Bank Of Canada Fires Shot Across Bow, Says "Withdrawal Of Stimulus Will Likely Be Required"

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With the entire world engaged in global coordinated easing, slashing, burning, and overall lowering rates and printing money by the wheelbarrow, the Bank of Canada just fired a shot across the bow. Here is the kicker: "Reflecting all of these factors, the Bank has decided to maintain the target for the overnight rate at 1 per cent. Over time, some modest withdrawal of monetary policy stimulus will likely be required." Surely they must be punished for this blasphemy in the holy church of Saint John Maynard and the apostles of collapsing fiat.

The Loonie is happy:

Goldman is not. From GS' Andrew Tilton.

Keeping and strengthening the tightening bias, a hawkish surprise


The Bank of Canada today kept the target for the overnight rate unchanged, as was widely expected. Instead, the main focus today was on the language of the statement following Governor Carney’s speech last week at which he omitted mention of the BoC’s tightening bias. In the event, the tightening bias was strengthened, while the growth forecast was kept essentially unchanged. Overall, relative to the speech by Governor Carney last week, this represents a big surprise and suggests that concern over imbalances in the household sector may have grown.


In contrast to Governor Carney’s speech last week, where the tightening bias was omitted, the language of the tightening bias has been strengthened in two ways. First, language that conditioned tightening on the pace of the recovery has been dropped. Second, tightening is now called “likely,” where as before it was termed “may become appropriate.” The tightening bias language now reads: “Over time, some modest withdrawal of monetary policy stimulus will likely be required, consistent with achieving the 2 per cent inflation target.” The statement now explicitly also mentions the evolution of imbalances in the household sector, which suggests that concerns over household leverage have moved up the list of priorities for the Bank of Canada.


In this context, the Bank of Canada held its growth forecasts essentially unchanged. Growth for 2012 has been revised up to2.2% in 2012 (from 2.1%), was kept unchanged at 2.3% in 2013 and taken to 2.4% in 2014 (from 2.5%). Given Governor Carney’s emphasis on the deterioration in business sentiment and the investment outlook, this is also a hawkish surprise. The statement refers as it did previously to “very stimulative financial conditions” as sources of support for consumption and business investment. These seem to have trumped the concern over higher frequency indicators that were pointing to weakness. The output gap is now expected to close end-2013, slightly after the H2 2013 date given previously.


Overall, the statement stands in marked contrast to the Governor Carney speech last week and sounds more hawkish than we expected. However, we are sticking to our call of no rate hikes until Q4 2013

Full statement link here, and a side by side comparison with the last statement below.


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LawsofPhysics's picture

Translation; Banks and the politically-connected corporations are full of paper again, fuck eveyone else.

Stoploss's picture

Alert the Knights of Keyne...

saturn's picture

Thank you Zer0 Hedge for highlighting the funny text in the bank's ScribD statement.

francis_sawyer's picture

Oh good ~ now we can BLAME CANADA!...

The trend is your friend's picture

the vampire squid doesn't have anyone in BOC or is their infighting?

prains's picture

wwhich means the squid has the xmas party photos locked up in their vault and will use them whne needed, damn those hookers

stocktivity's picture

Until they all stop printing money out of thin air it's all bullshit!

CPL's picture

Translation, credit crunch in Tar Sands and double price coupon day for oil.


I want them to raise the rates and then we can finish this nonsense.   It's credit that makes large, expensive gas happen...not political will.  Wouldn't it be neat if it rose to 19% like the early 90's again?

LawsofPhysics's picture

rates can't raise without bankrupting the entire western world -  Rock meet hard place.  Boom motherfuckers.  This is not the 70's 80's or 90's, so sorry round eye.

Vince Clortho's picture

Yup.  Can't stop printing; Can't raise interest rates.

The cp boys have stepped in it again.

Perhaps creating another fictional organization with an acronym name is in order.

CPL's picture



It's true.  We've got a new breed of Political morons running the show here.  They had a choice to survive this mess five years ago.  They choose wrong and now all Canuck pensions, savings, RRSP, are finished to roll with the printing chain.


What should have happened is rates should have hit 12% after the first market shit storm in 2008.  It would have been rough, but like the 90's we would be emerging from a bad place wealthier and wiser.

Nobody For President's picture

It would not be neat CPL, it would be very, very messy..

bilejones's picture

Well, Corporal. That would be the early 80's


AntiMort's picture

Carney has been saying this for years now.  All talk no action.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Thats exactly right, he's nothing but a bullshitter and a liar.

And he's a former Goldman Sachs guy too. Go Figure...

nowhereman's picture

Hey, lighten up.  Canada has decided to do away with the penny, they must be doing something right.

TheCanadianAustrian's picture

They've been making this statement for quite a while.

malikai's picture

Have they just been talking or have they actually done anything material?

Just wondering how believeable this is.

anarchitect's picture

It's all talk. ZIRP+1 continues despite speculation that rates would slowly rise.

BobPaulson's picture

Export driven economy where 70% of trade is in to US. Add to that that only 20% of the voters live where all the wealth is being generated. Result: the ex-squid Carney can't kick the zirp herion as easily as he bragged he could last year.

Village Smithy's picture

You nailed it. Seriously, your consumers are in debt up to their eyeballs and because of this you are going to raise interest rates? Why doesn't he just threaten to spank them all instead?

Pantafulius's picture

Spanking was adressed in his last statement.  A few examples were even made.  However people soon found out that Carney has a very weak arm. 

stateside's picture

Those loonies.


BeetleBailey's picture

The 60 SMA FX Loonie chart looks....looney!

Dr. Engali's picture

Basturds! How dare they pull away the punch bowl when the festivities are just getting started.

CPL's picture

You kidding, it's the ProCon position to apologise to China and give them an opening to purchase what they like with cash.


Cash > credit

-1Delta's picture

loonies- withdrawl- since when?

malikai's picture

I'll add that once you blow your load, it aint worth pulling out.

caimen garou's picture

they just fired a shot of bullshit across the bow of the zombie boat, another words we will keep doing the same thing until we do something different and we dont know what that will be until after the US elections.

Cursive's picture

Canada has always been a little different and that's a good thing.

Zero Govt's picture

Yes, we wouldn't want every country in the Western world looking identical know, looking bankrupt, blown up in a 30 year bwanker debt-fueled property, consumer and Govt spending junkie quagmire

let's hear it for Canada doing it different  ..eek!

fonzannoon's picture

Canada is shitting a solid tungston brick as their housing market is watching the floor give way.

Metalredneck's picture

You are about to see Sub-prime; Northern style!!

Lost Wages's picture

Canada and Australia have good times ahead. If they want to know what's coming they can look at Las Vegas, Nevada during the last decade.

monopoly's picture

And how expensive is talk?

Wakanda's picture

Oh Can-a-da!

Withdrawal of stimulus sounds like someone has shot their wad and is ready to smoke a cig.

ItsDanger's picture

USD has forced the BOC to keep rates lower than they want for a while now.  From a domestic perspective, rates should be higher than they are presently.  At least some people at the BOC remember the early 90's.

swissaustrian's picture

I guess there not yet a Goldmanite in charge of the BOC?

anarchitect's picture

Sorry, Mark Carney is a former Goldmanite.

Arkadaba's picture

These boots are made for walking ....


Confundido's picture

That bullshit sentence sounded to me like when I try to convince my kids to go to bed: "...John, you better go to bed now or else..."...say it ten times, they end up going to be after 10pm and the tragedy is that I repeat myself every single fucking night without results...

philosophers bone's picture

Words or phrases in statement that have imprecise meaning or open to interpretation:

"Over time", "some", "modest", "withdrawal", "of", "monetary policy", "stimulus", "will likely be", "required".


rsnoble's picture

Awesome. Who would've ever thought Canada would've kick started the inevitable collapse?

If this whole system is a crack addict it's obviously time for therapy. Not gonna be pretty, the padded cells would be a cake walk compared to what's coming.

I'm only 43, i'd much rather get it over with than endure a 25 year long assfuck.