Athens Full Day Strike Turns Violent: Tears Gas, Petrol Bombs Exchanged

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Same old, same old from the country whose future is supposedly being decided at today's latest (we have now lost count) Eurosummit. Spoiler alert: nothing will be decided until after the US election. From AP: 'Violence has broken out at an anti-austerity demonstration in Athens during a 24-hour general strike, with youths pelting riot police with petrol bombs and rocks. Riot police responded with tear gas to disperse the troublemakers during the clashes Thursday in the capital's central Syntagma Square, as thousands of people marched through the streets. Greek workers are holding their second general strike in a month, protesting new austerity measures the government is negotiating with the debt-ridden country's international creditors." Too bad "rioter" is not a Full Time Equivalent employment position according to the Greek BLS. Or at least not yet.

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Netherlands won't agree with new aid for Greece at EU summit...

So is this the signal the market has missed that Greece is done?

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They must be serious......gas is almost worth it's weight in gold in Euroland.


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Good Morning, Syntagma Square!



Print like a motherf*cker, Draghi! 

Nevermind the whining by Germany & the North. Just go Bernank, bitch!!!

(Once you go Bernank, you never go back)

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Ummm......why is all this stuff happening again?

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Did you ever see Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray?

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Athens truly must be one mystical place. I just tried to exchange some petrol for tear gas and the attendant looked at me as if I had 5 eyes.

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I was just in Greece last week (On Cruise).  I went to the parliament building where all of this shit takes place (Thanks to ZH for educating me and giving us the live riot feeds).  Pictures do not show how fucked up this country is.  Every building is tagged with Graffiti saying "Fuck Merkel", and "Hows this Capitalism working for you now?".  Most of it is in Greek, but the paint in English is truly scary.  Again..most buildings and ANY free walls are tagged and tagged again.  The city is ruined.  Even the windows of businesses are tagged from top to bottom.  Bank windows are cracked and broken.  I was there the day after Merkel was there so no riot photos.  I tried to take a photo with the police with machine guns and riot gear hiding around town but they would not let me.  I now see why there are "Riot Dogs" also.  Stray dogs and cats all around.  You guys will really appreciate what I am about to say.....We were in a taxi going back to the cruise ship, and I asked the female taxi driver "What do you think of Merkel?". She said "We all hate her" in a broken Greek accent.  I asked "Why?".  She said "I have 4 children, and I have always received my checks to help me pay for my kids, and now that bitch Merkel took my checks away."  I was astounded to hear this type of I tried to rationalize her comment by saying "Angela Merkel didn't take your checks, your government overspent, and Merkel is trying to help and your government has to pay Germany back as they agreed for the borrowed money right?"  She said "We don't have to pay anything back....Germany still owes us big time for the war.!!"  I just sat back in the cab and listened to her rant for the remaining 5 minutes of our trek back to the ship..... As you can see from this type of thinking....they are screwed.  All they want is more Free Shit.....sounds very familiar with another country.  After hearing this type of thought process explained to me in person over and over in Greece first hand, it shows me that these people in the streets have no clue.  It is either "I get more free stuff, or we riot in the streets".  There is no compromise.  It is a 100% "All Me" society.  Thanks ZH for waking me up.  Just ordered some more Buckets of food from Costco...take a look.  I feel a lot better having some of these under my belt. I don't post much, but I sure do read all of your guys comments.  Thanks.  Oh  before I finish gas is $12 a gallon and they will not touch the US dollar no matter what.  Tried to give the cab driver a $5 tip because I was out of Euros and she just gave it back and said "We don't take that".  I had already paid for the cab with my remaining Euros....Yikes.

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"Hows this Capitalism working for you now?" about some confused bastards. Welcome to the socialistic mind screw.


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Exactly.....I was confused at that.  That is painted on the Parliament building in huge 3 foot letters. IN RED.  If you could stand in this city, and just see how beautiful it was through the it looks like "The Bronx"....everywhere.  If this is a clue to what is coming to the US, we are sooo screwed. 

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you do realize that you are talking about a small area around the Parliament in a city that has over three million inhabitants, do you? and that you could tourist around without anybody harming you? and that you could have partecipated to the demonstrations without fear for life and limb? and that the "riot" part of the demonstrations involve 1% of the total of the demonstration max, with plenty of time and warning to get out of the "spray zone" where tear gas is used?

sorry, but if a few graffiti on a state-owned building scare you that much then I have to think that you were there but did not "see"

of course there are socialists in Greece - like the one you met! some 25%, according to the electoral results. we consider this "natural" and "normal"

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you do realize that you are talking about a small area


So......don't worry.....yet?


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if I would not be worried I'd be doing other pasttimes from scanning ZH. but I'm not worried by those kids throwing "petrol bombs" (explanation further down). those kids are arguably the future politicians of Greece, and they mean well, at the moment. and their police knows that, and tries to treat them as well as they can

what worries me most is what can come out by the continuos misrepresentation of relevant news by a media in the pockets of people who want to make their hyperhypothecated hyperleveraged bet for a "quick megabuck" on the back of entire populations

our dear friend Soros is already ventilating "that Germany has to leave the EUR" and placed his bet accordingly, just as an example - though I would not trust his word...

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I do realize these things.  I spent 2  1/2 days in Greece.  Athens and Crete.  We went to parks, restaurants, and tourist sites,  Everything.....walls, monuments, etc is covered in graffiti.  It doesn't scare me per say as in "Fear for my Life" scares me to see how bad a great city can be made "Ugly".    And I probably chose the wrong word..."Scare".  A better word for the feelings I had is more of an "Anxious" nature.  The realization that we (The United States) are on the same path, and I feel this is a glimpse into our future.  It will always be a small part of the population that gets out of hand at first.....then it can go exponential.  We shall see.

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in the 70's, the US was covered in graffiti, too. read something about the "broken windows" policies that NY, NY adopted against them, it's fascinating.

at the cost of generalizing: US/UK/Commonwealth citizens have a very low tolerance for graffiti on real estate (compared to other cultures) and this has a lot to do with the specific strong attachment/feelings that the Anglophone culture(s) have for RE.

I can sympathize with your anxiety, I have something similar for things that might leave you cold... stupid example: private, armed security forces give me the willies

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You bring up a good point re: graffiti, it's in a lot of neighborhoods in Copenhagen, and it's respective country was recently declared the best place in the world to live.  I imagine graffiti takes on a different context when the population is not in a good situation economically, and knowing that Greece, as a country, is being fucked to such a spectacular extent by monied interests can result in a different perceptual context being applied to "broken windows".  

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even the french revolution started like that

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Sounds EXACLY like black culture here in the states. SAME exact mentality and will end the same way except for blacks are magnitudes more violent and unruly than Greeks. It will not end well if Romney wins in heavily black populated areas, of which my neighborhood resides in...

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That's prety scary. It does makes me feel better about my homeland, Portugal, though.

At least in Portugal it's not an entitlement mentality, it's more like "we must do the honorable thing and pay our debts but we can't pay those huge interest rates that foreigners demand". Also people are very much aware that most of the money has been wasted in corruption, like public-private partnerships where the private side has zero risk but gets a cool guaranteed 15% a year return on investment, fundations started by politicians that get subsidies from the state and all sorts of past "public works" that were really just ways to hand money over to well-connected construction companies.

In Portugal, people hate the local politicians, not Merkel.

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why bother with politicians?  just bagmen for the bankers, the true criminals.

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no politicians means dictators. you might think it's the same but this might mean you have never experienced a dictatorship

having said that: OT, I reccomend watching first Charlie Chaplin's "The Great Dictator" and then Sacha Baron Cohen's "The Dictator".

in this sequence they are a truly remarkable combo

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Consider this an guys are really screwing up and we're starting to pick up bad habits from you.

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Society without some kind of centralised coordination is just Anarchy. Anarchy is unstable and quickly turns into Warlordism. Eventually either society just keeps sinking into decay as different armed groups fight amongst themselves and use force of arms to prey on the rest of society (as in Ethiopia) or a strongman will emerge by force of arms (i.e. a dictator). Corruption is the least of worries for the common people under a dictatorship.

I understand that many here have an utopian view of how the world would be without governments. We too had that in Europe in the late 19th century: Fascism and Communism both were once seen as the right way for society. Just ask anybody that has lived under any of them how good they turned out to be ...


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thank you takeaction...have you asked yourself about the bankers, the many cuts they have taken?  or are they exempt and beyond accountability, leaving that entirely to the children and their future?

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well Merkel is bailing out the German Banks at the expense of the Greek State so i think the taxi driver got that part right. Funny they don't take the greenback but they will take the euro though! especially when a taxi driver is paying 12 bucks for a gallon of fuel!! nothing the drachma can't fix of course...

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Granted, the corrupted Greek governments did overspend, steal, etc.; but you are quite mistaken if you think the Nazis' didn't stifle the Greek economy.

What happened to the compensation which should've been given to the Greeks for the gold that was stolen, from the National Bank of Greece, to fuel the Nazis' war against the allies? What about all the destruction they caused? All Greeks got were loans, loans and more loans! Let us also not forget the allies hand in the Greek civil war which ravaged a country trying to grow from the devastation of WWII!

Greece caught up with Western Europe in a matter of a couple of decades ... just at the right time to become the bitchez of the EU!

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Greece: Give us more euros, or we'll riot!
Germany: Come and take them.

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Coming to (insert city here), (state here), USA soon!

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Nay, we will probably see another one of those 'slut protests'. This time the 'sluts' might go topless to really distract the masses. I think we are too far down the stupid path.

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Already here. No going back without major disruptions to the existing paradigm. No connection of cause and effect.

I want to have some empathy but most seem hell bent on theirs and everybody else's destruction.

Bad choices make for bad outcomes.

Edit: all the debt talk rubs me raw though. Why would I give my hard tangible labor to preserve the bad results of bad decisions regarding currency that doesn't even exist.

If it came from thin air, it can (and eventually will) go back where it came from. It is the transition process that has me a bit concerned!

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Where is the dog?

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Every day I am more and more amazed that the Greek military hasn't staged a coup.

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The coup happened already. Only, not by the Greek generals. The Greek generals have bosses that are not Greek.

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Agreed -  but I am referring to a coup by the military to kick the EU out of Greece.  

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I always think of the Europeans as sissies until they burn down their Starbucks and generally engage in the kind of revolutionary mayhem that puts our pasty-ass society to utter shame.

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at cost of being misunderstood: the US had one revolution in the last 200+ years. the UK had one in the last 400+ years. now count how many we had in continental europe

nevertheless, facing the police is a kind of fun extreme sport, here (most of the times). different traditions

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Sometimes I think the reason why the UK (and the US) is so far down the road to surveilance society and police state is that they haven't had any kind of dictatorship or foreign occupation in the recent years, unlike almost all of the rest of Europe which had them and where people are still alive that remember how those times were.

Certainly for me as a Portuguese, I still remember the stories about the Fascist dictatorship (which fell in 1974) and things like how a neighbour could denouce you to the secret police for talking bad about the government and you would end up in a prision not far from where I used to live. Some of the shit I see around me here in the UK (for example, posters asking people to warn the police if they see their neighbours put something suspicious in their trashcans) is just plain scary.

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I remember well being in Spain, late 70s; there was still a hangover from El Caudillo.

There were plenty of Civil War veterans at that time, too. The stories were incredible.

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as incredible as the graves

what is this, a convention of bunnies? ;-)

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Meeh ... *chomp* *chomp* ... wasup Doc?

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with the advent of the internet the need for "denouncers" is now mootn as well. yet another perfectly good job gone...

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"We demand 16oz Coca-Cola".


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That's totally legal.....just don't ask for 32oz - Mayor Bloomberg bitchez

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Mayor Bloomberg has received a federal grant to purchase, maintain, fuel & operate a fleet of drones dedicated to monitoring the streets & restaurants of NYC to ensure compliance with the ordinance prohibiting the sale, purchase, concealment or consumption of oversized sodas.

Bloomberg has a request pending to be supplied with highly modified, drone carried hellfire missiles that can take out Big Gulps from as far away as 42,000 feet.

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Welcome to Skynet......we're here to protect and serve.


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"and that'll be 50 US dollars for the Coke you worthless Americans." god i hate that Mayor. i'd watch TV just to see those New York City clowns scream to the rafters how they love that guy even though New York City's unemployment is soaring under this clown's watch. The irony that he's about to bankrupt New York City should be lost on no one. Already Governor Cuomo's polling numbers are getting crushed as he too get's sucked "into the vortex." The oil drilling that's already underway up here can't get expanded soon enough for me. Soon we will be rich up here...and i will be bird watching in Manhattan at all those beautiful billion dollar nesting sites. Oh look! A bald eagle!

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I just hope that the drone missiles use shaped charges, we don't want to take out the Subway next to the 7-11's. 

5 ... 5 ... kilo warhead ...

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Who is paying for the gas in those petrol molotovs?  If it is subsidised by the gov it is being well used.


Spain Banks Face More Pain as Worst-Case Scenario Turns Real

"Bad loans as a proportion of total lending jumped to a record 10.5 percent in August from a restated 10.1 percent in July as 9.3 billion euros ($12.2 billion) of loans were newly classified as being in default, according to data published by the Bank of Spain on its website today. The ratio has climbed for 17 straight months from 0.72 percent in December 2006, before Spain’s property boom turned to bust."

Work stoppage at Lonmin Marikana mine