Senate Launches Investigation Into Libyan Consulate Attack

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Just in:


Shouldn't this have taken place long ago? At least we now know what the watercooler talk for the next 2 weeks will be.

Full letter


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You know, they have a lot on their plate. Like passing a budget and stuff.

Oh, wait...

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Yeah, you know Reid will be all over it.   More BS! 


Actually since Obama said the word "terror" within a day or two of the attack, it's all good.  All that BS talk of the video was just a head fake for al qaeda.

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Mocha Light Lied, People Died. 

Hitlary Shied, Her Prez Run Died...

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What's the point of the investigation? We're at war with just about everyone in the world. So why the fuck aren't more diplomats shot on a daily basis? Harsh? Whatever! Like this Senate inquire would get to the bottom of the issue which is ongoing CIA funded terror operations around the world. Will never ever come to light.

Waste of everyone's fucking time. Just go back to more bench warming, jawboning and backroom deals with bankers, defense and pharma contractors.

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I would agree with you on this one.  
This is just chimps flinging poo at one another.

Entertaining, but I sure as hell don't want to pay to watch it.


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Are they even measuring Senate apporval ratings? Couldn't find any. Congress is at an alltime low which is synonymous with a dying Republic.

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Yet oddly enough Congress is elected by a majority of the voters in their district.  Me thinks that people don't approve of other people's reps but love their own rep.

Term limits needed to save Republic from voter apathy.

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We will write that into the next limiting document for the nation.  Along with the simple rule: "Suggest central banking or fractional reserve currency we bash your skull in with a tire iron."

This system has had its' "Eight Belles" moment a long time ago.


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They seem to be eager to find out what went wrong in Benghazi for some reason.

Not so much on 9/11 however ...

The commission was established on November 27, 2002 (442 days after the attack) and their final report was issued on July 22, 2004. The report was originally scheduled for release on May 27, 2004, but a compromise agreed to by Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert allowed a sixty-day extension through July 26.

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Kitler, my good citizen, you are such a cynic!

I mean, it's only logical that someone trying to do as much damage as possible would aim their hijacked airliner, at an incoming downward angle, at the very top of the Pentagon, after all....

Oopsy, no wait!  They took the most difficult airborne maneuver possible coming in at almost ground level, dead center into the Pentagon's west wall, where the only thing they could possibly accomplish from that direction was kill most of the auditing team which had uncovered the unaccounted for $2.3 trillion which the Pentagon's comptroller spoke of at a televised news conference on 9/10/01. (Auditing team was the DIA's Financial Management staff.)

Obviously, nobody in America ever kills for trillions of dollars, only $20 or so....

(And not to my dear friend, Kitler, a highly astute sort, but to any dweebs out there:  read about the Great Train Robbery back in the 19th century --- then you'll begin to comprehend ingenious and diabolical perfidy.)

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and don't forget, the auditing team was alerted by late night emails to be at their desks early on nine eleven. . . only one survived, er, overslept. . .

signed, another member of Cynics Anonymous

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And a bunch of the people on the actual Commission have come out publicly and said it's all shit. Of course, too late to save Cleland's career (see Diebold's first victim).

Yes, actual Commissioners admitting that their whole report was based on government LIES:

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FYI... I'm a Kazi not a Nazi.

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Well I sure hope they appoint that crack 911 Commission to handle this so we can get some honest answers...

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I'm sure Panetta got his crayons out and helped draft that over a beer

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"Yet oddly enough Congress is elected by a majority of the voters in their district."

Well, one could amend that to read:  "..a majority of the voting machines in their district."

So who are the top three owners of the top three voting machines?  I suspect many of us know the answer to that one.

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Nah, it is the way the system works. Individually, CONgress critters bring home the (government) cheese to their areas.  Collectively, they screw us when the cost of all that cheese is added up.

Just another side effect of legalized plunder I'm afraid.


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Actually the votes and ballots are counted and tracked at the precinct and state level.

The voter rolls vs the count (R vs D) have to be pretty close or the penalty flag is thrown...locally. The voting machine thingy is a myth. Where you find the most voter fraud is where you have outstanding majorities of one or the other and it comes about by having more votes than actual sign ins on the rolls.

And of COURSE absentee ballots.

A great example of absentee ballot voter fraud is right here in Fla...Madison county...

"In 2010, Florida law required ballots to be sent to a voter’s registered address unless the voter was absent from the county, hospitalized, or temporarily unable to occupy their residence.

The Johnsons retrieved the ballots from the third party locations, brought the ballots to the voter, waited for the person to vote, and then returned the ballots to the Supervisor of Elections.

In some instances, the voters were only presented with the absentee ballot signature envelope to sign and never received the actual ballot to cast their vote.

The Johnsons also secured the assistance of several other individuals to unlawfully obtain absentee ballots directly from the Supervisor of Elections.

Despite written notice of penalties of perjury, these individuals signed and submitted an “Affidavit to Obtain Absentee Ballot,” claiming to have been authorized by voter to obtain their absentee ballot. These individuals, however, were unknown to the voters.

Abra “Tina” Hill Johnson, 43, was charged with 10 counts of fraud in connection with casting a vote, and two counts of absentee ballots and voting violations.

Her husband Ernest Sinclair Johnson, Jr., 45, was charged with 11 counts of fraud in connection with casting votes, one count of corruptly influencing voting, and one count of perjury by false written declaration.

Jada Woods Williams, 34, Madison County Supervisor of Elections, was charged with 17 counts of neglect of duty and corrupt practices for allowing the distribution of these absentee ballots, contrary to Florida state statute.

The following individuals, all residents of Madison, Fla., were arrested for their role in the fraud:
• Judy Ann Crumitie, 51, charged with four counts of fraud in connection with casting a vote, and one count of providing a false report to law enforcement authorities
• Laverne V. Haynes, 57, charged with two counts of fraud in connection with casting a vote, two counts of perjury by false written declaration, and one count of providing a false report to law enforcement authorities
• Ora Bell Rivers, 41, charged with seven counts of fraud in connection with casting a vote, three counts of perjury by false written declaration, and one count of providing a false report to law enforcement authorities
• Raven Simona Williams, 20, charged with two counts of fraud in connection with casting a vote, two counts of perjury by false written declaration, and one count of providing a false report to law enforcement authorities
• Shalonda Michaelle Brinson, 36, charged with nine counts of fraud in connection with casting a vote, and one count of provided a false report to law enforcement authorities.

The case will be prosecuted by the State Attorney’s Office, Second Judicial Circuit. The investigation is ongoing and more arrests are possible."

As an aside, they were all democrats attempting to stem the TP Red Tide of 2010 and enrich themselves through government jobs...jus sayin...people shouldn't get caught up in it to the point they wind up in jail ;-)


So nobody disputes the veracity of this?

Good...another busted bullshit internet meme.

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Thanks for saying what I was thinking, Sarge. You keep doing that.

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The Congress is both the Senate and House of Representatives combined. Most polls do not break out one chamber or the other for measuring public approval.

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Thought you might get a kick out of that one. :)

Rumor has it that you are the "Quigley Down Under" of poo flinging.


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Empty chair sitting on Bill's raised platform and hiding behind Hillary's skirt.

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They have to get on it quick since no one will give a single crap about this non-story as of the second the election is called.

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Oh, did Shumer, Durbin and Kerry get a new bucket of whitewash?


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just before the debate on foreign policy in monday..??..guess the establishment wants obama out..thank

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Coincidentally, it will take at least 13 business days to comply with this document request, which you can expect on November 7, 2012.

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Nah, they'll find a way to hand it off to 'Hold on There' Holder and it'll disappear until Romney walks the plank or forever if O'ShitHereWeGoAgain gets back in...

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They had real fucking time video of the assault beaming back to DC, there are fucking cameras at the embassy coimpound. Turn on the TV and watch the fucking heavy weapons being brought up. Just watch the fucking video. It's what the four guys saw when they looked. Must have been a shit your pants moment. remember the Alamo.

Funny, it did end up being about a movie.

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Another huge waste of taxpayer dollars.  I am sure the "investigation" will require all kinds of no-bid contracts be filled.  Bull fucking shit and go long Blackrock and Rand.

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Are you kidding- waste?  They already know the facts that's why this took so long to come out.  The waste is double investigating it but I suppose if you want to get your version of the events right you've got to take your time.

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They already know who the fuck did this. It's now a witch hunt to demonstrate that this knowledge was skewed so as not to make the brown clown look even more inept.

Fuck me, but imagine being the head of a country with terrorist cells training here and there and then getting to deal with Mitts instead of the current administration. Makes your fucking head spin.

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Whatever is revealed by way of this "investigation" one can easily conclude that the result will be...

MORE BOOTS ON THE GROUND protecting my freedom here at home.

- I'm either Presidential Candidate, and I approve this message.

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Aside from we shouldnt be there in the first place... It really sucks that we live in a country where it has to come down to crap like this to get the supposed truth.  You would think as Americans they would cooperate and band together for the common good. 

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Just a grammar correction:

In your last sentance, you mis-spelled "their" as "the".

Carry on.

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     it has to come down to crap like this to get the supposed truth

Oh, wow--Pollyanna, is that YOU?

Please.  The Senate investigates stuff when they need a cover-story to be believed. 

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"You would think as Americans they would cooperate and band together for the common good."

Wow, somebody's been watching great SF & Fantasy lately?????

Not to sound too cynical, but having been a volunteer political activist for over three decades, please allow me to be sarcastic and wiseassedly suggest this "folks" are doing just what you suggested, irie1029:

(An apt description from another excellent economics site:

"Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, a front-group/think tank housed at the ostensibly liberal New America Foundation."

(Take a close look at the members at the bottom of that site:  Peter G. Peterson's latest bulltwacky outfit to make everyone else pay for the debt they created when they stole from the nat'l tax base to "create" their billions.)

And a caveat:  a really incredibly interesting paper recently published:

 (Fear not, those rich Chinese investor-immigrants will save the day, as Joey bin BIden claims:)

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The answer is clearly more molestation at the airports.


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Should I think they Quazi care?

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They just decided to investigate who is putting all the flouride in the water too.

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Sooo...ummm...hiring a second rate cheap ass Welsh firm (Blue Mountain) who then hired even cheaper September 17th Martyr Brigades members to GUARD the consulate from other Libyans like, oh, I don't know, Ansar al-Shariah, was probably not a good idea?

Do tell.


No lackeys dispute this one either.

Good...and very wise...its true.

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Its nice they are focused on the important things and not trivial things like the pending collapse of the USA.


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Hairy Reed's family must need Obama to fork over some more shovel ready cash.

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You mean the same senate that is and has been in the tank for Obama and Holder for the past 4 years? Sure...

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God forbid they should launch an investigation into what is really going on.  Nice interception/distraction.

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They hate us for our ask our UN ambassador.

We're in the very best of hands here.


How about here? The UN ambassador seemed convinced there was a protest that turned into a riot that then turned into an RPG/machine gun militia assault...or sumpin.

Not so much now?

Time for Clapper to go under the now crowded ObamaBus to save Barry's ass?

Good riddance.