Hurricane 1: Construction Crane 0

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Nature came, saw, and showed the city that never sleeps and those for whom money is no object in exchange for a penthouse apartment in the very same building, what a true "master of the universe" is. The actual crane collapse clip below...


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Wow....should have lowered the boom on that tower crane and chained-cabled it down. Accident waiting to happen.

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Maybe because nobody was expecting the storm to arrive so soon + it was just the weekend?

Just speculating..

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And the fucktard running the show thinks a 32oz drink is the most dangerous thing you have to worry about in that city...

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blew the crane down in a wild gust of 20mph

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A quote from the Telegraph:

"Police cars and fire engines line 8th Avenue to the south and a crowd of hardy onlookers is clustered in front of the police tape at the crossing of 57th and 8th. All are soaking wet: the rain is almost horizontal.

High above the street, one block ahead, the crane on the One57 tower is folded back on itself and swaying in the wind. One firefighter from Ladder 25 shakes his head: "they're working out what to do - but the options aren't good, even in better weather."

He reckons the crane will likely come down in the winds: "It'll fall straight, it's too heavy to go flying through the air. The danger is if it goes through a gas line in the street." The alternative he says, is to install a larger crane on the building to winch up the other. "But that's way above my pay grade", he laughs."

Twitter pic:

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I found another copy of the video since this one is no longer working.

VIDEO: NYC Crane Collapses During Hurricane Sandy

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No surprise, the dumb asses built a horizontal building.  Happens every time.  ;-) 

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I am pissing myself with your humour, you should be on stage

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At least it didn't start facing the street and the boom was over the building.

Why didn't they lower the boom and secure the hook to the superstructure?

Doesn't look like there is enough "sail" to that boom to lift it up and over, but I suppose the winds at that altitude were enough.

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It would have interupted their "Foukin cooffee break" Plus those union pricks know it all anyway. Overpaid and underbrained.

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Called, Crane Technique...if done right, no can defence.

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Viral Viagra commercial.

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It was up 3 hours and 59 minutes.

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This is why you take your crane to the hospital if the erection lasts too long.

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Over/Under on the body of the crane tumbling down and finishing the job? The whole assembly 'bent' when the boom hit the cab.

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Oh Sandy

My crane and penthouse

You are taking

And the markets you closed

Oh Sandy

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Hurricane might make the crane an endangered species.

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Does this remind anyone of a limp organ? :p

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It saw this

(this cannot be erased with mental floss, you've been warned)

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Tell it about all the QE that's coming in the form of Obama's upcoming "this-isn't buying-your-vote-this-is-disaster-relief!" program. That should get it hard again.

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Looks like a good day for hang-gliding!

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the angle of the dangle is equal to the <fill in your favorite>

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Kind of the opposite of that earlier Canadian infographic.

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Watching this made me think that Sandy is the perfect excuse for everything that is about to go drastically wrong over the next 14 months.  In truth, it wasn't Hurricane Sandy, but that will be the excuse given for the pulling the curtain back (or insert your own cliched analogy).

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I wonder if the beams on that tower can hold up better to flamming jet fuel.

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Yep, none of that pesky asbestos in the new model...

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why bother with jet fuel when you have a death ray