Guest Post: GDP - The Warning Signs From Exports

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Via Lance Roberts of Street Talk Live,

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What the hell do you mean? We are exporting all kinds of physical gold and inflation. Thats the Checkmate.

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There is one other thing we have been exporting. We've been sending our currency overseas for years, too bad no one wants it anymore. Better put your water wings on, a US dollar Tsunami is headed this way.

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Let's hope it's a fizzle.  Any update on this?  Are you local?

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No, I'm in the path of Sandy is all, deep in the Ottawa Valley.  All the Druids in this neck of the woods are gathering to chant at it right now.  I opted for the non chanting route and put things away and get some firewood inside the mud room.  This type of weather, this time of year = massive ice storm.  Not cold enough for snow, too cold for rain.  We're going to lose power as usual.  Country living in rural Canada, predictable.


Otherwise something weird happening in Mexico City.  An anon pointed out that a massive Class 1 just "materialized" over mexico city.  Trying to find someone down there on a terminal to talk to.  Might just end up spamming all the cell phones with a "look up and take a picture please" text.


What ever it is.  It's huge or a software glitch.

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what's up with that missile dropping into volcano?   after effects or something else?   hard not to be skeptical without another view.

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Was that the sink hole/nuclear depot thing?  That whole area is riddled with old undocumented coal/silver/copper mines.  People been crawling around under the dirt there for 200 years looking for rocks.  


The missle or laser beam thing is pretty fantastic though in the MX volcano.  There are other angles of attack on it.  The Volcano is a major tourist attraction next to the ruins in that neck of the woods.  Very pretty country...well until Mexico city then people crawling over one another for a piece of room.  Redskin and Narco Anons are reporting the military is all over the place right now and you can't hear anything.  No bugs, no birds.  


It looks like a graphical representation of the Fibonacci numbers on radar.


Physics/Math anons are seeing if there's anything in that.  :-\


Well smoke'em if you've got them.

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re: KY, nope something different, an amateur astronomer just caught this thing in the sky.   just happens to have the same exact shape as what dropped into the volcano.   find it especially interesting that CNN chose to report on it.

that spiral is still on the intellicast as of 10:50 a.m.  bizarre.  it's like a radar version of a crop circle.

please keep us updated if you hear anything from on the ground down there.   could be nothing, then again, given the times, anything's possible.   no bird or bug sounds is kinda creepy.

gracias amigo.

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If you businessmen and women want to cut to the chase look at the fiat economy since 1971.

Basically when we import more the economy is strong. We are selling paper, foreigners want to export to us, our consumers have credit, they want to spend, the trade deficit increases as US consumers buy more imports.

The opposite has been happening in 2012 a reversal from 2011.

We have a “traditional post 1971” weaker economy in 2012 than in 2011. The 2% is inflation bull shit number printed for the election. The Feds usually get the inflation by not adjusting the manufacturing numbers correctly.

That was some good work by Lance Roberts and it always is a help when the business community smokes out the bull shit coming from Washington.

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That is a big mountain, what ever that was I would say over a hundred feet long.

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looks like the norway spiral ;~)  the wunder satellite has a cyclone over pacific coast but nothin over MexCity.   maybe the elves playin a funny?


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Three seperate weather services confirming what the Mexicans are calling Temoaya.  If wearing a tin foil hat, Temoaya is Mexican (not spanish) for Landing Place.  Anons are reporting a weird assed humming noise that is coming from everywhere.


Weird.  Interesting though.  All the sat services are showing this thing "pulsing".


Street cams indicate business as usual.


Weird....the cam is a radar station on the catheral and merely reports whats in the air.

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Ben Shalom exports subsidized gold and the wirld still hates us.....well screw me!

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Sitting in Kauai...  will update from the ground tomorrow, but as best I can tell they got out early on the tsunami warnings and there will be minimal damage...  hopefully no lives lost and everything is insured.  Listened for the long waves, but didn't hear and it was raining, so I didn't go out on the lanai to watch.

No telling what kind of shit from japan is going to pop up now...

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Kudos to the early warning systems and their associated persons...  gave folks at least 2 hours warning...  looks like a big nothing burger, but better to be safe than sorry. 

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we over everything - look, spend, weight...

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I was supposed to log off.. :(



[That’s the Checkmate] Or when your international creditors ask you to pay up your debt loan in full. 

Do you think the District of Criminals will start destroying their taxpayer funded property? Nope, but let’s pretend.. LOL


Man Destroys Home to Avoid Foreclosure

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Ok, here comes the obvious:


You didn't bulldoze that.

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Don't do it yet...we don't have the shovels ready!

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Our major exports are coal, raw materials, recycled materials, food, and just about anything else that makes up the exports of a third world country.


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Screw jobs......that coal crap has got to go!

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The US sheeple never had a rat's chance in hell once Nixon opened up China.  From that point on we had to devalue our currency and move towards becoming a third world country ourselves in order to compete.  This was fine for the banksters, the FED, and the 1%, but for the rest of us....not so fine.

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Very true.  The conservative/Randian talking point (repeated in part in this article) that the US thrived in a higher tax/union environment in the '60s because of WWII damage to Europe is beyond sophomoric.  How long does it take to build an industrial plant?  How many years does it take to rebuild a railroad? A few at most.   If the US economy thrived because of the destruction of European/Japanese infrastructure, it would have lasted only a few years.  WWII ended decades before the US had its peak and then began to slide.  The eventual slide had everything to do with the erosion of the U.S middle class due to free trade with low wage/no environmental regulation countries, and nothing to do with the factories we bombed to shit decades earlier.  

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Totally clueless comment as usual.
The only way that a developed country with an economy based on FIRE and service industries with a rapidly expanding money supply can keep it's domestic inflation under control is to lower the cost of it's consumer items, and the best way to do that is to offshore it to a low wage country.

This is THE curse of Central banking and FIAT currency and has nothing to do whatsoever with "Randian" anything....

Working on a sunday must be tough mate, I hope your overtime is worth it...

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It wasn't just Nixon opening up China. The corporations were willing accomplices in moving manufacturing to China and other countries with lower labor costs.

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can you really fault them? it's the way they are designed. or, better, the way our polities allow them to be. to maximize profits for their shareholders (even though they often maximize the power of their directors more) and not that of their common employees.

never heard of a cooperative shipping jobs to overseas. Of course the typical co-op has to pay full taxes while a globe-spanning multinational...

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Don't forget our transition from oil exporter to importer.

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Fasten your seatbelt,

It's going to be a long, rough ride to the bottom

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Yes, Globalisation has been great for the Corporatocracy but NOT so great for Main Street. Even Soveriegn States have not done so well because the Corporatocracy does not pay taxes anywhere, using Transfer pricing and IP fees to transfer profits into Tax Havens. Where they stay.

Actually, logically, and this will never happen because the Corporatocracy (Including Wall Street) OWNS Congress, The US is a large enough market to be able to close its borders to all but essential imports (Energy etc.) and demand that all consumer goods be manufactured in The US. Yes, prices would rise BUT incomes would also rise commensurately such that purchasing power would be restored and unemployment would fall. This approach would NOT be in the best short-term interests of the Corporatocracy (Lower profits from higher manufacturing costs), however, so will never happen. But, and I never thought I would be putting this protectionist arguement forward, it WOULD be very much in the best interests of the average American citizen and help restore the balance back in favor of "We the people".

Actually, ultimately, it would also be in the best interests of the Corporatocracy also because people with money and security consume more, but they can't see this because it would involve thinking further than the present quarter's results.


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I disagree with only one point.  Trade is good, so long as it is with countries that have roughly equivalent labor and environmental laws, anti-trust laws, and accountability for making dangerous products.  Trade with similarly minded economies fosters competition and innovation and discourages other types of corporate misconduct such as monopolistic behavior, planned obsolescence, and the creation of shitty knock offs such as Chinese drywall, Chinese tires, Chinese food containing toxins, etc.

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Fair enough. But, with the exception of corn and Boeings, does the US actually make much that anyone would need or want to buy??

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The U.S. still owns the intellectual property for everything from Chevys to Ipods (though it is seriously compromised from offshoring).   It could retool in 2 years and start making all of it again if we got off the idea that slave labor etc is necessary so that CEOs could make hundreds of times the hourly wage of the workers.

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That was my original point. Regarding the second post, who needs Chevy's (Once you have driven a Merc or BMW there is no going back) and who needs AAPL when Samsung etc make better products at better price points?? The US makes nothing that the rest of the world needs except food and Boeings (Including military stuff, but I question if that is actually a need). Incidentally, the US discovered neither the jet engine NOR the Internet.

Better just to close the borders, make all the stuff that Americans want at home and leave the rest of the world alone.

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I call bullshit on the internet.  U.S. invention.  And Samsung may make a better mouse trap (depending on who you ask), but the concept of the smart phone was invented in Washington State.  And most technology we all use today would not exist but for NASA.  Got GPS?  Got a microchip?

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The Internet was most certainly a U.S. invention created with DARPA funding. However, the HTTP protocol, which enabled the World Wide Web, was invented by Timothy Berners-Lee, a British scientist who worked for CERN.

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I've driven merc and BMW.  They are unreliable and short lived pieces of shit.  I own a Japanese made 2000 toyota echo with over 350,000 miles with only tire and brake replacements.

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this entire economic debacle was predicted 20 years ago when the WTO was being discussed and not yet enacted - the powers that be  - starting with Greenspan and Rubin knew what would happen

the only solution is exactly what you speak to  - which is create a Common Market  (CM) of those countries with "equivalent" labor costs and regulations - which is Western Europe (EEC) and the USA and Canada for manufactured goods where labor content is above x% - this CM would have almost 800 million people which has the breadth to be self sustaining - a closed loop if you will - which would yield a perpetual wheel of demand - Commodities excluded - then over time allow other countries to enter "if" their wage rates are raised to prevailing wage rates of existing common market participants. all others would have 40% tariff.

with this mandate in place - done January 1, 2013 within 24 months the means of production would be transferred and the increase in GDP would be a moon shot - problem of government deficits and funding over !




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OmenIV, very interesting.   i fully expect a few down arrows, but until a resource as lucrative as oil is discovered, possibly begin with tax free havens...along the Hong Kong model.

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You better get the old geezers that know how to run the plants back before they die off.  There has been no transition of skills to the younger generation.

TPTB_r_TBTF's picture


... or ...

... hire Chinese consultants to run the American plants.

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Trade is good, so long as it is with countries that have roughly equivalent labor and environmental laws, anti-trust laws, and accountability for making dangerous products. Trade with similarly minded economies fosters competition and innovation and discourages other types of corporate misconduct such as monopolistic behavior, planned obsolescence, and the creation of shitty knock offs such as Chinese drywall, Chinese tires, Chinese food containing toxins, etc.


Lets keep that into the family.

Well, one could wonder where 'americans' are going to manufacture their goods if every country has their own environmental laws.

Environmental laws as set in 'american' countries serve one essential purpose: make sure that the consumption of resources at the periphery of the empire are consumed first before the resources located at the center.

'Americans' run an extortion of the weak, farming of the poor business, a kind of business coercion and the capacity of is vital. With projection of force being a functional of oil availability, it is vital to go along with the diminishing of oil availability, that is consuming resources far from the center first to later follow the slow contraction motion toward the center.

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Not your Fathers economy. LMAO.  Autos and Residential investment per % of GDP.

It should read( X-Boxes and Slurpies) per % of GDP!

  Atomizer made me do it. The blue and red line convergence tells it all!

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Do you want to know what’s really fucked up?

Interpol already knows about this multifamily power struggle, yet they turn a blind eye. 

Such a sad world we’re enslaved to! Not really, but we must pretend to be prognostic thought criminals. My number is 4934687. 


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the only safe place to be is deep in the woods where the stump-grinding Land Drones will never find you

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Is it "FIAT" certified? Those stumps can get pretty tall!

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Yes, I drive a FIAT (500), but what does that have to do with anything??