Fukushima Fish Still Glowing As Brightly In The Dark One Year Later

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In the immortal words of Bruce-the-shark from Finding Nemo: "Fish are friends, not food"; but in Fukushima, they are neither! As Bloomberg reports, radiation levels of fish caught off the coast of Northern Japan are as high as they were a year ago with contamination levels particularly high among bottom-dwellers. There remains a fishing ban on these bottom-dwelling fish as 40% are still above the limit for human consumption. As one scientist noted, "This means that even if these sources were to be shut off completely, the sediments would remain contaminated for decades to come." So, today's lesson is, Fukushima fish are neither friends nor food, but more like lava lamps we suspect.


Via Bloomberg:

Fish caught in waters off the coast of northern Japan, where an earthquake triggered a radiation leak at the Fukushima power plant, are still as contaminated today as a year ago, a study found.


Contamination levels were particularly high among species dwelling at the bottom of the ocean, as sinking radioactive materials tainted the seafood, the research showed. The findings, published today in the journal Science, suggest there is a continued source of radiation from the seafloor that will have a lasting impact, said Ken Buesseler, the study’s author.


“This means that even if these sources were to be shut off completely, the sediments would remain contaminated for decades to come,” said Buesseler, a senior scientist at Woods Hold Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.


In waters off Fukushima, where there is a ban on fishing for bottom-dwelling species, 40 percent of fish are above the limit for human consumption based on Japanese regulatory limits, Buesseler said.




Three-Reactor Meltdown


About 3,500 terabecquerels of radioactive cesium 134 and 3,600 terabecquerels of cesium 137 may have leaked into the sea between March 26 and Sept. 30 last year after a three-reactor meltdown at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant, operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. said in a statement in May.


More than 80 percent of the radioactivity from the nuclear plant was released offshore or into the ocean from waters used for cooling, according to the study.


Radioactive cesium levels in seafood haven’t dropped as of August, except perhaps in fish that live near the surface, Buesseler said. Two greenlings caught in August closer to shore off Fukushima contained more than 25,000 becquerels per kilogram, compared with the maximum permissible level of 100 bq/kg set by the Japanese government, the author said.



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mmm... sushi..

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And it'll be "safe" to eat once the EPA and FDA raise safe limits by 100K times again....

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TEPCO.  Tokyo Electric Power Company.  I guess private companies can fuck us all after all, with or without the assistance of elected officials.  Sorry, Ayn aka Alan Greenspan.  You were fucking wrong.  Again.  

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Logic that only Paul krugman would appreciate.

Nuclear disaster = Ayn Rand was wrong.

Wow! theres no holes in that argument now, is there?

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If they do, it's usually with stuff we buy whereas with the public sector fucking, it's via barrel of the gun or force of law (barrel of the gun).


I'll take my chances with Coca-cola.  Thanks.

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I love how people worry so much about all this in japan and they do this to themselves all day every day... speaking of EPA and FDA, look at what they said about this daily activity:


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very interesting article mate, thanks for sharing :)

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Self cooking food. Sushi with zero chance of microbiological contamination, too.

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Wordplay.  "Self cooking food."  Fish soaked in lemon juice.

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A small price to pay for all that electricity generated

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It's all good. Ann Coulter said radiation is good for me....

Hey what's happening with my hair?!

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Japan has been iradiated six ways to Sunday in the past 70 years. I would be weary about any food or goods (intermediate or final) that comes out of there.

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Yes. So has New Mexico, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, France, Turkey and Ukraine to mention a few others.

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I once had the displeasure of eating "Meltyblend." They are gross little chocolate covered cubes with filling inside. Some of the nastiest manufactured food I've seen. WTF Japan!?

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Don't worry, the sheeple don't believe anything bad is happening unless the MSM reports it. So, if they think it doesn't exist, it doesn't happen.

In other news...


Math is hard: Obama tells Leno, ‘I’m pretty lost’ when it comes to ‘math stuff’

Real Quote: “The math stuff was fine up until about 7th grade,” Obama said. After that "I’m pretty lost”


I was told there would be no math!!

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Yes, just like this doesnt exist...

Louisiana sink hole..."The radioactive material was then found to be 15 times over the acceptable state limit."

http://youtu.be/72Di0IYLLF4  Skip to minute 13




Homeland Security worries La. sinkhole irreparably damaged, more sinkholes




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Fukushima: The gift that keeps on giving.  That problem is going to remain with us for the rest of our lives.

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Radiation poisoning is the herpes of diseases.

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Peta Lindsay and Gary Johnson ahead of Obama and Romney in early voting!


AR U.S. President

Peta Lindsay 31831 29%
Gary Johnson 23717 22%
Mitt Romney 23279 21%
Barack Obama 21863 20%
Jill Stein 9598 9%


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Godzilla 2012

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Blinky makes it to the Front Page. Excellent!


Yes, Fukushima is still a disaster in progress and will be for at least ten half-lives of the longest-lived radionuclide.  


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Terabecquerels of radiation. Becquerels of radiation. Roentgens,milliroentgens, etc..etc..

Who understands radiation? No one can decide what's a safe level and what's not.

Why are we fooling with something that so few people even understand the terminology,

not alone the dangers of? If the average person understood the dangers of nuclear reactors,

there wouldn't be any.

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Becquerel is a disintegration per second (i believe, a "click" on a geiger counter depending on scale)

a Curie = 37,000,000,000 bq (or 37billion disintegrations/sec) = bad news

not sure how relates to sieverts off the top of me head

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My sentiments will remain contaminated for decades to come.  If it isn't radiation in fish near Japan, it's mercury in the bluegills I ate for lunch last week. Hard to decide what to eat that isn't gonna kill ya.  Like the buck in my freezer - he nearly took me out twice driving home from work, jumping in front of my clown car. He's dead now, though.  Score one for the Intoxicologist and a bow.

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Hey, sealife evolution is getting a boost, and we aren't far behind!

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It is not fair to hunt the deer at Hanford Washington after dark. 

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Really? You can tell the deer from the tumbleweeds in the dark?

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Yes, and it's ongoing. And will continue for at least somewhere in 2014. The wall to dam the incessant flow of all kinds of radioactive ionising crap will be finished (est.) in 2014. That is, if everything goes as planned, provided there's access at all next to molten ex-vessel cores and the motherload in glowing spent (heated) waste in a leaky tilting bathtub. hmm



it's the present that keeps on giving (nasty stuff for a hundred years at the least)


I really, really would like to know who'd benefit from a disaster like this. In shareholder prices of course but strategically, think about this please; it will ruïn a large chunk of planet (fertile ocean and shore) for a long time. There's that depopulation issue, a patchwork of hints and clues from speeches, and quotes, but this goes BEYOND that even: It's a large part of the planet SCREWED UP for carbon based, biological organisms with complex DNA stuctures. Because it WILL seep through the foodchain, it's not direct rays, but indirect (ingested) particles. So spin it, find some important benefit, but that's the bottom line. The trick is it stays in the environment for hundereds, or in case of uranium, for millions of years, and continue to fuck with DNA. No we're not compatible with ionising radiation, and our evolution will not benefit at all, rather the contrary.

Next question; who or what wants to fuck up this planet (for "our" kind of life)? Since this is what we're dealing with. Human stupidity (because of ignorance) or some weird death wish, a cult perhaps? Or a mix of those? I hear a lot of weird stuff lately. Stories of delusions of grandeur.

I imagine some old guys that think they can put something in motion to "cull" the human herd? Maybe some bonafide lucifer worshippers with capes and funny hats conjuring dimensional portholes to whatever? Or some calculating sharp dressed scientists working on an "Endlösung" in their experiments? They must've figured out it doesn't "harden" the japanese. It kills them, slowly. The word "sustainable" sounds good, but dead rocks are that too. Shit like this, on this scale might go out of hand (especially if you don't really know what goes on in that biotope) So what then?  If it's all a mistake, please start correcting it now? We don't mind that, promise. Or we will have to do it for you.

oh wait.. another great idea:


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I like radiation. I get a dose every morning when the sun comes up!

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New York cop solved the problem: eat women.

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i want to share my thought on nuclear energy...


what happened to Japan is really horrible, first 2 bombs and now fukushima.....


now imagine a 9 Richter scale earthquake in france, and try to imagine what could possibly go wrong in France with its 50+ nuclear reactors........................

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FISH FRY: Now radioactive material from Fukushima in US albacore tuna — Could levels go up even? Are fish headed this way with higher levels?


Louisiana Sinkhole Quake Jolts Further Than Bayou Corne

OCTOBER 25, 2012 - An earthquake occurred soon after 9 p.m. Wednesday at the giant Louisiana sinkhole in Assumption Parish, according to USGS monitors, parish officials and locals


The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

2012 and Earthchanges News events

F-BOMB ALERT: NYTimes: Contamination levels not declining off Japan — Chemist: Fukushima reactor site leaking into ocean?

Of Course Its Leaking Into The Fucking Ocean! Ever Looked At A Map? Looked At The Ground Cracks In The Ground? Ever See The Pipes Pouring Straight Into The Ocean? Ever Listen To What Whistleblowers From The Site Have Said? Its A L L G O I N G I N T O T H E O C E A N Dont Kid Yourself

MORE at FUKUSHIMA FACTS :: Radiation News:

Nice day...for the end of the world's picture

This is an ongoing problem. It's not like anybody at tepco fixed anything. My sushi still insists on attacking me.

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Dead culture.

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Solar technology now has a payback time of less than two years.

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the japanese are also fudging tests, if 40% are failing, probably 60% are actually failing.and btw, eating jumbo protions of allowably radiated foods are just as bad as small portions of above limit foods.


So skinny japanese may do better then fat americans.

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"This means that even if these sources were to be shut off completely, the sediments would remain contaminated for decades to come."

MOX fuel was used in at least one of the reactors that blew. Plutonium has a half life of 24,100 years, with avg of 10 half-lives needed to be "gone". The ocean may be able to spread or cover it before then though.