Troika Demands All Greek Tax Collectors Be Fired

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Usually the Troika is held responsible for all things evil in Europe, but as Die Welt notes, the latest demand that all senior officials at the Ministry of Finance (including all current Greek tax inspectors) be fired by Friday (over corruption and incompetence concerns) has been greeted more positively by many. "The Troika is the only hope to purge this country of the gangs that plunder it - the ONLY hope!" is how one Skai TV commentator summed up the move, adding that "it would be nice if we could read one day that all presiding judges are dismissed." The plan to "collect record amounts of money in record time" involves the interviewing of 2235 new tax investigators (with no written exam!) who will be judged on how much money they bring in (with minimum quotas) and maximum tenure of one year before re-applying. The new plan is likened to 'medieval tax collectors' and the tax-collectors union, unsurprisingly upset at this new plan, added that the Troika never had to face "a destitute pensioner who cannot pay his tax bill." With rumors of government resignation and re-election, the external pressure and internal strife are coming to a head rapidly.

Meanwhile - GGBs are at record highs post-PSI...


Via Die Welt (and Google Translate):

The Greek government wants to fight on reforming its financial management, corruption and take more money. All senior officials in the Ministry of Finance, in tax and customs authority and the Economic Crime Authority SDOE should - be fired immediately and replaced with new forces, which in turn can give no hope to keep their jobs for more than three years - - from director upward likely three months.


All tax inspectors have to go to on Friday evening submitted draft law requires, to replace it, should be in a high speed and partially adjusted without the written examination or even job interview 2335 new tax investigators whose work order can be follow paraphrased in record time collect record amounts of money, or immediately dismissed be.


More than three years no one can remain


Every three months, be subjected to a new tax official performance test: Do they have enough money driven? You are minimum amounts required when they do not achieve this, they immediately lose their jobs. To help them, the bullying of tax evaders, to the procedural rules to be tightened in the forcible collection of tax debts and simplified.


For the new financial officer office is limited to one year, renewable twice. In other words, more than three years no one can remain, but the probability is high that you will be fired after just three months. This is to ensure not only that the tax revenues to rise dramatically, but also prevented that "settle" and officials have often succumb to the temptations of the usual systematic corruption.


The danger is, however, doubtful that qualified "disposable officials" produced whose healing almost like medieval tax collectors it depends how much money they squeeze out of the people, no matter how ruthless methods.


According to the newspaper "Ethnos" comes from the idea of the troika of international donors in Greece (European Commission, International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank) and was in the "Memorandum", this means in the conditions that the donor of the government made ??it a condition for the receive extensive emergency loans.


Usually, the troika in Greece is often held responsible for all evil in the world. Even more surprising was the reaction from some readers to online media reports. There are virtually no negative comments.


"The Troika is the only hope to purge the country of the gangs plunder it, and the only hope!" User "casmini" wrote under the current on-line report on reform of the tax office transmitter skai tv. And User voukolos: "It would be nice if we could read one day that all presiding judges are dismissed That would be an even bigger win for the restoration of the state.". Userin Evangelia wrote: Today, the IRS, tomorrow the city planning office. Step by step, with patience! Long live the Troika! "


"We should work together to shout our anger"


Understandably less enthusiastic were the Revenue Commissioners. On YouTube, a video was a big hit, in which a control officer named Anastasia Sapouna bursts into tears while before the City Council of the Andros Island is holding a protest speech against the reform. Andros namely the entire tax authority be dissolved and its tasks to another Regional Administration. Not only should the authorities will do more, they will make do with less staff.


Sapouna accused Finance Minister Stournaras to have never faced a destitute taxpayers as "a pensioner who can not pay his tax bill," and the rest of the salaries of the tax officials are good for the economy: "Our money goes to grocery stores, doctors, gas stations. "


At the end, she suggested to the enthusiastic applause of the entire council, "We should all go down to the harbor and together shout our anger."


So everyone's happy - well aside from the youth (unemployment), immigrants (Golden Dawn), the political elite (the tax-CD of death), and now the crying tax-collectors:


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CPL's picture

Tonight on sock puppet theatre, the puppeteers get angry at their puppets for not performing well.


Fuck me stupid

redpill's picture

Might as well just start calling them Bladerunners


'It's too bad she won't live! But then again, who does?'

potlatch's picture

fuckin brilliant.  "Tell me about your assets."  "My assets?  I'll tell you about my assets.... ka-blam!"





Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

A majician will always have the audience or mark focus else where while he tricks them.  This is the same for political theatre.  While Bernanke loots America of future tax revenue by purchasig sub-prime MBS from Private Dealers in exchange for freshly minted dollars America watches Masterpiece Political Theatre.

ACP's picture

This whole mess is getting funnier by the minute. test to be passed? Probably no requirements at all except collecting money.

"Yo, I'm Pauly, this is Joey. We're here to collect your taxes. Now hand over your fucking wallet."

Skateboarder's picture

The rest of 'em aint gonna be too stoked to go in to work when Pauly and Joey come back with black eyes and broken teeth.

frenzic's picture

AC/DC were right all along. This means war.

This won't go down easy for the Troika.

Ar-Pharazôn's picture

try to imagine if it was in the USA....


Pauly and Joey going to average southern redneck..............



HeatMiser's picture

And now you know why the IRS bought 1200 870 pump shotguns.

CPL's picture

Should have invested in compound bows and training.  Lead and bronze are pricy now.

Widowmaker's picture

Pity, their lethal range isn't even a driveway length in most places.

There is no better way to collect taxes than make the IRS a target of violence by equippping them with violent means. 

Gives new meaning to recruitment with some spineless incompetent fuck out of college with debt told to walk the plank.

!! Come get some !!

CPL's picture

Then all his debt gets thrown on top of the Derivatives's never been too clear where debt vanishes if otherwise not written down.

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

Lol too late their money is already abroad. The Greeks have been buying property in London causing a double digit house price boom (+18%) while property prices in the rest of England are falling.

sessinpo's picture

Money is only a measurement of value. What you don't have in cash, they will take from you in production and physical assets. A corrupt measurement that they manipulate because they have the monopoly on it.

In other words, you don't have the cash, (because as you say, money is abroad), we'll take from you in your physical assets, like real estate, PMs. jewelry, etc. You don't have physicial assets, they we'll take even more from your labor. Have a nice day slave.

obessoligarch's picture

and the streets are full of abondoned porsches........

Zero Govt's picture

Tax dodging Greeks ....fuck have they got the right idea

Give them all Nobels in Economics, strip Krugman of his, the Greerks have solved how to avoid recessions, don't fund the State that causes them.. brilliant :)

Offthebeach's picture

GERMAN car repo guy, " Stavos, where's the Porsche?"
STAVOS: " The Porsche? Stolen. Albaninian! ( spits on ground).
GERMAN: " Well, if you see it, give me a call."
GREEK: "Sure. Sure thing"

Mentaliusanything's picture

Mr Tax collector that satellite image you have that looks like a swimming pool is really just a fire fighting dam. Honest it is.... a fully tiled and paved Fire fighting dam

emersonreturn's picture

Fire all bankers!  Charge senior management!  Insist all money lenders be held accountable.  Demand reparations to the public purse.

Radical Marijuana's picture

YEAH! I loved the irony of this quote:

"The Troika is the only hope to purge this country of the gangs that plunder it - the ONLY hope!"

In other words, that says we should replace our local corrupt officials with even more corrupt officials, even more out of our control, in order to resolve our problems! ...

In orther words, after the banksters deliberately drive Greece into debt insanity, and set the Greeks up for a hard fall, then the solution is to let the people appointed by the banksters take control of the country!

The PROBLEM is that runaway insanity of those who cause what happens being relied upon to resolve what they caused to happen, as being the "solutions" which are promoted.

Puppet politicians get replaced by other puppet politicians, while only the puppet masters benefit from that!


greensnacks's picture

While they are highlighting some of the core problems in the country, I  believe they are just creating impossible to meet demands to force Greece out.

sessinpo's picture

Yea, right attitude, but wrong process. It's awfully hard to fire someone that is deemed legally above you. Any of you with a job working for someone else, I dare you to go in tomorrow and tell your boss or business owner that they are fired.


Unfortunately this requires a legal process which the world isn't yet ready for and hasn't put into place which is: Putting central bankers and central planners on trial for crimes against humanity.


Therefore, I vote to just hang them. And this comes from someone that would prefer a more peaceful process but at times, things become so drastic, so obscene that drastic and obscene measures may be required to get the message through. No more troika. No more central planners. No more ECB, FRB, IMF or World Bank.

emersonreturn's picture

you are so right, elected official, revolution or mob will ever affect that evolution...TPTB will simply destroy any sheeple lost enough to attempt  it. 

Hindsight2020's picture

If you're not raping and pillaging then you're getting raped and pillaged.


When one of these tax collectors is killed the end of Greece is finally near.

Dareconomics's picture

The Europeans continue to dither. Firing the tax collectors though viscerally satisfying merely fixes a miniscule part of a large problem:

Unprepared's picture

Wait. I thought Europe was fixed.

Zero Govt's picture

Yes, well at least that's what Jean Calude Trichets ECB Strees tests both said!!

All clear, A ok, nothing to see here, move along, just one little thing next, €4 Trillion in bankers bailouts please

Ghordius's picture

nah, this is an American thing, this "fixing" problems. we europeans prefer to "manage" a crisis (no kidding)


surprised? I definitely remember writing here that there is a great european thirst for better governance

the Greeks applaud because they hate those Greek Reverse-Robin-Hoods that take from the poor and then from the poor, again, and by then squander half of it, again

don't call it "Nation Building", call it Nation Restauration. That place and that culture are worth it and might still surprise us all.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

tax and collect money no one has the f'in money is gone a country with 25% UE much higher my guess, now they yell jump you MF's jump. who gets the tax money? why the banks do.

civil war just got a big push.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

Germany to its Greek Slaves....

"bitch better have my money...not some, not half but all my money...."

machineh's picture

'replaced with new forces'

Hello, tax collector SWAT team! (don't taze me, bro)

Joebloinvestor's picture

The Greeks might change their thinking on paying property tax (they first have to put a system in place to collect it!), when they see a few people sitting on the curb with all their belongings.


I got a whiff of things to come when I saw the IRS bill for all that ammunition.

dogbreath's picture

The existing tax and finnance people should be fired enmasse for prior incompetance/corruption.  Hire a brit as Auditor General and to  organize a new tax department.  They need a new tax court with authority and courage.   Never paid your tax bill but expect the germans to provide you a pension so that you can sip wine all day long, fuck you and grab  a broom. 

That said the temp nature of the new hires will not get results.  I would guess that threatened with firing finnance/tax department shredders are working overtime.   Mysterious fire breaks out at tax department.

fucked planet/reset

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

dog b, work for a big bank in what city? I hope some greek gets your need some education on street justice.

the banks lent the money, they just don't want to take a loss on a poor bet. you smuck

dogbreath's picture

Greece may owe the banks that lent to them but what does that  have to do with the greeks that never paid their taxes.  Oh! just let the germans pay you say.  Everybody in Greece cheats on their taxes, and others have said it, its a failed state.  Let them default and screw the banks, sure, but don't expect the northern europeans to bail them out.  Drachma Bitch

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

dogb, you sure you pay your fair share?? after all paying taxes is a duty of every tax unit, how else could .gov fight wars, rule over so called private property and strip search your children? while an elite ruling class feeds off the gov hand outs and gathers all the worlds assets?? dipshit. 

dogbreath's picture

Over medicated,

I am a taxpayer but it doesn't sound like you are.  Again you failed to show the connection between the debts the state owes to the banksters and the debts individual tax cheats owe the their state.   You can romanticize that all greeks are strangling the beast by not paying their taxes but if these tax cheat greeks were real freedom fighters instead of petty thieves they would protest to demand a default  of state debt instead of protesting austerity.  these lazy fukkers just want more free shit courtesy of the german taxpayer.  Smoke another joint.  


Ol Man's picture

It is as if the Pharoahs have returned...



Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

They never left, they just moved from Egypt to Jerusalem, then from there to Rome, then there to Britain.... 

tbd108's picture

And then to Washington/New York,

Zymurguy's picture

Are these the same tax collectors who haven't been paid in months?

"Honey, pop some more popcorn, this is gonna be good!!!"

Misean's picture

Ah-ha! So this is how the Troika is going to fix unemployment in Sicily.

zendome's picture

We're here for your liver sir.

But I'm still using it....

Al Huxley's picture

'With rumors of government resignation and re-election, the external pressure and internal strife are coming to a head rapidly' - How can you say this?  Greece's demise has been 'imminent' since Spring of 2010, yet the extend-pretend game continues to work.  Nothing is going to come to a head rapidly here - the various European 3 government bodies will continue to make stern pronouncements, alternating with explanations as to why things are improving and soon to be fixed, while continuing to paper over the problems with their arsenal of 3-letter acronym funding mechanisms.  Meanwhile, Greece slowly bleeds to death, and the rest of us get killed by crushing inflation, that continues to be denied by the government, who continue to publish their 'other than food and energy, there's no inflation' statistics.

GolfHatesMe's picture

Wouldn't firing the tax collectors increase unemployment?