165 Hedge Fund Suddenly Cried Out In Terror And Were Suddenly Silenced

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Oops... The second most widely held company after AAPL just destroyed the quarter for 165 hedge funds.

Source: Goldman Sachs

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Holy crowded trade.

Suck it down, suckers.

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That's funny, I just saw Alderan get blown up last night!

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GS is on the other side of that trade. Guaranteed! Their last trading quarter was swell because NITE fell.

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It's not their fault, their judgement is Harvard MBA-compromised.  Amazing how much money people will pay just to be taught to be a fucking lemming.  

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What about Reggie? Is he OK?

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Epic rise in yields yesterday while the rest of the market basically flatlined. Normally when wealth flow out of bonds, it flows into stocks and commodities, but yesterday...nothing. I've never seen that type of movement before.

It's almost like this report was released early to try and crash the market and keep yields from continuing to spike.

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People stuffing their fiat under the mattress?

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Take a look at that chart again:   The third most-held stock is... MSFT.    If you think GOOG hurts, just wait until the unmitigated failure that is "Surface" lands with a thud.   We haven't even begun to see tankage yet.

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Lemmings indeed. It is stunning that people pay 2 and 20 for this kind of groupthink bullshit.

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this begs the question does anyone need a 700 dollar stock,

priced to perfection, that pays no dividends, in their portfoglio?

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The executives at Grand Moff Donnnelley better stay away from helicopter rides and hot tubs for the time being.

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The interventionists giveth, and the interventionists taketh away.

If your money is in these markets, it is well positioned to be stolen from you.

SafelyGraze's picture

on the other hand .. there's *some* amount of invenstment safety, since every single one of those top-50 companies in the list is govt-owned or is a govt contractor

except for haliburton

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and while you're at it Bob Pissonme. Please save me spin master. Talk about how these companies earnings are coming in better than expected. Please ...

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Cramer goes to Ohio and bearing manufacturer Timken on his "Mad Money" show tonight:



adr's picture

Timken was closing buildings left and right, then .Gov gave the 100% capex writeoff. Within months Timken was doubling the size of thier headquarters.


DoChenRollingBearing's picture

+ 1

It does not sound like a coincidence to me adr!  Timken has a lot of political clout, on both sides of the aisle.  Thanks for the news item!

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Didn't he have some POS "deep in the money calls" yesterday? 

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I have an idea.  Click the ads for all the politicians on every website in America.  Simultaneously we can save google and bankrupt every politician.

Now that's a stimulous idea I can get behind.

CrimsonAvenger's picture

Way ahead of you brother. Obama must think I love him given my ad-clicking activity on ZH over the past few months.

NotApplicable's picture

All you're doing is generating further revenue for Google which will be recycled back into political contributions to be spent on advertising, generating further revenue for Google...

The idea that one can bankrupt a bottomless pit? Needs work.

LongSoupLine's picture



Don't worry, it was "magically" halted just a c-hair above support. 

DOW is crashing...down a whole 8 points...NOT ALLOWED in Bernak's "market"!!

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All of the Banks calling the FED for a bigger line of Credit.

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We said release at 1 PDT not EDT, PDT dammit!

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The Google Bunch is stoned out of their mind.

Some good dope they're smoking up there in San Bruno, CA

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So, does this mean that 96% of hedge funds are now,   "behind"??

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Don't be evil...bitchez!


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Great their goes the 4th qtr bonus.  now the PM's will have to settle on a porche instead of the ferrari

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I came I saw I missed.......badly.

Oh well, there's always Q4 to look forward to.

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Takes Billions per quarter to generate about the same amount of money as a walmart does on a single slow day.


It's all so very silly.

_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture

You can always make up on volume. ;-)

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I hope they lose every fucking dime.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

they just halted trading...

meant selling...

fucking rigged casino these markets r...

only up, no downward movement allowed....


THX 1178's picture

It can't/won't last forever.

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But why don't they ever halt silver when it has waterfall declines over nothing?? They must remain vigillant in the eternal war on speculators.

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The press release was a fat-fingered mistaken release, based on the boilerplate and template holders still in the item. It wasn't supposed to come out until after market close.

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Another form of capital control...sold as a safeguard! LOL!

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tha algos were the only ones allowed to profit, and nothing is allowed to sell off. ever.

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Now we find out who bought a ton of very cheap PUTs yesterday!

monopoly's picture

Wow, halted! Sure glad this cannot happen to AAPL, PCLN or AMZN. No way, no sir.

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This is a perfect example (case study for historians) of the fallacy of Bernanke's "wealth effect".

The Master's picture

HilsenRATh leak coming in 3, 2, 1...........

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The hedge funds and retail will be getting massive margin calls tomorrow and forced to liquidate other momo bubble stocks. The selling is just starting.

This is how the internet bubble popped – one huge miss by a momo-driven domino pricked the internet bubble.

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Quick, get the manatees for the rumor machine!

"China to buy $GOOG, Spain, and $FB"

Orly's picture

Strange thing is the EURUSD and AUDUSD, both darlings of the QEtc pump-and-dump, went absolutely nowhere.  Just sitting there, eating a moon pie.

I'm beginning to think these markets are rigged.


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Bernank in Luftwaffe,  printing counterfeit for Google dollars....

sale bluelight special, on snoogle,  aaple und goodle is snoogle.

QE 4;  foodstamps for google shares and down payments for Google houses. and FHA  Federal Housing Apple  (w 3% down foodstamps you get an apple house) no need to pay 

mortgage in Shadow inventory.

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Has to fall 15% in under 5 minutes for a trading halt. G'damn Mfers