On Europe's Three Year Insolvency Anniversary - The Definitive Interactive Infographic

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Looking back, it seems like only yesterday that the world's realized, "out of the blue" that Europe was, gasp, insovlent. Alas, as the following terrific "walk through memory lane" interactive infographic from the Guardian reveals, it has now been well over three years and counting, with everything starting with this October 2009 article in the FT, "Greece vows action to cut budget deficit" in which then-PM G-Pap revealed a massive hole in the Greek official economic data and that its budget deficit would be double what was previously forecast. The rest is history, and now Greece is a shell, with unemployment off the charts, its finances and economy in shambles, and the whole country serving as a passthru funding vehicle for Europe to keep its own banks, and the ECB, solvent.

For a teary-eyed trip through Europe's insolvency memory lane, this interactive inforgraphic will do perfectly for a wet and soggy pre-Frankenstorm Sunday.

h/t RanSquawk

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Greece could really use big time deficit spending to boost those unemployment levels, It only took our hero president 5 trillion dollars to get us down to 7.8%

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worse yet, all of the Presidents since WWII brought us up to 16 trillion in debt, and it looks like we are getting into the steep part of the exponential curve.

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The can has been kicked!

"So  it was written. So it was done."

                 Long live the can!

                                Long live the kick!

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Guess Italy's in the clear.  /sarc

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Excellent infographic.

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Yeah, I liked how it shows the increasing overall frequency of events, as one rolls through the years. Of course, one presumes that a future chart will show even more events, taking place in even shorter periods of time.

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talk about a highway to hell?

it seems that the 'myth of sisyphus' is a misnomer regarding empirical reality... as we can visualize in real-time the epicenters' zenith, whence this arch-plane of the covenant culminating in a grand 'never-to-be- finale'! morphing and regenerating ones energy into a fix'd-spontaneity on a slippery-slope-- an eternal bi-polarized equilibrium hitchhiking on a cosmos tidal-wave riddle.   oscillating yet stubbornly fused by mankind's insanity bi-polarization...?

as the garnished grandstand waits impatiently for what comes around the rounded bend... only to find itself in harms way, once to often... never again?

this too shall pass, but cycles are as comets and as ancient as the heavens...

just musing on a sunday morning

Ps. great post

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was a great post. thanks for musing too. you will not have to wait for "what's around the bend." this is a moving target with a war as a backdrop. are we winning? are we losing? Angola as "El Dorado" was rather interesting...though i think talk that Portugal was now a colony of Angola seemed premature given the dollar amounts mentioned in the article being "returned home" and the massive inflation due to the resource boom in that massive land. goes to show you how easy it is to create a speculation. the Upper mid-west still hasn't reached escape velocity...yet. But when it does...well, let's just say the expansion possibilities in Minneapolis/St Paul are more than Luanda's. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oy2HfixB9_8

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In November of 2009 Greek Credit was rated A-?


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Belgium, Spain, Britain And Italy Are In Danger Of Breaking Up


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The “Perfect Storm”: Not only is there the fiscal cliff, there’s the political cliff and the revenue cliff. If they fall off of it, “so will the profit margin. Which makes for an earnings cliff too. – Barclays’ Barry Knapp

BlowsAgainsttheEmpire's picture

No more worries.  Here comes Super Commissioner to save the day . . .


European Central Bank President Mario Draghi has backed German calls for a European super-commissioner to oversee national government budgets.

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble wants the "currency commissioner" to be given the power to veto national budgets.

What could possibly go wrong?

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if you want to see some good research. log in to google trends (you will need a google account) and type in "zerohedge". you will see that the site is at 70% of peak usage. its peak usage usually represents a buying opportunity in the market. but i believe as well some people are beginning to work out the obvious. 

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if only 70% of the world could see the obvious!

the sociopaths will take us down to a population of 2b before they recognize the otc derivatives

we're fucked! now its a matter of how many and how deep

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In May 2012 the technocrats started doing a lot more to make things worse. NWO Chaos masters created a bankster feeding frenzy. Arrest them.