If Elections Were Held In Greece Today

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... Europe would be worried to quite worried:

  • Anti-bailout Syria: 30.5%
  • New Democracy: 27% - Currently ruling
  • Golden Dawn (nationalists): 14%
  • Pasok and Democratic Left: 5%

In other words, the anti-bailout party and the neo-nazis would have a near majority in parliament.


  • 78% of respondents are opposed to new budget measures being agreed between the Greek government and troika
  • 81% say country headed in wrong direction

Source: Poll conducted by VPRC for Greece Tomorrow; sample size of 1,003, conducted Oct. 16 - Oct. 17 and has a margin of error of 3.16 percentage point

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Democracy bitchz

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Screw Democracy....it's hard enough to hold a Republic together.


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Honestly, is this post a joke?   We all know that a billion dollars buys a hell of a lot of support.    There is no democracy.   There is only rule,  the occasional rising threat to rule,  under-the-table payments,   neutered threats,   and more rule.     If anyone thinks that's pessimistic, they are completely naive.  

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Honestly, is this post a joke?


It's free....do whatever you want with it.


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When a majority votes themselves ä "pay raise" at the expense of the minority its still by democracy isn't it?

Republics are supposed to be, no one is above the law, no matter what the majority says. A majority has said its completely legal to bribe your way into office and even made laws to reflect that.

Two wolves and a sheep deciding whats for dinner ;-)

new game's picture

one wolve and a million sheep still decide what is for diner.

yea, it is quite simple isn't it?

follow the jing.

if only the people could link cause and effect; that must be reserved for the minority.


reality is a bitch, bitcheez!

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For a democracy or a republic to survive they need ethical people in power. Neither will work with the lowest common denominator of the whole up there.

Yet, somehow, they continually get in there. I wonder why that is ;-)

Gimme my "free shit" or I'll vote you out!!!...is not a recipe for success for anyone but them.

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For a civil society to function, you must have a moral order.  Right versus wrong, good versus evil, just versus unjust,  You must have a moral order to have rule of law.  And you the need rule of law for the free market to work.  And the only thing that makes life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness "unalienable" is the belief in a creator. 

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And this is why the current 'market' in the US fails, because it is unjust (regardless of the means: be it Corzine, 'TBTF' or otherwise).

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Is it too late to trademark the Swastik?

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Pure genius......wouldn't have even have thought about that.


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I just noticed your name, I think I'm suffering from it.

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small misspelling: Syriza, not Syria.

further it's a coalition government (quite typical of multi-party electoral law parliamentary republics)

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it's a coalition government


No thank you......I'm not that badshit crazy yet. It's "we the people" where I live....don't see one damn Belgium around here.



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eh? come on, writing as if one party is ruling (i.e. partecipating to government) is a crass misreprentation of the current affairs and shows either ignorance of the political system or something worse.

in the UK there is currently a coalition government of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, for example

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Is that what you're calling the marxist ruling class these days?

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can't help if you don't like or don't understand the concepts of democracy and republic. nevertheless it's misleading

GetZeeGold's picture



don't understand the concepts of democracy and republic.


Oil and water.....they don't mix well.



Ghordius's picture

-1 you are just trolling, repeating some lame propaganda of democracy and republic being contrapposed terms and using lots and lots of spaces for some visual purpose that escapes me

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you are just trolling,


Dude....I'm just a disciple of the the prophet Saul Alinsky. Apparently so are you.

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never heard before. how is this relevant?

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That's exactly what Saul would say.....you're good Amigo.

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I'm not drifting from the thread, amigo. This very short article starts with representing (mis-spelled) SYRIZA as the "anti-bail-out party" that has more votes than the "ruling" party ND. both are extreme simplifications bordering on misrepresentation, particularly since the Greeks just had an election this summer. then it goes further with "...anti-bailout party and the neo-nazis would have a near majority in parliament" which is a typical misreprentation (hidden by tongue-in-cheek) on how european politics functions - those two parties hate each other's guts. Do you know that? then it goes with two numbers I think are quite honest and just forgets to mention that some 70% of the Greeks want to keep the EUR and so stay in the eurozone.

Now of I have to ask you: are you in any way interested in truth?

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Greeks just had an election this summer


Was it just one?

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Given the state of their economy and the state of the psychology, I doubt whether they will be getting either  an election or an erection.

Ghordius's picture

no, this is too easy. how is this guy in any way relevant with politics in Greece?

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Two bald men fighting over a comb.

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What is the 8th rule of Fightclub?

BeaverFever's picture

To make certain that the frickin NHL season starts on time?

Ghordius's picture

and I don't know what you mean with your reference to Belgium and I also don't know where you live

the results of the June 2012 elections: ND 29%, Syriza 26%, Pasok 12%, ANEL 7%, Golden Dawn 7%, DIMAR 6%, Communists 4%, etc. etc.

what the Greeks have is also called a Minority Government supported by a broader informal coalition. Scandinavian style. also called a technical government. aka technical coalition government

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Of all the things I can think of that I would like Scandinavian style, government isn't one of them.

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Let me control a nation's money, I care not who makes its laws.

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That would be mario and angela.

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the sensationalist rhetoric on ZH knows few bounds. They need to push the agenda even if it means skewing the facts, which is a shame since there is a lot of good stuff on the site. 

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What? You mean the Greeks aren't enthusiastic participants in the "austerity" scam? Have they been reading Webster Tarpley or something? Time to block internet access in Greece!

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if the vote goes wrong, you just keeping voting until the results wanted are voted, you get Ireland all over..

Harbanger's picture

Or you can vote again and get Wisconsined.

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"if the vote goes wrong, you just keeping voting until the results wanted are voted, you get Ireland all over.."

Yep.  Not to worry, every party will get ther turn at the helm and every possible coalition combination will eventually be tried.    Because although they can't force the Germans to provide unlimited funding to cover their deficits, there'll be no shortage of party leaders parading on TV who'll promise to open the free magic-money spigot after the next election.

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30.5% of Greeks want to vote for Syria?!
Suicide by droning, anyone?

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The Mayor of Athans will be in Ithaca to give a talk at Cornell on the 5th and 6th of November.. to talk about austerity.  I'll go...

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I don't see Flaming Dragon in that list.

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Sounds like Amerika might be providing Greece with regime change after there's an election there, assuming there is one.

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All I see are freaking mobile pop ups on this site I can't get rid of even with
1) Private browsing and
2) Block pop ups turned on

WTF Tyler?

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My AVG keeps informing me I shouldn't even be here.


What good is a firewall if you can't use it?



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Ditto, but I'm getting it at other sites too- Mish and TigerDirect to name a few. Quite annoying..

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Actually those 2 parties WOULD have a majority.  The Greek system votes for 250 seats.  Then the leading party is gifted another 50 seats (that is how the current coalition has a majority in parliament).  So on the figures quoted, Syriza would get 75 seats directly plus another 50, giving it 125, while Golden Dawn would get 35, giving a combined total of 160 in a 300 seat house.  Whether they would form a coalition is another matter.

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How many Greeks were killed by the Nazis in WWII? 

Harbanger's picture

300,000 from starvation.  This time it could be worse.