Nation's Oldest Nuclear Power Plant, New Jersey's Oyster Creek, Declares Alert Following Water Surge

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As a reminder, the biggest catastrophe that resulted from last year's Tohoku earthquake in Japan was not the earthquake itself, nor the infrastructure destruction from the susbequent tsunami, but the impact of the soaring water wall on the nuclear power plants in the coastline, namely Fukushima, and its aftermath, by now known all too well to all. So tonight too, all along the east coast, the biggest threat is not the wind, nor the rain, but the impact of the storm surge on the tens of nuclear power plants located in the vicinity of the rapidly rising tide. Such as Oyster Creek in New Jersey which just went on alert due to the surging water level.

From AP:

The nation's oldest nuclear power plant is on alert after waters from a colossal storm reached high levels.


Oyster Creek in Lacey Township, N.J., was already offline for regular maintenance before Sandy, a superstorm downgraded Monday night from a hurricane, slammed the East Coast.


The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says an "unusual event" was declared around 7 p.m. when water reached a high level. The situation was upgraded less than two hours later to an "alert," the second-lowest in a four-tiered warning system.



Federal officials say all nuclear plants are still in safe condition. They say water levels near Oyster Creek, which is along the Atlantic Ocean, will likely recede within a few hours.


Oyster Creek went online in 1969 and provides 9 percent of New Jersey's electricity.

And elsewhere, we just saw the following also very disturbing headline from US Emergency Services:


We will keep track of any related news and report as soon as we see it.

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Fukushima part two: The New Jersey addition.

Rattling Bones's picture's adding to the radioactive toxins destroying the planet...or something.


FUBAR on the Jersey Shore.  Fuck you Snookie. 

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Paul Krugman is absolutely estatic with tonight's events, and is hoping for even more stimulative events.

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Radioactive fallout contains vitamins and iron for a balanced diet

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S&P futures plunging....


It's going to be fucking carnage when the NYSE opens after the election!

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If the systems beneath the NY exchange are damaged then the distance the algos have to run to do their manipulative operations could be changed beyond their intended purposes.

If everything is brough back online as before Sandy then probably not much of a problem.

Interesting times.

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The small point about the tohoku earthquake killing 20,000+ people which wasn't related to the power plant seems to be being forgotten here.

In my opinion that could arguably be a bigger catastrophe than Fukushima

Time will tell I guess

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I'm sure thats mostly true in japan, down wind people tend to find other concerns more pressing.

JohnnyBriefcase's picture

Are you serious?!

You honestly think that the deaths of 20k people is worse than at least four meltdowns that will continue to irradiate the entire planet for tens of thousands of years?!

Time will tell indeed.

Short Memories's picture

Yeah. I live there. Both impacts affect me personally

JohnnyBriefcase's picture

Ah that would explain your short-sighted viewpoint.

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The futures are not plunging Dude.  I just looked.  The algos are on their job in the sewers of of NYC protecting all of us.

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Go Kevin Go!


Hang in there Kev!

When the Eye approaches, would someone please send Kevin a whore and a pizza?

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Hard to say because this might take money from his pet plan to spend money on an imaginary space alien attack.

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Ladies and gentlemen, this could be the election cancellation even no one has been waiting for. Pray, prepare....

crazy days.... sending good wishes to everyone, known and otherwise.


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Rumor has it that he was super glued to the top of Citicorp Center for the storm.
New Neo-Keynesian Storm Gazing

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Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around


And I looked and behold, a BLACK SWAN
And his name that sat on him was SANDY
And Hell followed with him.


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Next step up from Alert is Site Area Emergency.  Final level is General Emergency.

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Per NRC, an Alert means that "events are in process or have occurred which involve an actual or potential substantial degradation in the level of safety of the plant. Any releases of radioactive material from the plant are expected to be limited to a small fraction of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protective action guides (PAGs)"

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A pic of The Bernank glowing green would be pretty much be in vogue right about now.

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Supposed to be.
Sound ominous, says nothing, empowers the officialdom to mutter and mumble sanctimonious horseshit to impress the taxpaying serfs

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No, final level would be a dark-colored swan-like creature.

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This October surprise really took some imagination! Bravo!

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The Real Nuclear Power Plants of New Jersey.

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Fukushima was destroyed by the earthquake - which preceded the tsunami. Let's get our facts right!

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Enenews is a disinformation site, been there for the better part of 2011 and finally realized is just a psy-ops meant to make people think that something is indeed happening there (and had happened) and just quit it. Just check how they keep recycling news and continually changing the intensity of the "alarm" but in the end nothing happens. You might want to have a critical look at the whole chain of events and factor in that AFAIK nobody (I’ll go as far as to consider 50 deaths to be very underwhelming) died (including from the famous Fukushima 50) due to radiation sickness on-site (although there are sometimes stories about people rushed to emergency rooms but nobody ever dies) , in the exclusion zone or in the nearby villages/cities (19 months after 4 core meltdowns and one or two SFPs burnt). Something just doesn’t add up about Fukushima – slight understatement.

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you would hardly notice, with all the mutants already populating the Jersey shore

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Going to be a long night..

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Keep an eye on Bedford county PA:

Babcock & Wilcox Co. says a test facility for its new class of mini nuclear reactors is fully operational.

The Integrated System Test facility in Bedford County will test the mPower modular reactor's design and performance. Energy generated by a nuclear core will be simulated by heating the reactor electrically.

The mPower reactors will generate 125 megawatts.

Construction of the test facility began in March 2010. It was commissioned in February and underwent a startup test and power ascension program.

The facility also will test the thermal hydraulic performance of the company's once through steam generator.

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Shit just got real.

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Quote from an article from yesterday

"The biggest problem, as I see it right now, is the Oyster Creek plant, which is on Barnegat Bay in New Jersey," says former nuclear executive Arnie Gundersen, noting it lies in the projected eye of the storm. "Oyster Creek is the same design, but even older than Fukushima Daiichi unit 1. It’s in a refueling outage. That means that all the nuclear fuel is not in the nuclear reactor, but it’s over in the spent fuel pool. And in that condition, there’s no backup power for the spent fuel pools. So, if Oyster Creek were to lose its offsite power — and, frankly, that’s really likely — there would be no way cool that nuclear fuel that’s in the fuel pool until they get the power reestablished. ... The most important lesson we can take out of the Fukushima Daiichi and climate change, and especially with Hurricane Sandy, is that we can’t expect to cool these fueling pools."

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Sen. Harry Reid needs to be brought up on criminal charges if any of that shit gets out.

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O.K., no New Jersey oysters for me for a while.

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Risqué (since the grammar Nazi's haven't been drowned by the storm...when in Rome!)

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Sorry, got caught up in the double entendres and forgot to ask

Who in their right mind eats anything from New Jersey?!??

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And that's not a double entendre?

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I hear the crabs that you get from New Jersey are the worst.

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Almost as bad as blue waffles

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Might want to avoid all seafood from New Jersey; especially the bearded clams.

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Damn, and I so love me a bearded clam!

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Be sure it's not a breaded clam. That will definitely give indigestion. And the Hiv