Will Obama Strike Libya In Delayed Pre-election War?

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Speaking on conditions of anonymity, four administration officials have commented that they are actively seeking a target and readying strike forces and drones as retribution for the Sept 11 attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi. As AP reports, if the administration does find a target, officials say it still has to weigh whether the short-term payoff of exacting retribution on al-Qaida is worth the risk that such strikes could elevate the group's profile in the region, alienate governments the U.S. needs to fight the group in the future and do little to slow the growing terror threat in North Africa. The efforts show the tension of the White House's need to demonstrate it is responding forcefully to al-Qaida, balanced against its long-term plans to develop relationships and trust with local governments and build a permanent U.S. counterterrorist network in the region. The verbal rhetoric is escalating from Biden's last year comment that "if you do harm to America, we will track you to the gates of hell if need be." to "If America hits us, I promise you that we will multiply the Sept. 11 attack by 10," said Oumar Ould Hamaha, a spokesman for the Islamists in northern Mali. U.S. officials say covert action is more likely.

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A drone strike spike!

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this is absurd...  The U.S. is actively funding al-cia-duh in the Syrian invasion... and now claims it is getting ready to bomb the same people in Libya?  read between the lines, the Libyan people are revolting, and are attempting to overthrow the ZATO mercenaries that took over their country....   all hell is about to break lose across Africa and the ME.

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PetroDollar under serious pressure..................


ExxonMobil not getting their way in Libya??? WTF?

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From AllAfrica...


Despite the 230 security situations in Libya, international oil companies were back in business so that by the end of September 2012, Libya was producing 90 per cent of its pre-NATO intervention output. In fact more oil was now being pumped out than in the month immediately prior to the start of the NATO war. Foreign companies had been trooping back into Libya with BP being the last to arrive in May. Even without the hundreds of thousands of foreign workers, the stability of the exportation of oil had driven foreign companies to focus on who would be in control of Benghazi, especially after the noisy declaration of autonomy by the militia/political leaders in February.

US oil companies did not want to be left behind in this new insensate struggle, hence US diplomatic efforts were now directed at Benghazi. Christopher Stevens had been appointed ambassador of the United States to Libya in January 2012 and arrived in Tripoli in May. When the uprisings had started in February 2011 and the French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy was going into Benghazi to mobilize support for French interests, Chris Stevens was one of the first US diplomatic personnel to be on the ground in Benghazi.



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Need free oil to pay back debt...

Need free oil to pay back debt...

Need free oil to pay back debt...

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We've made the target enemy for the next segment of the Long War ..

Which will be on and off, hot and cold, forever.
Operative word: forever
Until a new enemy is created to carry on once this one becomes "stale".

That's a certainty.

Just as is Maxine Waters (Dumb as a Rock, CA) taking over as the ranking Dumocrap on the House Financial Service Committee.

Pray for us now in the hour of our need.... for this has become soooo fucked up as to almost be unbelievable.

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Just as is Maxine Waters (Dumb as a Rock, CA) taking over as the ranking Dumocrap on the House Financial Service Committee.

That'll be fun to watch!

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Actually, not.  It would be fun in a movie.

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don't they all look the same..........................

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Lybia is a problem not only for the West. The Arab League is trying to convince the president to leave the government and call for general elections. Lamentblemente, when these governments feel cornered, they become extremists, trying to find some allies. Obviously, I do not think that war with Libya is a solution to these problems. However, it is very likely to continue to see violence in the Middle East.

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I did not have sexual relations with that raped-to-death Ambassador

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He was raped to death in Bunggazhi

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Old bugghazers "work" history is typical.

Some "prestigious" law school, then a CATO institute type spell, then some skullduggery in Libya, then Ambassador then this.

And why do they choose compromisable/compromised commies for such jobs anyways?


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Whatever they do, you bet they gonna talk about it on MSM 24/7 before the election and how Obama is tough!

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Yet during his 3+ years in power he was only proficient at "strong rubukes". 

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This desperate search for any goat-fucker/scapegoat to bomb/fuck reeks of IMPOTENCE.

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. . . and Clinton already bombed the aspirin factory, so that's out.

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no, no, no and Hell NO

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"as retribution for the Sept 11 attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi."

ummm I don't think there was a consulate in Benghazi. But I suppose if media keeps printing it, eventually it will be true.

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The ambassador apparently had just met with a diplomat from Turkey the night he got killed. The mind wonders what they could have been meeting about ( logistics in moving men to turkey to fight in syria).


There was no security there because the US and NATO were to a point on the same side as the terrorists, but this shows you can't control mongoloids forever.

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Don't be such a tin-foil-hatter.  They were probably following up on this wonderfull use of tax payer dollars:



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Immediately after the attack, the Dept of State's very own web site did not list Benghazi as a location of any US embassy, consulate or other official office. 
Maybe that's been changed, now.

Ah I love the smell of Redacted History in the morning.

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A consulate is nothing more than a representative of a government in another nation on a diplomatic mission, generally not in the capital city (or it's called an embassy -- the building the embassy/mission is located in is called a chancery BTW.)

The U.S. had a diplomatic mission stationed in Benghazi, not a capital city, hence a consulate. These change constantly and government websites, like most, are notoriously inaccurate. Just yesterday I learned that my fucking bank and my favorite chain restaurant had closed locations up to four years ago and hadn't updated their sites. What do you expect from the gubmint?

There are plenty of "conspiracy theories" that are real. Why make up some petty new one, devoid of any factual basis to say the least? Just to "one-up" your intellectual betters at zh? Good luck.

A helluva a lot of regular posters here would serve the zh site better to actually read the articles, then post something insightful to add to it, and stop trying to find petty "errors" with it -- it's almost always mere sophistry if even that. Unfortunately, the few who call these little morons out, rarely post here for long. They quickly realize what a bunch of mostly dipshits post here.

But I guess some sissies aren't getting enough hugs from mommy and daddy and desperately need green arrows. Fucking pathetic.

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Unless you're looking for a free Obamaphone, US government websites are outdated & unreliable.  The shit they are LEGALLY REQUIRED to update and publish by specific dates doesn't even get done on time.

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"ummm I don't think there was a consulate in Benghazi."

ummm, I think you've got a sophistic dick up yer ass.

Of course there's a consulate in Benghazi. By definition.

For a very good explanation of what denotes a diplomatic mission, an embassy, or a consulate, see


Or in a nutshell, a diplomatic mission is a group of representatives of a state (or group of states) present in another state. When it is permanent and in the receiving state's capital city, it is commonly called an embassy. When it is a sub-office of that, in another city that isn't the capital (Benghazi), it is called a consulate. America had a diplomatic mission (a group of representatives of the U.S.) in Benghazi. Ergo, a consulate.

I wonder if the multiple me-too morons who up-arrowed you believed you, or are just as angry at zh as at everything else around them? Fucking sheeple. I used to be a little surprised when Tylers would pounce on posters at times with highly disparaging (though well-deserved) remarks, because after all, zh has bills to pay and why drive off a few fast-clicking morons? Clearly, they simply don't have the time, especially to argue with brokedick losers with nothing in their arsenal but petty, schoolyard word games. You know, the "I'm rubber and you're glue" crowd.

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"Where the fuck is the Romney election HQ in Libya...HIT IT!" - BarryO

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"Is that the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade?  Hit that sucker!"

BJ Clinton 5/7/99

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How many called this before NATO used airstrikes and al quaeda to topple gaddafi. Post Gaddafi Libya is a failed state run by terrorists. BenGhazi was matter of factly identified by west point academy as a terrorist hot zone in 2007 and NAto teamed up with them. They are now funneling them to Syria..

Sow the Wind, Reap the whirlwind. Now you bomb the guys who have NATO paystubs.

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Are we at war with Eastasia?  no, they have always been our ally....

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Sean Hannity called it.

don't be a hater...just answering the question...

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That's one name not used in polite company.

His defense of 'enhanced interogation' made me puke.

The quintessimal hypocrite of our times.

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As they are threatened all the time with drone strikes, what on earth is the thinking here.

Truly , the 'best and brightest' at work.

Wag the dog(part deux).

We are so phucked.

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So we're about to put figher jets against a well-entrenched "frenemy" that now has 20,000 new, US-made and provisioned shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles? This should be interesting.

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But did we not invade Lybia once all ready, who knows, we have invaded 32 countrys since WWII, after a while it gets a bit foggy.

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It would be shorter and simpler to list the countrys that we haven't invaded.

Hmmm, I thought we put al Qaeda on the US payroll. I need a program to keep track of who the 'new' bad guys are.

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I nice pre-election attack by King Putt ought to be enough to earn him another Nobel Peace Prize, methinks.

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Oh ~ so now the propaganda stunt is to threaten an attack, then feed some spook on the CIA payroll named Oumar Ould Hamaha the payback line"

 "If America hits us, I promise you that we will multiply the Sept. 11 attack by 10," said Oumar Ould Hamaha, a spokesman for the Islamists in northern Mali... (essentially ~ trying to still get people to believe that it was goatherders who were responsible for 9/11)...

Gotta keep up people... Gotta keep up...

'Oumar Ould Hamaha'... where the fuck do these spooks come up with these names anyway?... Do they have a whole department at Langley dedicated to Scrabble players?... Well Oumar ~ I have news for you ~ If you retailate, we're going to go fish Bin Laden out of the Indian Ocean & kill him again (rolls eyes)...

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As i said to the wife after 7/7 in London.

Mustapha McManus did it.

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under the direct orders of the infamous Emanuel Goldstein

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I read the 9/11 reference as 9/11/12. not 9/11/01.

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Funny ~ I saw it the other way around... Nevertheless ~ the dates are interlinked... Sadistic fucks seem to LOVE that date... It'll never go away ~ even after it has been exposed to broad daylight...



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mind control... that is how it works...  repeat the lie often enough and......

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"If you retailate, we're going to go fish Bin Laden out of the Indian Ocean & kill him again"

Don't laugh!  You don't have to fish bin laden out of the ocean.  You don't think we'd drag his body out of the compound only to dump it in the ocean, do you?  He escaped!  The reason they wouldn't release the photos of him is because he was actually alive.  Word is, he was picked up by a passing freighter. 

Here is a video of him describing his escape (he's using codename "Nigel" and wearing a blonde wig)...


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Ever been to either Mali or Langley?

Thought not.

Both the IAs and Toyota Taliban come up more plausiblr BS.


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Sir! We can't squeeze the October surprise into whats left of October!

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Will Hillary strike Bill for getting her into this mess?

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Dontcha just love the fall she's taking for the fuckup?

Bet she'll be vehemently anti-His Highness once the election is over.
Like ever so public and loud.


Love watching them eat themselves.

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"If America hits us, I promise you that we will multiply the Sept. 11 attack by 10,"


9/11 times 1000?  Where have I heard that before...