How Ben Bernanke Became A Hedge Fund's Worst Enemy

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Whether it is hope, greed, fear, repression, systemic correlation, volatility suppression, or sheer unadulterated idiocy; the smart money has been desperately underperforming the 'index' in US equity markets since Ben Bernanke unwrapped a can of QE2 on us all. Are the smart-money 'realists' playing the long-term game and the dumb-money index-trackers herding into whatever worked yesterday? Who knows? One thing is for sure, Bernanke is no friend of the hedge fund community - anymore.



Chart: Barclays

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How fucking stupid are these guys. Buy the spy at least. And then hedge that. Idiots

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Isn't it so cute that Romney doesn't like QE? He certainly likes to let us know how much damage debt monetization does to the economy. There is just one problem. As the police like to say: "Follow the money".

Romney's personal finances:

Federal Farm Credit Bank securities: $2,000,002 to $6,000,001 

Federal Home Loan Bank securities: $1,000,001 to $5,000,000 

Federal Home Loan Bank securities: $25,750,033 to $92,508,004 

Federated US Treasury Cash Reserve Fund: $250,001 to $500,000 

Goldman Sachs Bank Deposit: $7,015,004 to $31,050,001 

Goldman Sachs Global Opportunities Fund: $1,000,001 

Goldman Sachs Hedge Fund Partners II LL: $1,000,001 

Goldman Sachs Hedge Fund Partners LLC: $1,000,001 

Goldman Sachs Linked to DHA: $500,001 to $1,000,000 

Goldman Sachs Linked to Russell 2000: $250,001 to $500,000 

Goldman Sachs Linked to S&P 500: $1,000,001 to $5,000,000 

Goldman Sachs Linked to SP GSCI Agric: $500,001 to $1,000,000 

Goldman Sachs Small Cap Value Fund: $500,001 to $1,000,000 

GS Inflation Protected Securities Fund: $2,250,003 to $6,500,001

Prospect Harbor Credit Partners: $1,250,002 to $5,500,000 

Tennessee Valley Authority Bond: $500,001 to $1,000,000

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That's a lot of dough. He could almost do a QE on his own.

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Can hedge funds seek the same protection as big banks aka TBTF?

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What happened to QE1? I can make up a random chart that works for a while and then does not too - this is fairly meaningless from a statistical point of view.

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Betting on the same Fed the he rails against- "shocker"

Stupid sheep.

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Frankly I don't give a crap where Romney has his money what I care about is what he wants to do with mine. I would also care about Fraud being prosecuted you know people like Corzine well NO ONE has ever been a better friend to Wall St then Obama ZERO criminal prosecutions.

CONVICTED: Bush 1300+, Clinton 1000+, Obama 0.0 (+/-)

Five Senior Goldman Sachs Execs Gave $130K To 'Obama Victory Fund' WHILE Eric Holder Was Deciding Whether To File Criminal Charges

Here's the (pdf) report from GAI:

Justice Inaction - Department Of Justice’s Unprecedented Failure To Prosecute Big Finance

It's relatively short, and pretty easy reading.  Discussion of MF Global and Jon Corzine begins on page 10 and runs only about 5-6 paragraphs. Here's an embedded version:

Justice Inaction Report

CORZINE CRONYISM BOMBSHELL - High Ranking DOJ Lawyers And AG Eric Holder Were Partners In Firm That Represented MF Global

Barack’s Wall Street Problem is Now America’s


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obama is very bad as a law enforcement officer.  however the gw bush administration had a poor trajectory as well:

i haven't found any chart longer than twenty years but it looks like ghw bush increased prosecutions, clinton roughly maintained them at a high (?) level, gw bush decreased them and obama further decreased them.  in so many ways he looks like gw bush only worse.

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Who are the 6 (and counting) fucktards who junked the posted list?

Romney declared investment income of 14 million for 2011. That list is showing has to be incomplete. If you take the best case, his holdings amount to roughly 159 million. His worst case is 45 million. So anywhere in between has not generated 14 million which is 10% or better in 2011.

Even with his best case he's looking at almost 9%. Hard to believe anybody in that league made personally 9% in 2011 (!!!).

He's not invested in stocks. His money is cash or cash equivalent.


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I've been asking myself that same question for about 4 years (when I started working as an auditor in the hedge fund arena).  Over the past few years, the majority of funds lose to the S&P.  On the rare occasion where they do outperform, it's usually not by enough to justify the 2/20.  I constantly wonder about the ability of these funds to survive....

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GOOGLUCK with that QE ponzi front-running full-fucktard market disconnect. 

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He wont ever be friend

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the Bernank is the supreme hustler

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robotrader beats all these super HFs!

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Will they converge coz of hedge fund performance or s&p collapse ? A bit of both i guess

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Capitalism is about the risky and irrational beating the safe and rational; there is no greater capitalist than a central banker. 

He knows no risk, only hi return, they be  all on his side provided you believe he can print to infinity and that his money be as good as his word.

After all, its all a question of FAITH, and when it doubt, when faith finds it difficult to raise a high five, just print the legend not the truth

That is in essence the true message of capitalism as epitomised by the fourth estate

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First learn what capitalism truly means.

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Romney's investments look like pretty standard diversification, nothing weird there.

Job one, on Day One, should be to get Ben Bernanke out of the Fed.

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I too, used to think this was part of the solution.  The reality is that every country, every central bank in the world, is out-Bernanke'ing Bernanke himself.  Every central bank is easing.  Every central bank has 0% rates.  Every central bank is buying their own worthless junk-rated zero-collateral bonds.


Bernanke will just be replaced with someone who will do everything he did.

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>>>Bernanke will just be replaced with someone who will do everything he did.

just like the office of the President of the U.S...


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Job two: Insert another Goldmanite.

Job three: Pamper the banks


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Job four: establish expectations management (aka 'expert') network to help out the bonus-starved hedgies - all in the name of trickledown, of course... 

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when the only thing left to hedge against are the actions of central bankers, this is a pretty straightforward consequence

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Then buy Gold and Silver and overrun the shorts

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How Ben Bernanke Became A Hedge Fund's Worst Enemy...........


i thought the ny fed was bernankes bff? im confused?...............

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Nice! LMAO

The partial audit of the Fed released last year shows they bailed out a lot of foreign institutions, as well as some of their wealthy butt buddy's ventures to the tune of a few million here and a few million there -- hardly "too big to fail."

But surely they'd never bail out a multi-billion dollar hedge fund;)

TPTB are going to prop this ponzi planet up and kick the can for as long as they can with any and every tool they can find, until it collapses. They're just biding time, creating a police state and hoping that Skynet if fully operational before the collapse.

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They already did in 1998

What Was the Long-Term Capital Management Hedge Fund and the LTCM Crisis?


Question: What Was the Long-Term Capital Management Hedge Fund and the LTCM Crisis? Answer: Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM) was a very largehedge fund ($126 billion in assets) that nearly collapsed in late 1998. It reached that size thanks to the stellar reputation of its owners. The founder was a Salomon Brothers trader, John Meriwether, and the principal shareholders were Nobel prize-winning economists Myron Scholes and Robert Merton. These were all experts in investing in derivatives to make above-average returns and outperform the market.


Investors paid $10 million to get into the fund. They were not allowed to take the money out for three years, or even ask about the types of investments LTCM used. Despite these restrictions, investors clamored to get in, thanks to LTCM's spectacular annual returns of 42.8% in 1995 and 40.8% in 1996. This was after management took 27% off the top in fees. LTCM successfully hedged most of the risk from the 1997 Asian currency crisis, giving its investors a 17.1% return that year.

However, by September 1998, the company's risky trades brought it close to bankruptcy. Its size meant it was too big to fail, and so the Federal Reserve took steps to bail it out. (Source: Le Monde, LTCM, a Hedge Fund Above Suspicion, November 1998)

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And even Buffet tried to bail them out and got "rebuffed".

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i wonder which 2 ny fed trolls on this site were offended by my comment???

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Palance was on the AJ show yesterday and he said that Singer and Singer's fellow hedge funds are at odds with the Wall St. banksters at this time. Don't know if that has anything to do with it or not.

In my opinion the Bush family and their CIA connections might be backing Romney. They could be crashing the markets ahead of the election.

If we are moving into a world takeover by the NWO then a militant with connections like Romney would better serve the heathen scumbag eleech.

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Hedgies are actually renegade bankers. The Fed backs the banks first. All others can go to hell

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Does this model incorporate lost profit due to interest cost on leverage?

I'm an outsider from the financial world but I keep wondering how the interest costs are eatting up these leveraged companies given the reported massive amount of borrowed money.

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Interest! What Interest? The time value of money, my good man, has left the building.

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A. Cashin just told pissonme "...people are starting to think if Romney gets elected does that mean Greenspan is out...". Man, that dude is losing it!

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Give him a break...he just hit a Friday "Happy Hour" early.

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With friends like "Chair Satan" who needs enemies?

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You would think the Federal Reserve is owned by large banks and is assisting them in scalping Hedge Funds plus Pension Funds along with other private investors.

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Goldman that like goldman-staph?

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We are ALL niggers to the 1%!

Saw it on PBS.


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How's that community organizing fund working out?

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You can't eat a hedge fund.  Well maybe I can. 

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That's the most honest headline you've ever printed, Tyler, Dear.

But you didn't add: Whoever is the Hedgies' Enemy Is the World's Friend

Especially in thinned-out Markets, with no Sheeple left to shear.

Or When Hedgies Go For Other Hedgies' Jugulars, it may be time for Stealthy Muppets to triumph.

So THAT'S what those silly Big Bird attacks were all about!

(OK, he's not strictly a Muppet, but clearly a Muppet relative.)