It's All RR Donnelley's Fault

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Sorry, it's not the Iranian hackers' fault this time:


This means Dubya, Europe and the weather are all off the hook. It also means that the press release is accurate (unless of course GOOG decides to implement a last minute Morgan Stanleyesque's DVA "one-time" charge to EPS that is).

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Snowing somewhere?

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“Black Swan” Google gets 63,000,000 hits.

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Any bets the following words were uttered in Googland this morning ?

You're Fired !!!

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Any coincidence that RRD publishes Mormon religious tracts? Probably not.

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Cui Bono? Romney? If it is a coincidence, it is certainly a timely one.




Fear no evil, Google is here to save the free world from the truth !

These are not the earnings you are looking for. 

Move along, now. 


This is just a pre game warm up test pilot run for the real musical chairs session coming soon to a market near you.

If it isn't a tangible commodity necessary to sustain life, it better not be in your portfolio, bitchez.

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Why does RR Donnelley hate freedom?

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Cue the peanut gallery blaming it on "the jews" in 5...4...3...2...

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Waddell & Reed off the hook!! Wheeew. <Wipes sweat from brow>

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Eric Holder will be filing suit against RR Donnelley shortly...

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Holder has less than 3 weeks to do it

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I thought posting earnings during US exchange hours was illegal. We all know it's a perk( or god given right, I forget what the bankster toads believe) of being an institution to pre/after market front-run their retail clients on earnings news. Jeesh. It's just crazy. 

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Google bad, RR D good.  RR ships a lot of freight.  Their loads are ready on time and they are trucker friendly.  Google bad.

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WE cannot let RR Donoodly get away with this. They are trying to take our freedom and our way of life. Open up another hole in GITMO and get out the board

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We said release at 1 PDT not EDT, PDT dammit!

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Deny truth and watch it become truer.

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That's some weak ass Google-fu.

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"the dog ate my homework....."

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No doubt released by a fomer GS employee

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Quick everyone, buy facebook!

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RR Har Har ... pretty funny ... Fake jobs. Fake earnings. Fake markets. Fake clicks ... until you can't fake it anymore.

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Is "Donnelley" a species of swan with black feathers?

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Hedgies are pissed - RR Don stock getting pounded for telling the truth - a little early, but it's still the truth.



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RR can hopefully go back to printing the Sears catalogues so I can relive my youth of looking at the bra section and BB gun section.

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Electric slot racing tracks...

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Had a Tyco Magnum 440.  You could almost smoke the tires on those cars.  We used to put spray tack on the tires to try and keep them on the track.

Good times.



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I'm still scarred from being forced to wear toughskin jeans as a kid.

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But were they "selected irregulars?"


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one old Sears catalog in the outhouse; when you were done reading you could put the pages to their next best use....avoiding  the glossy section however!

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"no, it was the H2-0 modulator...."

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YAY!...more "confidence injection" for retail!!


Can't wait to see the mun-funds outflow after this clusterfuck!

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what a fixed market   IBM shit GOOG shit INTC shit    market   stalls      crap    the fix is in   

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Worse than that Axe...


Our whole life has been fixed on every major front.

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If that's only a draft maybe the final filing will be a beat. Better BTFD. LOL.

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No doubt their earnings are being seasonally adjusted as we type.


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I'm thinking they'll have to invent a new season or two.

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What about the Tooth Fairy. Can't we blame her?

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There was no toilet paper, so what else was I to do?

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Call Jenna Jamieson;  fluffer needed SEC blaming Fluffer Futures for crash....

it was Jenna made them do it, they were renting the SEC videos....LOL

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Conicidence on the 25th anniversary of the market crash. Hmmmm.

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Now that's what I call a backwards leg sweep!