No Third Term For The Chairman

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While the theater of the presidential election hits peak season, and InTrade odds for this candidate or that are approaching flash crash territory, the one person who truly runs not only the US, but the entire "developed" world, Ben Bernanke, is going nowhere. At least not until January 2014. At which point he may be going somewhere - retirement. Reuters cites the NYT: "U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has told close friends he probably will not stand for a third term at the central bank even if President Barack Obama wins the November 6 election, the New York Times reported." In other words: the republican Fed Chairman who mysteriously became a Democrat president's bestest friend (and has been publicly threatened by every other GOP candidate, including Romney, although that would be merely to replace him with Bill Dudley, not Glenn Hubbard)  that $4 trillion that the Fed will have in assets at the time of Ben's departure, and $5 trillion at December 31, 2014, just became someone else's problem. Good luck to that someone else unwinding a Fed balance sheet which as we explained previously, will at one point in the next 2 years hold well over half of the marketable US Treasury debt inventory. How the sale of this inventory will happen in a time of spiking rates (because that's what the Fed wants - inflation) is literally anyone's guess, because in practice it will never happen.

From Reuters:

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has already said he would not re-nominate Bernanke if he wins the presidency. Bernanke's term as chairman ends in January 2014.


The Fed's unconventional efforts to spur growth have been criticized by many who argue that they threaten future inflation and abet profligate spending in Washington.


Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has already made it clear he wants to leave by the end of the year.


Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers would be at the top of Obama's list to replace Bernanke if he did not offer for re-nomination, columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin wrote.


Longer shots include Janet Yellen, the vice chairwoman at the Fed, and economist Alan Krueger, a former assistant secretary of the Treasury for economic policy -- or even Geithner, Sorkin wrote in his "Dealbook" column.


Glenn Hubbard, who headed the President George W. Bush's Council of Economic Advisers, is often mentioned as Romney's most likely nominee for the Fed job.

Nothing much to add here: when even the man who created this mess can't wait to get out, that's when it is time to finally lift the offer on that central European real estate in a quiet Tyrolean region you have been eyeing for some time.

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Ben Shalom.....four more years.


The Sheriff approves this message.....he's a rightous dude. 

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Summary of the achievements of Benedict S. Bernanke:

  1. Succeeded in fostering maximum employment and price stability
  2. Saved Europe from recession with dollar swap lines
  3. Put America back on the road to recovery
  4. Avoided a double dip recession
  5. Kept inflation under control
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lol MDB...perfect satire listing.  nice job this morning.

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MDB, you forgot #6:

6.  Inflated the Fed's balance sheet to such astronomically unsafe levels that when the impending bubble finally does burst, the resulting economic implosion will be beyond the scope of anyone's wildest nightmare.

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There are three kinds of intellects: those who can do math and those who cannot.

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In a perfect world, The Bernanke would be forced to be prez of this crap pile until it was fixed.

(Maybe that's what hell has in store for Him)

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In a perfect world he would be in prison. But since this is hell, he is operating the flame thrower for his masters.

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Bernanke wants to quiety spend time with his small family, in relative privacy,and certainly not be in the limelight, when the comparisons to 1929 through 1937 are finally being made by the MQLSM (Main & Quite Lame Stream Media).

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6. Caused a crash that destroyed the entire economy. (coming Fall 2013)

new game's picture

7) ben for prez, paul for v.p.

mdb for treas sec.

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OH, that would be the second time he did this

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Summary of Effects of the Reign of Benjie Shalom Berschmanke

1. Succeeded in destroying whatever value was left in the clown buck.

2. Became Chief Ass-Wiper in the inner bowels of the Chinese hierarchy's toilet shack (using aforementioned clown bucks disguised as....well, clown bucks)

3. Did not darken the door of any supermarket, retail store or business, leaving the shopping to his butler, Mr. Magoo, and his maid, Ms. Tri-focals; both armed with no limit SNAP cards, and told not "worry about the prices, and not to keep receipts".

4. Lied with aplomb to a Congress numerous times, as they were so dazzled as to not calling the beard on it - as they are all liars too.

5. Kept the cost of iPoo low, as to the aforementioned ass-wiping expertise.

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Bernanke won't stand for another term.......lmao.....when you are about to be run out town on a rail, get out infront of the mob & turn it into a parade.....

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Bingo you win an up vote Romney said he would give him the boot. I like how they speculate on who will replace him how the hell do they know? It all depends on which Mainstream News you believe I guess.

Casting Dual Roles, at Treasury and the Fed


However, Mr. Bernanke has told close friends that even if Mr. Obama wins, he probably will not stand for re-election.

 Lots of names are regularly bandied about for both positions. But they are not always thought about in tandem. So here is a field guide to handicapping the next Treasury secretary and Federal Reserve chairman:

 The top Democratic name that pops up when discussing the Treasury position is usually Erskine Bowles, the former White House chief of staff under President Bill Clinton who reinvented himself with his Simpson-Bowles bipartisan plan to reduce the deficit. The business community, on both sides, appear to love the plan and say they love him.

Now, on to the role of Federal Reserve chairman under President Obama.

It is slim pickings. At the top of the list is Lawrence Summers, Treasury secretary under President Clinton and director of the National Economic Council for President Obama. He’s a serious economist who knows his numbers and has a worldview that is similar to the president’s. He would be expected to continue the loose money policy of Mr. Bernanke.

There are a couple of other names in the Democratic economist world, but virtually all of them would be long shots: Janet L. Yellen, the vice chairwoman of the Federal Reserve. She would be the first woman to run the Federal Reserve and could provide some continuity. Alan Krueger, an economist who was briefly an assistant secretary of the Treasury for economic policy under President Obama, is less of a classic choice, but is considered highly by the president.

If you want to be really daring, let’s add one more name to the list, perhaps the perfect candidate from the president’s perspective: Mr. Geithner. He would have had a year to recover from his current position and may have tired of the speaking circuit. Given his former role as the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York during the financial crisis, he would bring steadiness to the job with Mr. Bernanke’s departure, and a level of comfort for the president.

Now, if Mr. Romney wins the presidency, the chessboard for possible appointments for Treasury secretary and Federal Reserve chairman becomes a little more crowded.

Glenn Hubbard, who headed the Council of Economic Advisers under President George W. Bush and is a top adviser to Mr. Romney, is often mentioned as a top candidate for the Federal Reserve job — and the Treasury secretary job. It is likely that he would get one of the two.

So the question is, who gets the other? If Mr. Hubbard takes the Treasury secretary job, the other candidates for Federal Reserve chairman are N. Gregory Mankiw, who also headed the Council of Economic Advisers, and John B. Taylor, a Stanford economist, though he is considered more of a long shot.

If Mr. Hubbard gets the Federal Reserve job, however, the Treasury role becomes wide open.

Robert B. Zoellick, former president of the World Bank, is said to be among the names in the hopper for the Treasury secretary job. (He was previously a managing director at Goldman Sachs, but his role at the World Bank may have cleansed him of his Wall Street association and Mr. Romney is less concerned about ties to finance given his own background.)

Also on the list is Rob Portman, the senator from Ohio, who has become very close to Mr. Romney and knows a spreadsheet: he was director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Bush. Whether Mr. Romney would be willing to give up Mr. Portman’s seat in the Senate is a question mark.

Finally, there is Mike Leavitt, the former governor of Utah, who is a close confidant and adviser to Mr. Romney. He is likely to get a big role in Mr. Romney’s cabinet.

Oddly enough, given Wall Street’s support for Mr. Romney, there are very few bankers or other business people on his short lists.

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Running out of lies and bullshit.

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He's worried as Pimco goes bullish on gold that somehow he won't be able collect on the debt owed to him.

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How the sale of this inventory will happen in a time of spiking rates (because that's what the Fed wants - inflation) is literally anyone's guess, because in practice it will never happen.

You're beating a dead horse. But I guess the unitiated could gain from it. However, I suppose they figure rates will never spike as long as they are in control. Of course, 'them in control' always lasts forever, doesn't it?

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Much like Ben is flogging PMs this morning? Excuse me but if Ben is out....where am I going to get my cheap gold?

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Today is "sell fucking anything you can sell" day.

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Only if you have to, otherwise today is just overcast, slightly rainy, and there is a sale on gold and silver.

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St Anton is a nice place for schussing.

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Welcome to Goldman! Thanks for all the goodies...

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Subsidized gold.......Mmm Mmm.....good.


Now could you do something about gas....I don't care what Bam Bam sez....that crap is way too high.

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Is this why the futes are red this morning?  Benron The Great Stock Market Manipulator says he's going to the farm?

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Wait until robots find out who is going to replace him. I guess the Paul Krugman rumor will be published arround 3 pm ET.

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Ben will be replaced by a HFT drone or just a killer drone   or both...

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Obama would replace him with Larry Summers, lmao.

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At least the humming & whirring of the printing presses might keep him from nodding off on the job... Plus, the box of doughnuts look like the "0's" he'll need for the new currency...

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That fat slob would be worse!!!!

But at least he will preside when the shit splashes on his fat face after hitting the fan ................

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Dump the Biotch!

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How about no Federal Reserve Charter re newal for 2013 and beyond.

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The Economist (still a shitty magazine) cover where Alan Greenspan is in a relay race handing a stick of dynamite that has been lit to the sucker in front of him and all you can see is his hand comes to mind. The next guy is even more fucked than Bernanke, who fucked up the economy even worse than the housing bubble economy he inherited from Greenspan.

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It's gonna be a great sequel:

Chairsatan II -- For a Few Trillion More

new game's picture

a little late; the printing is done printed...

when the dirty shirt gets soiled beyond recognition, well, ben will be the man that studied the drepression

and with kens/krug doctrine fully deployed took er down single handedly...

history repeating, just need a war, ah what is that i hear over there?

another false flag, petro dollar getting desparate...

print us a war ben, tptb need to lend some money for arms-crank it the fuck up-all for humanity, of course...

all so predictable and truely a sad stmnt about humanity...

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if he is smart he will have vanished like a fart in the wind by the time the next guy gets this thing dumped on his head.

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If it hasn't all blown up before then. Let's hope that is the case.

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Ben just doesn't want to reap what he sowed.

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Ben figures it's time to pull a Greenspan and bail before the next leg down in the economy comes from his failed policies just like Greenspan did.


lolmao500's picture

Yeah well, he won't avoid the backlash even if he flees to Europe. Someone, at some point, will get payback and Ben will beg like the little bitch he is.

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I sincerely hope with every fiber of my being that that wish is not fulfilled. If there is any justice, this thing will fall apart on his watch. Surely two more years is enough?

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Gotta be.  I don't see how they can keep this thing levitated for 6 more months, let alone 2 years.  They now throw trillions at the market and the bump lasts for a few days.  Unless we start talking about quadrillions soon, I think Ben will be at the helm when this sinking ship goes vertical.

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It's really an easy job.  All you have to do is inflate the money supply and bail out who you're instructed to bail out.

The hardest part is lying in public that your "decisions" are intended to either keep prices stable or improve employment.

There are plenty of people qualified enough to take orders from the financial elite.

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When Romney does well in the polls, The Bernack stops pumping the market so much....... hmmm, futures down after Romney wins 3rd debate......... could this be Benny having to dump whats on his books before the truth comes out.


Let's hope after Jan 2013, Benny is unemployed!

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If Dudley is truly the replacement, I will sell a kidney for more gold. That fuck is twice as bad as Bernank...if that's even possible.

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None of the likely candidates is any good. They're all mad printers and that's exactly why they're beeing considered.

fuu's picture

His replacement would have to come form the board of directors.


  • Bernanke 1/31/20
  • Yellen 1/31/24
  • Duke 1/31/26
  • Tarullo 1/31/22
  • Raskin 1/31/16
  • Stein 1/31/18
  • Powell 1/31/14
wearef_ckedwithnohope's picture

Yes, Larry Summers - excellent choice.

Wasn't he the guy who, before he was forced to resign as president of Harvard, came up with this barbaric statement to the effect:


-  Innate differences between men and women might be one reason fewer women succeed in science and math careers  -


The fat man was also responsible, along with Robert Rubin, for pushing for deregulation.  Yes, he would make an excellent Fed chairman. 



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Ben Stein....hell yes!

fuu's picture

Win Ben Stein's Warez was the name of that one...