Troika Demands All Greek Tax Collectors Be Fired

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Usually the Troika is held responsible for all things evil in Europe, but as Die Welt notes, the latest demand that all senior officials at the Ministry of Finance (including all current Greek tax inspectors) be fired by Friday (over corruption and incompetence concerns) has been greeted more positively by many. "The Troika is the only hope to purge this country of the gangs that plunder it - the ONLY hope!" is how one Skai TV commentator summed up the move, adding that "it would be nice if we could read one day that all presiding judges are dismissed." The plan to "collect record amounts of money in record time" involves the interviewing of 2235 new tax investigators (with no written exam!) who will be judged on how much money they bring in (with minimum quotas) and maximum tenure of one year before re-applying. The new plan is likened to 'medieval tax collectors' and the tax-collectors union, unsurprisingly upset at this new plan, added that the Troika never had to face "a destitute pensioner who cannot pay his tax bill." With rumors of government resignation and re-election, the external pressure and internal strife are coming to a head rapidly.

Meanwhile - GGBs are at record highs post-PSI...


Via Die Welt (and Google Translate):

The Greek government wants to fight on reforming its financial management, corruption and take more money. All senior officials in the Ministry of Finance, in tax and customs authority and the Economic Crime Authority SDOE should - be fired immediately and replaced with new forces, which in turn can give no hope to keep their jobs for more than three years - - from director upward likely three months.


All tax inspectors have to go to on Friday evening submitted draft law requires, to replace it, should be in a high speed and partially adjusted without the written examination or even job interview 2335 new tax investigators whose work order can be follow paraphrased in record time collect record amounts of money, or immediately dismissed be.


More than three years no one can remain


Every three months, be subjected to a new tax official performance test: Do they have enough money driven? You are minimum amounts required when they do not achieve this, they immediately lose their jobs. To help them, the bullying of tax evaders, to the procedural rules to be tightened in the forcible collection of tax debts and simplified.


For the new financial officer office is limited to one year, renewable twice. In other words, more than three years no one can remain, but the probability is high that you will be fired after just three months. This is to ensure not only that the tax revenues to rise dramatically, but also prevented that "settle" and officials have often succumb to the temptations of the usual systematic corruption.


The danger is, however, doubtful that qualified "disposable officials" produced whose healing almost like medieval tax collectors it depends how much money they squeeze out of the people, no matter how ruthless methods.


According to the newspaper "Ethnos" comes from the idea of the troika of international donors in Greece (European Commission, International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank) and was in the "Memorandum", this means in the conditions that the donor of the government made ??it a condition for the receive extensive emergency loans.


Usually, the troika in Greece is often held responsible for all evil in the world. Even more surprising was the reaction from some readers to online media reports. There are virtually no negative comments.


"The Troika is the only hope to purge the country of the gangs plunder it, and the only hope!" User "casmini" wrote under the current on-line report on reform of the tax office transmitter skai tv. And User voukolos: "It would be nice if we could read one day that all presiding judges are dismissed That would be an even bigger win for the restoration of the state.". Userin Evangelia wrote: Today, the IRS, tomorrow the city planning office. Step by step, with patience! Long live the Troika! "


"We should work together to shout our anger"


Understandably less enthusiastic were the Revenue Commissioners. On YouTube, a video was a big hit, in which a control officer named Anastasia Sapouna bursts into tears while before the City Council of the Andros Island is holding a protest speech against the reform. Andros namely the entire tax authority be dissolved and its tasks to another Regional Administration. Not only should the authorities will do more, they will make do with less staff.


Sapouna accused Finance Minister Stournaras to have never faced a destitute taxpayers as "a pensioner who can not pay his tax bill," and the rest of the salaries of the tax officials are good for the economy: "Our money goes to grocery stores, doctors, gas stations. "


At the end, she suggested to the enthusiastic applause of the entire council, "We should all go down to the harbor and together shout our anger."


So everyone's happy - well aside from the youth (unemployment), immigrants (Golden Dawn), the political elite (the tax-CD of death), and now the crying tax-collectors:


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Misean's picture

No. The Troika believes the tax collectors are already NOT looking for work, thus not in the labor force.

BandGap's picture

Does anyone really believe the replacements will do better? What bullshit. This only makes the new people look like hired fucking tax mercenaries. And mercenaries get killed.

It raises the hackles to imagine some poor SOB approaching an unemplyed Greek and asking for back taxes, or property taxes, or any taxes for that matter.

Fucking sheep to slaughter, later raised to matryrdom for trying to save Greece from fiscal oblivion? This spin afterwards has to be at least as entertaining.


Winston Churchill's picture

Greece has tax collectors.

Who knew ?

timbo_em's picture

Probably even the "tax collectors" didn't know what their job description was. They just came by their office once a month to collect their paycheck including a bonus when they were able to operate a computer.

btw: Just to be clear: When the Greek government fires those tax collectors, this means early retirement for them, right?

e-recep's picture

awwr, what a shame, the leeches are not sucking well enough.

Sixdeuce062's picture

Tinfoil hat time kiddies ....

let me look into my crystal ball here and see what lies in the furture of Greece ... hmmm more curruption, starvation, poverty, and oh yes thats the rise of nationialism and fasicism. oh theres more now i see the new "party" being welomed and loved by the people and punishing those bad currupt people walking out of the Euro with a finger on each hand .. wait the more it seems other countries are following suit.

more it changes more it stays the same

XitSam's picture

There's a "tax collectors' union"?

whoopsing's picture

Right, thats a job peeps will be jumping for! There will be high vig on the collections , cancelling out any savings on "settlements"

Nandos's picture

New financial award... Best comic saga, and the winner is TROIKA

Zero Govt's picture

you just knew it was going to be an epic comedic display when Lagarde started waving her LV handbag around... then she followed up with telling Greeks they should pay more tax, not that she pays any... then she apologised and back-tracked she's got it in for the tax inspectors

now we know where Ronald McDonald went, the bloody IMF policy unit

Zero Govt's picture

Troika Demands All Greek Tax Collectors Be Fired

Hahahahaha .......hohohohoho ......hehehehehe  :)))

Dog Eat Dog doesn't get much better than this ...because the more politicians you throw in the pot to 'problem solve' a nations issues the faster the clown car accelerates toward the cliff

it's parasite eating parasite phase....surely Greek collapse is imminent


OneTinSoldier66's picture

Darmok from Star Trek: Next Generation has a few replies:


"You are minimum amounts required when they do not achieve this..."


Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra


"...the bullying of tax evaders, to the procedural rules to be tightened in the forcible collection of tax debts and simplified."


Gilgamesh and Enkidu at Uruk


" tax investigators whose work order can be follow paraphrased in record time collect record amounts of money, or immediately dismissed be."


Picard and Dathon at El-Adrel !


"We should all go down to the harbor and together shout our anger."


Shaka! When the walls fell!

shushup's picture

Try not paying your taxes in this country and see what happens! ( of course that's only for the majority. Government employees have an exception)


Piranhanoia's picture

look where my hand was

Nobody For President's picture

When I first saw this headline, I honestly thought it was a joke -  a bit of somewhat sophmoric satire.

Maybe the can really IS at the end of the fucking road for Greece, finally.

awakening's picture

'Maybe the can really IS at the end of the fucking road for Greece, finally.'

Indeed, "finally".

VivaCristoRey's picture

Time to implement "the Chicago Plan" of Global Debt Forgivness;

ALL Peoples of ALL Nations Will Be Employed In Implementing It, Therefore Full Worldwide Employment Will Be Achieved, Even troika Will Morph Into Commoners Of Equal Rank & Worth...

And ALL Nations Will Live Happily Ever After QEternity...

silverserfer's picture

its the real life disney classice "the black hole" Trokia will play, the black hole, maximillian robot will be the blade spining tax collector, Mario Drachi will play the zany Dr. Reinhardt. The greek people  will be played by the old timer robot seen here

AurorusBorealus's picture
Troika Demands All Greek Tax Collectors Be Fired

Looks like the U.S. should put the Troika in charge of the public education system and the liberal arts colleges in the universities.

mayavision2012's picture

"You can't squeeze blood out of a turnip" my dad used to say.

iamme's picture

SKAI tv is of and for the bankers.


q99x2's picture

My ancestors killed all the Kaiser's tax collectors in a great battle. So I am no friend of tax collectors. But. Fire the fucking Troika.

Scalaris's picture

Since the current situation has descented into nothing more than blighted farso-buffoonery, I propose that all tax collectors be replaced by 5.56 mm light machine gun-wielding autonomous robotic roomba vacuum cleaners. 

mayavision2012's picture

So Greece is teaming up with Egypt militarily and working on an "Exclusive Economic Zone" between them?

"Additionally, defence minister Panos Panagiotopoulos discussed developments in the southeastern Mediterranean and the Arab world, bilateral Greek-Egyptian relations and the matters concerning an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) between the two countries, in talks with his Egyptian counterpart Gen. Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi on Friday.

The two defence ministers decided the set-up of a committee to draft a new programme of defence and military cooperation between Greece and Egypt."
blueRidgeBoy's picture

bullish for the tar and feather industries

masterinchancery's picture

Simply execute the bottom 10% of tax collectors every month--problem solved!

pashley1411's picture

The country with the business climate that gives the sub-saharan kleptocracies a run for their money, and they want to concentrate on, get this, tax collection.   Please, put another meat staple in my head.  

Greece is merely in a transition phase; from an outlying area of southern Europe, to a core area of Hezbollah.