Three Chinese 'Surveillance' Vessels Enter Japanese Waters Around Senkaku Islands

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It's been quiet, too quiet in the Pacific for the last few days, but now, as Yoimuri reports (and confirmed by Kyodo), the Japanese Maritime Safety Agency (Coastguard) issued a statement that "Chinese surveillance vessels on Thursday entered Japan's territorial waters around a group of islands claimed by China, for the first time in three weeks." Three Chinese maritime vessels moved into the waters near Minamikojima, one of the five main islands of the Japan-controlled Senkaku group in the East China Sea, around 6:30 a.m., the coast guard said. It is the first time since Oct. 3 that Chinese surveillance vessels have entered Japan's territorial waters around the Senkakus, which are known as Diaoyu in China.


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Now's the time to light the candles and start singing kumbaya.


Hand's across America anyone?

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When SHTF, china will be able to dump its US debt holdings, while Japan, because it has no strong military, will have to continue to buy US treasury debt to support the US military stationed in japan.

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 I'm surprised that Netenyahoo didn't claim these islands too, 

because the Zionists seem to lay claim to whatever they want

using the bible as justification for their Nazi-like land grabs.

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That and living on the land for the past 5700 years MORON!!!

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The Khazars became Jews out of convenience, within the last thousand years, and lived quite far away from Biblical Judea. You treat the real Jews, the Sephardi, as you do Palestinians, an inconvenient truth that needs to die so the lie of Greater Israel can live.

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That and living on the land for the past 5700 years MORON!!!

That could serve the Indians. Oh, wait, not the Indians. Just a bunch of sub humans and rules for them should be different...

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Now this is the real news!

Intrade should have a bet on when China actually 'invade' those piles of rock.  End year, or early next.

“Rebellion to tyranny is obedience to God.”-ThomasJefferson's picture

Let's put this in perspective.  

The Japanese and the Chinese, perhaps the Korea's are arguing over some large rocks somewhere very far from the USA.

Why do I give a fuck what they do?  Why should the USA give a fuck what they do?

How about we worry about ourselves a little more, and let the rest of the world worry about their own problems... until we figure out our own.


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"How about we worry about ourselves a little more, and let the rest of the world worry about their own problems... until we figure out our own."


Beware little children in high places.


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Japan does NOt want their people to think about how insolvent the country and TEPCO is, or else it would start to matter.

China's growth is seriously in question, and may well be hypothecated in every aspect...this would surely cause a ruckus amonst their nationals and to the rest of the world.  So this Waggy Dog x2 does matter if it goes down or else they may have to show their hands.    Just sayin'.

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"Why do I give a fuck what they do?  Why should the USA give a fuck what they do?"

A simple question.

Here is a simple answer! Because:

SONY = Standard Oil of New York

The Rockerfellers, hence by proxy the Rothschilds and JP Morgan, own Japan.

I don't think that is a reason why you, personally, would "give a fuck" but, you can bet that is why the whole USA is at the disposal of the Jew Zionist.

Here is an article of the US Treasury serving our Jew masters. Taxpayers be damned! Serve your masters bitchz!

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I pushed somebody's button!

ZH will now be posting ten new articles to bury this post?!

Here is the whole article:

On July 27, 2012, President Obama signed legislation extending the U.S. loan guarantee program for Israel to 2016. This will allow the U.S. to provide access to up to $3.8 billion in future loan guarantees as part of a $9 billion commitment made by the U.S. in 2003.  The loan guarantees, together with effective management by the Israeli government, have helped support Israel's strong economic recovery.  

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Dude, Rockerfeller is not even Jewish.

You're brain washed.

helping_friendly_book's picture

I never said nor did I imply the Rockerfellers are Jewish.

Did I?

You should learn to reason.

I implied the Rockerfellers were agents of the Rothschilds. 

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Total war is the only diversion the sociopaths
know. Tried and true.
This one is gonna be a motherfucker, unfortunately.

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I'm waiting for the new Rome II Total War. To be played in my basement when SHTF.

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Good time to do the wake of the George Washington cruising through...whatevah.

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Snore. Wake me up when the propaganda stops and the torpedos are in the water. I guess some more bad economic news is coming. Neither side will blink. Too much stupid Asian "face" or "kuni no puraido " in the way to ever hope to move forward.

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Fruck rooo waihru and doruphiiiin

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This little tiff between China and Japan is really not about these particular rocks, but it is about the large number of disputed Islands across these Asian waters from the coast off of Vietnam all the way up to these rocks near Japan. The resources like oil are what it is all about. He who owns the Islands own terrirtorial water rights extending way out to sea. Thus the oil drilling rights are owned as well. So nobody wants to give an inch on these rocks because it sets a precident for other disputed Islands.

All this is just a backdrop for the US deployment of the bulk of it's foreign military assets to the areas around China. The US Navy in particular is moving to the Western Pacific again, Marines are part of these forces and even the Army plans to get units forward to be near China. Obviously the US knows something is changing and wants it's military in full force in the Western Pacific.

On a different note. I have been reading weather news about a potential storm warning for the US North East Coast. A possible confluence of several weather systems might possibly join together and form a massive hybrid tropical and North Easter storm of unusual character.  Some forecasts show a potential to slam the Washington DC area or further North. If the worst case scenario comes to be, talk is of a billion dollars or more in potential damage. This Staurday should be the point at which we know if the worst happens, but it could also just steer out to sea. Stay tuned if you live on the US east coast.

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Hurricane Sandy (now hitting Jamaica) is due to pass over the Bahamas approximately Friday, though I have not seen the latest forecast track.

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Weather Channel hurricane expert Bryan Norcross blogged last night about 2 weather models showingthis funky turn, apparently due to jetstream weirdness:

The spectacularly unusual confluence of events is the shape and orientation of the dip in the jet stream that is forecast to develop over eastern North America over the weekend - oriented in such a way to pull Sandy inland instead of pushing it out to sea, and the presence of a strong tropical or subtropical system where it can get pulled in. That's so bizarrely unusual that I can't think of another event like it.

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Right on post!  Here in San Diego, there is hardly any subs at the big sub base on Pt. Loma.  They are all in Honolulu.  The Western Pacific is where all the jocking for power and resources is gonna be in da future...........

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I love Point Loma! I spent time at the Sub Base there. Also spent a year at the Navy's Fleet Anti Submarine Warfare School. Just a wonderful city, San Diego!

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In other news:



yeah missle mounted EMP systems than have GPS pin point targeting along with multi "kill" scenarios per missile.


In other words, the US is capable of launching 100's of these in direct paths across a county hitting all the targets they want.



Your move China.

Jack Burton's picture

Russia has had this EMP system mounted on one of their most modern mobile surface to surface missiles for a number of years. It is one of a number of different warhead packages their premier Surface to surface missile can carry. Able to fly within about 25 yards of the intended target it can trigger an EMP with pinpoint accuracy.

I do not know of a counter measure for a strong EMP, other than shielding of all your vital electronics. A big job!

RafterManFMJ's picture

Oh fuck. Every time an EMP goes off, I shit my pants and forget who I am for half an hour.

BandGap's picture

Brings me back to my youth. In 1987 the CIA was very interested in cheap solutions in efforts to shield individual rooms from electromagnetic pulses. Mind you, this is 25 years ago. I think the countermeasures to EMP weapons were developed before the weapons themselves.

Interesting stuff. It's the little things that give you an edge. 

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More war news. Last night Israel sent fighter jets to bomb a missile factory in the Sudan. Apparently, this factory had begun to manufacture Iranian surface to surface missiles under license. Israel believed this was to give Iran a source of manufacture outside Iran to provide backup missile forces should Iran be attacked.

Sounds stupid, because Sudan has no air defenses and Israel was bound to learn about the missile factory and do just what they have done. It is said four aircaft took part in the raid.

In any case, seems Israel is serious about keeping Iran in it's box. I note both Obama and Romney in their debate said they WOULD ATTACK Iran before Iran could produce a nuclear weapon. So that much at least is clear. If Iran trys to produce a nuclear weapon both candidates promise to bomb before it can be done.

War is basically the norm now. Afghanistan is on, Iraq is over, but we are fast moving to attack Iran. Libya is half over, but we have moved on to Syria. Lebanon has been ordered by Washington to form a new government, if they do not, then the west is likley to stoke war there too as they are doing in Syria. The bombing campaign against Pakistan is going full blast with more raids yesterday. Yemen and Somalia get bombed from time to time. And the US is egging on forces in Libya to attack the last stornghold city of the old government there.

War! It's good for business!

ebworthen's picture

Naval Pacific war part two!

Perfect chance for U.S. to obviate any obligations to China for treasury purchases!

C'mon, a couple of nuclear subs and some cruise missles and drones.  Bullish for the military industrial complex!

Jack Burton's picture

Go Long War! It is a sure thing.  Bush, Obama, Romney? It makes no difference, war is what it is all about. Any stooge will do for president, they are all controlled by the vast military industrial complex.

Ineverslice's picture


Must keep the balls in the air for two more weeks!

If something falls out of place now...That would be disorderly. Certainly gettin' tight.

Half_A_Billion_Hollow_Points's picture

These warships don't stand a chance against the Chinese.  A billion people ready to die to fuck with us (who have become complacent and can't show a bodybag on teevee) is serious business.  

We lost Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistam, the works.  We're going to beat China & Russia Team?  Haha dream on!

lolmao500's picture

And not only that...

Kyodo quotes JCG saying Chinese ship lowered drilling device today in waters within EEZ.

10mm's picture

Hmmm,Sushi,Mandaran Chicken or North Korean whatever.Choices people.

Spastica Rex's picture

I learned from South Park that the Chinese and Japanese don't get along too well.

Skateboarder's picture

I totally understood what the map said - my favorite part was the bang.

Is it going to be Waterworld: Wars in the Orient?

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Rockefellor and The Joooos are also not Japanese. You all DO know that there are NO Jews in China and 2000 in Japan that are not foreign nationals on visas, right?

The 'Jews of Kaifeng' are now just people that do not eat pork. They have assimilated in all other aspects and dropped raligious practices.

There are at most 2000 Jews in Shanghai but you would be hard-pressed to identify them.

So, if The Jooos are running the world's banking systems then explain how China did it without them?

Logic can be such an annoyance.

phyuckyiu's picture

Trust me, China and the Jews will have it out soon, after Iran is done. And China knows it. 1.5 Billion Chinese vs. 8 Million. Should be fun. China believes they are the Chosen Ones, and quite frankly play the violin better, and the Khazars will have none of that.

toomanyfakeconservatives's picture

If Iran doesn't happen, perhaps that can be avoided. Many countries want their decades (centuries in the case of China) of stolen gold back and Japan, the Jews, Europe, and the FED all play a role. WWIII is not an option. JFK warned us and I'm putting my faith in the U.S. military to do the right thing, all legal like.

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As I recall, it was a Chinese news outlet(Official?) that broke the story first. Just more saber raddering.

Mark Noonan's picture

As for the particular issue - if China ever had de-facto sovereignty, it was tenuous, at best, because Imperial China was never a great naval power and so would have had a hard time enforcing its writ 200 nautical miles off the Chinese coast.  Whatever right to them China had was resigned in the peace treaty ending the Sino-Japanese War of 1895.  We gained legitimate control of them in 1945 by right of conquest in defensive war and then voluntarily relinquished them to Japan in 1972.  As such, they are iron-clad legally the property of Japan and can only be disposed of with the consent of the Japanese government.

In the larger sphere the fact that Japan is a democratically governed State and China is a dictatorship enjoins upon the United States a rigid support for Japan against China.  The Taiwanese claim can only be entertained if Taiwan declares its independence from China - no sense in handing something over to Taiwan when the Taiwanese might hand themselves over to China at some point.  We should be quietly but firmly advising China that in the face of American and Japanese naval power (overwhelming against China's Navy) their claim is spurious and any attempt to give it effect will result in a humiliating naval defeat for China.  As a sop to Chinese pride we can mediate a deal between China and Japan to share revenues from any oil found within 50 nautical miles of the islands.