The World In Three Charts

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Bernanke has fired his infinite bazooka and yet markets have done nothing but slide since and macro-economic data are showing further signs of weakness (New Orders and Capex) with the reality under the headlines of a housing 'recovery' hardly green-shoots. Draghi remains sidelined with his conditionally infinite bazooka as his region of the world slides deeper and deeper into the abyss of recession/depression with IFO expectations and New Orders slumping and deleveraging continuing. So, it seems, the hope for moar-money from central-bankers remains squarely on the shoulders of the PBoC. However, a glimmer of green shoots as a gentle acceleration PMI (and New Export Orders? to Japan?) suggest (as Goldman's Jim O'Neill would have us believe) that the Chinese have manufactured a slow landing (for now - given 'their' data). Hardly the driver for the next major round of stimulus that is so required to fill deleveraging shoes (leaving aside the question of food inflation concerns). So a 'blip' of a green shoot in China is in fact nothing to be celebrated as the world remains a closed-loop (no martians yet) and two of the world's three largest economies are lagging badly. Look at these three charts and decide which way the world is heading!


China - Tepid Growth?


Europe - Bad and Getting Worse


US - Forward-Looking Signs of Greater Weakness


Charts: Credit Suisse

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get on the roller coaster!!..

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These charts probably only show little bumps, which are still on the way up, on the first big hill of that roller coaster.


An amusing coincidence is that in French a roller coaster is called a Russian Mountain ride ... which reminds me of Russian Roulette. Somehow, I feel those are related; in that the world is on a roller coaster ride, while playing Russian roulette. I.e., electronic fiat money, backed by atomic bombs.

That is courtesy of the banksters, who have been able to set up the situation where almost everybody has been forced to accept endless money made out of nothing, as the basis of the accounting system upon which we make decisions regarding what to do ...

This ride has only recently been built, and has never been tested before. I am not sure that a better seat, with a crash helmet, and safety straps is enough ... but certainly, bouncing around in the lower class cars, with none of those, is the way I, and most other people, are going through that ride ...

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Looks likes Gold is going to test $1700 today.  

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We still have QE Infinity² left in the arsenal.

I think infinity squared makes it faster. Like putting Turbo on a coffee mug.

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Not to worry.  QE Infinity will soon overwhelm the finite demands of Congress' mandatory spending and unfunded liabilities.

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When I look at the recovery in Chinese PMI from mid 2008 to 2009 I can't help but wonder how much of the trillions of dollars that was borrowed from our children ended up over there.

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Someone please fan the fire faster one way or another.


This limbo shit is the fuckin worst.

Either we get healthy - or let it blow up already.

- But NOT sit and suffer.




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Blotto just stack and think about the second great gold rush that's coming.

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The US government has essentially INFINITE money. No one has ever been in that position before in world history. We are observing the result of that behavior now. How any one can predict anything in this environment is a mystery to me. We have seen congress spend spend spend when they figured 'deficits don't matter' but now we see the USG getting serious as they project a trillion a year of spending money they must get from monetization. Even the prior hyperinflations are poor references as none were countries with the 'exorbitant privelege'.

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Exactly.  Thank you for brining it up.  Along those lines, you wonder why the Fed is bothering with mortgage purchases.  If the Fed is the bankers bank...they can and are doing whatever they want.  Other than preserving what shred of legitamacy there is left in the 'market'.....why are they bothering?   Is the 'game within the game' that it's all meaningless?  If there is no real pricing mechanism left, value is hard to determine....what the fuck are we all doing?

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Yeah, add me to the totally and completely agree with that feeling list, althought I would rather nature going nuts would trump civilization grinding through going crazy. Just waiting and watching as bigger frauds get backed by more force is NO FUN!

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Gettin REAL old it is!

And to thing the sheep think it is going to get better!

I'm going to have to work real hard not to take pleasure in their discomfort as it gets worse.

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The raping and pillaging will continue until it is all gone, then the Haves will retire to their islands and wait until society builds something that can be raped and pillaged again.

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Very true. They are playing long term.

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Dive! Dive! Dive!  Batten down the hatches...this bitch is going down.

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The US is sitting on Death Row - let's stop the appeals and vote for the current path - the 'cliff' is unavoidable - let's hit the gas and have a better view on the way off and DOWN!!!!

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The only good thing about going a long in temporary limbo is getting more time to stack Phizz, but apart from that not a whole lot else.

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So infinite growth in a closed system is not possible?  Color me "shocked".

bloody sheep.

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So much for the good news. Now, where are the charts that show the bad news?

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Green Shoots

In hindsight, you knew that capital knew it was in dire straits as it placed the word Renaissance in its capital projects around the world.

“but to others I speak in parables.”


Scientific politics…before any other head of state…how to organize the technical exploitation of contemporary theoretical knowledge.

The art lies in the navigator. The science lies in the tools – observation, organization, speculation, and experimentation.

[T]he products of scientists, many of whom never set foot aboard a ship if – probably – they could avoid doing so, employed and paid to solve navigational problems…I have my doubts; still more do I when I reflect upon the motives of the able administrators…They were men who had a vision, but saw as through a glass, darkly, what the New – scientific – Learning might, in the fullness of time, enable men to achieve.

The key official was the Piloto-Mayor, an office filled for the first fifty years by a succession of experienced navigators. The main task of the Piloto-Mayor were the instruction, examination, and certification of pilots.

Of course regulation of scientific knowledge of immediate practical value ran the risk of stultifying research and experimentation through overregulation and the sheer inertia inherent in all administrative organizations with central control…Spanish innovation in nautical science ended.

The first manual published was written by a lawyer who had spent many years in the West Indes and recognized and felt acutely the importance of navigation to the growth and prosperity of the empire.

It was only a few years later, when Philip of Spain was the spouse of Mary Tudor, Queen of England…it was the work which navigated the English seamen to their meteoric rise, to the ‘great sea dogs.’


Here then was the beginning of the bifurcation of nature…[T]here had always been and indeed always has continued to be a twofold interest in science, the interest in power over events and the interest in contemplating order. A world of weight and measure could give one no basis for a system of values.

[U]nless one appreciates to the full the importance of number as an indication of order and a source of beauty…[t]he language in which this was expressed is no longer fashionable, for we no longer believe in innate ideas or the transcendental unity of apperception.

[E]verything was intimately connected with everything else, and the separation between things was attributable to our perception, not to nature. The will of God is always the refuge of ignorance (Spinoza), and one tries to stay out of that refuge as long as possible.

Ultimately the omission or, if one prefers, the purifications of experience that are essential to science as we think of science are to be measured by what we intend to do with our knowledge. All historical events are highly improbable; that is their differentia as contrasted with scientific events. Science made progress by eliminating any consideration of value from its subject matter.

The Florentine Neo-Platonist was not so much interested in applying his knowledge to the control of the world as he was in finding an adequate picture of the world. He took as his fundamental premise the incorporation in all experience of the moral and aesthetic values.

The so-called universal man of the Renaissance, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Brunelleschi, Ghiberti, who has been celebrated by historians for his extraordinary knowledge of many arts, could not make an existential separation between knowledge and practice, though he could of course in speech. The various treatises demanded an exact knowledge of what we would call natural law, even when that law was, so to speak, unconstitutional.

In fact, the Florentine Neo-Platonists were the last philosophers to attempt the wedding of religion and science.