Watch Hugh Hendry And David Einhorn Discuss The Markets - Live Webcast Of Buttonwood Gathering

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Everyone's favorite outspoken critic of everything that is broken, Hugh Hendry, is currently speaking at The Economist's Buttonwood gathering. Watch him contemplate macro and micro issues live in the webcast below. And for desert, everyone's favorite poker player, David Einhorn will follow Hendry.

Watch live streaming video from theeconomist at

Full program below:


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slaughterer's picture

What? I am supposed to watch a bunch of equity bears speak while my AAPL is getting pounded?  /LULZ

tawse57's picture

Is AAPL your nickname for your bottom?

Frozen IcQb's picture

Also-AAPL is still in the $ three digits.. why worry?

slaughterer's picture

No, AAPL is my nickname for the global equity market.  

WhiteChrist's picture

Put these foolish bears and their gathering out of mind. Borrow more naughts and ones from the mains that be and buy. Buy AAPL or any aught beloved by Him till the Kingdom come.

JimRogers's picture

And... he's gone...



q99x2's picture

Hendry, great. I always like hearing from him.

The Indian has a giant body and a little head. The Chineser has a giant head and a little body. I blame Monsanto. Vote Yes on Prop 37.

spekulatn's picture

The Indian has a giant body and a little head. The Chineser has a giant head and a little body. I blame Monsanto. Vote Yes on Prop 37.


Well done q99x2. 

oldfruit1's picture

hendry seems to do a lot of these appearances & talks .. i fear that the old 2 & 20 model may be broken, so now he needs the 200 buck turn up & talk fee. where does he get the time to do these chats to anyone who will listen, does he never actually watch the market?


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

If memory serves me correctly Hendry has only recently returned to public speaking/appearances.

fuu's picture

He's been too busy eating rabbit, packing freezer camp, and generally living the good life on the farm I think.

WhiteChrist's picture

I rede such sinners as Hugh Hendry to stay far out of sight, lest they be seen of the Lord's men. Nonetheless, they cannot hide. Theirs will be an aweful doom. He who betteth against bankers is worthy of the fire.

Diplodicus Rex's picture

Damn, I missed Glen Hubbard. Did he "give it his best shot"?


Missed Stiglitz too. Is he still saying that Greece can afford to pay its way?

BlueCollaredOne's picture

That feeble fuck.


"Give it your best shot" is one my favorite moments of Inside Job.


RSloane's picture

"The government now controls a lot of financial resources."


WhiteChrist's picture

The rikes of this world will soon own every aught on earth, as theirs is the Lord's work. Now is the time to buy. I call upon the ESM to hasten His work, to take what it will and bring every man that sinneth against His mains to light. The naughts and ones shall never end. Blessed be the mains that be.

ImnotPOTUS's picture

Can someone who watched it already, perhaps mention in which Part he is in? Is it I II III or IV.

These things run for hours.

ImnotPOTUS's picture

Okay I see now what your doin here.

As they go along they paost parts below under latest vidoes. Hugh is the screen capture for part V (5)

helping_friendly_book's picture

More like 100,000,000 jelly doughnuts!


slaughterer's picture

Document with "Pending Steve Cook comment" about to be published on SEC.  /sarc

helping_friendly_book's picture

Einhorn speaking now at 12:50 est.

He is talking about jelly doughnuts!


Mercury's picture

Even today there is at least one hero on Wall St. and Einhorn sits on both shoulders of God as far as I'm concerned (Take that OWS!).

But more importantly he's right pretty much every time he opens his mouth or his wallet.

Dre4dwolf's picture

The small businesses have access to capital lol ON A CREDIT CARD with 30% interest rates + fees on it.

The tool on stage answering questions is clueless, just another weenee talker there to portray banks in a good light as "victims"


Lets see what more he has to say before I jump the gun.

Duke of Con Dao's picture

here's a new mash

stars that actor from Gross Pointe Blank

YouTube - Here's a Voter Who Wouldn't Take It Anymore

asteroids's picture

Damn, missed Hugh. Is this recorded somewhere?

Tyler Durden's picture

Yes. We are preparing the annotated replay - will be up shortly.

JPM Hater001's picture

"Yes. We are preparing the annotated replay"

AHA!  Caught ya.  There is someone there with you.

onebir's picture

Recordings are online if you click on the embedded video.

billsykes's picture

Suprised that Hendry's handlers let him off the leach. Looks like someone  has spoken with him he now likes treasurys.

catch the repeats here;


blunderdog's picture

This PIMCO guy's lecture is pathetic.

helping_friendly_book's picture

Einhorn, basically dissed the Chairsatan for ZIRP and QE.

He made the point that if all the savers and fixed income have future expectation of making less money on their money this will be reflected in less consumption as savers and fixed income tighten up their budgets and consume less. This will lead to further destruction of GDP. He said we would be better off if monetary politicos announced a longer veiw of slowly raising rates to give the carry trade time to unwind their positions.

I suppose he was giving an indication of future expectation as I would expect, and have thought, the FRBNY would have to start hinting at a long range expectation of slowly raising rates to heat the economy.

He only spoke for 10 minutes, took two extremely poorly worded questions, and went to lunch. They probably paid him $250,000 for the appearance, paid for his lunch.

I wouldn't be surprised if he already knows what is going to occur when the next Chairsatan is appointed.

If they hinted rates would be increasing, let's say by the middle of 2013, I gaurantee you all the money sitting on the fence would make a mad dash to purchase real estate and the market would inprove dramatically.

He also said fiscal policy needs to be addressed because monetary policy cannot be tightened unless deficit spending is reduced/eliminated because all the Gov't debt is on the short end of the curve.

There is much work to be done.

Repurchase agreements need to be outlawed as an accounting device, banks that use REPO to cook their books need to fail, ZIRP needs to end. Reasonable interest rate gains need to take place to soak up all the Bernanke gravy spread across Wall Street. Fiscal policy implementation for gradual decreases in Gov't spending thropugh attrition need to be implemented so interest rates can rise without making impossibile the refinancing Gov't debt. 

We need a new regime to apply realistic policy and let the chips fall where they may.

If they cut spending to quickly we are toast. If they don't cut spending we are toast. The next four years will be difficult unless their is confident, reasonable fiscal policy implemented in a manner that won't surprise the long vested money and won't put the ALL of the civil servants out of work. Since the civil service, practically speaking, is the economy we need slow and low for the next four years to keep this train from running off the tracks and get the engine running at a reasonable pace.

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who are you to deny me the option of dragging the progress bar forward?

now you know why I refuse your subscription offers!

I'm just as smart as you are, and a whole lot less self important.  .  .  .  .

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