One Quarter Of All Spanish Workers Without A Job: Female Unemployment In Ceuta Region Hits 57%

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One in four Spaniards are now officially out of work - well over double the euro-area's average 11.4% rate. This is the highest rate of unemployment since the Franco dictatorship ended in the mid-1970s as 5.8 million now stand idle. Perhaps more stunning is the fact that eight of the bailout-nation's regions have higher unemployment rates than the national average with Cueta at a stunning 41.03% (with women's unemployment rate in that region an almost incomprehensible 56.92%)!! The YoY increase of almost 800,000 people unemployed leaves 1.74 million households with no members employed. As one would expect, loan delinquencies are also surging as Caixabank just almost doubled its pool of bad loans in the third quarter. While Rajoy fiddles...

Spain's Unemployment Rate Hits 25.02% - the highest since the 1970s!



and across the regions (far right hand column) - the rate is even higher in many cases!


with women's unemployment (far right column) reaching a stunning 56.92% in Cueta region!


Source: National Institute of Statistics

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socialism works!

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"Time to regain control over Ceuta, Melilla and Canary Islands."


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Go's the future....forward hoe.


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I think you meant, "Forward, ho".  After all, the world's oldest profession is always an option.

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An easy war for Spain and his allies. For a fascist Spain with an intelligent leader it could be a chance.

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Two things.

First show me a Capitalist state which isn't in trouble.

Second, everything worked fine UNTIL TPTB started breaking shit down for resale.

The question is were so many states really that fucked up, or did TPTB rig the game to manipulate events in a direction they desire?

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First show me a Capitalist state. Period. 

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Nailed the landing...

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Yes, it bugs me how people

keep blaming "capitalism."

To repeat the fundamental truisms:

Fascism is capitalism plus murder.

Plutocracy is capitalism plus fraud.

The real system is capitalism, BUT,

with both murder and fraud added,

therefore, that is fascist plutocracy.

THAT is what controls Spain today,

& that is what controls almost all!

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add some paedofile networks to keep the politicians in check and you got a winner.

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Correction: the scam worked fine until the day came for someone to collect the debt.

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Anarchy is the only way to run a geographical area. Gengis Kahn Libertarian John Galt freedom slave masters unite! eat the poor, put the women to "work" Roads will be made of the crushed bones of the socialist masses. Bring back the good old days of pillage thy neighbor.  

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Looks like SpainFedgov needs to back student Marxist Theater Lighting Afro pre-Law majors into doctoral degrees way more. Get that labor force participation number down. Or some turd world hell France.

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At least there is always prosititution.

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If 57% of Spanish women turned to the oldest profession it would not be very about not having pricing power.

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Thinking of starting my own business. Pimping and price fixing. Like a London Banker except that I have a huge hat with a peackock feather in it.

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A thought experiment yields the question: Which country do you set up shop in?

Greece, Spain, or do you wait for France?

HD's picture

Depends on the clientèle.


 France - for the simple kiss.

 Spain - for those who like to shake the maracas

 Greece - well, if you're gonna go Greek...

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Keep in mind that the 2&20 fee structure would not work. Fee for service and performance based compensation wouldn’t either. Your best bet for income is to get paid based on ass under management- IMHO

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A good pimp never forgets the rule:

"Bitch better have my money. Not half. Not Some. But all my money. Through rain, sleet, or snow.. Bitch better have my money."

Exhibit A:

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Don't forget your gold teefus and pinkie ring there, Huggy Bear.

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That is a big rise in Marriage. That is the "oldest profession" for women to raise their standard of living.

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Yeah, considering the statistics generally say that more than half of young people, and more than half of the women, can NOT find work, then ability of young women to find work must be some multiplication of those factors.

If something like 80% of the young women who would like to work can NOT find any employment, then turning to prostitution is probably something that has already saturated its market.

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Competition would drive the price way down!

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Time for Spain to break up...

In WTF news...

CNBC Executive Kevin Krim’s Two Young Kids Killed by Nanny Yoselyn Ortega in Upper West Side Apartment

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You want to bet he was fucking the Nanny and broke it off?

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extremely tragic...sad.....another reason to raise your own kids and get by on one income if your married. 

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That's not the American dream. /s

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Coming soon to a country near you. Perhaps Q1 2013. So sad.

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How will this ever get fixed?

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It won't. Not with their current mindset and failed economic policies anyway.

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Do not blame Spain, and do not blame any other straw man, like some superficial ism ... The banksters have dominated the world system for a long, long, long time!  The Spanish were set up, the same as practically everybody else, by those who were the best at being dishonest, and backing that up with violence.

There is nobody anywhere that can fix problems generated by having the trillionaire mass murders arrange things to benefit them. There is not even the slightest hint of an adequate set of policies to cope with that reality!

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Don't worry, all Spain has to do is say "pretty please" and Draghi will fix everything...


If you believe that, I have a vintage 2007 CDS to sell you.

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Is she married to a NYPD cop? 

WTF is in NYC water? Move to Detroit, they have safe water.

Bubble's picture they don't count. That shouldn't distract of course from the terrible situation there.

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Chill, take a siesta.

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They can say gracias to Uncle Ben for driving their cost of living through the roof.

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I saw the graph and thought it was a map of the bottom of Spain. Have to check back in a few years and see if the line reaches Barcelona. 

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So with a population of 47 million and 22 million people in working age, one quarter unemployed and 2.6 million public sector workers who exactly is going to pay the bills, repay the debt and save the banks?

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Mitsubishi DiamondStar will take care of this.  After all they have the world's biggest and fastest printing press.  Shhhh, just don't tell Ben..

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maybe they have become so self sufficient with all their green energy, they don't need to work or borrow money and are just saying the hell with their loans. Maybe this is positive.



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not a big deal, all part of dalios beautiful deleveraging.................once all of those spainards are deleveraged, they can start handing out the credit cards and 0 percent mortgages again....patience..patience........its only cyclical.........

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That's right, kito. Pit and the pendulum, that's where we are. (we are the guy strapped down on the table underneath the pendulum)

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"Beautiful Deleveraging" .... err err "Let them Eat Cake"