Equities Set To Open With Biggest Gap-Down In 3 Months

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S&P futures are trading down around 18 points in the pre-day-session market. This would be the largest gap-down day in three months, and only the third largest gap-down open in 2012. The market has broken to its lowest since QEtc was announced and retraced more than half of the Draghi 'Believe' moment spike...

The lower paneil is the distance from previous close to current open...


as the market looks set to open half way up the Draghi spike...

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Simon Potter has failed us all. Bring back Sack.  

Eireann go Brach's picture

Bernanke will hit the hewlett packard turbo button by 11am!

Rainman's picture

Bernank's got max 14 months of irrational exuberance remaining...might as well go balls out !


The trend is your friend's picture

stop the selling or beelieve me i will print more

JPM Hater001's picture

Cramer just said he likes Berkshire because of their insurance and housing business.

I think I'll short them...because of their insurance and housing business.

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The Orifice of Omaha: bought Ag at $6, sold it at $7.50.

monopoly's picture

Reality beckons. Finally.

Quintus's picture

Big gap down at the open?


Not to worry.  We have people paid to fix that sort of thing.  I'm sure they'll get on it right away and have things nice and green before the close.

franzpick's picture

When NoBama says "We'll get to the bottom of this", watch out.

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Gold is looking pretty jerky too, after last night's moves:


fonzannoon's picture

gold is still in lock step with equities. but it seems to be firming up. silver looks good. the dislocation is coming. maybe tomorrow.

malikai's picture

Soon. It's alredy getting started with crude.

fonzannoon's picture

why any hedge fund etc with real gains in 2012 would be sticking around in this market is beyond me. so much for chasing performance. 

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Bernanke just handed PIMCO 23 billion USD last month for MBS's. They're waiting for more of their digitalized 0000000$. 40 billion a month indefinately to be spent on market trash is too tempting to walk away from.

fonzannoon's picture

I hear ya Sloane. I think (who knows) that Pimco is going down the commodities and real assets road with that money. I meant anyone who owns the SPX, why stick around and be greedy? Lock in those gains.

Dr. Engali's picture

Not too many hedge funds have gains. The redemptions are going to be epic.

lostcause's picture

Gravity doesn't exist in the land of make believe!

rajc's picture

woot...3rd time is a charm. 1390s next?

rajc's picture

woot...3rd time is a charm. 1390s next?

Lost Wages's picture

Get ready to believe again!

P.S. I believe everything depends on the Euro. As the Euro weakens, the dollar strengthens, stock prices go lower and vice versa.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

green by close..soon rumors will come out of woodwork that Apple beat big time..btfd. apple is our market.

traders take heed.

adr's picture

The iPad mini is being announced so that gives Apple at least 10 million units to book profit on now. Forward profit booking, AAPL's best friend.

Nobody else finds it fishy that Apple always seems to announce products right before they report?

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Wait until the iDildo comes up. 

ebworthen's picture


It has to vibrate.

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A let's keep this puppy afloat one more day so we don't have to talk about it at the debate...crash.

LawsofPhysics's picture

"Market", where is this "market" they speak of?  I see insolvent but politically connected institutions everywhere trying to meet those fix-rate obligations on the retirement promises of millions of voters.  In the meantime, those providing useful and productive labor starve.  -  FAIL

fuu's picture

I'm surprised they haven't halting trading yet.

Smiley's picture

Anybody who believes in this market is a freakin idiot.

fuu's picture

Google just went green, so we have that going for us.

adr's picture

LG has just confirmed they are producing the next flagship Nexus phone. Since Apple hasn't gone patent troll crazy on LG, I guess that is bullish for Google.

Or enough days have passed that the goalseeking algos have taken over again, ready to send Google to all time highs. Just like after Apple's miss.

fuu's picture

Is Nexus SNAP ready?

adr's picture

When you see ticker after ticker of YTD gains of 68%, 145%, 235% in way too many stocks, it is pretty easy to see that most of those stocks need to be chopped in half, at least.

2012 has been a 1999 market without a real economy backing it up. When a homebuilder stock can double, even though actual home completions have barely budged, you have entered the Twilight Zone.

I'm waiting for a black and white flying door to open with a laughing floating Bernanke head on the other side.

franzpick's picture

New lows in futures, good luck to the knife-catchers now coming into sight on my screens at DJ minus 220.

I Am Not a Copper Top's picture

Gap-down Schmap-down, wanna bet this shit closes green?  Well do ya punk?

ebworthen's picture


Time to float some EBT bonds.

That's right folks, do your patriotic duty, buy EBT Bonds!

Feed the children!

Prop WalMart!

FED to back them with $80 Billion a month of EBT backed Securities!

Vince Clortho's picture

Corrective actions being taken as we speak.

This is a well run, micromanaged circus.

Vince Clortho's picture

Anybody here old enough to remember the turbulence of the old markets?

Praise Ben Bernanke, HFT's, and pass the SOMA.

ebworthen's picture

You mean 2001, 1987, or 1932?

SOMA = check!

Ben, paging Ben Bernanke.

tocointhephrase's picture

Unintended post ooops, well while I'm here, FUCK YOU BERNANKE!

ebworthen's picture

So I guess Thomas DeMark on CNBC yesterday saying their mathematical models showed the indices had topped might have something to it?

gamera9's picture

MAria Bartiromo is in her dressing room practicing the drama of her "off the lows" comment at 4:00. She knows it's coming.

Grand Supercycle's picture

SP500 impending sell off...

Despite recurring short squeezes, SPX etc daily charts continue to break down.

DOW 8 hour chart shows H+S (bearish pattern)