Spot The Superpower - Redux

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No, it is not a glitch in the matrix: we previously used the same title about a month ago when showing the relative imports of crude in the US vs China. This time the topic is slightly different, but the players are the same. The premise: "Japan, US call off joint drill to 'retake' disputed islands fearing backlash from China." At least it is now clear who calls the shots from not only a tactical (see China starts drilling for crude in a US-protected Afghanistan yesterday), but strategic standpoint as well.

From the New Orleans Sun:

Japan and the United States have decided to cancel a joint security drill to recapture a remote island in Okinawa Prefecture, according to sources.


Tokyo and Washington were considering holding the drill on the uninhabited island of Irisuna as part of joint military exercise slated for November.


Sources said that the drill could lead to a backlash from Beijing, which has reacted harshly to Japan's nationalization of the Senkaku Islands, which are also claimed by China and Taiwan.


According to the Japan Times, a government source said that the decision to skip the Irisuna recapturing drill 'reflects the opinion of the prime minister's office'.


Another reason was opposition from residents on Okinawa Island, about 60 km away, where sentiment against US bases has flared up following allegations that a Japanese woman was raped by U.S. sailors on Tuesday, the report said.


According to the report, the sources said that in light of these factors, the Defense Ministry found it difficult to proceed with the exercise, although it is considering substitute drills.

Uncle Sam: making friends everywhere he goes. In other news, Chinese ships are returning to the vicinity of the contested Senkaku islands, having departed recently, but solely due to a now defunct typhoon.

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Look at all those women in uniform, mmmm good, but then again I was a military man.  Bring it.

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Would you kill a commie for mommy?

Not these ones.  I'd just hug'em and kiss'em and name them george.

Someone tell me about the farm again...will ya?

unrulian's picture

+10 haha


it should have been...Bitches, Bitchez

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The Zionist will be pissed.  Watch, you'll see all these zealot Jews warming up to the Chinese.

Ar-Pharazôn's picture

milions of peaches, peaches for me.... milions of peaches, peaches for free.....



Lohn Jocke's picture

And I suppose "Giants" was a song by the sex pistols...


"This house is Haunted by the ghost of Adam Smith..."

Dalago's picture

Rome is, if not already, falling.

Jake88's picture

Rome has a plan and it is very well situated. Neither China or Russia is ready to take on the US.

e-recep's picture

why bother taking on now? the us is rotting from within. let time do its work.

Conrad Murray's picture

Some guy who had a burial at sea not too long ago held the same view. You in cahoots with the cohorts?

Dalago's picture

hahaha burial at sea... ahahhaa!

caconhma's picture

Looks like there will be no a zionist banking mafia controlled New World Order without China permission.

But, without an easy and reliable access to the world major natural & energy resources, China has no future.

As for Japan, they are in between a rock and a hard place. Making enemies with China will be a very stupid thing on Japanese side. Historically, Japan was not very bright in world geopolitics.


Romney wants a war with China now. He is either a dangerous fool or an idiot or both. In eyes of American masters, he is a great candidate.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Nice stick save this morning by the PPT.  Tell you about the farm? why yes, life has been good for agriculture these past 10 years;

turbosuperman's picture

Wow, the Americans pretended to care about some islands with no natural resources in order to keep the Japanese imports flowing.

That certainly means that China is the superpower.

I think I'll go fill-up my SUV now.

Why must Tyler play the fear card?  If you want your readers to vote for Romney, then just say so.

Romney/Obama - either one will press the button when the time comes.

Freegolder's picture

Discussions in the ZH offices today:


'A quick google search has thrown this up people, well, here's an interesting story from .....hmmm, it's the New Orleans Sun, never heard of them....hmmm, never mind, our readers will like the story anyway, it fits our current line on superpowers.

Hang on, the story contains no actual facts....hmmm. Oh, bugger it, publish it anyway, it says it has good sources, so it must all be true. But, it quotes sources from a Japan Times article, so we'd be publishing 3rd hand speculation.....never mind, it's a juicy story, no one will notice'

Ah, I am such a cynic, but tis a shame to see a great site like ZH publishing garbage journalism like this. We love your own research and digging, not pinching cr*p from tabloids.

Jim in MN's picture

It's one little part of the exploration of a developing theme. 

If you know anything about it, now would be a good time to share. 

AustriAnnie's picture

Step 1:  Click on this link:

Step 2: Click on the first link that pops up: "News for Japan US drill island cancel"

Step 3: Click on "all 568 news articles" and pick the source you prefer over the New Orleans Sun

Step 4: Admit your comment was without merit (OR) back your comment up with proof.

Freegolder's picture

Sources quoting sources quoting sources. Speculation, speculation and more speculation. Pointless. That was the point I clearly made, yet you somehow failed to grasp.

Now bugger off.

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I can't tell what those lovely ladies are carrying - SBR AK-47's?  Norinco MP5 clones?  What ever they are yum yum.

earnyermoney's picture

I'm sure AnAnonymous can add clarity to the photo.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


I'm sure AnAnonymous can add clarity to the photo.

I already know what his response to the photo will be. Some might call it clarity, but others, well...

Der Heuschrecke König's picture

Type 79 Chinese copy of Russian PPS43


GetZeeGold's picture



Chinese ships are returning to the vicinity of the contested Senkaku islands


What the hell....the Russians are moving back to Alaska. They know there's no way we're going to reach a budget deal. No boom boom!

ebworthen's picture

Our kids dying for poppy fields and Chinese oil drilling?


However, just look at how we have gutted our own manufacturing base and sold out nearly every industry for the sake of Wall Street and Washington live for the moment expediency.

46 million on food stamps and an unpayable national debt for what?

GetZeeGold's picture



Borrowing money from send to's the American way.

drivenZ's picture

Borrowing money from send to Egypt(and the ME) secure cheap's the American way.


either that or we develop new energy technology. But why would we want to do that?

malikai's picture

Problem is, that oil ain't so cheap no mo'. However, in 10 years what we pay now will probably be very cheap.

SmallerGovNow2's picture

What new energy technology?  No other form of energy can compete with the energy denseness of oil.  And no other form is as transportable...

drivenZ's picture

energy efficiency... it's the easiest and best way to reduce oil consumption. that and nuclear. Nat gas in commercial and trucking applications can also go a long way. 

Stuck on Zero's picture

Natural gas can be converted to Methanol very cheaply.


SoNH80's picture

Exactly-- methanol is the fuel of the future.

You can make it from:

Natural gas; coal; methane (e.g. sewer gas); cellulosic waste (e.g. wood scraps, garbage).

You can ship it using current infrastructure, only slightly modified; you can burn it in cars, trucks, trains, ships, and airplanes; you can use it to heat your house, it can power a fuel cell.

Methanol rocks, in other words.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Better go look up the productivity of a gas well compared to that of an oil well before you get too excited there sparky.  Moreover, energy density if still the issue.  You don't get something for nothing, ever.

Methane does not provide the power required to fly.  In fact this is why avgas still contains lead, even full on automobile gas does not have enough bang, especially with all that ethanol in it now.


SoNH80's picture

I'm not so quick to dismiss methanol fuel for cars and airplanes.  Hell, my R/C plane when I was a kid ran on the stuff... and those Top Fuel dragsters don't exactly lack power... we could have fewer fatasses on the planes, and it could work...

I have also heard reports that methanol can be made from atmospheric carbon dioxide when combined with hydrogen produced by electrolysis-- something about the Icelanders experimenting with that.  It may hold promise.

Blizzard_Esq's picture

Apparently you can have methanol on the rocks as well. Just ask all those people in Czeh bars who died drinking it. Apparently its a neurotoxin that can be even absorbed thru the skin.

As for a car, you'll need a gas tank about twice the size as gas to get the same range as gas has a lot more energy....

SoNH80's picture

They could cut down on the absurd accessories in cars (airbags for one--- they kill as many as they save), use more weight-reducing materials, and double the tank size.  Or, you could just go to the fuel station more often.  They could also get rid of the heavy and expensive anti-smog equipment, epecially those platinum catalytic converters, needed for gasoline.

JPM Hater001's picture

"46 million on food stamps and an unpayable national debt for what?"

Nothin...and the chick's for free.

kito's picture

for what?? for the enrichment of those who pull strings of course....silly ebworthen, as if war and money were created for your benefit!!!!!.....ha!!!!!!.............................

Spastica Rex's picture

Without Walmart and Foxconn, how would Americans support their non-negotiablly blessed lifestyles?

GeezerGeek's picture

Work? Really? Isn't that rather, what's the phrase, not optimal?

Scalaris's picture

Expansion of reality television industry; half the population's lives filmed, while the other half watching.

Obviously the two halves' roles will be counterchangeable on a six-month-cycle basis.

My seesaw economyTM proposal.

Spastica Rex's picture

Brilliant, because if we understand "work" (paging Dr. E.) as anything remotely resembling the classical definition from physics textbooks, there just ain't a lot of it to do, and that what there is, Americans are loathe to get on with.

GeezerGeek's picture

Be careful what you do in the presence of your computer if it's running, or you, too, may be providing entertainment for someone whether you like it or not. ( If Aarons can do it, so can the government.

And I bet you thought the South Park episode about home spying and the Toilet Safety Administration ( was a fantasy.

Marigold's picture

Don't be silly ... Your kids are protecting the poppy fields for the banksters and the military industrial complex. I believe they fly it in via the UsA air base at Frankfurt.

francis_sawyer's picture

You mean they don't sew it into corpses headed for Dover AFB anymore?... I musta got distracted somewhere...

Peachfuzz's picture

The politicians will probably say that just like outsourcing jobs created more jobs and a better economy, that the Chinese can drill in Afghanistan and sell it to us cheaper than we could, and it'll make more jobs in this country because we can trade it 80 ways to Sunday on the market.