The World's Key Dates For The Next Three Months

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As incredible as it may seem, there is more than just November 6th to worry about for the next three months. We present UBS's summary and relative importance of the main economic events and political dates through the end of the year. Of course, it is dominated by the politics in Europe, US, and China, but key economic data points that are required to maintain multiple expansion hopes are also included.







Source: UBS

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Temporis's picture

aww no 12/21/12... thought "End of the World" would be somewhere in there.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Batten down the hatchez, bitchez!

kaiserhoff's picture

Same thought.  At least the headlines are ready.




                    The Jew Yawk Times

redpill's picture

It could end sooner than that, the Jew Yawk Yaynkies are already down 3 games.

Joe Davola's picture

Even Stray Rod's workin' the crowd for post season concubinage.

economics9698's picture

I love it when the Tigers expose the Yankees.  Almost as much as Ron Paul exposing Ben Bernanke. 

GolfHatesMe's picture

No FOMC meetings on after 12/21.  Then end of the world is the only way Bernanke strategy works.

insanelysane's picture

Breaking news: Someone arrested for planning to attack NY Fed

New World Chaos's picture

12/21/12, 11:11am GMT:

Hoaxed alien attack, or a nuke in the London financial district vaporizes all the paper gold, or a derivatives blowup shuts down the financial system and they introduce the NWO system three days later (to mimic the rebirth of Horus).

In their numerology, 11 represents something sinful and ripe for destruction.  33 is the Masons' holiest number.  12+21=33, sum of all numbers in the date=11, solstice is at 11:11 local time in London, 9/11+Fukushima (in Mayan time or GMT) = 12/21/12.  [1+2]+[2+1]+[1+2]=333=halfway to 666. Those are the major lineups.  They will think the Universe is pretty much begging for a false flag.  They don't realize that they themselves are sinful and ripe for destruction.  2012 is the beginning of the end for them.

mademesmile's picture

Why is your pyramid wearing a toupee?

New World Chaos's picture

It's Sauron when he flares up and turns sickly after the Ring of Power slips into the lava.  In 2012.

kekekekekekeke's picture

I was hoping you'd comment on this post

CPL's picture

Webbot and zero wave are still noting something drastic and shitty is supposed to happen tommorrow.


I know it's like reading tea leaves but webbot has been annoyingly correct 100% of the times in it social measurement using google.  zero wave is just...well, whatever it is.

semperfi's picture

Ok NostradamusBot, whatever.

blunderdog's picture

Webbot's a joke. 

Whatever came of the big prediction for a "massive release of tension" somewhere around 11/2/10 through 11/7/10?  You'd have expected it to be a safe bet, given a NATIONAL ELECTION, but it turned out not to mean shit.

Tomorrow evening should be very exciting times: the moon, Mars, and Antares will all group near the horizon.

You know what THAT means...

juangrande's picture

I dunna know. I took some really good shits that week!

pavman's picture

You're up too dam late?

Ar-Pharazôn's picture

"Tomorrow evening should be very exciting times: the moon, Mars, and Antares will all group near the horizon.

You know what THAT means..."


yeah, nothing

semperfi's picture

Wait, maybe you are right!!  Yankees lose game 4 tonight and tomorrow A-Rod and Girardi get fired !!!

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Girardi totally keeps his job. 

Nobody holds ARod's bat but ARod.

spastic_colon's picture

The elusive WMD's...the FED, POTUS, TOTUS, NAR and government statistics...are right here on our soil....the dems are only practicing "payback" and Americans continue to be politically bludgeoned right under our own noses...there is no one in politics that gives a damn about democracy.

tekhneek's picture

Kale, chard, beans, beets, onions, garlic, cucumbers in.

kaiserhoff's picture

Tomatoes?  Oh, yeah.  Start of the rainy season, such as it is.

If you miss winter, we'd be glad to send you some sleet from Illinois.  Maybe Jim could take you ice fishing some time.

Whalley World's picture

Jim Rickards says the Chinese usually bump the value of the Yuan prior to each G20, should be worth watching to see if it happens this time as well.

falak pema's picture

two new signposts for the contrarians : 

Consumer Comeback - Business Insider

Gallup: The Unemployment Rate Is Collapsing - Business Insider


ANy signs of real turn around in a QEn doped economy which have a true basis of being a sustainable trend, like the Gas bubble of Fracking and Bakken formation? 

Here are another two : 

Greece close to deal with lenders, PM says - Yahoo! Finance

Wal-Mart Is on a Roll—and That's Great News for the Recovery - Yahoo! Finance

Question : is QE feeding more supply side "channel stuffing" of housing? Is the demand there?

PUD's picture

 Iranian president backs ceasefire in Syria during Eid Al Adha

killing will resume after prayers the next day at 6 sharp

CrabGrassKila's picture

Capitalism must Prevail

Halloween, Black Friday, and all 12 days, wrapped into one.............


Ghordius's picture

January 1st, 2013 - Ireland's EU Council Presidency!

truly not as world shattering as

November 8th, 2012. 18th Communist Party Congress in China.

A younger generation of Chinese leaders will be presented to govern for 10 years. Those guys went through a brutal selection process where they have to be well connected and smart. The question is how much they want to achieve until 2022.

semperfi's picture

Dates/agreements/deadlines/contracts mean nothing when  1) the rule of law has been suspended  2) corruption, fraud, and lies are not only business as usual but are rewarded.   The Grand Masters will do what they want when they want and nothing will get in their way. 


Hungry people will vote with their teeth - won't matter what flavor the Grand Master happens to be -  Democrat, Republican, Banker, Wall Street Hamptons dwellers, they all taste the same after roasting on a spit. Democracy - it's what's for dinner !

dbTX's picture

What about the day Obama waggs the dog in Libya

GoinFawr's picture

Your lists always make my list Tyler(s)

earnulf's picture

Just saying that if you don't have it in hand, you don't have it.


A cock in the bush is worth more than one in the hand. Just sayin'