates...including passing overall structure costs and risks to the public. 

Flakmeister's picture


Do any of your friends own a NASCAR team?

fourchan's picture

did anybody ask the pizza question?

GetZeeGold's picture





Let's get ready to rumble bitchez.


If you're gonna hang around here....you gotta fight.



Oh regional Indian's picture

A sucker punch into the heart of Americana there DJ.

Much like this farce that passes for a debate.


The Gooch's picture

You will see the entrepreneurial spirit of this country like never before when those clays fly.

RKDS's picture

Because not enough of even the stupidest Republican statists will fall for it.

LongBalls's picture

"Trickle down government doesn't work".  - Mitt Romney "Check the trascripts"  - Candy Crowley 

eatthebanksters's picture

Your statment is incorrect...he said trickle down government does not work.  Unless Romney has an epic fail between now and voting day, he's our next president...

SmallerGovNow2's picture

Don't tell anyone when you sell..

LongSoupLine's picture

Take me now, Lord!


oooh, sorry...Goldman's not hiring.

HardAssets's picture

You guys are actually watching the 'clown act' ?

You must have stonger stomachs (or stronger whiskey) than I have.

Tapeworm's picture

You will need the booze to change the visuals on the 21 stone moderatatrix. I wish that she could have done this in a slinky silk body hugging dress. We occasionally need feminine beauty to lighten our load of male politician blather.


 The WSJ feed had Sheila Bair on mentioning that neither one addressed the root cause of the ailing economy. She is right and has gone up a lot in my view since we found out what she was really trying to do as head of FDIC. Both parties vilified her as they had to deal with someone that actually took her job seriously, so the smear was on. Once her book promo tour winds down I very much hope that she lets we peons see her notes on the meetings that she attended as head of the FDIC.

 If I was running a news operation I would have her on speed dial for the best that one can exxpect from a godamned gombit regulator.

Zer0head's picture

The real thing (Rumble in the Jungle - Kinshasa, Oct 30 74)

video of the entire one hour spectacle in high quality video 




knukles's picture

For some silly ass reason I was off by a few years and was hoping for some of "Mad Mike" Hoare's boys recon by fire and lightning.

Desert Irish's picture

Funny...what would the world do now if "Mad Mike" and his bunch of mercs were still running around deposimg African Dictators??? Nowdays its called the "Arab Spring"

New_Meat's picture

urr--m a betchr after 2 leeeeeee terz ov quallllllll y peerbon

JohnG's picture

Hroy dhir U'm freid.....van;t wakl stight.  Dull sim togo.

turbosuperman's picture

Mitt Romney Style


Vote for Obama, so the masses will blame Leftists for the collapse.

The Gooch's picture

No. blame the LEFT and THE RIGHT!

Divide and conquer, duhhh.

turbosuperman's picture

I understand that.  Most people do not - the masses think there's a difference between Republicans and Democrats.

They associate Libertarianism with Republicans because of Ron Paul.

This ship is going down.  It has already hit the iceberg.  If Obama is in office, then the Left will be blamed by most of the sheep.

Gully Foyle's picture


You understand Libertarians, in their true form, are Anarchists.

That US Libertarians are actually small government Republicans.

Ayn Rand hated Libertarians calling them " Hippies of the Right".

turbosuperman's picture

I'm not talking about what I understand.  I'm talking about what the sheep understand.  They see Ron Paul seeking the Republican nomination, so they associate Libertarians with Republicans.

Maybe at one time the Republican party had some Libertarian or small government principles still in it, but those days are long gone.

There are many things two Libertarians could disagree about and still be Libertarians.

Gully Foyle's picture


Yeah, your understanding is faulty.

First, Paul is a Republican. Gary Johnson is the Libertarian candidate.

Second, most of the GENPOP have no clue Libertarians exsit. It's all tea Party to them.

turbosuperman's picture

I'm aware of who the Libertarian candidate is.  I actually prefer Johnson to Paul.

Again, this isn't about what I understand.  It's about what most people understand.

People know that Ron Paul calls himself a Libertarian and many have heard him directly or indirectly (Krugman's readers, for example) talk about Austrian economics.  They see him seeking the Republican nomination.  So, they must think today's Republicans at least have something in common with Libertarians.

John_Coltrane's picture

Before you assume the libertarian philosphy isn't well known consider this:   Atlas Shrugged is the second best selling book of all time (bible is the first).  It still sells over 100,000 copies/year.

The individual is the engine that moves the world-and profit and self-interest is its only fuel.  This truth will never die as it is also the driving force for all evolution.  Collectivism is for the weak and the incompetent (think psychology or art majors) who rely on state sponsored parasitism for their survival.

UGrev's picture

Johnson has 0 financial accumen and on that note, he does NOT understand how to be fiscally responsible. 

TWSceptic's picture

This is a lie (closet republican?)

UGrev's picture

How is that a lie? In comparison to Ron Paul, who has ZERO campaign debt.. Johnson is ~2mil in the hole and begging for money. You call that wise use of funds? I certainly don't. You call that financial skill? you have a strange concept of financial accumen if you think being in debt is is a sign of financia prowess..  

blunderdog's picture

Libertarians don't have the balls to be anarchists.  They need to be able to call on the powers of the State they pretend to hate when someone rips 'em off.

Harbanger's picture

Marxists like you don't have the balls to admit they're fags.