Flashback To Mark Haines Commemorating 1987... As Stocks Plunge Most In 4 Months

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On a day full of memories (and a market which is down the most in 4 months), we thought (courtesy of Doug Kass) the irreplacable Mark Haines view of the 1987 crash from 2007 (just a few days after what would be the market's absolute top) was worthy of remembrance. What is perhaps most notable in the discussion is Elaine Garzarelli's 'nailed-it' indicator-based call of the top in 1987 and subsequent total 'absolutely bullish' miss in 2007 - as central bank intervention had already removed any 'indicator-based' value from market participants' toolkits and business cycle comprehension. We wonder what Haines would have made of QEtc. and today's exuberant irrationality. Must-watch to 'check' some exuberance at the door.


and here is Garzarelli in January of 2012 - looking for Dow 15k... watch it - and see if any of it rings a bell?

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holy fucking shit how does this woman afford to feed herself? this fucking farce of farces! the sheeple must be slaughtered out of their grazing stupor!

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The sheer volume of retardation coming out of her mouth is appalling. "The market's focusing on domestic economy these days... yadda yadda"


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She looks like the Joker. Way too much plastic.

Me, I grow old gracefully.

No I don't, I grow old kicking and screaming but I still grow old just as fast.

and happy with it...

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LOL- still living on her one good call, 25 yrs later......

ALL of us saw it, Elaine-  you just didn't have any real money on the line back then....

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Here is PBS's Nightly Business Report Broadcast from the night of October 19, 1987. The sponsors of the show were Kidder, Peabody and Digital Equipment Corp., which just goes to show how transitory some public companies can and will be. Neil Cavuto was actually reporting, not spinning. Note the Federal Reserve Vice-Chairman stepping in to try to "calm" the markets. History definitely rhymes.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pjSlIkNxXg  1st ten minutes

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-aFfkB4xv4  2nd ten minutes

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6e7qn2n4qLg Final ten minutes

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Well, she said buy TNA back in January and it went from 45 to a 70 top!

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Is she half goat, half human? Her face looks like the back of a goat!

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Last time I saw a mouth like that it had a hook in it,

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Does this woman have the same makeup artist as The Joker?


"I'm only smiling on the outside..."

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I knew she looked familiar!

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That's not make-up, dude. That's the way her face is shaped. Hope shie didn't pay for that. Ugh.

She's just hawkin' for business.

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William Banzai has moved to video.

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I would suspect it's the result of cosmetic surgery gone wrong, with multiple re-tries to fix the botched cheeck enhancements.

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Is that the Joker?

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with one sweeeeeet-ass  fro.


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Shit that reminds me..I have some letters to post

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Mark Haines isn't really dead. It's a conspiracy.

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Being held hostage in the basement of a three-story tenement in Paducah, Kentucky, the town he dog-mouthed continually lo those many years...

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suicide is painless.

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Elaine "Wait till they get a load of me" Gazzerili.  Always smiles and always bullish

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Erin Burnett.....YUM!

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Former Lehman Brothers partner and managing director?

Oh yah, she would be the first I'd turn to for market advice.............NOT.

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Mark Haines... A man's man. You are missed. 

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Mark Haines was pretty cool but he used to try to make Schiff look like a nut job.

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More proof that if you're a complete incompetent idiot and trown enough darts at the board, you might hit the bulls eye once, like Garzarelli in 1987.

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BULLISH!!!  No sarc.  Genuinely bullish!!  BTFD!!  Bernanke PUT will 100% money-back gauranteed save the day.  That is until hyperinflation kicks in, which we are a looong way from.  So double, even triple down and BTFD !!

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BULLISH!!!  No sarc.  Genuinely bullish!!  BTFD!!  Bernanke PUT will 100% money-back gauranteed save the day.  That is until hyperinflation kicks in, which we are a looong way from.  So double, even triple down and BTFD !!

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it's called "buy low sell high" for a reason....not "buy high sell higher." i would say Chairman Bernanke's "Beggar thy Neighbor" is causi bellum...but for whom...but for whom. Clearly "the panic trade" has been treasuries...and we are told...here no less...to "buy, buy, buy." eh, maybe. spending does seem a tad on the high side, no? and well, that is pretty significant borrowing too. interestingly "all without inflation." clearly no one can be surprised by the social unrest! and the idea that money center banks is the place to be...well, that's quite a run they've had i must say. but isn't the lesson of 2008 "know thy borrower"??? no? how about "know they collateral" then? "oh, that's real estate and that only goes up"? "especially after it goes down that one and only time"? how long have i been saying that these ultra low interest rates represent DEFAULT risk? going on over a year now? But "for a REAL BIG SPENDER" yes, yes? i mean "they've already cleaned out all the lemonade stands" in our economy. I did take note "they're auctioning new cars in e-bay"...something i've been waiting for a some time now. Now LET'S TALK TAXES SHALL WE....

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What false afternoon rumor is on the books to drive the market higher into close?

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She looks drunk

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Gypsies are so fun to listen to.

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What is she on? I'd like to get some.

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she went from 14 indicators down to 12 indicators...............i guess she got rid of the 2 that caused her miss in 2007 !

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They had a down day in Zimbabwe a couple times.

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Interesting that she is now looking at 12 indicators, down from 14 back in 2007.  Maybe she will get it right when her model has 0 indicators.


Edit - didn't see your comment Seasmoke.

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That Woman is nukking futs I cannot believe she would be recommending financials......well yes I can believe she's recommended financials she's a Lehman Brothers clown. Maybe she should get a room with Abby Joseph and Dick Bove For a little three-way.

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Do you have to use that word, "clown," seriously?

Your words are so hurtful, doc.

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You are correct. To all of you clowns out there I sincerely apologize.

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Remember that article posted sometime within the past week, in which one of the Tyler's noted the last time investor sentiment was so bullish, back in December 2008, and how the S&P proceeded to plunge 22% over the course of the next 11 trading days?

Well, let's see - there are precisely 11 trading days remaining until the eve of the 2012 General Election. So, applying the same 22% drop to our latest S&P high of 1470-ish, gives us an S&P of 1150-ish by EOD Friday, 11/2/2012.

It also would give us President Mitt Romney and Vice-President Paul Ryan, and likely an all-Republican Congress, to boot.

Doesn't that sound like the script that is being played out?

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Housing has bottomed and she argues this is because of statistics they look at that have turned up in the LAST THREE WEEKS?  Apparently, 3 weeks is all it takes to make a long term secular bull trend.

Best line in the interview:

"We worked together at Lehman Brothers"  (that says it all)

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If you look at her body language, she likely has Apsergers... and is likely brilliant. Looks and her communication style are deceiving.