The Hunted And The Hated: An Inside Look At The NYPD’s Stop-and-Frisk Policy

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Courtesy of Mike Krieger of Libertyblitzkrieg

When I came into this police force I wanted to help people, but the civilian population, they’re being hunted.  They’re being hunted and we’re being hated.

- NYPD Officer on the Department’s Feudal “Stop and Frisk” Policy

This video should be required viewing for every single American citizen.

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Kudos. Great post.

Now if you could just get 911 right....

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Welcome to the Gulag.  The cops are the tools.  The blame is with the command.  Bloomberg is a piece of shit.  The police chief is a scumbag.  The SCOTUS is a failure.  America is no longer save for innocent people.

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I can barely see the video amidst all the fucking spam.

fuck this shit.

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Sir.  What did you say?  Who do you think you are talking to.  Put your arms behind your back.  You are under arrest.  Nice and gentlemanly like.  That's how we do it here.  Nice and gentlemanly.  Enjoy your jail cell.

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They're frisking folks for Big Gulps and salt shakers now?

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Police used to have to articulate a reason for even detaining a person.  The test was "an objectively reasonable belief that a crime was afoot, and that the suspect was somehow involved." 

Now they don't need any basis.  Just their "suspicion".  It's apparent that modern day NY cops have no capicity to articulate anything but street profanity.  So Bloomberg had to dumb down the rules.

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We get more like Russia & China everyday...Bloomberg is apparently unfamiliar with the Fourth Amendment.

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Do the police in Russia and China check the box on the form before breaking your arm?

[x] Still breathing

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lol...I'm gonna say after...that way its accurate to the known circumstance of an arm being broken.

We didn't do it, he just started confessing to everything and flailing around with one arm!!! Then we asked him what's wrong with your other arm and he told us it was broke and he needed medical attention pronto. The confession came about voluntarily don't you see?

Very efficient, though just slightly dodgy ;-)

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"Lower that soda VERY SLOWLY and get down on the ground."

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Or we'll fire 47 shots and hit ya once!!! I'm out of ammo and off for a movie & dinner.


(Paranormal Activity 4...oooh, want to see it)

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Maximum number of people in Gulag system at any one time - 1.7 million

Current U.S. jail population - 2.2 million

The Republic is dead

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Thank gawd for the English subtitles.  Otherwise, I would have thought this was Ganja-land.  I FART NEW YAWK!

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Fondling in public is strictly forbodden......unless you got a badge.


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TPTB are clearly aware, having used NY,NY to launch a financial attack on the several States and the world, that this Martial Law type action is necessary to protect the City and their ongoing operation. Most likely there has been a well guarded declaration of Martial Law,imho.

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You don't know how lucky you are boy

Back in the U.S.

Back in the U.S.

Back in the U.S.S.A

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Shit, those assholes are almost as bad as fucking bankers!

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Your papers....

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Whoopsie...wait, wut? ;-)

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Yo Knuksie! How you doing? I hope life is treating you well.

Your papers. Now.

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Hey my man, been missing you!
Thought of you numerous times.
Doin' well, no complaints.  All my fears and conflicts are figments of my imagination.  Elevating the conscious contact to new, amazingly more healthy and fulfilling levels.
Doing very well, my friend.
How are you?

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Show me your ausweis, schnell!

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Immigration papers or health insurance papers?

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You're right the fourth is dead

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But the core issue is the 4th Amendment to what?

A document that was created to deceive in the first place. The CONNEDstitution?

Shirley you are Joe King!


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Perhaps you're confused on what the Constitution is. It is simply the framework for a federal government to exist, how it will operate. That is all.

The Bill of Rights is completely different. That is where you will find the Fourth Amendment. I guess you could say the Bill of Rights is a document of the peoples great mistrust & suspicion on what a federal/central government would bring on them or turn in to with the passage of time.

The People would not consent to a federal government (the Constitution) without it. Throughout its original ten amendments you cannot find one thing it allows the federal government to do. What becomes apparent to all but the seriously deluded is this is a document (the Bill of Rights) that is specifically saying what the federal government CANNOT DO through the Constitution to the People.

That is why you are recieving junks.

To attack the Bill of Rights (and the Fourth Amendment within it) is to attack our basic human rights.

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nm, appreciate the insight. But the fact of the matter is that the very legal basis (and verbiage on which the Constitution is written (the 4th is TO the constitution and a part OF the Bill of Rights) is suspect. There is tons of scholarly research, Judgements of various district, appelate and Supreme court(s) that have long shredded the constitution.

For example, the basis of the 4th is via English law which said (paraphrasing) that a man's house is his castle etc. And yet, no one in the 50 states owns their property outright. There is no allodial title holding by citizens.

Everywhere else, you are on federal land or via various other legalease, on state land but still under federal jurisdiction. Maryjane is great at showign the Feds true reach vs. state jurisdiction.

So, if you take eminent domain cases (too many to count, the railroad ones from back when are especially instructional), no one owns outright.

That goes right to the root of this issue. Search and seizure is happening on land you are merely leasing from the King (and his keepers).


This is how I believe it is (as in this is how I've read it).

Thus my stsatement above. It's a CogDiss inducing concept, that we are not free (even here in India, only worse, MUCH worse).



Via Wickedpedia

Like many other areas of American law, the Fourth Amendment finds its roots in English legal doctrine. Sir Edward Coke, in Semayne's case (1604), famously stated: "The house of every one is to him as his castle and fortress, as well for his defence against injury and violence as for his repose."[2] Semayne's Case acknowledged that the King did not have unbridled authority to intrude on his subjects' dwellings but recognized that government agents were permitted to conduct searches and seizures under certain conditions when their purpose was lawful and a warrant had been obtained.[3]


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"...Judgements of various district, appelate and Supreme court(s) that have long shredded the constitution."

All true.

We agree, which is the main thrust of my point. They (and we) realized from the point of the inception of a central authority, the attacks would begin in earnest under many different pretexts. Its why it was put there to begin with, an attempt to restrain it. There can be no dispute that the BoR is central authority is quite the opposite.

But now you've introduced another (or the other) side of the equation...which is taxation.

There are two ways to do tax or pay for play (allodial) . I'm actually fine with either and lean toward allodial. Just realize that when your neighbor attacks yours or tresspasses on yours or your house catches on fire you can't call on the police (in service to the sovereign) or the fire department (the same) for protection and expect him to be there without a negotion on the price for him to come to your rescue.

At the end of the day...whether or not Churchill actually said this to Lady still rings true in many ways in life, relationships, ownership and taxation..

"Would you sleep with me for a million pounds?" Churchill asks.
"A million pounds?" says Lady Astor. "I’d have to think about it first but, in all likelihood, yes."
"How about for a six-pence?"
"Why I never!" Lady Astor huffs. "What do you take me for?"
"That, my dear," says Sir Winston, "has been established. We are just negotiating price."

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Obliquely apropos joke nm, I get it. ;-)

The establishers of the establishment made sure the goal posts were on wheels and they decided how far apart and where they went.


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And of course I was only referring to taxation of property (real estate)...not other taxes. (Your response had me blocked for an edt.)

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I have allodile title (land patent) on my property .

nmewn's picture


Where at...New Zealand, tribal, Ireland?

I got interested in the whole thing from a next door neighbor (WWII vet) who held an original grant in Georgia. The state bureaucracy (you know, the little 24yr old, glass wearing geeks straight out of college with the clipboards trained in the art of douchebaggery that can't find a real job) tried to claim he did not have mineral or water rights on his own property.

The state lost in its own court ;-)

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You're still believing the lies your teachers told you.

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believe you me, i nose where u coming from, or my name's not Shirley :)  

after rereading some of Patrick Henry's writings/speeches recently, it seems that the ultimate Con (and i do agree that there was one) was the delay of the discussion of the principles of what is contained in BoR until the document went to the states for ratification.   it diffused the debate so that the AntiFederalists would be split up -- the ol' divide & conquer tactic.  if you read any of John Lansing's letters during the Convention before he split in protest, what is clear is that the ConCon was framed by deceit, duplicity & power politics.  

also, while not having much of a distinction on the surface, attaching the Bill of Rights as "Amendments" voted in by Congress instead of being contained in the original document like it was in the VA Constitution, in many ways neuters the BoR in the public consciousness, whereby there is a subtle hint that these were rights given to us by the FedGov (and thus able to whittled away), rather than rights that all of us are endowed with at birth.

simply by labelling the proponents of liberty and decentralization "Anti"Federalists was a sly trick of language to frame their argument in a negative fashion, ironic considering that the principles that the "AntiFeds" were defending were precisely the principles that the "Revolution" was fought for, or so we were told...

with the foundation built in such a manner, it should not be surprising why we find ourselves with such a Leviathan :: slick on the surface and crumbling at the core.

Oh regional Indian's picture

I hear/read ya tippy.

Meanwhile, everyone take a gander at this, tells a lot in a cartoon (yay!!!). 

Leagle-unease! :-)


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Welcome to the Brave New World

Your move, creep: Researchers building RoboCop policeman

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I see cops acting like assholes and citzens acting like assholes back. Is it any surprise that such exchanges are likely to end up badly for the man on the street, as opposed to "NY's finest"? How about keeping your mouth shut, other than yes sir & no sir, and acting afterwards through filing complaints or lawyering up. Don't give the bastards the satisfaction!

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Ever heard of "ADBLOCK"???

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The big question is: does Wells Fargo actually think they are going to pick up business from ZH readers?

Cathartes Aura's picture

maybe some will finally jump from their Bank of America accounts, more than a handful of zeroH'rs still invested. . .

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Thats the problem with ever defeating corruption. As long as there are willing tools to do their bidding, the command will never stop. Blame has to be laid on the tools as well. Dont like it, get a different job. Corrupt leaders can be thrown in prison, but thats just one person and can be replaced with one just as bad or worse quite easily.

Precious's picture

They are too desperate and stupid to stop doing their "job".  There is always an endless supply of willing and able scum.  Sainthood is for martyrs.

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Why are you are so astounded by this?? Haven't any of you seen "The Wire"???

mkhs's picture

Is that a  documentary or a Hollywood fantasy?

Cathartes Aura's picture

between the volunteer military & the many variants on get-paid-to-shoot servicing the Homeland, there will always be jawbs for the Uni-formed thickneck'd. . .

with benefits.  ^^

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Exactly. What is left out is the deliberate psyops, intimidation, sadism jollies that is behind this evil. If it was just a "get more 250s" numbers game, it would be easy to have local cops team up with locals on the street to scam the head honchos. The cops would get their promotions and the street would be okay with the game.


Precious's picture

Each person will get their own 15 minutes of "frame".  Someday.  Sometime.  Somewhere.  

Broken tail light.  Not wearing a seat belt.  Drifting over the median.  Any pretext.  Any lie.  

No judge or jury will matter when the chiefs and the mayors are dispensing the sentence.

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The NYPD and CIA's Criminality goes much deeper than "Stop and Frisk."  I see we've forgotton about the following: 

WASHINGTON (AP) — Three months ago, one of the CIA's most experienced clandestine operatives started work inside the New York Police Department. His title is special assistant to the deputy commissioner of intelligence. On that much, everyone agrees.

Exactly what he's doing there, however, is much less clear.

What's the CIA doing at NYPD? Depends whom you ask