Israel Conducts Air Strike On Sudan Missile Base In 'Dry Run' For Iran Attack

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This past Wednesday, nobody reported that a squadron of 8 Israeli F-15 jets dropped 4 two-ton bombs on the giant Yarmouk missile factory on the outskirts of Sudan's capital Khartoum. Which is just as Israel wanted it. Because what otherwise would be a provocative incursion tantamount to war (if only Sudan wasn't a complete basket case of a country), was really nothing short of a dry-run for an Israeli attack on Iran. At least according to the Sunday Times. "A long-range Israeli bombing raid last week that was seen as a dry run for a forthcoming attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities has destroyed an Iranian-run plant making rockets and ballistic missiles in Sudan.... The raid, in which two people died, triggered panic across the city. Witnesses said they heard a series of loud blasts followed by the sound of ammunition exploding. “It was a double impact — the explosion at the factory and then the ammunition flying into the neighbourhood,” said Abd-al Ghadir Mohammed, 31, a resident. "The ground shook. Some homes were badly damaged." And... nobody cares. Here we leave it up to readers to imagine the epic horror, deep revulsion that would greet news that Iran had conducted a pre-emptive strike against Israel by blowing up a missile factory in Turkey, killing two innocent people, just to make sure it can.

A visual summary of the attack:

This is what was left of the Somali factory after the Israeli self-appointed (because national borders are for chumps) punishment force was done with it:

And the full post-mortem of the operation that took place 4 days ago, via Voice of Russia:

The attack occurred in the early morning of October 24, when eight Israeli F-15I jets – four of them carrying two one-ton bombs, escorted by four fighters – struck a gigantic Yamrouk missile site. The evidence is that this strike is a general rehearsal before the Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities.


According to western defense sources, the 2,400-mile return flight took the Israelis four hours, with the jets flying south along the Red Sea. The planes entered the Sudanese air space from the east to avoid Egypt’s missile defenses.


The anti-Iranian operation kicked off two years ago when Mossad agents murdered a Palestinian businessman and a HAMAS highflyer, Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh, in a Dubai hotel suit, retrieving a suitcase with a military agreement between Iran and Sudan, wherein Khartoum offered Tehran its military sites to make weapons.


The Yamrouk facility produced Shahab ballistic missiles, which were then to be delivered to HAMAS rebels in the Gaza strip and other Middle Eastern regions.

In other words: add the Israeli invasion of Iran on the "To Do" list, alongside Grexit, the official Spanish bailout request, the Chinese Congress, the Japan-China territorial re-escalation, sliding down the Fiscal Cliff, and the debt ceiling breach, as soon as possible after the November 6 election.

And all that, of course, assuming Sky Net does not finally take over tomorrow when only robots will be left trading.

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jonjon831983's picture

I thinkthere were a couple articles put up about Sudan suspecting it was an Israeli attack. No headliners though.

jonjon831983's picture

Reuters article wasn't very detailed when I last saw it, appears they have fleshed it out a touch.


"Sudan blames Israeli air strike hit for munitions plant blasts"

knukles's picture

If SkyNet doesn't take over tomorrow?
Thats al been training anyhow
No news is Timmahs deal with the world

jonjon831983's picture

Found this on a website: "Remote U.S. base at core of secret operations" (Go to Page 3)


"As the pace of drone operations has intensified in Djibouti, Air Force mechanics have reported mysterious incidents in which the airborne robots went haywire.

In March 2011, a Predator parked at the camp started its engine without any human direction, even though the ignition had been turned off and the fuel lines closed. Technicians concluded that a software bug had infected the “brains” of the drone, but never pinpointed the problem.

“After that whole starting-itself incident, we were fairly wary of the aircraft and watched it pretty closely,” an unnamed Air Force squadron commander testified to an investigative board, according to a transcript. “Right now, I still think the software is not good.”"

redpill's picture

Is SUDAN a stock symbol for a social media or mobile app design company?  If not, it doesn't make the radar.

malikai's picture

IIRC the Eagle only has 1 - 1.5hrs endurance. Does Israel fly any tankers? If not, this was not an "Israeli" attack alone. It was an Israeli/US strike. Because someone had to juice them up on the way out there.

redpill's picture

I seem to remember that Israeli F-15s make heavy use of external fuel tanks precisely for this sort of run.

malikai's picture

Just looked at the infographic again. It was a stupid question to begin with. They had an old 707 oiler along as well.

markmotive's picture

Empires always eventually fall. Israel is simply America's tenticle reaching out across the Middle East. Billions of dollars in annual subsidies says so. What will happen to the Middle East when the US can no longer afford to keep Israel? I don't want to know.

john39's picture

you have the relationship backwards.  the U.S. has been a zionist sock puppet for decades.  look how many dual nationals are in the U.S. government... and look where the money goes.

strannick's picture

Isreal doesnt have the luxury of looking at the world through the eyes of an undergraduate liberal arts major

EnslavethechildrenforBen's picture

Why doesn't Hilary condemn Israel and send the CIA in to install a puppet government in Jerusalem like it has in all the other countries? Terrorist Jews are the worst kind of terrorist, even terrorists hate them

strannick's picture

"Install a puppet government like in all the other countries". When everywhere's a conspiracy, doesnt leave much room for response as its all part of the conspiracy.

"Even the other terrorists hate them" Its cause the other terrorists hate them that Isreal has to keep kicking the shit out of them.

john39's picture

33 day war? israel got beat down by lowly hezbollah.

strannick's picture

The girls in the Isreali army -of which consists a significant portion- could, and regularly do bitchslap the regulars of any Isreal's not so neighborly neighbors. Maybe instead of berating their females into covering their faces, maiming their genitalia, and generally squashing their rights, the mighty men of the Isreal-hating Muslim world should gear up and send out their women. They couldnt do a worse job than the men.

john39's picture

so, about that 33 day war... guess that was because the israelis sent their men?

strannick's picture

Is this the ''33 day Quagmire'' you're referring to (emphasis on ''refer'')?? Did you get your battle report directly from The Hezbollah Daily Sentinel?

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Q: How many is Sudanese for screw incandescent bulb?

A: None is cannot find bulb - all bulb is in factory - kaput!

Lebensphilosoph's picture

That's an outright lie. Females do not perform combat roles in the IDF. In fact, it is the Israelies who established conclusively that having females fighting on the front lines has a detriminental effect on the combat effectiveness of a military. If you want to talk about liberal arts majors, 'gender equality' in the military is not taken seriosuly by anyone but rabid feminists.

Pink Floyd's picture

"lowly" does not make justice to hezbollah.

Recall that it is the strongest power within Lebanon, a country griped in constant civil conflict.

Yet, hezbollah lost half of its standing army (except that when they are killed they *become* civilians).

hezbollah's own internal reports, which were leaked eventually admited to these heavy casualties.


That being said, Israel did not ace that conflict. I wonder if they admit to that...

SWIFT 760's picture

Kikebot, go to Israel. You are self chosen to your self proclained god given land. Get the fuck outta here. 

jeff montanye's picture

right.  it's the sanctuary for the persecuted jews.  steal some arab land (neutral in ww2; should have taken a nice chunk of bavaria if justice were to be served) and expect that everything will be just fine.  was it ever thus?

oh and its israel (a before e when around galilee)

jeff montanye's picture

you are so bloody right.  the zionists got stupid truman to ignore his far wiser secretary of state, general george marshall, and assist israel in its formation.  it has been downhill ever since.  they ( egged on the zionists bush and cheney to start the war in iraq, using 9-11 as transparent pretext.  it goes on and on.  

remember though, it's not the jews that are the problem; it's the zionists.  naomi klein, glenn greenwald, tony judt, norman finkelstein are among the many telling jewish critics of the excesses of likud israel and its pernicious diaspora.   bless them indeed.

Missiondweller's picture

Billions of dollars in annual subsidies says so.


Along with Egypt???? We give them almost as much.

john39's picture

all to buy loyalty from the military, to ensure that egypt doesnt turn against israel.  in other words, just another subsidy for israel.

TBT or not TBT's picture

We're paying them off instead of having to go to the barely greater trouble of kicking their asses.  Arab armies always get laminated by western ones in classic army to army combat.  The rout would be so horrific, whether we did it or the IDF did, that we'll pay a lot not to see that happen, year after year.   Really, it would be gruesome fish in a barrel stuff that would make us sick at our stomach. like the highway of death back scenery from Operation Desert Storm.  

At some point there will be a conflict though.   The Egyptian public is stark raving bonkers, or 90% are in any case, with the batshit insane tinfoil stuff they believe about Israel and jews, and the importance of their women not having a clit, and often signficant section of their labia either.   The Egyptians WILL have a worse future than their already very bad present, because of their demographics, their insanity and lack of ability to produce anything anyone outside the country wants, Nile archeological cruises aside.   The blame for their troubles will continue to be put on Israel.  Already is put on Israel.   Whoever runs the joint in the future will try to deflect public rage at famine, disease, etc against Israel.    An asskicking will happen, must happen, at some points.

jeff montanye's picture

but the colonialists (britain, france, later the u.s. and israel) are to blame for much of their current problems.

take a longer look.  when the average european had a vocabulary of a thousand words, lived and died ten miles from his/her birth and a good number of them painted themselves and lived in trees, the muslim arabs kept track of the works of plato, aristotle, homer, virgil, euclid while themselves adding to the store of classical learning eventually giving the europeans a chance at a renaissance as a reward for the crusades.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Seriously Jeff. The Eurocentric mind-set is staggeringly under/mis-informed on history.

When touchy topics are served up, the ignorance and racism on this board is quite shocking, given this is supposed to be the educated free thinker hang-out.

And yet, you hear Santayana's refrain nedlessly, hollowly quoted.


Lebensphilosoph's picture

Utter rot. Even primitive tribesmen living in neolithic conditions have vocabularies that exceed a thousand words. But then you merely display your own prejudices and racism by implication with your denigration of the 'primitve' and exhultation of 'civilisation'. Your 'dark ages' is another complete and utter fabrication no longer taken seriously by any Medievalist or student of Late Antiquity, first spun by the Hellenophiles of the Renaissance no less, who mocked the exquisite artistic ahievements of the Germanic Middle Ages as the work of barbarians because it didn't conform to classical prejudices which bordered on religious fanaticism. So they became the saviours of 'civilisation' by defining juist what and was not 'civilised'.The rest is, as they say, history. Go fuck yourself with Orientalist dildo.

Random's picture

The money paid to Egypt is in fact money paid to Israel (indirectly though), for two reasons (at least till the "Arab spring"): on one hand, a kind of protection fee (lesser of the two intents) and on the other hand to prop the pro-zionist Egyptian regime (hence the Israel cries when Mubarak got ousted). After the Arab spring only the first reason remains valid, but still in Israel's favor (to seal the border with Gaza, else Israel blockade is pointless).

Vigilante's picture

They don't hate us because we bomb them..

They hate us because the Koran tells them to...

Islam has been at war with us for the last 1300 years..



Zwelgje's picture

wow, hook, line and sinker.

do you feel more alive when you have enemies?

hunglow's picture

KC-135 w updated engines.

Cosmicserpent's picture

Yes they have a handful of tankers.  I recall reading that they also have only about 25 F15-I's that can carry the heavy bombs needed to destroy underground bunkers that house Iranian nuclear facilities.

Bombing Sudan, which has no air defenses, would be relatively easy for Israel.  Iran would be several orders of magnitude more difficult.

13thWarrior's picture

Israel will be the ruling state after taking over Middle East same way UK passed the baton to US after WW2, US will pass the baton after WW3 to Israel. These are just sign of things to come.

OpenThePodBayDoorHAL's picture

It's the new normal, bombing another nation no longer constitutes an act of war. Hell we do it all the time...we're currently bombing 6 (known) nations right now with no declaration of war.

Though it is amazing that NO media have picked this one up.

Just wait until the other side gets drones. They can start "pre-crime" bombing of people they don't like in places like Tampa, Portland, NYC, and the US won't be able to say a thing about it: we set the precedent.

13thWarrior's picture

Drones, pre-emptive strikes, arab-springs, false flags, propaganda are just tools.

If you want to know bigger picture, US will make way to Israel as a ruling state. One doesn't have to believe it, but just keep the theory for future reference.


Here is Arab spring explained in 2003

mkkby's picture

If the drones are parked with closed fuel lines and ignition systems, obviousy someone realizes unauthorized start up is possible.

mayavision2012's picture

Time: World: "

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak refused to comment on Channel 2 News, saying, 'I have nothing I can say about the matter.'”

That says it all.


Lore's picture



"The anti-Iranian operation kicked off two years ago when Mossad agents murdered a Palestinian businessman and a HAMAS highflyer, Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh, in a Dubai hotel suit, retrieving a suitcase with a military agreement between Iran and Sudan, wherein Khartoum offered Tehran its military sites to make weapons."

This smells like another Quasi-Mohammed -- BS, in other words.

caconhma's picture

"a military agreement between Iran and Sudan, wherein Khartoum offered Tehran its military sites to make weapons."


Give me a fucking break. Why in world does Iran need Sudan to make their ballistic missiles? Why did not Iranians go to Somalia to design and manufacturing their future nukes?


One thing is for sure: for NATO countries and Israel, wars of aggression became absolutely necessary means to sustain their geopolitical existence.


However, there are very few "no shot back" countries left. Major direct economic and military confrontation with China and its allies will take place in a very near future.


One thing more, poorly going wars of aggression bring major civil unrests and even revolutions in home-countries. Very shortly, there will be a major split, dissent, and infighting among the American ruling elite.  In other words, political instability comes to America followed by a major depression and civil unrest.


Just wait and see how Israel population will enjoy seeing their own cities and town looking like Arab countries they terrorised for so many years.



Stock Tips Investment's picture

Eventually an international crisis broke out over the issue of Iran. This country will continue with its nuclear program. Chances are that international pressure will not have big effects. As mentioned in this post, we must include Iran in the long list of critical issues for the global economy.

alstry's picture


The Industrialists have no more need for humans.....

The war of the ages:  Industrialization Vs. Technological Functioning

Every SYSTEMIC CHANGE in history has been ushered in with violence:

Monarchy to Democracy....Slavery To Freedom......Agriculture to Industrial

This will simply be the biggest change in human history as the Wall Street Wimps become worthless in the

Neethgie's picture

Dude why is your site called udderworld, areyou some kind of cow fetishist?

jonjon831983's picture

Maybe he is...

"The $210,000 Cow-Milking Robot"


Maybe he is right... with technology we are irrelevant. The machines are against us, but they are slaves to the cows.  Ever think about that?  Maybe we should stop with the cow tipping.

alstry's picture

When life is simply a game we all milk, you know its an Udder World

dognamedabu's picture

Ha ha the loser ups his own post. How pathetic.

ZeroAvatar's picture

And you're hoping ZH readers are 'stupid' enough to click over to your site so you can 'milk' them?

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


When life is simply a game we all milk, you know its an Udder World

Hmmmm, your county agent wouldn't happen to be an oriental guy that speaks english with a french accent, would it? A guy that talks about farming the weak and extorting the poor and is known to drop trou and take a dump on the roadside?

If so, you'd be better off with Hank Kimball.